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Hilton Moore Hilton Moore Organizer
actor, author, director, marketing/pr, producer
Ibrahim Mpiana Ibrahim Mpiana
Deward Lynn Lawrence Deward Lynn Lawrence + 1 Guests
actor, assistant director, author, camera operator, concept artist, crafty, director, location scout, musician, producer
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2nd DFWART meetup

Where: Rio Mambo (Cantina)
E.Lamar Blvd.
Arlington, Texas
When: Wednesday, May 13th
6:00PM -
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About the meetup

EVERYONE HAS BEEN WANTING THE SECOND MEETUP, AND HERE IT IS. We had a very good turn out at the first one. Well I have met a lot of new people in the business and I hope they all can make it. I have been in San Diego, Ca. all week and will be coming in the 10th. I will have about a week before I fly out to Florida to begin filming the trailer for my sci/fi movie "Suddenly Real". One of the actors from the "Aliens" movie is in the cast now and it is ready for filming in June-July-Aug. I would like to see everyone in our little group come by for a "meet and greet". We are looking at a couple of projects within our group which may be starting up real soon. I hope these projects can be shared with the group and produced. Hope to see you all there. We are looking at 6-ish and it lasted till 9-ish last time. Please contact me if you need more info on the location. The first drink is on me.......

About the group
The first 'Stage 32' actors meet-up group serving Dallas and Ft.Worth actors and crew professionals in the area. Meet-ups with our group will help to find opportunities for our members and further the film industry in and outside of the Metroplex. We will maintain a listing of available talent in our group to support project casting and any emergency last minute film crews. Because how many times have we been on a shoot and ran out of background actors or no-shows? We will also try to share the wisdom of our histories on the set. The group may end up being the go to place for directors and casting agents to cast their projects. Please join us and let's see how big we can become together. We can also be a great opportunity to try that new play you've written or that screenplay which is begging to be produced. DFWART is starting, and if you are looking for a group such as this, please contact us. We will decide what would be the best times and places to have our meets when we get a few interested members. I'm Hilton Moore and look forward to meeting you all at the first meeting. 
Hilton Moore

There are others attending which are not listed on this site. There are 8 people already going.

Hilton Moore

Thanks for showing up to the meet. We added two new people and are developing three projects at present. Check for the photos. Next month should be better weather, I hope......

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