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New Ross, Ireland

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Award Winning Actor/Producer http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1594543/

Dark Window Media is a multi award winning Irish production company,
In addition to developing our own films, DWM also provides Line Producion Services for features, television and documentary projects. worldwide

Unique traits: Producing high quality shoots big or small on time and on budget with minimum fuss


  • The Revenge of Shinobi

    The Revenge of Shinobi (2017)
    Film by Gary Kenneally (Adventure and Fantasy) Actor "The Revenge Of Shinobi" is a fantasy / adventure film set in the not too distant future. Following the destruction of civilization in The East by unknown dark forces, the last remaining survivor of the onslaught, the powerful warrior Shinobi (Natalia Cullen) travels to The West to prevent further loss of life. There, on the outskirts of the dystopian capital city, she meets a young Shaman (Ashlee Foley) who leads a resistance from a network of underground tunnels. Together they embark on a quest that will lead them down dark paths, in a test of physical and mental power towards the ultimate battle between good and evil. After a clash with the private army of the corrupt city Mayor (Michael Parle) and his cunning assistant Miss Fielding (Sophia Scott) they are separated by a dramatic event that will put Shinobi in a head-on collision course with the darkest force of all in a modern tale of survival, betrayal, loss and revenge.

  • Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter

    Taryn Barker: Demon Hunter (2016)
    Film by Zoe Kavanagh (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror and 1 More) Actor A young girl tormented by the tragedies of her past is brought in for questioning by the police over the death of a man, who she claims to be a demon. Detective Beckett realizes this is the same girl he made a broken promise to seven years ago that he'd find the monster that raped and murdered her 12 year old sister. The girl warns of a powerful man named Falstaff who will stop at nothing to claim her soul, Falstaff abducts Detective Beckett's daughter and now this young girl is his only hope and ally in rescuing his daughter from this demonic cult and proving to him that Taryn Barker is the Demon Hunter.

  • Teraa Surroor

    Teraa Surroor (2016)
    Film (Action, Drama and Romance) Consultant Line Producer Tara Wadia (Farah Karimaee), a singer and girlfriend of a gangster Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) lives with her mother (Shernaz Patel). She goes to Dublin where she gets detained after being caught with drugs. Tara calls Raghua for help now Raghu must help her and find Anirudh Brahman, the stranger who met Tara on Facebook and invited her to Ireland. Written by J Rajput

  • Night People

    Night People (2015)
    Film by Gerard Lough (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A pair of professional but mismatched criminals break into a house with a dark past that is about to make its presence felt. Their story soon intertwines with two other sinister tall tales.

  • The Second Coming

    The Second Coming (2015)
    Film by Richard Wolstencroft (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A Vision By Richard Wolstencroft The Second Coming - Volume One. Musing and Based on the poem by William Butler Yeats Written by Richard Wolstencroft in collaboration with the cast Directed by Richard Wolstencroft. Starring Michael Tierney, Gene Gregorits, Pete Doherty, Jerome Alexander, Kim Fowley, Kristen Condon, Nina Antonia, Larry and Tora Wessel, Giddle Partridge, Richard Wolstencroft, Marco Costa, Katarina Matos, Michael Lib, Shaun Partridge, Regan Kibbee, Jason Mac, Michael Parle, Emma Eliza Reagan and many others.

  • The Blessed Ignorance of Men

    The Blessed Ignorance of Men (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Co Producer Colm (Luke McKenna) loses his job as an estate agent and is dumped by the girl of his dreams almost simultaneously. Stuck in a rut he jumps at the unlikely opportunity to enter the priesthood. Posted back in his home village Colm tries his best to be an upstanding member of the community, but is hampered on all sides by the antics of his eccentric friends and the advances of his now ex girlfriend Sally. Say a prayer for Colm...The path to enlightenment just became a much more difficult journey. Written by Luke McKenna

  • The Shadows

    The Shadows (2014)
    Film by Emu Productions (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Actor The Shadows is a fantasy/fairytale story about ten year old Matthew, a lonely young boy who moves to the countryside to live with his mother and grandmother. When Matthew explores the 'spiral' in his grandmother's garden (a strange structure built by his late grandfather) he discovers an entrance into the magical world of 'the Shadows' where he meets his new Shadow friends Yorrick and Alice and begins his great adventure. In this underground world it is Yorrick's job to guard an ancient crown which is being hunted by the menacing treasure hunter Alexander and his evil mistress Eldren The Witch, the greatest enemy of the Shadows. As the Witch's life force begins to dwindle and her desire for the return of her powerful crown intensifies, she sets her sights on poor Matthew who must do everything in his power to protect himself and his new friends. Written by Anonymous

  • North Circular Road

    North Circular Road (2013)
    Film by www.darkwindowmedia.com (Drama and Horror) Producer A young couple Janice and Matthew buy their dream home and after moving in, Janice encounters ghosts in the house soon finding herself wrapped up in a chilling drama being played out before her eyes.

  • The Man in My Bedroom

    The Man in My Bedroom (2012)
    Film by Dark Window Media (Comedy) Actor A man comes home from the pub worse for wear to find a man in his bedroom, with his wife!

