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Alex West

Partner & Executive Creative Developer at Culture Forward Media Group LLC & Culture Forward TV
Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Actor, Filmmaker and Distributor

Los Angeles, California

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About Alex

Alex Chatmon West is an actor and 23X international award-winning filmmaker (4X Platinum) that is best known for his work on This is Me Now, Harvested, Harvested 2, Blood & Water, Angie's Cure, A Holiday Change, Dread, Space Juice and Don't Shoot. As a brass knuckle self taught filmmaker, Alex's films are streaming on Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and multiple other platforms where they are free to the public. He is enthralled with inspiring, helping and motivating other's by creating content and opportunities through his companies, Culture Forward Media Group and Culture Forward TV.

The LA native is married to Ruby Lee Dove II who is also an actor and producer. A former semi-professional basketball player, Alex is also a polymath, artist, and philanthropist.

His next films are Harvested 3 (2024) and This is Your Driver (2024), both belonging to the horror / thriller genre.

Alex favorite quotes: "You can swallow a pint of your own blood before you get sick". - Fight Club

Unique traits: Self taught Actor, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Film Executive and Distributor.



  • This is Me Now

    This is Me Now (2024)
    Film by Dave Meyers (Drama) Actor Coinciding with the release of her album of the same name, this narrative-driven odyssey tells the story of Jennifer Lopez's journey to love through her own eyes.

  • Angel

    Angel (2022 - 2023)
    Television by BET Plus (Drama) Actor When the abuse of a guardian goes too far, Angel Alvarez, a young foster child leading a group of other foster girls finds herself in the concrete jungle surrounded by animals with no money and nowhere to live. Her only choice... Become a beast. Based on the character Angel from the Dutch trilogy by Teri Woods.

  • Harvested 3

    Harvested 3 (2023)
    Film by Culture Forward Media Group / Alex West (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Writer, Actor, Director, Editor, Producer Harvested 3 is the trilogy to the Harvested Holiday Horror Franchise. Produced by Culture Forward Media Group LLC and Distributed by Culture Forward TV. The Writer and Director Ali West Ashe aka Alex West; will also be starring as Detective Axel Edwards in the trilogy. Harvested 3 is expected to be a police procedural horror that uncovers the Thanksgiving Day murders. Gregor Haley will be returning as Harold Rice, the illustrious Veniesa Dillion will be re-join as the creature concept SFX artist while Cazo Cas, Judell Rome and ClintD will be lacing the soundtrack. As Culture Forward TV’s very first original film, The Harvested Franchise lives on the platform where it will always be free and available to the public. Just tap in on Roku and Channel search Culture Forward TV to stream free movies and TV.

  • Get Rite Auto

    Get Rite Auto (2022 - 2023)
    Film (Comedy) Writer, Director, Editor, Producer

  • Headless Horseman

    Headless Horseman (2022)
    Film by Asylum Actor Seconds from death, a nearly decapitated and desperate young man named Brandon (Nic Caruccio) makes a deal with the Devil (Michael Paré) to protect the love of his life Sophia (Amanda Jones) and seek revenge on the drug dealer who almost murdered him…

  • Angie's Cure

    Angie's Cure (2021 - 2022)
    Film by NewBreed Entertainment / Corey Grant (Drama) Actor A traumatized rape victim finds therapy in a most disturbing way.

  • Winning Time

    Winning Time (2021 - 2022)
    Television by Warner / HBO (Drama) Actor The story of how the Los Angeles Lakers became the most successful professional basketball team in the 1980s.

  • Dog

    Dog (2021 - 2022)
    Film by MGM/Channing Tatum Actor Two former Army Rangers are paired against their will on the road trip of a lifetime. Briggs (Channing Tatum) and Lulu (a Belgian Malinois) race down the Pacific Coast to get to a fellow soldier's funeral on time.

  • Harvested 2

    Harvested 2 (2022)
    Film by Culture Forward Media Group (Horror and Thriller) Writter, Director, Producer Harvested 2 (2022), the sequel to Harvested (2021), is the story of a group of social media influencers who travel to Hayfork, CA on Thanksgiving Day to get footage of the Harvest Monster aka Harold Rice. While chasing fame, fortune and likes, they soon come face to face with the urban legend who owns the night. Although the plot is predicated on influencer culture and social media relevancy, Harvested 2 has elements from horror films of the 60's, 70's, and 80's as well as 90's slasher vibes. Cortney Elise, will be making her streaming debut along-side Ruby Lee Dove, Hana Wu, Meg Cherilus, Amber Perez, Jenna Nimri and Gregor Haley. Harvested 2 will be released to streaming on Thursday November 24, 2022 where it will be FREE to the public. Because it is a Culture Forward TV original film, it will only be available on Culture Forward TV on Roku! Produced by Culture Forward Media Group; Written, Directed and Edited by Ali West Ashe, (Alex West) you can expect his usual creative immersion, rawness and visionary flare that is distinctively unique. The self taught filmmaker proclaims that this is his best work yet, but promises to up the ante for Harvested 3 (2023). The franchise is set to continue until 2025 and is looking to add Snoop Dogg to the cast.

