It's Introduce Yourself Weekend on Stage 32! Who are you? What have you been working on? We want to know! Head over to the Introduce Yourself Lounge and network with your fellow creatives - you never know when you'll make a connection that will change your career!


3 Attendees

Mark E. Sackett Mark E. Sackett Organizer
art director, assistant director, content creator, creative executive, director, director of marketing & distribution, filmmaker, graphic designer, location manager, marketing/pr, motion graphic design, musician, producer
Ana Ingham Ana Ingham
author, playwright, screenwriter
Vahe Mansourian Vahe Mansourian
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1069 Howard Street
San Francisco, California
When: Monday, August 10th
6:00PM -
10 Members  |  21 Meetups
Note! 20$ Tickets here:
About the meetup

Do you hate Networking as much as most of us do? Are you also bad at it, often wondering why no one returns your calls or follows up with you after a "Networking Event"? Join us each month in San Francisco at The Box SF for "The Art of Active Networking", and let's change everything you believe about Networking!



Come see why nearly 10,000 people have attended worldwide! Tickets are 20$ on-line on our site until 6pm the day of the event and 30$ at the door until 7:30pm...the event ends about 9:30pm! You must purchase a ticket in advance to get the 20$ pricing.

At this event you will make some amazing connections and you will learn why Networking is not about what you get, but what you give. And you really only need to meet one person to make your entire night worthwhile if you know what you are doing. You will have an opportunity to speak to everyone in the room, and you will absolutely meet people you might otherwise never have an opportunity to meet. Finally you are then invited to join all of our groups and pages and use our FREE walls to post up what you might be looking for.

San Francisco is our home city and where it all started, so you will be able to connect with amazing people from around the world!

Everything you need to know about this event is on our site. Join the pages and the groups, spread the word and read the testimonials on our site about what people have said after attending:

Mark E. Sackett started this in San Francisco 5 years ago as a way to help others do better in life, love and business. Mark is a entrepreneur owning 13 companies and who lives between New York City, San Francisco and Los Angeles. He is a Director, Producer, Designer, Art Director and Public Speaker. He works daily in Branding, Marketing, Film, Television and Music and as an events producer and speaker on living an authentic, powerful and creative life.

The power of us all working together is so much greater than anything each of us can accomplish on our own.

See you there and I hope your year is about beautiful, powerful connections. Connect with me by clicking below to start sharing my massive networks with those you can help to do better each day!


Mark E. Sackett
President/Creative Director/Executive Producer/Director/Public Speaker
Mobile: 415-602-9500|

About the group

We are a groups of artists, film makers, designers, musicians, bankers, health professionals, attorneys, business leaders and others from the Startup, Entrepreneur and Founder community! Our events are held Monthly in San Francisco! This is the most unique networking event you can attend. Check out our site and what people have said about our events: http://www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.comScroll down on the homepage and also watch our TEDx Talk!

This is a group dedicated to helping each of it's members do better. While we are not exclusively for the entertainment business, we have thousands of members worldwide who are members because Mark E. Sackett our founder is a Designer, Director, Producer and Art Director for Film, Music, Television and Advertising. We believe that by helping others we grow powerful and sustainable relationships. Mark knows that we work with those we know, like and trust, yet this business is about long casting lines, sending endless headshots and using our fingers crossed mentality to connect for an opportunity. But having powerful relationships is so much more critical to success.

We do these events monthly in New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, and Pasadena, 4 to 6 times a year in Vancouver, Kansas City and select other cities as we are invited.

Take a look at our Website and join us in your city.

Tickets are 20$ online and 30$ cash as the door. This charge is only to cover venue and overhead costs and the events are between 35-135 people maximum! Mark makes sure you meet every person in the room and personally attends all events to ensure that!

Questions? Call Mark anytime at 415-602-9500

Mark E. Sackett

WANT TO ACT, DIRECT, PRODUCE AND WORK MORE? YOU NEED TO CONNECT IN A NEW WAY THEN! Passive Networking is tossing your business card at someone, connecting online, standing in an open audition and going to an event with a name tag is a painfully slow way to grow your career! Active Networking is an Art and we find out what you need and we work together to get it for you! I’ll let you decide what works best. Check out our Meetup's here and come! All of our groups are exploding, GIVE4 is spreading, our events in some cities are selling out and together we are helping more and more people! Tomorrow night in San Jose we are at The Corinthian Grand Ballroom and we will all gather to find the myriad of ways we can help each other to do better and to help you find what you are looking for. So join me Monday August 3rd is San Jose, CA here is the link should you want to tell SJ Members: Next Monday August 10th we are back in San Francisco at The Box SF here is that link: Next Tuesday August 11th we’re back in Los Angeles, CA here is that link: And for September, I finally found a venue in Orange County so we will be relaunching there. Let me help you do better, let me network unite to help you as well and again, and I cannot say it enough, thank you for helping me to honor Gretchen Sackett who we lost all too soon on July 16th. She was most certainly my inspiration. We are remembering Gretchen through her favorite charity "Love Every Animal” if you would like to make a donation in her name, please consider it! Here is her link: We’ll see you tomorrow night or next week! Mark 415-602-9500 Tickets are always available for each event on our website until 6pm day of the event, or are available for 10 dollars more at the door until 7:30 pm. Please take a look at our Website, read the reviews, join our groups and social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter; and share this with others at WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING: "Mark brings a lot of expertise to the table on the right way to network. He really knows his stuff! I would recommend this to anyone that is serious about networking and giving back to build the relationships one needs to grow their business on." -Jon (New York, NY) "Good intimate meeting. The small number of participants maybe around 50 or so, allowed for a more in depth get to know you experience. I enjoyed the change of pace." -Fabienne (San Francisco, CA)

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