Matthew Jason Walsh

Matthew Jason Walsh

Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Producer, Music Composer and Visual Effects Artist

Knoxville, Tennessee

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About Matthew

I began working in the film industry at age seventeen, as an extra and production assistant on an as-yet-unreleased low-budget drama called STAGE FRIGHT, which was shot in my home state of Maryland. I then went on to work as production assistant, script continuity and slate on several other local productions, including ON THE BLOCK, which starred Howard Rollins, learning everything I could about the technical side of filmmaking while on the job. After receiving my first big break as a screenwriter at nineteen, for the horror feature THE SANDMAN, I eventually journeyed to Los Angeles, where I worked on several documentaries and commercials as both screenwriter and music composer.

At age twenty, I was hired by legendary film producer/director David DeCoteau to write the original screenplay for DRESSED FOR DARK, a horror-action film that was originally to be financed and distributed by the now-defunct Academy Entertainment. Though the project was never made at Academy, DeCoteau eventually hired other writers to tone down the screenplay's more expensive scenes and had the film produced by Full Moon Pictures/Torchlight Entertainment under the title BLONDE HEAVEN, originally intended for distribution by Paramount Home Video (it was later released on DVD by Full Moon as "MORGANA"). This led to a nearly thirty-year-long stint as a screenwriter-for-hire, where I've worked on everything from erotic thrillers to children's movies to made-for-Lifetime television films.

In the intervening years, I also helped design the marketing campaigns for several home video releases, including NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD co-writer John A. Russo's films HEARTSTOPPER and THE MAJORETTES, have had feature or lead roles in seven films, served as second-unit director on the surreal genre films OZONE and POLYMORPH, and helped develop CGI effects for the film version of THE SANDMAN. I also served a brief stint as visual effects supervisor on such films as POLYMORPH, CURSE OF THE PUPPETMASTER, SHRIEKER, WEREWOLF REBORN and CLOCKMAKER.

In 1997, I wrote, produced and directed the critically-praised horror feature BLOODLETTING, which is currently available everywhere as a special edition DVD and streaming services. During my career, I also composed the scores and/or original songs for over nine feature films and countless commercials and self-released a limited-edition CD of my concept-rock album, "Love's Young Nightmare", in the fall of 2004.

Currently, at age 47, I continue to work full-time as a screenwriter, a composer and an audio engineer. I am also currently seeking financing for my next self-produced independent film.



  • The Wrong Student

    The Wrong Student (2017)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Writer Add a Plot »

  • A Christmas Cruise

    A Christmas Cruise (2017)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Family and Romance) Writer When her best friend invites her along on a holiday-themed sail, an aspiring novelist unexpectedly finds the love of her life onboard.

  • The Wrong Crush

    The Wrong Crush (2017)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Writer A high school track start with a troubled past meets a new admirer who has recently transferred to her school. As his advances becomes more and more forceful, she begins to fear that her past has come back to haunt her in a very dangerous way. Written by JJ Cohrs

  • The Wrong Roommate

    The Wrong Roommate (2016)
    TV Movie by David DeCoteau (Drama) Writer Following a break-up with her unfaithful fiancé, a young college professor agrees to live at her sister's and watch over the home and her 17 year old niece. Unbeknownst to her, a gorgeous tenant, who is friendly to her young niece, is living in the guest house. But things aren't that simple as this mysterious stranger turns out to have a troubled past with dangerous consequences.

  • The Wrong Child

    The Wrong Child (2016)
    TV Movie by David DeCoteau (Thriller) Writer Add a Plot »

  • Seven Dorms of Death

    Seven Dorms of Death (2015)
    Film by Richard Griffin (Horror) Writer

  • 3 Scream Queens

    3 Scream Queens (2014)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer ALEXIS, SYLVIA and ELLEN are a trio of legendary scream queens. After the head of a motion picture studio invites them out to a very special screening in exchange for the possibility of a lead role in an upcoming horror film, the three women slowly become suspicious ... not only of their circumstances, but also each other. They begin to realize that the horrific footage they are watching might be real and that they might be trapped in the deserted studio with a bona fide killer.