  • Space Juice

    Space Juice (2021)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Sci-Fi) Actor In a desperate chance to get 'back on top,' Uncle Daddy (Jordan Wiseley), breaks into a production studio in order to film new adult content. An alien ship crash lands on set and sets the stage for a comedic, sci-fi adventure.

  • Harvested

    Harvested (2021)
    Film (short) by Culture Forward Media Group LLC / Alex West (Horror) Writer, Director, Editor, Producer Harvested is a "Holiday Horror Film", that is centered around Thanksgiving Day. The story follows a group of rappers who make a motel pit-stop in a small town while taking a road-trip. Their stay is cut short by the town legend who returns for vengeance on Thanksgiving night... Produced by Culture Forward Media Group LLC, Distributed by Culture Forward TV, Written and Directed by the 23x international award-winning filmmaker (4X Platinum), Ali West Ashe aka Alex West. Now streaming on Culture Forward TV on Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and Google Play for mobile users.

  • The Thieving Magpie

    The Thieving Magpie (2020)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor

  • Demi God

    Demi God (2020)
    Film Writer, Director

  • Kepley

    Kepley (2020)
    Film (Mystery and Thriller) Actor A neo-noir thriller centered around veteran detective, Gillian Kepley. During Kepley's investigation of a troubling missing persons case, hidden truths from her past are uncovered. The case pushes her beyond her limits and forces her to confront mistakes from her burdened life.

  • The Bench

    The Bench (2020)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Werk

    Werk (2020)
    TV Mini Cinematographer

  • Decapitarium

    Decapitarium (2020)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor A young girl discovers a dark secret hiding beneath her small college town as Cyborgs emerge from the shadows to threaten life as she has known it.

  • A Holiday Change

    A Holiday Change (2019)
    Film by Grayson Stroud (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actor What better time for change than the Holidays? Crystal is raising her seventeen year old son by herself and along the way they experience a few bumps in the road. For the first time in her son Kingston's life he ends up getting caught shoplifting. It turns out that the shop he robbed was his new neighbor's clothing store. Their neighbor David is now faced with a dilemma; should he turn Kingston in or have him satisfy his debt by working in David's store? He decides to give Kingston a chance and his mother is forever grateful as she and David begin building a fondness for each other. Everything is going well in the store until the night Kingston's friend, Braiden Washington shows up at the store with a backpack full of merchandise from a place he robbed down the street. As the police enter the store to apprehend the suspect, Braiden throws the backpack to Kingston, framing him for the robbery. Kingston must prove that he had nothing to do with the robbery but in the meantime David has lost his trust in Kingston. This entire situation puts a strain on David and Crystal's new found courtship due to David's distrust in Kingston. Are Crystal and David going to give love a second chance or is this the end for them? Will Kingston be released from all accusations and gain David's trust once again? A Holiday Change is a story about forgiving, changing and most of all sharing the true meaning of love that the holiday season brings

  • PreGame

    PreGame (2019)
    Film (Drama) Actor Darryl is training his brother, Joseph, for a big basketball game on an outdoor court. Their relationship begins to fracture over the course of the day as both brothers bring their own histories and attitudes to the training session. Their practice turns into a heated match, as both brothers try to prove who's the better basketball player.

  • High Q

    High Q (2018 - 2019)
    Film by Life After Life Productions (Comedy) Writer, Director, Editor, Producer A financially challenged college senior is on the verge on not graduating, due to a failing grade. All of her problems are solved by the person that she least expects.. With an all female cast, expect drama, dark comedy, and fight scenes.

  • Wild Cards 2

    Wild Cards 2 (2019)
    Film Actor

  • One Dip (AO)

    One Dip (AO) (2019)
    Music by Life After Life Productions (Music) 1st AD Music visual for "One Dip".

  • Dread

    Dread (2019)
    Film (Horror) Actor Cross the Dread, bleed the red.

  • Murder for Hire

    Murder for Hire (2019)
    TV Series (Crime and Documentary) Actor An exclusive look into the dark world of contract killings.

