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About Sandra

Was born in NY and went to Dominican Republic when she was 2 years old. By age 8, she always wanted to be in front of the camera but never had the chance to act or perform. She returned to NY when she was 15 to continue her schooling, but without the support she needed , she was on her own with no way to support herself. her only goal was to complete her education. Then she became pregnant and had to drop out of school. All alone with a beautiful baby boy to raise, Sandra was living in shelters until a friend helped her get back on her feet again. Then she realized that to achieve her dreams she had to take control of her life, she began support herself and her son and asking friends how to get in to acting. Sandra experienced a lot of acting industry scams and was about to give up on what she loves but she kept thinking , " There has to be a way and I will find it!" Finally she did. She started going to acting school and pursuing her dreams and those of her son, who is also an actor. She now works in Film & Tv, and has acted in short films. As Sandra will tell you: " Never give up on what you really want in life" Follow your passion.



  • Decentered

    Decentered (2018)
    TV Short Actress

  • Lyco

    Lyco (2018)
    Film Actress

  • Brain Hunter 2 New Breed

    Brain Hunter 2 New Breed (2017)
    Film Actress

  • Lady Rider

    Lady Rider (2017)
    Film Actress

  • High Hopes 2: A New Beginning

    High Hopes 2: A New Beginning (2016)
    Film Actress

  • Mommy's Box

    Mommy's Box (2016)
    Film Actress

  • Redemption Process

    Redemption Process (2016)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actress A politically ambitious Senator enables a team of rouge convicts and ex cops through his "Straw Man". In order to bend the rules, extort, and execute missions for the "Corporation". This journey down the rabbit hole and behind the curtain, leads to a series of events and knowledge that not even our protagonist is read for. Strap up your boots and hold your hats, as "Redemption Process" takes you on a wild ride; through a world familiar and yet unknown. Written by Nicholas Nathaniel

  • Daddy's Little Girl

    Daddy's Little Girl (2016)
    Film Actress Add a Plot »

  • Professor Thompson

    Professor Thompson (2016)
    Film (Action and Crime) Casting director Add a Plot »

  • Disco!

    Disco! (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actress It's 1979 and Disco is in its' final days, but nobody at that time knew it, or wanted to believe it. They believed it would last forever, the music, the dancing, platform shoes, quiana shirts, and point dresses swirled, as the mirrored ball spun lights like stars on the walls. It was an escape from reality, from real life, a place to find love for a moment to last forever in a dance. Frank Rosario lived a very ordinary life, but when he stepped inside that Disco, he was special. One night, Frank believes that all of the answers to his problems will be solved when he wins the dance contest, a contest inspired by a hit movie, where every kid in America wanted to be the next John Travolta. Frank believes that in winning this contest, he will get back the only girl he truly loves. Disco explodes with action, a peek inside a time when couples danced together wearing all the glitz and glamour they can find at the nearest suburban shopping mall. To Frank and his friends, this is paradise. An... Written by Joanne Tamburro

  • Be Right Back

    Be Right Back (2014)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress Jeremy's a player, and a good one. Or so he thinks. But one night, not one, not two, but all three of his girlfriends show up at his house at the same time. He's forced to run back and forth, juggle his time, and keep them apart. Can he succeed? Or will his game come to an end? Written by Brian Flinchbaugh

  • Tilted Straits

    Tilted Straits (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Four lifelong friends still gather for a weekly poker game eight years after graduating high school. They discuss the trials and tribulations of their lives through a series of hilarious flashbacks.

  • Christmas Tears

    Christmas Tears (2014)
    Film (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Actress Story of 3 best friends hitting rock bottom on Christmas Eve. The toll it takes on their family and the chooses they make leads them on a magical day that they will never forget. A film of hope, faith, love and family. This film is a tear-jerk-er, one you'll never forget Written by Anonymous

  • The Familia

    The Familia (2014)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Best Laid Plans

    Best Laid Plans (2013)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress All their plotting and scheming goes awry for all but one.

  • The Brain Hunter

    The Brain Hunter (2013)
    Film (Horror) Actress A quiet little mid-west town is disturbed by an unforeseen occurrence. Twenty years after, Cemetery Town is again disrupted by a series of killings. The town's caretaker, Cliff is in the center of the chaos. When Cliff decides to care for a demon, he soon realizes mankind and the supernatural should not merge. Written by Producer

  • D'Curse

    D'Curse (2013)
    Film (Action) Actress NYPD cop Ruda, a cop during the day and a religious Santerio (High Ranking Priest) of "Black Magic" by night. One day a cop named James shoots and kills a son of a high priest in Santeria and Officer James plans to say the man did have a gun when he actually didn't. Being that it was a lie and the man that was killed had a mother and a brother that were High Preists in Santeria, they placed a Curse on the cop and everyone that's involved in the case that were testifying on the behalf of the cop that shot the man. Now a curse was placed and bad things started to happen to the cops. Now the NYPD needs Ruda's help to break the curse. Written by Mark Bruno

  • Knuckleheads

    Knuckleheads (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actress Manny is a middle-aged ex-real estate mogul who resides in an affluent neighborhood in Long Island, New York. JP, in his early 30's, lives in Queens and works as a security guard at a high brow investment bank. Feeling internal loss and disconnected from the world around them, the lives of the two men converge due to a chain reaction of extraordinary circumstances and they slowly develop a kinship that parallels father and son. Helping one another reconcile the past, they work towards improving the present and avoid making the mistakes that could ultimately jeopardize the future. Written by Anonymous

  • Threading Needles

    Threading Needles (2011)
    Film (Drama) Actress Threading Needles is a cross between 'Crash' and 'Lakeview Terrace'. Kweku a young African man falls in love with a white woman in America. All seems to be going well until he is faced with two ruthless cops with no agenda, a white cop who despises what the couple represents and a black cop who hates what they stand for. This movie sheds light on modern-day racism in America and challenges viewers to believe in second chances. Written by Michael C. Barketey

  • Lotto

    Lotto (2010)
    Film (Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Actress If the truth is told in our dreams then Lotto is a sea of wild imaginings that we may never want to face. There are two sides to every story. In Lotto there are three. Tom Riley successful businessman and Married, is carrying on an illicit affair with a young lady friend named Gina Davis. Tom is struck with a blow to the head causing him to have amnesia. Gina is visiting her brother Henry who has a tumor on his brain and needs immediate attention. Gina stands by as Tom is brought into the room where Henry is lying. Gina over hears the doctors tell Tom he has a loss of memory. Gina takes advantage of this situation and reiterates a whole new relationship between Tom and her. Sam Katz. A poor working employee of Tom Riley struggles with his dilemma as he finds out he has one week to live. Sam fights with his wife over bills and bedroom affairs. After leaving the doctors office Sam stops by Star Bucks to grab a quick cup of coffee. Sam observes Tom kissing Gina by the waterside and ... Written by Anonymous

  • Lucifer Laundry

    Lucifer Laundry

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