  • The Dead Reborn

    The Dead Reborn (2013)
    Video Writer

  • 1313: Cougar Cult

    1313: Cougar Cult (2012)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer Rufus, Darwin, and Coopersmith are three nerdy, but hunky young college students who score themselves a dream summer job working at a swanky mansion owned by wealthy and sexy middle-aged babes Clara, Victoria, and Edwina. However, the gals turn out to be a coven of deadly witches who transform into flesh-eating cougars who need fresh young man meat in order to live forever. Written by Woodyanders

  • The Disco Exorcist

    The Disco Exorcist (2011)
    Film by Richard Griffin (Comedy and Horror) Soundtrack Suave swinger and womanizer Rex Romanski loves and leaves evil black magic priestess Rita Marie. Naturally, Rex incurs Rita's lethal wrath by spurning her. Can Rex figure out a way to stop Rita's subsequent rampage of revenge, murder, and destruction as well as reclaim the soul of his new porn starlet gal Amoreena Jones before it's too late? Written by Woodyanders

  • Stem Cell

    Stem Cell (2009)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Writer

  • Alien Presence

    Alien Presence (2009)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Writer An alien teenager is apparently kept in a coma at a government compound with handsome medical students, but strange disturbances start to occur.

  • Playing with Fire

    Playing with Fire (2008)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Thriller) Writer Beautiful, seductive rich girl Daphne gets her kicks playing mind games; finding and seducing young working-class men until she cruelly kicks them to the curb. But when she comes across handsome med student Nick, she discovers a challenge. Nick isn't so easily seduced. So Daphne and her friends set about seducing Nick's girlfriend, Heather. When things go wrong and Heather gets in a terrible accident, Daphne finds her comfortable easy world spiraling quickly out of control, and it will take all of her ability to find out who is in control of this dangerous game. Written by Anonymous

  • Fall of Hyperion

    Fall of Hyperion (2008)
    TV Movie by Rex Piano (Action) Writer (uncredited)

  • The Las Vegas Abductions

    The Las Vegas Abductions (2008)
    Video by Michael Ricks (Horror and Sci-Fi) Composer Faced with the extinction of their species, shape shifting, evil alien monsters descend on earth with the intent to mutate with humans. They choose Las Vegas as their destination, seeking to blend in with Sin City to hatch their plan. Little do they know what they will be up against when they cross paths with Cindy, a hypnotherapist. and Lucas, a mystery man. Divining their evil intent, it is up to them to turn the tide and restore balance. Written by Brian Michaels

  • The Raven

    The Raven (2007)
    TV Movie by David DeCoteau (Horror and Mystery) Writer Roderick throws a masquerade ball inside a creepy mansion with a dark past. An infamous mass-murder happened there fifty years ago to the night, but that's part of the fun for the posh hotties who show up for some boozy partying. The reverie is cut short when a Raven-masked killer crashes the party, intent on repeating the bloody history of the "Ravenwood Massacre" that happened decades ago. As the unknown killer picks the guests off one by one, old grudges resurface among friends, and new suspicions emerge. Written by Here!

  • Possessed

    Possessed (2005)
    Film Writer

  • Killers by Nature

    Killers by Nature (2005)
    Video Soundtrack

  • The Brotherhood IV: The Complex

    The Brotherhood IV: The Complex (2005)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer Lee Hanlon (Sebastian Gacki) is an overachieving student at an elite military school called the Complex. He is intrigued by the academy's secret society called the Black Skulls Brotherhood. When he is tapped to become a new member he slowly discovers their secret agenda as well as their devilish origins. Written by Larry B.

  • Frankenstein & the Werewolf Reborn!

    Frankenstein & the Werewolf Reborn! (2005)
    Film Visual effects

  • Ring of Darkness

    Ring of Darkness (2004)
    TV Movie by David DeCoteau (Horror, Music and Thriller) Writer When a boy bands lead singer mysteriously diappears the media says that he ran away because he could not handle the fame, but really the other band members killed him and have hidden their identities as undead from every one. With an "American Idol" type audtition they remaining band members choose a new guy to fill the place. Now he must go to an isolated mansion to be initiated, but soon learns what the others really are and decides he would rather not be party of the band. Written by James

  • Bad Movie Police Case #3: Humanoids from Atlantis

    Bad Movie Police Case #3: Humanoids from Atlantis (2004)
    Video by John Treacy (Action, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Composer The Bad Movie Police force deals with an obnoxious low-budget actor who "wants" to be arrested for appearing in the movie HUMANOIDS FROM ATLANTIS (1992).

