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By Lisette Norton

GENRE: Action, Crime, Thriller
LOGLINE: A News Tip about Government corruption takes an Investigative Reporter on the run for his life, when he’s accused of murdering the Vice President of The United States.


ACT ONE Investigative Reporter Edward Regal, mid 30’s, Caucasian male is enjoying his first date with Detective Judith Patsy, mid 30’s, Caucasian female, when he receives a phone call. Edward pulls out a small note pad and jots down information he’s given before ending the call. Edward is so excited by the call, he tells Judith about the News Tip he received. He convinces her to go along on his new investigation into Government Corruption. Edward and Judith ride out to a dark desolate warehouse district. After parking the vehicle in a dark alley, Edward gears up. He puts on a baseball cap, with a built in camera and microphone. He has Judith do the same. After turning on a record button on his laptop, Edward makes sure the equipment is functioning properly. Judith is impressed by Edward use of technology. Edward and Judith head out on foot to the location written in Edward’s note pad. They come across a limousine and Sedan sitting in front of a warehouse. The vehicles are surrounded by Secret Service Detail. Judith is now as excited by Edward’s News tip as Edward is. They sneak by the Secret Service Detail and enter the warehouse. Edward scan shipping crates marked (Property of the US Government). With Judith’s help, he opens one crate to find Military grade weapons. After getting video of the contents, Edward and Judith put the top back onto the crate. Edward looks at the shipping label on the side of the crate and becomes alarmed. The shipping label shows that the crate is being sent to Iran, a known enemy of the United States. He and Judith begin looking at the shipping labels on other crate and find that they too are destined for Iran. Edward and Judith are still video taping evidence, when they hear two men arguing. They follow the direction of the voices. They come upon the Vice President of the United States, Mitch Connelly, mid 50’s arguing with Director of the Secret Service, Bruce Garrett, late 40’s. The argument dies down and the Vice President turns to walk away. To the surprise of Edward and Judith, Bruce pulls a weapon and shoots the Vice President in the side of his head. Judith pulls her off-duty weapon and orders Bruce to drop his weapon. The Secret Service Detail rush into the warehouse, guns drawn. Bruce orders Judith to drop her weapon, while accusing her and Edward of killing the Vice President. Even though they confess the truth, the Secret Service Detail believe Bruce. Judith has no choice but to engage in a gun battle to save herself and Edward. Heated and locked in battle, Judith orders Edward to open a crate and retrieve another weapon before she runs out of bullets. He comes out with an AK-57. Edward and Judith are able to escape the warehouse with AK-57, but the Secret Service Detail doesn’t back down. They grab some Military grade weapons and give chase. While being pursued on foot and by vehicle, Edward and Judith make it back to his car. Edward is so shaken up, Judith has to drive and shoot the AK-57 at the same time. He is of no help while Judith is engaged in a rolling gun battle. Judith takes out on vehicle causing it to crash into a building, slamming one off the road with Edward’s vehicle and killing the engine on another with several shoots. They escape their pursuers. As Edward thinks out loud trying to figure everything out, Judith drives them to her secluded country home. As she gears up for war, Edward uses his cell phone to contact the News Station where he works and gets alarming news. ACT TWO Government Officials stand outside a hospital, surrounded by News Reporters and cameras. The Vice President is declared dead. While video of the rolling gun battle between Judith, Edward and the Secret Service hits the News airways, Edward’s cell phone pings are tracked. Before they have a chance to exit the home, Judith and Edward find themselves surrounded by the Secret Service. She tries to hand Edward a gun but he’s reluctant to take it. Judith tells Edward if he wants his story to get out, he has to live long enough to get it on the airways. Edward takes the gun. He and Judith come up with an exit plan. They have to shoot their way out of the home. With Judith by his side, Edward engages the Secret Service Detail into a gun battle. Judith destroys several vehicles with the AK-57 before confiscating a vehicle to get away. Edward pulls out his cell phone to make a call and Judith snatches it from him. She throws it out the window along with her own, after telling Edward they can be tracked through cell phone pings. The Secret Service track the pings of both cell phones to a patch of grass, just off a