  • Alien Predator

    Alien Predator (2018)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Horror) Actor When a black ops team is sent to investigate the crash of an unidentified aircraft, they soon find themselves being hunted by the former occupants.

  • Call Out Black

    Call Out Black (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actor Sometimes the reason is only skin deep.

  • Freeword: Moment of Impact

    Freeword: Moment of Impact (2018)
    Film (Drama) Actor A future where poetry and other forms of expression have been deemed illegal people have started selling poetry in the streets like drugs. In Freeword: MOI we follow a poet and see his reaction to the law change and subsequent protest.

  • Moonlighter to Mars

    Moonlighter to Mars (2018)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actor A comedy-drama about life aboard the RPCT Lindbergh, a continuous shuttle running between Earth and the Mars colonies.

  • Blood and Water

    Blood and Water (2016 - 2017)
    Film by Life After Life Films/ Alex West (Crime and Drama) Actor, Writer, Director, Editor, Producer Government officials. Henchmen. Fight scenes. Gun play.

  • Rollups

    Rollups (2017)
    TV Series Actor

  • Salvation

    Salvation (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actor An undocumented Mexican family living in the United States deals with a grave, unexpected illness.

  • Trap Plane

    Trap Plane (2017)
    TV Mini (Crime) Actor Trap Plane follows two CIA agents tasked with protecting a notorious drug lord who is raising money for a covert undeclared war by flying around on a luxury plane selling drugs. The CIA decides to "call in" the mission and build a case against the drug lord, ending the assignment. The agents realize they will have to testify and their cover will be blown, bring an end to the luxury and power they have become accustom to. The agents decide to go rouge to prolong the assignment. Season One follows the drama, action, and deception and sets the stage for an even more explosive Season Two! Written by Juan C. Vascuez.

  • Ay Lav Yu Tuu

    Ay Lav Yu Tuu (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Actor The film tells us that Ibrahim, who had studied in America and returned to the village of Tinne, lived among the two cultures.

  • Don't Shoot

    Don't Shoot (2017)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Actor An African American male is unlawfully shot by a police officer causing an civil rights uproar.

  • The Perfect Wife

    The Perfect Wife (2017)
    Film (Horror) Actor A young freelance photographer in Houston meets a beautiful determined teacher from Atlanta. His best friend tries to warn him about her. There is something a little strange about Claudia. Q loves her dearly but she may not be The Perfect Wife.

  • Caught Between the Two

    Caught Between the Two (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Urban Shakedown

    Urban Shakedown (2015 - 2016)
    Film (Comedy) Actor A mafia princess plans the ultimate frame job on an unsuspecting idiot and his sidekick, but the tables turn when she realizes she has fallen for him.

  • Baytown's Finest

    Baytown's Finest (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor, Producer Hakeem Miller is high school basketball player that just wants to enjoy life and focus on the present instead of the future. Hakeem finds himself slowly heading down a dark path. What starts off as innocent fun slowly becomes something else.

  • The Foreign Exchange Student

    The Foreign Exchange Student (2015)
    Film (Thriller) Actor, 1st AD A foreign exchange student with a secret past, paints her new town red.

  • The Leftovers

    The Leftovers (2015)
    TV Series (Drama and Mystery) Actor Three years after the disappearance of 2% of the global human population, a group of people in a small New York community try to continue their lives while coping with the tragedy of the unexplained nature of the event.

  • From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

    From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2015)
    TV Series (Action, Crime and Fantasy) Actor A Texas Ranger is in hot pursuit of the infamous Gecko brothers and their hostages. They all end up trapped in a desert bar secretly run by vampires and discover a vampire conspiracy.

  • Vowed

    Film by Culture Forward Media Group/ Alex West (Horror and Thriller) Actor, Writer, Director, Pre-Production

  • Suds

    TV Mini by Ruby Dove Productions (Comedy) Actor, Cinematographer What happens when the "not so normal" Suds decides she wants to pursue a career as an actor? Will she sink or rise to the top? Will Suds and her clumsy, unorthodox ways land herself a seat at the table in Hollywood?

  • Angela

    Film by Life After Life Films / Ruby Lee Dove (Drama) Actor, 1st AD, Producer

  • The Mars Conspiracies

    The Mars Conspiracies
    TV Series (Sci-Fi) Actor 280 Colonists, most civilian families, a few military, none astronauts, set out, desperate to make Mars a haven, while Earthbound investors try to deplete Mars resources for a quick profit, regardless of the cost to the colonists. Written by Hank Slater and P.E. Novak


  • 23 International awards total (4 Platinum)

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