Introduce Yourself : I am looking for more filming projects. I am a Los Angeles director based in Shanghai, China. Please take a look at my directors demo reel by Drago Lazetich

Drago Lazetich

I am looking for more filming projects. I am a Los Angeles director based in Shanghai, China. Please take a look at my directors demo reel

I am looking for more filming projects. I am a Los Angeles director based in Shanghai, China. Please take a look at my directors demo reel

Drago Lazetich

Alle, That sounds great. My Skype name is Drago.lazetich let's communicate through Skype. Talk to you soon. Drago

Lisa Sawaya

Do you look at logline/synopsis or treatments from independent writers? I would love to share my ideas

Ye Er

More details..

James Steven Feliciano

I have a completed script that I am marketing. Logline: A failed actor returns from a near death experience with a key to the glorious Afterlife. He builds a billion dollar company touring the Afterlife but discovers that he must beat the devil at her own game to save his family from hell. If you are interested, I can send a query or the script. Please email me at Thanks Jim

Luke Jon Isbrecht

Hello Drago. I just wanted to introduce myself to you and say that I am glad to be here and able to connect with other industry players who are serious about screenwriting and film in general. I worked as a Reader for years at most of the major studios and then for independent producers like Thom Mount, Carolyn Pfieffer, Jerry Bruckheimer, Luis Soto, Max Wong, and John Shestack to name a few, gradually working my way up to a Creative Exec slot with Thom Mount, primarily in Development. I adapted a novel written by Denne Bart Petitclerc about his friendship with Ernest Hemingway but the project was scrapped when Denne fell ill with lung cancer, passing very shortly after. I came home to care for my mother, who died last year, and now am working with my agent to produce a novel and get back into screenwriting on a full-time basis. I have a sizzle reel for a show I co-created and produced and would like to shop, so if you have a connection to the networks, please, for a chunk of the royalties, get in touch. I also have some High Concept screenplays I'd be willing to discuss with you Drago. Thanks and break a leg - Luke

Serita Stevens

Hi Cargo I'm an award winning writer of 33 published books and stories as well as numerous scripts some optioned others produced. Do you have funding behind you? What genre are you seeking? I write in a variety of genres. Please contact me directly at or go to

Patrick Green

Hi Drago, love the Rock On! Halloween (A tribute to the Rocky horror picture show), I have a short musical and other loglines on my profile page check them out if you have time. Here's the Dark Musical PINOCCHIO’S NIGHTMARE OF A DREAM COME TRUE - A sleepless child takes steps of courage through his house of terrors to gain an answered prayer. SHORT, Film-noir, Musical. Keep in touch, from one musical lover to another.

Marilyn Du Toit

Drago what genre are you interested in? Short or long movie ? Inexpensive or full special effects? I have some great ideas but to really be phenomenal it would need some great special effects.Here is the rough logline: Two village children open a box they dug up under the tree of life,thinking there is nothing in it they toss it aside and continue playing. Two days later disasters start to occur, the country is heading for a massive disaster and the only way to stop it and save everyone is by finding the cause... The box is Pandora's box and the kids open up and release earthquakes,floods, volcanic eruptions,Tornado's and a tsunami is coming towards the coastline. They trace the epicenter to this tree of life in the karoo, they manage to locate the box and save the country. I have set it in South Africa because their disaster management would not be used to these types of disasters as we hardly get them. A disaster movie to outshine all disaster movies.

Jackie Penn

Drago Thanks for introducing yourself and sharing the link to your work with us. I'm an actor in Los Angeles currently working on writing and producing web series episodes. If I can assist you in what you're doing, please reach out to me and I'll do what I can.

Graham Giddy

the same thanks applies to me, I also do the odd work in China but now days I concentrate on novels and the very odd script. All my novels contain one or several Chinese characters. I will be in Beijing for annual book fair. I believe their is a giant market there if you give it a chance.

Drago Lazetich

Thank you everyone for your reply. I will get in touch with you, personally in the near future. What I'm looking for is a director jobs for television or musicals. Here is a martial arts comedy Web series set in a magical reality, called Wise Hit it is a very popular Web series distributed by Blip platform, which I am trying to get picked up by Adult Swim or any other channel. Also, to make it into a feature-length film. Here is the latest trailer let me know what you guys think. Sincerely. Drago

William T. Fanelli

Hey Drago. I have a couple shorts listed on my loglines page which I'd encourage you to check out. I checked out 'Wise Hit.' Martial arts and Dub Step... nice! Also, some great imagery in 'love and dream short'

Greg Hickey

Hi Drago, I like the trailer for Love and Dream, even though I don't speak the language. Are you aiming to make films mainly for a Chinese audience or do you still return to your LA roots?

Jason Cardona

Hi Drago, I'm currently in Hangzhou right now and looking for projects to take part in. Please check out my profile and let me know if I can be of any help.

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