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Martin Pfefferkorn

Actor, Voice Artist, Theatre Director and Stage Manager

Clifton, New Jersey

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Portray Homeless to Horror and EVERYTHING in btwn - LUV to do Music Vids - always looking for projs 'left of center' - wrk Haunted House circuit - Professionial Zombie - seasonally wrk w/Childrens Theatre Drama Camp in NJ

Unique traits: LONG Hair, L O N G Beard & Mustache - Bi-Lingual German - Adept @ Accents - Wear MASSIVE Shades 24/7 yr round


  • Imitation Girl

    Imitation Girl (2016)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor A mysterious girl appears in the middle of a southwestern desert. As she acclimates to her new life, she discovers that she has a twin.

  • I Hope You Live Forever

    I Hope You Live Forever (2016)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Lennon Report

    The Lennon Report (2016)
    Film (Biography, Drama and History) Actor The events on the night John Lennon was killed, seen through the eyes of those who lived it. The great men and women of NYC who did all they could to save a life, some without even knowing it was John Lennon himself. Based on a true story.

  • The Brooklyn Banker

    The Brooklyn Banker (2016)
    Film (Action, Crime and Drama) Actor The story of Santo Bastucci, a local banker with a rare gift for memorizing numbers; he is unwittingly cast into the forefront of an aging wiseguy's bid for power, Manny "The Hand" Mistera. Santo is caught between the loyalty he has for his cagey father-in-law, Benny, his childhood friend, Basta, and his streetwise uncle, Matteo, the pastor of their Brooklyn church.

  • Lupo

    Lupo (2015)
    Film (Short, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Actor Lupo is hungry and desperate. Will his next meal be his last?

  • Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter

    Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter (2015)
    Television (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor Set in the pretend sleepy enclave of Garrity, Vermont, Neon Joe, Werewolf Hunter is the story of a neon-clad man with a mysterious past and a highly specialized skill set - hunting werewolves.

  • The Skin

    The Skin (2015)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor After the peculiar death of her father, Lena Hardesty discovers that her sister, Sarah, has acquired the same strange symptoms. With the help of a rustic local, Lena sets a plan in motion to save her sister and herself from the same fate.

  • Ce sentiment de l'été

    Ce sentiment de l'été (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actor A French young woman unexpectedly dies in Berlin, where she lives with her boyfriend. Her sudden passing ruins the lives of her famliy and partner. They struggle to find new meaning in Paris, Annecy and New York.

  • Burning Man the Musical

    Burning Man the Musical (2015)
    Video (Short and Musical) Actor Joe is a young, driven techie in Silicon Valley. He sees Burning Man as his shot to network with Silicon Valley elites who can jumpstart his career and help him achieve his lifelong goal of becoming a multimillionaire by age 30. He crashes a techie plug-and-play camp at Burning Man. Chad and Bill the Billionaire recommend he go on a vision quest by taking mushrooms and going into the deep playa. A dust storm comes when Joe reaches the trash fence, and he nearly dies from dehydration and exposure. Hal the Hippie comes out of the dust storm to rescue him, and like Yoda, he takes Joe under his wing to train him in the ways of Burning Man. In the second half of the musical, Joe wrestles with several questions. Will he continue making his drone-delivery app to profit off of this festival centered around decommodification? Or will he change course, now that he's seen a different way to live? Will Sparkle Pony return his unrequited infatuation? Or will Catherine turn away from her father ... Written by Matt Werner

  • The Perfect Murder

    The Perfect Murder (2015)
    Television (Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Deadbeat

    Deadbeat (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor The series follows Kevin Pacalioglu, a medium for hire, who attempts to solve various ghosts' unresolved problems, so that they can move on to a final resting place, occasionally with the help of his best friend and drug dealer, Roofie. Written by Drake gabriel

  • Chloe & Theo

    Chloe & Theo (2015)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor Theo, an Inuit from the Arctic, travels to New York City to warn world leaders about the catastrophic impact of global warming on the planet. Upon arrival he meets a homeless girl named Chloe, who has an unusual vigor for life, is mildly delusional, and completely obsessed by Bruce Lee. Together, they will save the world.

  • Frankenstein vs. The Mummy

    Frankenstein vs. The Mummy (2015)
    Film (Horror) Actor In New York, the professor of the medical university Dr. Victor Frankenstein is buying body parts from the janitor Carter to build a corpse and reanimate it. The Egyptologist Naihla Khalil, from the same university, has just returned from an expedition and brought the Mummy of Usekara, an evil and cruel pharaoh that was cursed, leaving his soul trapped in his mummified corpse. Victor and Naihla have a crush on each other and they date. Meanwhile Professor Walton, who is chief of department where Naihla works, accidentally releases Usekara's soul and is possessed by him. He kills his assistant Isaac and his blood awakes the Mummy. Then Walton lures his student Lenora and the Mummy eats her heart. Frankenstein's monster is reanimated and Victor is surprised with his capacity. But soon both monsters want Naihla: Frankenstein's creature to force Victor to transfer his brain to a new body and the Mummy believes she is the sorcerer that trapped his soul and wants Naihla to call off the ... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts (2015)
    Film (Horror) Actor Captured Hearts, an insane serial killer/horror film, is a heart-jumping, heart-crushing - truly demented - roller coaster ride of mystery, violence, sex and gore. With a raging, climatic twist, all hearts end up in one place. And it's not where they're supposed to be. Written by Ken Del Vecchio & Rachael Robbins

