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Actor, Acting Teacher and Voice Actor

Erie, Colorado

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Versatile character actor and voice talent. Please visit my backstage profile, where the most detailed info for me is available:




  • Among Us

    Among Us (2018)
    TV Movie (Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Pharmaceutikillme

    Pharmaceutikillme (2016)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor In a world where emotions are regulated by over-medication, a disillusioned teenager stops taking her pills. A short, satirical dark comedy

  • The Cobblestone Corridor

    The Cobblestone Corridor (2016)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Mystery) Actor In The Cobblestone Corridor, the classic film noir cityscape takes the form of a posh New England boarding school. There, a group of intelligent and diverse student newspaper staffers investigate Alfred Pierce Preparatory School's most exciting and forbidden mysteries. With quick wit, deeply rooted integrity, and a dose of nostalgia, The Cobblestone Corridor explores the definitions of truth, progress, and tradition. Written by The Cobblestone Corridor

  • The Face Beneath

    The Face Beneath (2016)
    Film Actor After experiencing something so traumatic and immense, she ought to find closure by taking what is rightfully hers - "her sanity".

  • The Perfect Murder

    The Perfect Murder (2015)
    Television (Crime) Actor Detectives hit dead end after dead end, and wrong suspects are discarded. But one new clue can lead to another and the cold case suddenly gets hot. Truth is, it is the perfect murder until it's not.

  • Indemnification Claimed

    Indemnification Claimed (2015)
    Film (short) by Pete Alcide (Drama) Actor Inspired by the story of Mary Magdalene - In this generation Mary in a new location, with her new found aunt and falls into a lifestyle that is looked down upon. Her decision to change becomes her greatest challenge, even against her biggest supporters. The only one who stands with her risks losing everything. Written by Pete Alcide

  • Inbox

    Inbox (2014)
    Film (short) by Ken Rhodes Actor

  • The Target

    The Target (2013)
    Film (short) by Sean Coppens (Drama) Actor

  • The Folklorist

    The Folklorist (2013)
    Television (History) Actor The Folklorist is NewTV's Emmy® Award-winning television series that offers a captivating look at some of the lesser-known stories in history. Written by NewTV

  • Kickstand

    Kickstand (2012)
    Film (short) by Rachel Hohenfeld (Drama) Actor The script was adapted from the short story "October", written by Joan Connor, an English Professor at Ohio University. The story is about a recovering alcoholic who must come to terms with her mistakes. It begins with the protagonist, Sherry, coming off a ten year probation she served for a drunk driving accident. Although she has completed her sentence, Sherry struggles to forgive herself for the mistakes she made while drinking. The film follows Sherry as she finds out that there isn't just one road to recovery. Written by Margaret Babington

  • Here Lies Luther

    Here Lies Luther (2012)
    Film (short) by Benjamin Volk (Comedy) Actor Adapted from the short story, Bowlville Cemetery, by Joan Connor. LUTHER - The town of Bowlville's own curmudgeon - comes back from the grave to disturb the modest townspeople one last time. In life, Luther was known for his ill-tempered and grouchy demeanor that had a profoundly affected the people of Bowlville. However, his only daughter and caregiver, Carol Jean must find a way to entice Luther back to his resting place in the Bowlville Cemetery. Written by Mark Adelsberger

  • Ghosts of Old Shanghai

    Ghosts of Old Shanghai (2011)
    Film by Eric Heise (Horror and Thriller) Actor Ghosts of Old Shanghai is a Horror/Thriller film with elements of Chinese mythology, history, comedy, and martial arts. Set against the compelling backdrop of modern Shanghai, it's an entertaining and chilling horror experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Mark and Jessica move into an old Shanghai 'lane house' from the 1930s, and strange things start to happen. Mark finds odd symbols, and has disturbing experiences that lead him to believe he is haunted by shadows of Shanghai's violent past. Mark meets a handsome Chinese tour guide, a fascinating English neighbor, an absurd self-help guru, and an eccentric German historian. But who are his real friends? His descent into darkness leads to a deadly confrontation with an ancient evil. Written by Anonymous

  • Whispers from Poland

    Whispers from Poland (2009)
    Film by Chun Pan (Drama) Actor Whispers From Poland is an immigrant love story. Nina is a beautiful, talented, young woman from Poland who comes to the United States for graduate studies. She meets Guo, a handsome Asian American man, and begins a romance. As they become closer, she shares with him the richness of her culture: the music, traditions, religions, and the importance of family. However, the audience realizes that something is amiss. The viewer gets hints of her secret, but Guo is left in the dark. At the end of the film, Nina needs to choose between the life she has left behind or a future with this new man from a new world. Written by Anonymous

  • The Fall of '55

    The Fall of '55 (2006)
    Film by Seth Randal (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor In late 1955 and early 1956, the citizens of Boise, Idaho believed there was a menace in their midst. On Halloween, investigators arrested three men on charges of having sex with teenage boys. The investigators claimed the arrests were just the tip of the iceberg-they said hundreds of boys were being abused as part of a child sex ring. There was no such ring, but the result was a widespread investigation which some people consider a witch hunt. By the time the investigation ended, 16 men were charged. Countless other lives were also touched.In some cases, men implicated fled the area. At least one actually left the country. The investigation attracted attention in newspapers across the nation, including Time Magazine. The "Morals Drive" left scars which remain to this day. Written by Seth Randal

  • The Gaunt Man

    The Gaunt Man (2004)
    Film (short) by Erik Rangel (Mystery) Actor

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth

    Journey to the Center of the Earth (2003)
    Video Game (Sci-Fi) Actor

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