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About Patricia

“Dreams deferred are not necessarily dreams denied,” says Patricia Simmons, a San Francisco Bay Area attorney, actress, and model. As a teen, she dreamed of a career in fashion, but life had other things in store for her. Now Patricia has a second chance to pursue the entertainment career she put on hold.

Patricia has been practicing law for 25 years. Ten years ago, she began dabbling in films and television as an extra. The excitement of being on set stirred her long- simmering ambition, which led to booking a variety of roles, including that of mother, nurse, lawyer, doctor, police detective, and battered wife. Now Patricia appears in internet ads, commercials, and television programs. Recent projects include “The Ricki Lake Show,” “Morton’s Steakhouse” commercial, and the film, “Nothing Left”.

December 2017 the film Streets premiered at the Crest Theater in Sacramento. Patricia is one of the lead characters in this feature film.

The future looks bright and her once deferred dreams are becoming a reality

Unique traits: Legal Consultant Public Speaker Co-Owner of On the Brink Productions


  • Clown in the Prayer Closet

    Clown in the Prayer Closet (2020 - 2019)
    Theater by Lisa B. Media (Musical) Tanya The first love of a teenager girl which has long lasting consequences.

  • What Ah Nerd

    What Ah Nerd (2018)
    Film (short) by HyperMedia Arts, Inc. (Comedy) Supporting A high school student has an unlikely advocate to point him in the right direction.

  • Bitter Melon

    Bitter Melon (2017)
    Film by Ersatz Film/Dir. H.P. Mendoza (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Supporting Bitter Melon is a "home for the holidays" dark comedy where a Filipino-American family plots to kill an abusive member.

  • Family Services

    Family Services (2016)
    Film by Dwight Taylor (Crime, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Supporting A Horror story with a twist.

  • Thirteen Reasons Why

    Thirteen Reasons Why (2016)
    Television by Paramount (Drama and Mystery) Thirteen Reasons Why, based on the best-selling books by Jay Asher, follows teenager Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) as he returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers a group of cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) -his classmate and crush-who tragically committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah unfolds an emotional audio diary, detailing the thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Through Hannah and Clay's dual narratives, Thirteen Reasons Why weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect viewers. Written by Studio

  • Dr. Castillo - Storage

    Dr. Castillo - Storage (2016)
    Internet by Dir. Ryan Adams (Comedy) Supporting DR. CASTILLO a medical doctor by trade, immigrated from the Philippines is a fine man of virtue and courage, but most of all one who shows great compassion for his fellow man. Following a divorce, he is left penniless and is forced to live in a storage unit to save money for the chance to rebuild his life. The Doctor tries to help others desperate for medical treatment and without health insurance. As a result of helping others, Dr. Castillo jeopardizes his opportunity for citizenship by practicing medicine and writing illegal prescriptions for pharmaceuticals drugs to Mexican Pharmacies just over the border. The plan backfires when the people he helps are followed by the US Health and Human Services Authorities. American Investigators catch Doctor Castillo when he is fingered as the ringleader by one of the people he tried to help. ______________________________________________________________ Written by Moh Salim

  • An American Story

    An American Story (2016)
    Film (short) by Tre' Shun Harlan (Drama) Supporting After the horrific death of a young child, the family never recovers.

  • Sex Sent Me to the Slammer

    Sex Sent Me to the Slammer (2015)
    Television by Indigo Films (Comedy and Crime) Guest Star I play the role of the mother of the Lead character. Along with my husband, we try to keep our young adult son from dating. Watch all the antics that ensue.

  • The Bishop

    The Bishop (2015)
    Film (Crime) Supporting "This is a story about urban life, struggles of faith, incarceration and salvation. A teenage Billy Jr. abandons his Christian roots; leaves his church affiliation and forfeits High School. A 1970's crime family is lead by its principal teacher, Fast, diligently looking for a young protégé to learn the ropes. Bayview San Francisco city life is full of pimps, hustlers and rival dope dealers headed towards an explosion of crack cocaine in the 1980's. Based on a true story, The Bishop emerges as a testimony of triumph over sin." Written by Alicia Hope Alexander, Producer

  • Predatory Lender

    Predatory Lender (2014)
    Film by Digital Shadow Films (Comedy, Crime and Horror) Supporting Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey.

  • Streets The Movie - In Production

    Streets The Movie - In Production (2014)
    Film by John Kenneth Wagoner (Drama) Lead Streets, explores the lives of two women caught up in life changing situations.

  • The Man with Three Eyes

    The Man with Three Eyes (2013)
    Film (short) by Lisa Smith-Bryant Supporting

  • Nothing Left

    Nothing Left (2012)
    Film (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Supporting Luke and his wife, Sarah, go on a trip to heal the pain of an affair by Luke. Sarah is only going to show her sister a good time. While on the trip both Sarah and her sister is kidnapped. Luke, with out his family, will have NOTHING LEFT. He'll get them back or die trying. Written by Anonymous

  • Wives with Knives

    Wives with Knives (2012)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Guest Star Criminal Behavior Analyst, Casey Jordan, interviews women who have been accused and/or charged with stabbing their spouses or boyfriends. The viewer sees an interview with the accused women and a reenactment of the alleged history of the relationship. Written by Miranda Ledbetter

  • BoTTom: The True Meaning of Love & Acceptance

    BoTTom: The True Meaning of Love & Acceptance (2012)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance and 2 More) Supporting Errol A. Grant is a disrespected newspaper columnist who experiences an apparition that mysteriously appears and speaks to him from the pulpit during a church service. He then begins to attempt to uncover the identity of the "The Black Angel," finally landing the elusive front page of the newspaper, which sparks a national sensation. Drunk with fame, Errol then begins to sell his soul by continuing to uncover this story, leaving a trail of death behind. Written by A.V.A. LaReaux

  • I (Almost) Got Away with It

    I (Almost) Got Away with It (2010 - 2012)
    Television (Crime and Documentary) Guest Star Murders, drug dealers, bank robbers or jail escapees. The stories are different, but the motive is always the same: to stay out of prison. See what pushed these fugitives to their crimes, how they changed their identities, evaded the law and - almost - got away with it. Written by Toby Padilla

  • The Turning Machine: The Cleaner

    The Turning Machine: The Cleaner (2011)
    Film by PH Factor Films (Thriller and Short) Supporting An unusual crime leads to an usual interrogation.

  • The Envy

    The Envy (2011)
    Film (Short) Supporting Senator Sanders, a malicious man, wants to kill his wife. The Senator's wife is fed up, ready to leave him, but she knows too much. In turmoil fearing for the safety of her children and herself. She has to make a big move and she knows just who to contact. Vinny Vincenza is a discreet specialist who even the most elite and wealthy call on to handle the most delicate and life changing situations. He must first get the green light for the mission. Will he go through with it or will he pass on 1 million dollars? Written by DonCarlos Sanders

  • The Pitch

    The Pitch (2011)
    Film (Short) Supporting Add a Plot »

  • Little Briuno

    Little Briuno (2007)
    Film by URD Pictures Supporting Following the murder of his father, little Bruno is raised by his Uncle Nick, a crime boss. Growing up with the mob, Bruno joins the family business and finds himself tangled up in a web of murder and more murder.

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