  • Coward

    Coward (2012)
    Film by David Roddham (War and Short) Actor Coward is a moving and insightful drama that takes us from the idyllic pastures of Ireland to the brutal and senseless trenches of the First World War, as Private Patterson tries to keep a family promise to look after his younger cousin. A promise that proves near impossible to fulfill in the relentless and hellish onslaught of the battlefields of 1917 Belgium. Courage and commitment collide in a story, inspired by real events, that underscores the tragic nature of war and illustrates how justice can often be a casualty of warfare. Written by slogger

  • Ninety Seconds

    Ninety Seconds (2012)
    Film by Gerard Lough (Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller and Short) Actor In an unnamed city in the near future, surveillance experts use equipment as sophisticated as any intelligence agency and hire themselves out to well heeled and paranoid clients. They become known as "Techs". Mark is one of the best of his kind. He takes on what seems like an ordinary assignment for shady business man Mr. Philips. His job is to follow and record every movement of a young dancer. But soon both he and his new assistant - hacker Ralfi, discover there is something strange about this assignment and they quickly find themselves in the middle of a mystery that may well bring about their downfall. Written by Gerard Lough

  • The Looking Glass

    The Looking Glass (2011)
    Film by Colin Downey (Fantasy) Actor A surreal thriller that follows Paul, a troubled young man who lives in a rural house with his pregnant girlfriend. His world is turned upside down when her sinister mother Agnes arrives at the home. Instinctively afraid of this witch-like woman who seems to know all of his darkest secrets and fears, she slowly begins to exert a malevolent influence over his life that leads him to his destiny. Written by Anonymous

  • The Death of James Connolly

    The Death of James Connolly (2010)
    Film by Dark Window Media (Drama and History) Producer English Officer, Major Overton supervises the final hours of James Connolly, Commander in Chief of the Irish citizen army, sentenced to death for his role in the failed rebellion of Easter 1916, Dublin.

  • The Boogeyman

    The Boogeyman (2010)
    Film by Geard Lough (Horror and Short) Actor When Andrew Billings goes to see a psychologist to explain how an evil creature that lives in his closet is responsible for the deaths of his three children he is met with disbelief. But as the story progresses, both Dr Harper and the audience will start to consider the possibility that this "boogeyman" is real after all. Written by Stephen King

  • Stranger in the House

    Stranger in the House (2009)
    Film by Michael O'Sullivan (Drama and Fantasy) Actor A celebration of the many invented personas which came into play in the friendship between Orson Welles and Irish actor Micheal MacLiammoir.

  • The Stolen Wings

    The Stolen Wings (2009)
    Film by Gerard Lough (Fantasy) Actor A babysitter makes up an elaborate fairy tale to keep a little girl amused. But is she all she seems?

  • The Scanner

    The Scanner (2009)
    Film by Gerard Lough (Sci-Fi) Actor An alien constructs an unusual device which allows him to scan for a hidden craft that will take him home.

  • Deviant

    Deviant (2008)
    Film by Gerard Lough (Horror) Actor A skilled and unusual prowler makes a mistake on one of his nocturnal visits that will prove to be his downfall.

  • Our Wonderful Home

    Our Wonderful Home (2008)
    Film by Ivan Kavanagh/Ripple World Pictures (Drama) Actor Fred, a husband and father, who struggles to keep his family in the comfortable lifestyle they have grown accustomed to while keeping his financial worries secret from them. But they also have secrets. His wife Fiona breaks the boredom of their loveless routine with an affair and their teenage daughter Emma uses hard drugs to keep her weight down. Captivated by the cult of celebrity and easily influenced by her friends, Emma demands a new car for her 18th birthday. When her parents refuse she goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants, making a decision that will ultimately change all their lives forever.

  • Tin Can Man

    Tin Can Man (2007)
    Film by Ivan Kavanagh (Horror) Actor Recently dumped by his girlfriend for another man, working in a job he hates, things could be better for Peter. One night, while he is alone in his apartment, there is a knock at the door. His life will never be the same again.

  • Encore

    Encore (2007)
    Film Actor Add a Plot »

  • Waterfall

    Waterfall (2007)
    Film (Drama) Actor Luis suspects his beautiful wife Elsa of cheating with their landlord Mr Denis. Elsa wants a child and Luis fears that he cannot make her happy. When Elsa becomes pregnant, Luis confronts Mr Dennis.

  • Portrait

    Portrait (2006)
    Film (Short and Crime) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Shaken III

    The Shaken III (2005)
    Film by Gary Kenneally (Action and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Escapist

    The Escapist (2002)
    Film by Gilles McKinnon (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor The skilled pilot Denis Hopkins lives with his pregnant wife Valerie and has a comfortable lifestyle. When the gang of criminals headed by the sadistic Ricky Barnes breaks in his seaside house, Denis offers whatever the criminals want to protect his beloved wife but the evil Ricky kills Valerie. The baby is saved, and later the murderer is arrested and sent to the maximum security prison of Sullen Voe. Denis, moved by the purpose of avenging the death of Valerie, gives the baby and his house to his sister-in-law Christine. Then Denis breaks into a police car and is arrested, but he does not reveal his true name and is called John "What" by the prisoners and guards. Denis attempts to escape, forcing his transfer to Sullen Voe. When he reaches the prison, Ricky sets up a confrontation, but things do not happen the way Denis expected. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


  • Best Film, Director, Actor,Supporting Actor, 'North Circular Road' Angel Film Awards 2015

  • Best Actor 'Tin Can Man' FilmBizarros Best Of 2012

  • Best Actor 'Tin Can Man' Melbourne Underground Film Festival

  • Best Film 'PORTRAIT' Navan Film Festival 2006

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