  • Black Valentine

    Black Valentine (2015)
    Film (Short, Horror, Romance and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Haunting Of

    The Haunting Of (2014 - 2015)
    Television (Biography) Actor Each episode features celebrities' real life encounters with the paranormal as they return to the site of their traumatic experience. During the precarious journey, Kim Russo will unlock the secrets that haunted each celebrity on that fateful day and explain the unexplained. Throughout the journey, Kim will also unveil shocking psychic moments and surprising personal revelations as she tunes into the celebrities' personal lives and connects with their loved ones who have crossed over. Written by Bio

  • Locas of Weyard Hall

    Locas of Weyard Hall (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Actor Locas of Weyard Hall is an adaptation of Macbeth set in the modern fashion world. We take you through a journey of the 3 witches, or in this case, 3 criminally insane Latinas. Luna, Alejandra, and Reina, all from different walks of life come together in the insane asylum with plans to overtake Nurse Nygre and escape. They enlist the help of Edmund, played by Sandy Dias, who has his own delusional aspiration so of becoming a famous model in New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

  • The Heart, She Holler

    The Heart, She Holler (2011 - 2014)
    Television (Comedy and Horror) Actor When "Boss" Hoss Heartshe dies, he bequeaths his town to his long-hidden and dim-witted son Hurlan, who has just been introduced to human society. Thus begins the bizarre and horrifying saga of Heartshe Holler.

  • Going Up?

    Going Up? (2014)
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  • Sharknado 2: The Second One

    Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)
    TV Movie (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor When Fin & April are on their way to New York, a Category 7 Hurricane spawns Heavy rain, winds, storm surges, & deadly Sharknadoes. And it's up to Fin & April to save the Big Apple from total devastation.

  • The Promise of Living

    The Promise of Living (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama and Family) Actor A boy who dreams of becoming a pianist has to fulfill his dream, despite his deteriorating health condition.

  • Intimate Semaphores

    Intimate Semaphores (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor A collection of three strange and comedic short stories examining the perils of artistic expression.

  • Sanctum

    Sanctum (2014)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Don Peyote

    Don Peyote (2014)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor DON PEYOTE tells the story Warren Allman, an unemployed stoner who finally finds a purpose in life after an unpleasant encounter with a homeless man preaching the end is near. Fueled by vivid apocalyptic dreams, Warren becomes obsessed with 2012 doomsday theories and decides to make a documentary on the subject while his fiance is busy planning their wedding. Written by Anonymous

  • Diamonds

    Diamonds (2014)
    Film (Short, Action and Thriller) Actor Set in the near future, when the entire health care system has collapsed. A poor pregnant couple, whose insurance won't cover their pregnancy risk of losing their unborn child.

  • My New Roommate

    My New Roommate (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actor David "The Voice" Stein moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a stand up comic. As if survival in the big city wasn't tough enough, his roommate dies, leaving him in search of a quality roommate. Surprisingly, he discovers there are a host of celebrities who have fallen out of the limelight and are looking for a roommate as well. Unfortunately for David, they come with more baggage than he can handle. Written by Matt Florio

  • A Pious Man

    A Pious Man (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Amid a long journey on foot, a monk encounters a mysterious stranger.

  • Going Up? The Series

    Going Up? The Series (2013)
    Television (Short, Comedy and Family) Actor 'Going Up?' is a TV pilot about funny situations that happen in elevators with our comic relief puppet, Rodney.

  • Vamp

    Vamp (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Actor A guy thinks his best friend is dating a vampire and must convince him to end the relationship before it's too late...

  • Woo Woo

    Woo Woo (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A child and a war veteran make an unlikely connection.

  • One City Night

    One City Night (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor A down on her luck, 27 year old quiet Kiki, gets fired from her job one night and loses her key on her way home, downtown Manhattan. Dumped by her boyfriend and locked out, Kiki starts out by asking a neighbor to use a phone to call a locksmith. Her encounters with the tenants of the building take her deeper into an undiscovered, strangely delirious world that she has ignored up until now. Her urban odyssey forces her to meet with an old jazz singer with a very questionable past - a demented artist and a superintendent with a dark secret. Kiki's encounters tint her along the way, taking in the inevitable New York lunacy that we all know surrounds us. Written by Anonymous

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas (2013)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor With money running low, nine New Yorkers forgo their annual Christmas in Aspen and head to Pennsylvania for a murder-mystery weekend.

  • Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone

    Bob Dylan: Like a Rolling Stone (2013)
    Video (Short) Actor An interactive video in which viewers can watch Bob Dylan singing "Like a Rolling Stone", or flip through channels of simulated programming in which all of the participants are lip-syncing the song's lyrics.

