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By Sean Wathen

GENRE: Crime, Drama, Thriller
"Inception" & "Minority Report" meet "The Black List" - An elite team of F.B.I. Special Agents uses a new experimental technology to enter the memories of criminals & witnesses to solve cases.



LOGLINE: "Inception" & "Minority Report" meet "The Black List" - An elite team of F.B.I. Special Agents uses a new experimental technology to enter the memories of criminals & witnesses to solve cases. SUMMARY: REMEMBER ME is a high concept TV Drama with a very appealing storyline that is absolutely perfect for the TV market today. There are elements of science fiction, cop procedurals, and development of a continuous storyline to help strengthen the seasonal arcs of the main characters. PILOT SYNOPSIS: MICHAEL SULLIVAN, a well-built man in his 30s, stands in the back room of a club with a bunch of suited men, all armed. It appears he is with bad company. A mob boss, DECLAN, tells Michael to put money in a safe for him. Michael does this, and sees the combination at the same time. After Michael completes this task, he is suddenly transported to a different area of the club, and a woman’s voice appears to be giving him directions from above. The voices and sudden jumps in location come to a stop when Michael finally arrives at a sign in front of the club, giving his location a specific identity. Michael is transported back from his location in front of the club and is now in a lab room at the F.B.I., where he is hooked up to a machine with a prisoner. Michael had been hooked into a machine that allowed him to enter the MEMORIES of the prisoner to see what he saw. Operating this machine are ZIGGY and EMILY CLARK. Emily was the voice guiding Michael through the locations, while Ziggy operated the hook-up. Michael is part of a new method of police investigation, where an agent infiltrates the memories of another person to see if they can pick up on clues to help them solve crimes or reveal secret information. Now that Michael has seen the location of Declan’s club, he and Emily leave to arrest him for the crimes we’ve witnessed. Days later, JOHN DOE has a hit-man of his, VIN, take out a guy named TWITCH for selling a new kind of drug without his permission. Meanwhile, Michael and Emily spend the end of the day at a motel with one another. It appears their relationship goes beyond work. Michael then sees FBI AGENT KIMA on their TV screen, giving a press conference on the new investigative program that infiltrates a person’s memory. While the practice is obtrusive, she points out the crime rate has significantly dropped since the invention of this concept. The Justice Department sends over AGENT JAMES RUSSELL to inspect Emily and Michael’s office. His report of the technology will help the government decide if what is going on is constitutional, and whether they should expand this technology outside the DC area where it currently resides. Emily and Michael explain the process to James. ‘Clients’ (as they’re called) are hooked up to the machine, along with Michael, whose brain waves are then connected to the client. This allows him to see inside the person’s memories, and try to discover key bits of information. They can then use this information to solve crimes, or gather key bits of information on investigations. James takes all this in, but he isn’t sure how reliable memories can be with regards to investigation. James decides he will see the two in action before making a decision. The workday is nearing an end. James is introduced to Michael’s wife, ANNIE, in one of the halls of the building. But Emily pulls Michael and James away as the two have a new assignment. LT. DAVID RYKER has just brought in VIN for questioning after catching him on the streets. Ziggy hooks Michael and Vin up to his machine, and the memory investigation is underway. Michael goes back to the moment Vin kills Twitch. He also sees memories of John Doe talking to a thin man in glasses, who was present in both this memory and that of the one in the nightclub from before. But while Michael is making some progress, Ziggy pulls Michael out of the dream after Michael’s vital signs approach danger levels. Michael takes a break from the investigation and goes to grab a coffee. While he is at the coffee shop, he runs into GEORGE SPERLING, the inventor of the Mnemosyne machine who was thought to be dead... George warns Michael that he is in grave danger, and then runs away. Once George leaves, the coffee shop blows up. EMTs are able to get to Michael and wheel him away, but he is in critical condition. Emily learns of Michael’s condition and rushes to his location. Upon learning his brain is still functional, Emily hooks Michael up to the machine so that she can try to read his memories, and find out exactly what happened. She has James act as her guide. Emily spots Sperling, stunned to see him ALIVE! Then she is able to get an ID on a man wearing glasses who she has spotted in previous memories. That is all she is able to see, before Michael’s memory switches to one with this wife Annie. Then Michael dies. The suspects name is Alexander Wagstaff, Cops infiltrate his apartment, which is directly across the street from the blown up coffee shop. When they try to apprehend him, however, Alexander proclaims that his memories are his alone, and he shoots himself in the head. With the case nearing a dead end, Emily’s personal life takes a hit too when she runs into Annie. Annie tells Emily that she knows Michael was having an affair with her. Emily tells Annie of what she saw in Michael’s head, that the last memory Michael had before passing was of Annie, but the words are no comfort. Emily is not completely abandoned, however, as she and James form a friendship. James reveals that his wife died years ago, thus he can relate to Emily’s loss. Emily requests that James is hired as Michael’s replacement. It appears to be a tricky time to bring a new team member aboard, as Ziggy mentions to Emily that Vin tested positive for a substance that has the ability to construct and manipulate brain activity when it comes to memory. Whoever they are after now knows how to beat them. Upon hearing this news, Emily goes to see the only person she thinks can help… her father: George Sperling.

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