  • Speed Demon

    Speed Demon (2003)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Action, Horror and Thriller) Writer A mysterious driver in a muscle car with a demonic hood ornament hunts down a gang that has taken over a small town.

  • Deep Freeze

    Deep Freeze (2003)
    Film by John Carl Buechler (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Writer An Antarctic drilling station is under attack by a mysterious killer. Will anyone survive?

  • The Brotherhood III: Young Demons

    The Brotherhood III: Young Demons (2003)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror and Thriller) Writer A group of devil-may-care teenagers discover they've mistakenly called upon the Prince of Darkness in this flashy horror story. A handful of high school students have been entertaining themselves on weekends by playing an elaborate role-playing game in which they impersonate witches, warlocks, and other magical beings. One weekend, they decide to up the ante by breaking into the school and using the building's nooks and crannies to make the competition more challenging. One of the teens has brought along a book of magic spells, and they decide to throw some incantations into the games to make things more interesting. What the kids didn't count on is that the spells actually work, and soon the role-players have unleashed an unspeakable and dangerous force. Written by Jags

  • Bad Movie Police Case #1: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs

    Bad Movie Police Case #1: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs (2003)
    Video by John Treacy (Action, Comedy and Sci-Fi) Composer A sexy police force busts the makers of a bad movie and tries to bring them to justice. They then target the creators and actors of the notoriously bad movie GALAXY OF THE DINOSAURS (1992). Follows the tradition of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER and Elvira's MOVIE MACABRE. Written by Jason Collum

  • Bad Movie Police Case #2: Chickboxer

    Bad Movie Police Case #2: Chickboxer (2003)
    Video by John Treacy (Action, Comedy and Sport) Composer The sexy Bad Movie Police force hunts down a notorious distributor of cheapo movies and then try to locate his accomplice, Yolonda Squatpump, the creator of the horrible 1992 action movie CHICKBOXER (1992).

  • Zombiegeddon

    Zombiegeddon (2003)
    Video by Chris Watson (Horror) Actor These zombies are a human-like race created by Satan. When the "zombie-looking freaks" begin taking over the world, dirty cops Jeff and Cage find themselves in the unenviable position of having to stop them before it's too late. Jeff soon learns that he alone has the power to defeat them if he's up to the task. As the body count piles up and internal affairs officers investigate Jeff and Cage for their prior wrongdoings, time is running out... Written by Michael Lenquette

  • The Frightening

    The Frightening (2002)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Fantasy, Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Writer The eighteen years old Corey Peterson moves with his mother to a small town due a trauma in the past. On his first day at Hallows End High School, he is approached by the student also new arrival in town Mason that tells him about a death of a friend of him in the school and advises Corey to stay away from the wrestler Perry and his gang. When two other students vanish, Corey decides to talk to Principal Rizcheck, who does not give any attention to him. Together with Mason, they investigate the secret about the school and disclose the dark truth about Hallows End and the missing students. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Micro Mini Kids

    Micro Mini Kids (2001)
    Video by David DeCoteau Writer Five-foot-3-inch Josh Campbell (Chad Gordon) is too short to dance with dreamy Courtney Wilson (Lauren Petty). So what does he do? Why, buy a growth potion on the Internet, of course. But the plan backfires when he shrinks rather than grows. Now, just 1 inch tall, Josh must struggle to survive in a world of horse-size hamsters, giant roving teens and killer dust mites. Written by Anonymous

  • The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks

    The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks (2001)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer John, a new student at an exclusive private school, is having trouble with a group of bullying jocks who are jealous of his friendship with beautiful classmate Mary. He's intrigued, then, when enigmatic misfit Luc offers him a chance to get back at them using witchcraft - but doesn't realise that the price of his new-found power may be his life. Written by Ross Horsley <>

  • Final Stab

    Final Stab (2001)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Action, Adventure, Horror and Thriller) Writer Angela's sister wants to get revenge upon her, inviting her to mystery farm along with her old friends, to participate in a game with fake blood and knives - but Angela and her disturbed boyfriend Charlie were not supposed to know about the fake part. But what starts as a little friendly game, gets dark and bloody with real deaths - and sure, real blood and knives. Written by Guilherme Martins <>