  • Attrition

    Attrition (2013)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Western) Actor Attrition is the story of a young, urban criminal in the late 1800's. This unnamed, small-time fugitive flees to the woods to live away from the cities. Still affected by crime, he fights with the consequences of his actions.

  • Cabin in the Hood

    Cabin in the Hood (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Actor Cabin in the hood is a short feature film in the genre of horror/comedy that follows the plight of 7 protagonists in what appears to be an orchestrated zombie apocalypse. How they live/die depends on their mindset, how the view the world, stereotypes, of themselves. Written by Seti

  • Spirit Hunters-The Series

    Spirit Hunters-The Series (2013)
    Television (Short, Family, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Four teen decide to become a group that rids their town of the many ghost that frequent the cemetery, majestic houses and the police department in Sparta NJ. Along the way they are met with obstacles, not just from the spirits but from the group of popular girls known as The Tripps. They make life hell for the kids in Sparta along with the ghosts and Zombies that roam the town. It's up to The Spirit Hunters to bring life back to normal in the peaceful little town in NJ. Written by Tracie Jules

  • Patient: 23

    Patient: 23 (2013)
    Film (Action, Drama and Horror) Actor *Winner of the 2014 GrindHouse Film Festival * The government meant to create a weapon that could protect us from the unknown. Instead, they created death to us all.

  • Subway: The Series

    Subway: The Series (2013)
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  • The Man Who Turned Into a Tree

    The Man Who Turned Into a Tree (2013)
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  • A Day in Eden

    A Day in Eden (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama and Music) Actor Yuri, a permanent resident at Eden Nursing Home is rebelling against the humiliating treatment by the nurses. His last bit of dignity seems lost, when he meets Fereshde, a Muslim volunteer, who finds him in an embarrassing situation. Fereshde, herself is rebelling against the conservative constraints put on her by her family. She wants to do the right humane thing, what Yuri needs however, conflicts with her duties as a Muslim. Written by Anonymous

  • Keep Me Safe

    Keep Me Safe (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Horror) Actor Seven-year old David is afraid that his parents are monsters. While his mother is dealing with one from her own past. Keep Me Safe explores how the fears of one generation pass onto the next.

  • Uptown Trash

    Uptown Trash (2013)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Chuck is your average middle aged man. His life is pretty normal, clocking in and out of work like everyone else. However, tonight is anything but a normal night. He has somehow managed to pique the sexual interest of Traci and Nikki, two aspiring supermodels. Traci and Nikki are in the mood for some fun and it seems Chuck is about to get lucky...or is he? Written by Matt Florio

  • Sinnerman

    Sinnerman (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor Named after the traditional American spiritual song famously covered by Nina Simone, SINNERMAN is an experimental short film about a family man slowly being consumed by an evil presence. The tale is set in motion when he begins to experience vivid dreams of a primal past life. Soon his unconscious experience spills over into reality as he demonstrates increasingly violent and bizarre behavior towards his family. The dream sequences are photographed and presented in stereoscopic 3D, while reality is presented in traditional 2D. Written by Anonymous

  • Long Haired Businessmen

    Long Haired Businessmen (2013)
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  • Movie 43

    Movie 43 (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Ineffectual, 'has-been' film-maker (Dennis Quaid) swindles his way into an interview with a film executive (Greg Kinnear) in order to pitch an outrageous and controversial comedy manuscript. After pitching the first of his thirteen offbeat fables, the dejected artist forces the rest of his disjointed allegory on the executive at gunpoint. He tells stories of a woman on a blind date with a man who has testicles growing from his neck, in another a smitten woman offers her neck to her boyfriend to 'poop' on -as a sign of commitment and love. In yet another two parents take home-schooling to a whole new level of indecency, striving to give their isolated teenage son all the 'regular' torment and humiliation of puberty by bullying, peer-pressuring and even seducing him themselves. An off-beat, elephant-in-the-room type film. Written by

  • A Very Tight Place

    A Very Tight Place (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Baldr

    Baldr (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor Somewhere in the depths of our universe, an aged spaceman laments the loss of his only friend.

  • Nethermead

    Nethermead (2012)
    Film (Short, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A young woman who hates her tedious job gets lost in the park and enters a mysterious realm.

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour (2012)
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  • DPTV Networks Visits Horseman's Hollow

    DPTV Networks Visits Horseman's Hollow (2012)
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  • Edible Red: Paralyzed

    Edible Red: Paralyzed (2012)
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  • DPTV Networks Visits Pirates of the Hudson

    DPTV Networks Visits Pirates of the Hudson (2012)
    Video (Family) Actor Taking the tale of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to its darkest extremes, Horseman's Hollow returns for a third year of highly entertaining haunted mayhem, now expanded by popular demand to ELEVEN evenings.

  • The Unpardonable Night

    The Unpardonable Night (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama, Family and Mystery) Actor One night, a young boy uncovers the darkest secret of his family. An unpardonable truth that will stay with him endlessly.

