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By Sean Milligan

GENRE: Horror

During 17th century Scotland, a young Man's dreams of revenge turn into his worst nightmare after he unknowingly hunts down a sinister, occult, clan of cannibals.




Reminiscent of "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Monsters Among Men" is a riveting and highly disturbing historical horror. The execution is very scary and visceral. It's easy to see franchise potential here.

During 1640 Scotland, Enoch Bean and younger Clan members brutally attack and murder an unsuspecting couple, showing the ways of this cannibalistic clan.

Backtracking 37 years, Alexander Bean and his sister Cathlynn mean to leave their old lives behind. Their new life is full of deviance and violence. Upon their first kill, a BLACK BOOK is found, instructing them of the dark and cannibalistic ways of the entity that fills it's pages.

Returning to 1640, Robert Douglas and Jack Taylor, enter an Inn that is owned and run by Alexander and his adult children. Upon hearing of their quest, Alexander sends off his son Ethan to warn Cathlynn who lives in a Cave with her dark descendants, of the party coming their way.

Robert's party grows when he is introduced to Kyle Campbell and his cousins barging into the Inn. Jack picks up a trail, moving them closer to the Cave.

Cathlynn upon hearing the news from Ethan, sends out Enoch and fellow clan members so that the hunters may become the hunted.

Squabbling between Robert and Kyle turn the tables toward the Bean Clan. As Robert, can taste his revenge upon his lips when finding the Cave, it is the darkness that lives within that brings the search party to it's end.


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Nathaniel Baker

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