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By Gabriel Marinho

GENRE: Thriller, Drama

A talented hacker is hired by a wealthy CEO to develop software that will help the U.S Government prevent future domestic attacks. But she soon finds herself entangled in a giant web of intrigue when she and her teammates discover the CEO’s corrupt intentions with the project.


ngrid Cocciello is an over-skilled hacker who, after going to jail, rehabilitated herself and has now made herself wealthy helping companies secure their computer systems. Her talents bring her to the attention of Nolan Westwood, the CEO of one of the largest credit agencies in the country. Nolan is working with the Department of Homeland Security to develop a pattern prediction software that will let them identify potential enemies before they can act. He hires Ingrid and teams her up with Floyd, a cybercriminal sprung from jail to work for him, and Judith, a respected computer scientist. In exchange for a hefty sum, he wants Ingrid and the others to develop this software. Ingrid plunges into a personality clash with her mates in the beginning, but a gradual thawing happens between them when they figure out the software is meant to be used for hideous purposes. Such discovery gives Ingrid and the others no choice but set themselves out to expose it on their own.

Nathaniel Baker

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