  • No Place for Heroes

    No Place for Heroes (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor Martin, an old drunkard and regular of New York City bars becomes a hero when he avenges his platonic love, Aris, his favorite waitress.

  • Hypocrites

    Hypocrites (2012)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actor He is known by everybody but nobody really knows him. He finds himself in a wrong situation. His proclaimed devotees are too preoccupied with rules and bureaucracy -or simply with their jobs- to recognize him. This short film, directed by Alec Hahn, is inspired and narrated by the German poet and songwriter Goetz Widmann. It is based on the hypothetical idea of what would happen if Jesus Christ would seek asylum in a first world country. When one rigid belief confronts the other, one of them has to be ignored. The birth of hypocrisy! Written by Anonymous

  • Daddy Day

    Daddy Day (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Today is a special day in Cindy's life. She is finally going to see her father. He was imprisoned when she was only two years old. After years of resentment and exchanging letters, Cindy, now an adult, has agreed to meet him at the park. As if this wasn't uncomfortable enough, she doesn't have a clue what he looks like. Written by Matt Florio

  • Endless

    Endless (2011)
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  • Haiku in Brooklyn

    Haiku in Brooklyn (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Verses from ancient Japanese poems come alive and become the stories of real-life moments in the streets of Brooklyn.

  • Sam

    Sam (2011)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Crime and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Where Socks Go

    Where Socks Go (2011)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Actor Do you ever wonder where your missing socks go when you do laundry? Alan, a trusting young man wants to know. When he meets Klaus, a strange figure who offers all the answers, Alan ends up in a nightmarish situation.

  • Hip Priest

    Hip Priest (2011)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Music) Actor A visceral and emotional exploration of the duality of man and the place for God in a sometimes dismal world. Our protagonist,"Priest", is an honest and enigmatic man, living by a personal code based in compassion and enlightenment. He smokes, he drinks, he puts one foot in front of the other, everyday, day in and day out. The film will follow Priest, for a day in his life, in the neighborhood of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where he glides along with a street handshake and dreams to hold tight. Written by Anonymous

  • God of Time

    God of Time (2011)
    Film (Short, Adventure and Fantasy) Actor An eccentric dark comedy, God of Time follows the adventure of ten-year-old Adam as he comes across a mysterious clock on the sidewalk. After having grabbed the clock, Adam now suddenly finds himself inside it. But while all the time-bending tricks he can now employ initially amuse the young boy, it isn't long before he meets Rupert, the aging man in charge, and discovers the tragic story of Rupert's life inside the clock and his desperately long attempt to finally escape. Written by rachel231

  • Rescue Me

    Rescue Me (2005 - 2011)
    Television (Drama and Comedy) Actor Recently divorced fireman Tommy Gavin, is coping with the fear of his job and the unease he feels watching his ex-wife as she starts to date other men. To better keep tabs on his ex and stay close to their three kids, he moves across the street from them. Written by Ramble000

  • Cerberus

    Cerberus (2011)
    Film (Short, Horror and Thriller) Actor Rod moves into a new apartment and discovers an old jewelry box apparently left behind by the previous tenant. His peaceful existence begins to unravel as he's beset with increasingly worse nightmares and bad luck. Unbeknowst to him, the box's owner has tracked it down to New York, and has set his murderous sights on Rod. But what's worse, the man following the box, or its contents? Written by Juan J. Arroyo Pacheco

  • No Haven

    No Haven (2011)
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  • Legendarium

    Legendarium (2011)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Fantasy and Horror) Actor 'Legendarium' is the story of two brothers, Elijah and Caleb, who stumble upon a door that leads to another world. while in this world, Caleb is kidnapped by a mysterious queen. Lying to Elijah, she convinces him to go on a quest to retrieve a key that will enable her to cross over into the real world. Elijah decides to embark on the quest to save his brother's life. Little does he know the creatures he would have to face in order to get his brother back. Written by Anonymous

  • Bar Karma

    Bar Karma (2011)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor There's a place called Bar Karma in between dimensions. When a lost soul needs guidance, they happen to stumble upon it and learn where the critical choices they've made in life are taking them and how to change things for the better.

  • The Onion News Network

    The Onion News Network (2011)
    Television (Comedy and News) Actor Satirical coverage from the most trusted news network in the world.

  • Chase Thompson, a Film by Chase Thompson

    Chase Thompson, a Film by Chase Thompson (2010)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Comedy and Drama) Actor When up and coming filmmaker Chase Thompson is hired to direct a lackluster romance film, the foolhardy director takes it as an opportunity to fire the crew and turn the film into his own zombie slaying masterpiece, starring himself. When studio executives notice their film isn't the one being made, Chase must decide which film is the one he truly wants to direct. Written by Anonymous

  • Sexcut

    Sexcut (2010)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Mitch is a caring husband who would do anything for his controlling wife Beth. Hours before Beth's parents' anniversary dinner, Beth gives Mitch his newest ultimatum: either get a haircut or no more sex...ever. Mitch races against the clock, stopping at nothing to fulfill Beth's demand. Even if it means getting a haircut from Harry, the world's most unorthodox barber. Written by Matt Florio

  • They Meet (Between the Calculation of the Finger and the One of the Eye)

    They Meet (Between the Calculation of the Finger and the One of the Eye) (2010)
    Between the Calculation of the Finger and the One of the Ey (Short, Biography, Drama and Romance) Actor The reason that breaks Giulia and the professor apart is a book: the one he's trying to write.