highway. They swarm Edward’s job and take into custody that last person he tried to call. The Secret Service swarms Judith’s job and talk to Justin Marksin, Chief of Police. He doesn’t believe that Judith killed the Vice President but he agrees to do what he can to get her into custody. Judith and Edward hide out at a seedy motel. They go over plans. Edward’s idea is to get the video to his ex-wife, Rachel Regal, who is also a Reporter. The Motel Clerk call 911 after seeing photos of Judith and Edward on the News. A Police Swat Team arrive at the Motel. The Clerk tells them what room Edward and Judith are in, before handing them a key. Nervous, Edward keeps looking out the window. He spots the Swat Team approaching and tells Judith. Edward and Judith exit the room, guns blazing. After a brutal gun battle with the Swat Team, Edward finds himself with a flesh wound to the arm and Judith finds herself out of ammo for the AK-57. She uses the empty weapon to carjack a vehicle. The Director of the Secret Service and the President of the United States, issue a Dead or Alive Order for Judith and Edward attached with a Ten Million Dollar Bounty, via the News. Regular U.S. Citizens are gearing up with their own weapons to hunt them down. Judith and Edward dump their stolen vehicle and hitch a ride with a pot smoking Hippie at gun point. They head to Edward’s ex-wife resident only to find it swarming with Secret Service. They watch as Edward’s ex-wife is taken away. Judith orders the Hippie to drive, while she and Edward come up with another plan to get his video on the airways. The Hippie tells them about an underground Broadcasting Network. Edward and Judith like the plan, so the three head out to a Hippie Camp. Getting the video on the airways is harder than they think, when Judith and Edward find themselves surrounded by gun toting Hippies, who want the Ten Million Dollar Bounty. Still packing heat, they shoot their way out of the underground Broadcasting Network, to escape. ACT THREE Edward and Judith break into a home to lay low and come up with another plan. Judith cleans Edward’s wound and discuss how well their first date has gone, so far. After finding a room full of costumes, Judith comes up with a plan to get Edward on the News airways. He is not too pleased with the plan. Judith picks out attire against Edward protests. Dressed like a woman, Edward is still protesting Judith’s plan. She puts a wig on his head and makeup on his face. When he sees himself in a mirror, Edward finally believes that Judith plan will work. Now dressed like a man, Judith smiles at herself in the mirror. She finishes up her look with thick eyebrows, a mustache and hat. Judith and Edward take a vehicle parked in the garage. As they drive to Edward’s job, Judith and Edward go over plans to escape if he is unable to get to the news room. They drive pass the building swarming with Secret Service Men. They circle back and enter the parking garage behind and Cleaning Crew Van. The darkness of the parking garage, makes it easy for Edward and Judith to take control of the cleaning crew. They make the two men strip, before tying them up and gagging them. Judith dawns an outfit from one of the men along with his key card. Edward hides in the utility cart and Judith pushes him right into the building. Walking pass Secret Service Official and Police Officers she heads to the nearest elevator. On the elevator, Edward tells her what floor to go to. On the ninth floor, Judith pushes the utility cart off the elevator and heads to the Newsroom. Using the key card, Judith gains entry as Police Officers find the real cleaning crew tied up in their van. Edward and Judith take over the airways as Police Officers and the Secret Service take the stairs and elevators up to the ninth floor. Just as the video of the Vice President’s murder goes on air, the elevators pop open and Police Officers along with the Secret Service run towards the Newsroom. At the hospital the Vice President who was declared dead, opens his eyes and tell the President who really shot him. Just then the Vice President’s Wife alerts them both to the News and video of the actual shooting. The President orders his men to take Bruce into custody. Bruce sits at his desk watching the news. He pulls a weapon from his desk drawer. Before he can be taken into custody, Bruce kills himself. A huge investigation into the illegal sale of Military Weapons to Iran nets 30 top Government Officials. Judith and Edward are labeled heros for stopping a homeland security threat and are given the Nation’s Highest Honors by the President and Vice President. They both receive The Presidential Medal of Freedom as well as other awards. Edward makes Judith promise him a second date in front of the President, Vice President and Nation. She says yes to a second date.

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