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By Rob Tobin

GENRE: Comedy, Music, Musical, Romance
LOGLINE: A rock star is stranded at a classical music conservatory while being taped 24/7 by a reality TV show crew. He falls in love with the school's beautiful dean, who hates his music, his lifestyle and isn't crazy about his supermodel girlfriend either.


JACK HOFF, an aging but still enormously popular and successful rock star, and ELENA, his hard-drinking, hard snorting, young super model girlfriend, are driving through central California near Jack's home town, after Jack has agreed to star in his own reality TV show for tens of millions of dollars a year, when suddenly they're stopped by the cops. Jack, not driving and definitely drunk, takes the rap, switching seats with Elena. In court the Judge, instead of throwing the book at the rock star, gives him an unusual sentence: he's to spend a semester at a local classical music conservatory run by the judge's niece, LESLIE. Jack rents out the college president's mansion and prepares to live large during his brief and supposedly easy "studies" at the conservatory. Dean Leslie has different ideas and the two begin a love-hate relationship that finally comes down on the side of love, when Leslie discovers several surprising things about Jack. Meanwhile, reality TV cameras (called in early by Elena in an attempt to derail the romance she sees blooming between Jack and Leslie) record every moment. The college threatens to fire Leslie, and Elena threatens to kill Jack when they discover the romance between the opera singing Leslie and the hard rocking but softhearted Jack. Jack has to find a way to save Leslie’s job, salve Elena’s anger and somehow get on the good side of the college's stodgy old parents and patrons. Will Bach rock… or just screw it all up in front of 50 million viewers?

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