  • It's Kind of a Funny Story

    It's Kind of a Funny Story (2010)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Craig is a high-school junior, in the gifted program, infatuated with his best friend's girl. When he realizes he's suicidal, he checks himself into the psychiatric ward of a hospital, thinking they'll do an observation, help him, and send him home in time for school the next day. Once in, however, he must stay for a week; the juvenile ward is being renovated, so he's in with adults as well as a few youths. Bobby, a man with a young daughter, shows him around; Craig notices Noelle, about his age. He tries to keep his friends from finding out where he is. Little things: he draws, goes to therapy, sings, helps Bobby rehearse an interview. Is this the stuff of insight? Written by <>

  • It's Been a Tough Year But It's All Worth It Now

    It's Been a Tough Year But It's All Worth It Now (2010)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Crime and Drama) Actor Set in late 1960s North America is a story of greed, alienation, and familial bonds between two orphaned brothers as they venture into the depths of the wilderness to stash their big score.

  • Remember Me

    Remember Me (2010)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actor A romantic drama set in New York City during the summer of 2001, where Tyler, a rebellious young man, meets Ally through a twist of fate. Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy, though soon the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart. Written by Anonymous

  • Future Man

    Future Man (2010)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Baby Bomber

    Baby Bomber (2009)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Little League meets steroid controversy.

  • The Grave

    The Grave (2009)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Actor In 1849, a grave digger discovers someone may have been buried alive in his cemetery.

  • Mercy

    Mercy (2009)
    Television (Drama) Actor Three nurses deal with patients and personal issues at Mercy Hospital.

  • Hungry Years

    Hungry Years (2009)
    Film (Comedy) Actor After a sudden breakup with her boyfriend and mentor, Ellen, a restricted calorie nutritionist, embarks on a quixotic journey to discover meaning outside the refuge of her diet obsessed world. In her travels she becomes involved with a struggling idealist on a mission to raise capitol for a landmine detonating robot, a controversial author on autism and an unorthodox personal injury lawyer. Written by Anonymous

  • Nurse Jackie

    Nurse Jackie (2009)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor A drug-addicted nurse struggles to find a balance between the demands of her frenetic job at a New York City hospital and an array of personal dramas.

  • Damn Your Eyes

    Damn Your Eyes (2009)
    Film (Short and Western) Actor Sam, a mysterious stranger, arrives in town to exact revenge on the men who wronged him when he was only a child. He encounters Louisa, a prostitute who dreams of a better life. Meanwhile, Dennis, the town's lawman, is familiar with Sam's past and makes it his personal duty to stop him before the violence escalates. Written by Anonymous

  • Scion

    Scion (2009)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Counter Intelligence

    Counter Intelligence (2008)
    Film (Short, Action and Thriller) Actor Entangled in media disinformation, the U.S. government uncovers a hostage situation and only one man could bring them home but that agent is faced with choosing the life of one or the lives of many.

  • Tenure of Edmond Fontier

    Tenure of Edmond Fontier (2008)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Veterans Affairs

    Veterans Affairs (2008)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Actor A soldier visits Times Square and becomes a homeless veteran plaguing the streets of New York.

  • I Sell the Dead

    I Sell the Dead (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor 18th century justice catches up with a pair of grave robbers. With only a few hours to go before his date with the guillotine, Arthur Blake tells his life story to Father Francis Duffy. Before long, Arthur spills the beans on how he got started in the grim corpse peddling business with seasoned ghoul Willie Grimes. Written by Anonymous

  • Spooky Cabin

    Spooky Cabin (2008)
    Film (Short) Actor Fearing imminent embarrassment due to his father's plan to win $1 million on a nationally broadcast reality game show, young Andy goes to great and disturbing lengths to prevent his father from flying out and participating in the show.

  • Oki Doki

    Oki Doki (2008)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor Phoebe and her brother, Ryan, learn a valuable lesson about family, when Phoebe' favorite toy, Oki Doki, becomes inhabited by an alien.