  • The Brotherhood

    The Brotherhood (2001)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer In high school, Christopher 'Chris' Chandler was almost too good to be true: his gorgeous, perfectly trained body earned him a place in the Allstate swim-team and his scholarship for the small US college Drake, yet he never fell for pride or the temptation of parties and groupies, remaining modest and considerate. As a freshman, he takes his nerdy roomy Dan under his wing and even grants his request to go to a frat party -just the elitist arrogance Chris loads- where they got invited by Megan, a hip girl student Dan wouldn't dare to dream about. Alas the invitation was really arranged by Devon Eisley, the president of the somewhat Gothic fraternity "Doma (House of) Tau Omega", who has found a key to eternal youth without having to become blood-drinking vampires and tricks Chris at the party into drinking each-others blood, after which he starts changing for the worse... Written by KGF Vissers

  • Vengeance of the Dead

    Vengeance of the Dead (2001)
    Video by Harry James Picardi (Horror) Composer Visiting his Grandpa in the small town of Harvest, Eric is haunted in his dreams by Julia, a ghost who falls in love with him, appearing first as a little girl and later as an adult. In the dreams, Julia reveals that she was burned alive and her mother murdered by hooded men. He is soon unable to distinguish these dreams from reality, and finds himself desecrating the grave of one of the killers, and burning alive those that are still alive, all while sleepwalking. Written by Edward Robins <>

  • Witchouse 3: Demon Fire

    Witchouse 3: Demon Fire (2001)
    Video by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Writer, Composer, Soundtrack, Music department Annie, a timid young woman in an abusive relationship, flees to the safety of a beach house occupied by two old friends, Stevie and Rose.

  • Prison of the Dead

    Prison of the Dead (2000)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer Kristof, an eccentric rich kid, tricks his high school friends into getting back together for a reunion of sorts, under the pretense of a funeral. The group of twenty-somethings is forced to spend the night in an old abandoned witches' prison. During a Ouija Board séance, the schoolmates accidentally unearth three dead executioners from their graves. A little confused, and quite a bit angry, the Crypt Keepers initiate a killing spree that will only end when everyone is dead. Fortunately, the schoolmates all wore black. Too bad it's for their own funerals... Written by ImortalKandy <>

  • Voodoo Academy

    Voodoo Academy (2000)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror, Fantasy and Thriller) Writer Young Christopher has just enrolled at the prestigious Carmichael Bible College, managed by the somewhat unusual Mrs. Bouvier. After some unexplained disappearances, Christopher does some exploring and discovers that Mrs. Bouvier and the Reverend Carmichael have some very unwholesome intentions for the young men of their school. Will Christopher graduate with his body and soul intact? Written by Jean-Marc Rocher <>

  • Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy

    Ancient Evil: Scream of the Mummy (1999)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Horror and Sci-Fi) Writer Six archeology students are spending the summer at an isolated rural compound with their college professor, working on an exciting discovery: an ancient mummy, found in the ruins of a temple. Little do they realize that the mummy was the servant of the Rain God, and that one of them has the ability to bring it back to life to exact its master's deadly revenge. Trapped inside of the compound with the murderous, unstoppable creature, they must join forces to destroy the monster, or allow it to carry out its plans to annihilate all mankind. Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

  • Witchouse

    Witchouse (1999)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer On Mayday 1998 in the town of Dunwich, Massachusetts, Elizabeth gathers together a group of specially selected friends for a rather odd party. It turns out that she is the descendent of a malevolent witch named Lilith who was burned at the stake precisely three hundred years ago. Now Elizabeth hopes to resurrect her dreadful ancestor and has a specific (and murderous) need for the guests she has chosen. Written by JHC3

  • Teenage Alien Avengers

    Teenage Alien Avengers (1999)
    TV Movie (Sci-Fi) Writer Two nerdish high school students turn into high-tech superheroes when they accidentally stumble onto a hidden cache of alien armor and weaponry in the school's basement. What will they do, though, when the extraterrestrial treasure's owner comes back to reclaim it? Written by Anonymous

  • The Killer Eye

    The Killer Eye (1999)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Writer An ophthamologist is trying to develop a technique for seeing into another dimension. After a previous experiment went terribly wrong, blinding his test subject he makes some revisions to his methodology. Unfortunately, his latest experiment is a horrible success. His newest test subject peers into another dimension and is killed by an extra-dimensional entity which enters our world and infests the eye of the subject. After expanding to enormous size and detaching from the body of its victim, the eye goes on a rampage. Written by Patrick D. Rockwell <>

