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By Tsara Shelton

GENRE: Drama, Independent
LOGLINE: A soul searching homeless hitchhiker explores the lives of four drastically different travelers while Carhopping. Along the road he uncovers some intriguing truths about stories and, ultimately, about himself. 

"Once I've imagined it, for me it's real; a memory." ~The Hitchhiker


Exploring the power of storytelling THE HITCHHIKER lives almost entirely in his mind--gathering the stories of strangers while inventing the stories of others. Through narrative sprinkled throughout the film he reveals a belief that the stories we tell are all true, and we have the power to choose how we tell them. He imagines DEREK: A recent lottery winner headed for a different future, away from the hectic life of a lawyer to the quiet life of small town living. But first he must pick up his autistic brother and break up with a girl. He imagines CARRIE: A young single mom running away from child protective services with her sons and a passion to find her best parenting self. But first she must remember and admit that she had made mistakes. He imagines AMBER: A twelve year old gymnast with innate skills and a bright future. But first she must stop her father from touching her and find someone who will care when she confides in them. He imagines JADE: An older-than-her-years eighteen year old adopted daughter in a delightful and kind religious family of four, on their way to an annual family vacation. But first she must find a way to tell them she's in love, and that she's a lesbian. Throughout the stories (this is a character driven ensemble film that will likely entice actors with delicious roles and a short filming schedule) THE HITCHHIKER remembers his own story, one that includes love and murder, and by the end it's clear that all of our lives are filled with feelings and challenges, and that we can always tell the story of who we are our own way. That we can always discover answers in narrative and forward motion.


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Eric Alagan

Interesting read, Tsara - and thank you for joining my network. Cheers.

Tsara Shelton

Thank-you, Eric! It was intense and fun to write this screenplay!! I look forward to checking out your work as well! ~Tsara

Mark LaFever

Tsara, I like this. I like the hitchhiker's voice, and I like the overall point of the story too. I do sort of feel that announcing the story's point right up front kinda hits the reader/audience over the head with something you might want them to feel or discover for themselves...but then, almost as soon as I type that, I think, a lot of screenwriting books would tell you most audiences won't stick with the story that long, so maybe it felt necessary to lay it out like it is. Nevertheless, I think you have something really good here...I can see how getting it just right would no doubt be intense.

Tsara Shelton

Thank-you so much, Mark!!! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to appreciate your comment... I only saw it a moment ago. I think your feedback is insightful! I honestly believe my Hitchhiker (whom I adore!) talks too much and tries to tell the audience what to think. Yet every time I've edited or shortened his dialogue, I find myself following new thoughts and adding them.... and around and around I go! I'm honored that you took the time to read my screenplay, and to offer your thoughts. I truly, thank-you!! Hugs!!! ~Tsara

Mark LaFever

Tsara, I truly enjoyed it, the privilege was mine. I hope to see this onscreen someday.

John Hunter

Intriquing premise: Contained location, mutliple storylines. Kudos.

Tsara Shelton

Thank you, John! I've been thinking about giving CARHOPPING another edit, now that I've learned more about screenwriting and the film industry in general. Your comment and kudos are timely! I think it's The Universe (in cahoots with you) nudging me to go ahead and revisit this thing. Looks like I have something to put on my 2017 "to do" list. Hugs and happy December!

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