  • The Cult of Sincerity

    The Cult of Sincerity (2008)
    Video (Comedy) Actor An intellectual and farcical comedy that fades up on a New York cafe & bar, bustling with hipsters, poets, and posers. Our main man, Joseph, steps up to the mic and begins a Network-style self-important rant about the twenty-something generation. Joseph's problem is with his own generation of bored, unhappy cynics. He thinks the hipster generation is so preoccupied with being cool, that they won't believe in anything. But Joe doesn't want to be jaded anymore, so he's going to start a cult of sincerity. He wants to find something to believe in, something simple enough to put on a T-shirt. Reminiscent of Don Quixote, Joseph sets out to find the most genuine thing you could ever say to anyone. And secretly, Joseph's trying to get his divorced parents back together. Joseph immediately starts trying to be "true-blue," by opening doors for strangers, planting trees in the city, and apologizing to anyone who'll listen for things like chauvinism, sarcasm, and fascism. Along the way, he meets ... Written by Anonymous

  • Heavy Petting

    Heavy Petting (2007)
    Film (Comedy) Actor When Charlie meets Daphne - the girl of his dreams - he never expects he'll have to battle past her pet dog "Babydoll" to woo her. And just when it seems he can't beat the beast and all is lost, something unexpected happens: Charlie begins to fall in love with the dog himself, realizing he never really needed a girlfriend in the first place. Now, in order to keep hanging out with "man's best friend", Charlie must scramble to keep the relationship with Daphne going at all costs - or risk losing them both. Written by Anonymous

  • Anamorph

    Anamorph (2007)
    Film (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Actor Stan is a quiet, solitary detective in New York City. A few months ago, he solved a gruesome case of serial murders, although an undercover police officer lost her life. A new set of similar murders begins: the bodies are elaborately displayed and the killer uses equipment from art and early movie making in the tableau, or he leaves a clue as to where the investigators are to stand to get the full artistic effect. Stan is paired with a younger detective, Carl, whom he brushes off when Carl wants to get to know him. As pieces fall in place, it's a race to prevent the next killing, quite possibly someone close to Stan. Written by <>

  • Off Hour

    Off Hour (2007)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Actor The blaring, eerie rhythm of life comes to a sudden screeching halt in "Off Hour", the story of Bruno, in search of meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. A handsome vagrant in need of work and a good meal, Bruno lands a job at the docks, a cacophonic post-industrial maelstrom of sights, sounds, movements and actions. With his beloved trumpet slung over his shoulder, Bruno struggles to make sense of a senseless world, of the chaos, which is order, and of the aimless, repetitive physical toil which rules life at the docklands. Everything is in constant pointless motion in this mystical dreamscape, but what is the hidden force, which keeps this world moving? Bruno is the rebel who dares to ask "why", and this quest for knowledge drives him ever forward toward his destiny. Bruno's cohorts, a bedraggled bunch of lowly longshoreman, have no idea what to make of the majestic Thor, who magically appears to them like a god from on high. With his strapping physique and his commanding ... Written by Kyriazis, John

  • American Loser

    American Loser (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor A dramatic comedy about a self-induced attention-deficit disordered, learning disabled, Tourette's syndrome suffering, balance impaired, alcoholic young man from the Upper East Side of Manhattan and the gold-digging girl who inspires him to try to get it together.

  • We Own the Night

    We Own the Night (2007)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Brooklyn, 1988. Crime is rife, especially drugs and drug violence. A Russian thug is building his heroin trade, while everyone laughs at the cops. Brothers have chosen different paths: Joe has followed his father Bert into New York's Finest; he's a rising star. Bobby, who uses his mother's maiden name, manages a club. Bobby too is on the rise: he has a new girlfriend and a green-light to develop a Manhattan club. Joe and Bert ask him to help with intelligence gathering; he declines. Then, Joe raids Bobby's club to arrest the Russian. From there, things spiral out of control: the Russian puts out a hit on Joe, personal losses mount, and Bobby's loyalties face the test. Written by <>

  • World Trade Center

    World Trade Center (2006)
    Film (Drama, History and Thriller) Actor On September, 11th 2001, after the terrorist attack to the World Trade Center, the building collapses over the rescue team from the Port Authority Police Department. Will Jimeno and his sergeant John McLoughlin are found alive trapped under the wreckage while the rescue teams fight to save them. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Shadow: Dead Riot

    Shadow: Dead Riot (2006)
    Film (Action and Horror) Actor Evil voodoo-practicing serial killer Shadow gets executed for murdering pregnant women. Twenty years later the prison Shadow was put to death at has been turned into an experimental women's penitentiary. Tough and fiercely autonomous new inmate Solitaire has some kind of link with Shadow. When Shadow and his lethal shambling zombie minions are resurrected, it's up to Solitaire to stop them. Written by Woodyanders

  • Sherrybaby

    Sherrybaby (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actor Sherry Swanson returns home to New Jersey after serving a three year prison sentence. Eager to reestablish a relationship with her young daughter, Sherry soon discovers that coming back to the world she left behind is far more difficult than she had planned. Written by Anonymous

  • Carlito's Way: Rise to Power

    Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005)
    Video (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor In the 60's, the Puerto Rican Carlito Brigante, the Afro-American Earl and the Italian Rocco become best friends while in prison. When they are released, Rocco intermediates a heroin business with a family of the Italian Mafia leaded by Artie Badalato Sr. Carlito negotiates with the lord Leroy "Hollywood Nicky" Barnes the area where the trio could operate in his neighborhood and sooner the three friends become powerful. Later, Carlito dates and has an affair with the beautiful Leticia. When Earl decides to move to Barbados with his girlfriend and leave the heroin business, his stupid younger brother causes a situation with the Italian mobsters, and Carlito and Rocco have to resolve the mess to save their lives. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • A Lot Like Love