  • Curse of the Puppet Master

    Curse of the Puppet Master (1998)
    Video by David DeCoteau (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor, Visual effects, Music department Robert "Tank" begins to work for Dr. Magrew sculpting a puppet for the Doctor to bring to life using the work of Andre Toulon. Robert begins to fall in love with the Doctors daughter, Jane. Unbeknownst to Robert, the Doctor is trying to create a "perfect race" of puppet humans. Jane discovers a "matt puppet" which is from his first assistant. She comes back just in time to see her father, cut up by the puppets, has succeeded in putting a living human, Robert, into the puppet he carved. Written by Chris Schoettle, B-Movie king

  • The Werewolf Reborn!

    The Werewolf Reborn! (1998)
    Film by Jeff Burr (Horror) Visual effects Fourteen-year-old Eleanor Crane goes to visit her older cousin Peter in a remote Eastern European village, and receives an unexpectedly cold welcome from the villagers, who are plagued by a deadly curse - and from her cousin, who hides a deadly secret of his own. Written by Schleppy

  • Clockmaker

    Clockmaker (1998)
    Video by Christopher Coppola (Adventure and Sci-Fi) Visual effects Three kids discover a time machine in the apartment of the weird old man living upstairs and must go back in time after disrupting the time/space continuum by sending a computer repair manual back to the nineteenth century. Written by Christopher Landry

  • Shrieker

    Shrieker (1998)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Horror) Visual effects Clark, a young Mathematics major at University, thinks she's found the best deal for student housing: a group of squatters who live in an abandoned hospital secretly. The quirky residents let her into their community provided she follow the rules, including not telling anyone about her living arrangements. All seems wonderful, until she discovers that the reason that the hospital was abandoned was a series of murders in the 1940's by a strange "shrieking killer" who was never captured - and the discovery that someone who's living in the hospital is using occult means to bring back the "Shrieker," a demonic force summoned and controlled by a human who knows the proper procedure. When strange occult circles are discovered, Clark finds herself the main suspect, because she is the newest resident. Written by Gary Dickerson <>

  • Bloodletting

    Bloodletting (1997)
    Film by Matthew Jason Walsh (Horror) Writer, Composer, Visual effects, Music department, Director, Editorial department, Producer A young woman, fascinated with mass murderers, tracks down the world's most famous uncaught serial killer and becomes his apprentice; together they go on a killing spree.

  • Bikini Goddesses

    Bikini Goddesses (1996)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Comedy) Writer An American teenager shipped off to spend the summer with his dad, a Greek resort manager, happens upon an ancient ruin where three sensual demi-goddesses have been imprisoned for the last few millennia. He speaks the magic words, returning them to life as delectable bikini-clad beauties who can't get enough of the fun-in-the-sun... and in his bed. Written by Anonymous

  • Petticoat Planet

    Petticoat Planet (1996)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Comedy, Sci-Fi and Western) Writer Commander Steve Rogers crash-lands on a planet inhabited solely by women. All of the men were killed in a mining accident some twenty years before. The town where he wakes up is straight out of the old west. Both the sheriff and the mayor of the town take an immediate liking to Steve and each tries to claim him for themselves. The local bar maid is also interested but not quite as pushy as the first two. It looks like our man Steve may be trapped on the planet of beautiful women. But as usual in these things you need to be careful what you wish for since you might get it. Written by Edward Hunter <>

  • Polymorph

    Polymorph (1996)
    Film by J.R. Bookwalter (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Composer, Visual effects, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Alien ship crash-lands on Earth and the creature inside starts taking over people's bodies.

  • I've Killed Before

    I've Killed Before (1995)
    Film by Matthew Jason Walsh (Horror) Writer, Composer, Director

  • The Sandman

    The Sandman (1995)
    Film by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Writer, Composer, Actor, Visual effects, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Gary is a trailer park romance novelist who can't seem to sleep at night. He also thinks that he saw a monster assaulting his girlfriend while she was sleeping. People is his trailer park begin to die in their sleep. Soon, Gary's friends begin to think that he has gone crazy with all his ranting and raving and that all he needs is a good night's sleep. Gary is afraid to sleep... Written by Josh Pasnak <>

  • Blonde Heaven

    Blonde Heaven (1995)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Horror) Writer A coven of vampires operates out of a modeling/escort agency known as Blonde Heaven. Angie came from Oklahoma to find her way into the movie business, but is followed by her boyfriend Kyle. Head vamp Illyana takes a liking to Angie and convinces her to do escort work for the agency, but has other recruiting plans for her as well. While the vampires do their sleazy work around LA (and Angie gets in over her head), Kyle and a vampire hunter team up to try and stop the fiends. Written by Ed Sutton <>

  • Ozone

    Ozone (1995)
    Film by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Actor, Soundtrack, Visual effects, Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Camera and Electrical Department While ambushing a drug-dealer, Detective Eddie Boone (James Black) is injected in a fight against the dealer with a new drug called Ozone, which transforms the users in powerful zombies. His partner and friend Mike Weitz (Tom Hoover) is kidnapped by a group of Ozone addicted. Eddie tries to find Mike in the streets, fighting against the zombies and having several hallucinations due to the effect drug in his blood. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Naked Instinct

    Naked Instinct (1993)
    Film by David DeCoteau (Drama) Writer, Composer A woman is in therapy bacause of her uncontrollable desire for young men. She recounts stories of her sordid past, including seducing a rich kid when his parents are away, and giving a fraternity boy a good time. The therapist tells her about another of his patients who has virtually the same problem, and tells of this patient's encounters with a pool cleaner, a hot tub repairman, a football jock, and a young army recruit. Eventually patient and therapist get to know each other better. Written by Ed Sutton <>

  • The Witching

    The Witching (1993)
    Film Writer

  • City of the Vampires

    City of the Vampires (1993)
    Film by Ron Bonk (Horror) Composer, Actor A gory & violent take on "Night of the Living Dead", only with vampires.

  • Midnight 2

    Midnight 2 (1993)
    Film by John A. Russo (Horror) Composer, Actor The surviving member of a devil-worshiping family uses a camcorder to videotape himself murdering young women during sex. The girlfriend of one of his victims goes to a detective to try to find her friend.

  • Kingdom of the Vampire

    Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)
    Film by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Writer, Composer, Actor Jeff works the night shift, then comes home to his domineering mother, who has the grisly habit of slaughtering neighborhood children to satisfy her insatiable bloodlust.

  • Zombie Cop

    Zombie Cop (1991)
    Film by J.R. Bookwalter (Horror) Writer, Composer, Actor During a drug raid, a narcotics officer confronts a strange Voodoo priest named Dr. Death, who is chanting. The officer and the priest shoot it out and they both wind up dead. Later, the two rise from their graves and return to the land of the living as zombies. Dr. Death is resurrected with a new mission in mind, to take over the world. The "zombie" cop enlists the aid of his old police buddies to stop the mad priest. Written by Tony Lefcourt

  • Shock Cinema Vol. 3

    Shock Cinema Vol. 3 (1991)
    Video (Documentary) Writer Actress Brinke Stevens interviews producers and directors of low-budget horror and exploitation films, and shows some trailers for and outtakes from some of those films.

  • Shock Cinema Vol. 4

    Shock Cinema Vol. 4 (1991)
    Video (Documentary) Writer Actress Brinke Stevens interviews producers and directors of low-budget horror and exploitation films.

  • Ghoul School

    Ghoul School (1990)
    Video by Timothy O'Rawe (Comedy, Horror and Sport) Composer, Soundtrack, Music department Sex, babes and rock 'n roll! Two thugs in search of hidden treasure mistakenly unleash a chemical into the school's water supply, causing everyone it comes into contact with to become flesh-eating ghouls.

  • On the Block

    On the Block (1990)
    Film by Steve Yeager (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Stage Fright

    Stage Fright (1989)
    Film by Brad Mays Actor The 1960's counter culture limped into the 1970s dragging with it a legacy of social confusion, dependency on drugs and promiscuity. In STAGE FRIGHT, shot in Baltimore, the era is satirized in a story of a store-front theatre and its company of diverse, rootless characters. Everyone in this intriguing dark comedy shares a mutual dread of life. Sold a bill of goods in the 60s, they now have Stage Fright. Written by Anonymous

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