    A Lot Like Love (2005)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor On a flight from Los Angeles to New York, Oliver and Emily make a connection, only to decide that they are poorly suited to be together. Over the next seven years, however, they are reunited time and time again, they go from being acquaintances to close friends to ... lovers? Written by IMDb Editors

  • Keane

    Keane (2004)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A man in his early 30s (Keane) struggles with the supposed loss of his daughter from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York, while fighting serious battles with schizophrenia. We can never be sure if the loss is real or imaginary; or whether his overt interest in helping young girls is innocent and of a fatherly nature, or is of a darker, scarier motive. Written by Heidi Levitt

  • Law & Order

    Law & Order (2004)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor The show follows a crime, ususally adapted from current headlines, from two separate vantage points. The first half of the show concentrates on the investigation of the crime by the police, the second half follows the prosecution of the crime in court. Written by Mike Menditto

  • Shortcut to Happiness

    Shortcut to Happiness (2003)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Fantasy) Actor In Manhattan, the aspirant writer Jabez Stone is a complete loser: he is not able to sell his novels, he lives in a lousy apartment and he does not have success with women. When one of his friends Julius Jenson sells his novel for US$ 190,000.00 to an editor, Jabez fells envy and promises to sell his soul to the devil for success and accidentally kills a woman with his typing machine. The Devil knocks on his door, fixes the situation and seals a contract with Jabez. His low quality novels have bad reviews but become best-sellers; Jabez enriches; has success with women, but has no time for his friends. Jabez meets with the publisher Daniel Webster who offers him a chance to break the contract with the devil. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Marci X

    Marci X (2003)
    Film (Comedy and Music) Actor While delivering an award to her humanitarian father Ben Feld, the stylish wealthy Jewish Caucasian Marci Feld is surprised by the attack of the conservative senator Mary Ellen Spinkle to her father in the media. The motive is the lyrics of the rap "Shoot Ya' Teacha " sing by Dr. S and released by the hip-hop record label Felony Assault that belongs to Ben. He has a heart attack, and his daughter decides to assume the problem and negotiate a public excuse of Dr. S in the MTV Award. However, the bad boy sings a polemic song on television to humiliate Merci that gives senator Sprinkle the chance to promote the "Buttgate". Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • What Alice Found

    What Alice Found (2003)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor Young Alice has hit the road in her beat-up Ford Escort, escaping from her dead end life in small town New England. She's off to Florida, following her friend Julie who's gone to college in Miami. But Alice gets into trouble on the road, and she's saved by Sandra and Bill, an older couple in an RV. They take Alice under their wing, but are they really good samaritans, or did they have something else in mind? And is Alice telling the truth to them about herself? Written by Martin Lewison <>

  • Spider-Man

    Spider-Man (2002)
    Film (Action and Adventure) Actor Based on Marvel Comics' superhero character, this is a story of Peter Parker who is a nerdy high-schooler. He was orphaned as a child, bullied by jocks, and can't confess his crush for his stunning neighborhood girl Mary Jane Watson. To say his life is "miserable" is an understatement. But one day while on an excursion to a laboratory a runaway radioactive spider bites him... and his life changes in a way no one could have imagined. Peter acquires a muscle-bound physique, clear vision, ability to cling to surfaces and crawl over walls, shooting webs from his wrist ... but the fun isn't going to last. An eccentric millionaire Norman Osborn administers a performance enhancing drug on himself and his maniacal alter ego Green Goblin emerges. Now Peter Parker has to become Spider-Man and take Green Goblin to the task... or else Goblin will kill him. They come face to face and the war begins in which only one of them will survive at the end. Written by Soumitra

  • Death to Smoochy

    Death to Smoochy (2002)
    Film (Comedy, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Fired in disgrace, kids show host Randolph Smiley finds himself out on the street, while his replacement Sheldon Mopes, finds himself on the fast track to success with a new hit show as the proud purple rhino Smoochy. But things take a turn for the worst when Sheldon finds out that some of the people that he works with, and some he doesn't know he's working for, are all in it for the money. Meanwhile, Randolph is slowly turning insane with his only thoughts focusing on killing Smoochy and getting back to his life of luxury. Written by MonkeyKingMA

  • Satan's Menagerie

    Satan's Menagerie (2001)
    Video (Drama and Horror) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

    Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)
    Film (Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Actor To cash in on all of the "real world" hype of the events in the first film, a man from Burkitsville, Maryland opens a "Blair Witch Hunt" tour, which shows patrons various locations from the original film. A bunch of college students decide to take the tour, and wind up in Rustin Parr's house. There, they decide to camp for the evening, but in the morning, they realize they didn't sleep and they don't remember anything that happened the previous night. From there, they go back to town, and discover that something...or someone has come with them. Written by Johnny

  • Keeping the Faith

    Keeping the Faith (2000)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Jake and Brian are friends. They are Jewish and Catholic respectively. They would grow up and become a rabbi and priest. Anna, whom they knew when they were younger, comes back to town a stunning woman. Jake is up to be the head of his synagogue but he is not married which doesn't make his appointment any easier. Jake finds himself attracted to Anna but because she's not Jewish, he can't marry her as it would make his appointment less likely. Brian also finds himself attracted to Anna, but the priesthood doesn't allow that. Their friendship is strained when each learns of the other's feelings for her. Written by

  • The Sopranos

    The Sopranos (2000)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor An innovative look at the life of fictional Mafia Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first person, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist. We see Tony at work, at home, and in therapy. Moments of black comedy intersperse this aggressive, adult drama, with adult language, and extreme violence. Written by David Fowler

  • Oz

    Oz (1999)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Oz chronicles life inside an experimental cell block in the Oswald Maximum Security Correctional Facility: Level Four called Emerald City. Under unit manager Tim McManus and Warden Leo Glynn, the inmates in Em City all struggle to fulfill their own needs. Some fight for power; either power over the drug trade or power over the other inmate factions. Others want money, either through slinging 'tits' (drugs), gambling or other scams. Others, Corrections officers and inmates alike, simply want to survive long enough to make parole or even to see tomorrow. The show gives a no-holds-barred account of prison life with all the plots, subplots and conflicts given context and explanation by the show's wheelchair-bound narrator, Augustus Hill. Written by Michael Hofer

  • Exiled

    Exiled (1998)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Actor NYPD Detective Mike Logan, last seen being demoted to a beat on Staten Island after punching a corrupt politician (Law & Order episode "Pride") seeks to solve the grisly murder of a prostitute, and thereby help regain his old job in Manhattan. Written by Brian Barjenbruch

  • The Book of Life

    The Book of Life (1998)
    Film (Comedy and Fantasy) Actor The end of the millenium has taken on a certain significance in modern day prophecies. What happens if Jesus Christ has second thoughts about the Apocalypse? It is December 31, 1999 and New Year's Eve takes on new meaning when the Devil, Jesus Christ, and Christ's assistant Magdelina discuss and debate the end of the world, the opening of the seven seals, and the essence of being human. Written by Tracy <>

  • Too Much Sleep

    Too Much Sleep (1997)
    Film (Comedy and Mystery) Actor While riding the bus one day, night watchman Jack Crawford gets distracted by a beautiful girl and has his gun stolen. To get it back, he enlists the help of local wise guy, Eddie, and their search reveals the bizarre characters lurking in the strange underworld of a sleepy New Jersey suburb. Written by Anonymous

  • Extreme Measures

    Extreme Measures (1996)
    Film (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Thriller about Guy Luthan (Hugh Grant), a British doctor working at a hospital in New York who starts making unwanted enquiries when the body of a man who died in his emergency room disappears. The trail leads Luthan to the door of the eminent surgeon Dr Lawrence Myrick (Gene Hackman), but Luthan soon finds himself in danger from people who want the hospital's secret to remain undiscovered. Written by Jonathan Broxton <>

  • New York Undercover

    New York Undercover (1996)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Eddie Torres and 'J.C.' Williams are two detectives of the 4th precinct of New York City. In their job they fight against the worst of the society infiltrated like the bandits who try to stop. Their honesty and good making shocks against the lawless world of the criminals and the lawyers who serve to the own criminals. In their work they have the help of their boss, Lt. Virginia Cooper, a hard character woman who knows the streets like no one that she cares that their agents don't use illegal ways in their cases, at the same time that she watches other couple of good agents, Tommy McNamara and Nina Moreno, who often times they work with Torres and Williams. All together try to clean the streets of the criminal plague that invade the city. Written by Chockys

  • House of Buggin'

    House of Buggin' (1995)
    Television (Comedy) Actor John Leguizamo's edgy sketch comedy show and spiritual sequel to "In Living Color".

  • Clean, Shaven

    Clean, Shaven (1993)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Actor Peter Winter is a young schizophrenic who is desperately trying to get his daughter back from her adoptive family. He attempts to function in a world that, for him, is filled with strange voices, electrical noise, disconcerting images, and jarringly sudden emotional shifts. He clings to his humanity like a raft, barely afloat in a sea of terror. In a brief moment of congruence, he shatters his image reflected in a window, perhaps to more properly align it with his fragmented psyche. During his quest, he runs afoul of the law and an ongoing murder investigation. Written by Tad Dibbern <>


  • 'PATIENT ZERO' Best Short Film Action - Grindhouse Intl Film Festvl

  • 'ENDLESS' Best New Online Movie 2012 - British Film Institute

  • 'WOO WOO' Audience Choice - Brownfish Short Film Festvl NYC

  • 'BALDR' Audience Best Experimental Short - Brooklyn Film Festvl


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