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Scott Alin

Actor, Director, Producer and Screenwriter

Los Angeles, California

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About Scott

Scott Alin is an American actor, like the acclaimed Adam Scott but with a Christian Bale edge—and he won’t even go full-Method on you. He does, however, commit completely and honestly to every character with profound detail, range, and vulnerability. When he isn't nurturing a temporary psychosis from his latest role, he's researching, developing, and creating stories that inspire, educate, and entertain.

Some of his notable film and TV appearances include the pilot episode of 'Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders' (CBS), 'Hacks' (HBO-MAX), '*Loosely Exactly Nicole' (MTV), and a new series in development as a series regular, 'Purple Case'.

His theater credits include Josh in 'Intimate,' for the Short+Sweet stage competition (Semi-finalists), the Inspector of Schools in 'The Government Inspector' (Red Ballet Productions), Greg Tower in the original musical production of 'Doctor! Doctor!' (Stages of Gray Productions), and many more. He's worked and trained in his hometown of Chicago, Los Angeles, and internationally in China.

Scott holds a Bachelor's in Business Management from Arizona State University where he graduated with Honors from the Barrett Honors College. He continued his education with a Master's in Journalism and Integrated Media Communications from Northwestern University. He also completed a two-year Meisner program with Alex Taylor from The Taylor School of Acting, and over the years has continued to train with accomplished mentors such as Kate McGregor-Stewart, Lesly Kahn, Larry Moss, Gregory Berger, and Camilia Monet.

Unique traits: I got a Master's in Journalism from Northwestern University, and almost dropped out when I realized no one trusts the news but we're all moved by make-believe. Reality sure has a sense of humor.



  • Bernadette

    Bernadette Budget: $5M - $10M | Thriller Horror A hospice nurse struggles with reality when an elderly, comatose patient begins terrorizing her dreams--and then drags the nightmare into her waking life.

  • Pinnacles

    Pinnacles Budget: $5M - $10M | Thriller Horror An overly-confident "camping couple" strike out into new lands after conquering the family-friendly campgrounds of Big Sur, only to find the ancient and modern evils that exist just beyond the light of the campfire.


  • Poets

    Poets (2022)
    Film (short) by Joshua Gonzales Lead May 3, 1987 - 9:30 PM. Four community college students have yet to write a single word for their poetry class final. Will they finish it?

  • Purple Case

    Purple Case (2022)
    Television by David Sarian & Kostya Yezagelian Series regular A small-time weed dealer decides to go straight and aim for higher aspirations, except a strange suitcase shows up to change all that [Pilot Episode 101].

  • Wild West Chronicles

    Wild West Chronicles (2022)
    Television by John Broderick Co-Star Two Pinkerton detectives join forces to track a notorious bank robber. During a shootout, the Missouri Kid kills seasoned detective Charles Schumacher, leaving young George Dougherty to finish the job and avenge his colleague's death [Episode 204].

  • Hacks

    Hacks (2022)
    Television by Trent O'Donnell (Comedy) Co-Star Deborah prepares to take the stage for her taping as Ava deals with a new opportunity [Episode 208].

  • Antidote

    Antidote (2021)
    Film by Peter Daskaloff (Drama and Horror) Supporting A bitter spirit imprisoned in Hell, Nico begrudgingly forgives his former lover for sending him there.

  • Sexpectations

    Sexpectations (2021)
    Television by Kevin Good (Comedy) Guest Star Cake can be a complicated thing [Episode 103].

  • Dying to Marry Him

    Dying to Marry Him (2021)
    TV Movie by Rod Roberts Co-Star No longer recognizable, Amy returns to her hometown and becomes the wedding planner for her first love with her mind set on getting him back no matter what the cost.

  • Wild West Chronicles

    Wild West Chronicles (2021)
    Television by Michael S. Ojeda Co-Star Former friends Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt begin to argue over gambling debts and the affections of a beautiful woman. When they meet in the middle of town, their rift is settled once and for all in the Old West's first quick-draw duel [Pilot Episode 101].

  • Project Hollywood

    Project Hollywood (2020)
    Film by Brian Hooks (Comedy) Supporting Autobiographical Dramedy about a guy navigating his way through Hollywood.

  • The Quarantine: Chapter 1-Namaste

    The Quarantine: Chapter 1-Namaste (2020)
    Film (short) by Scott Alin (Comedy) Lead A man seeking inner peace by providing some to the world with meditation videos becomes increasingly distraught at his Mother's insistence to go out during the pandemic.

  • The Sweet Taste of Souls

    The Sweet Taste of Souls (2020)
    Film by Terry Ross (Horror) Supporting In Ellinore's traumatized and broken mind, she sees the apparition of her dead husband who she killed years ago--the same demonic entity that caused her to fracture from reality.

  • The Doctor's Monster

    The Doctor's Monster (2020)
    Film by Rick Jenkins (Horror) Supporting A reclusive doctor, desperate to help his dying daughter, attempts the ultimate experiment, bring a dead body back to life! His experiment seems to be a success but when the monster gets loose the doctor has no idea what destruction his creation will bring. Before it's all over people run, people cry, people lie and people die because nothing can prepare them for the monster, The Doctor's Monster!

  • Silent Ways

    Silent Ways (2019)
    Film (short) by Lucia Vico (Drama and Romance) Lead At the final moment of their dying relationship, Frank and Georgie go back to the beginning, realizing had they been truthful, things might've turned out differently. In reverse, the relationship's displayed all the way to the beginning in contrast with everything they wish they had said.

  • RE-Artists

    RE-Artists (2019)
    Film (short) by Anthony Chan (Drama and Musical) Lead A tragic pianist erases painful memories from his clients with an opiate of melody, until his own past walks into the studio to haunt him.

  • General Hospital

    General Hospital (2017)
    Television by Doris & Frank Hursley (Drama) Co-Star Tracy demands answers. Carly learns the truth. Finn battles his demons. Liz sympathizes with Hayden.

  • The Deleted

    The Deleted (2016)
    Television by Bret Easton Ellis (Drama and Thriller) Co-Star After Agatha's disappearance, Ryder encounters the Genesis patient. Logan draws closer to the edge of oblivion [Episode 106].

  • *Loosely Exactly Nicole

    *Loosely Exactly Nicole (2016)
    Television by Chioke Nassor (Comedy) Co-Star An unwitting, wholesome, corn-muffin from the Midwest looking for friends ends up tangled in the snare of a new sexual experience [Pilot Episode 101].

  • In the Cut

    In the Cut (2016)
    Television by Bentley Kyle Evans (Comedy) Guest Star A sly reality TV producer finds his next hit in a barbershop where nobody can keep their secrets under wraps [Episode 208].

  • What's Eating Todd?

    What's Eating Todd? (2016)
    Film by Renata Green-Gaber (Horror) Lead When Todd disappears from his birthday camp out, his friends fear he's been snatched up by the 'Flesh-Eating Freak' from a local campfire story. But they soon discover the terrible truth behind the story.

  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

    Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (2016)
    Television by Colin Bucksey (Crime and Drama) Co-Star A college dropout wandering Thailand searching for his purpose in life finds unexpected love on a small farm, and becomes the prime suspect when she and her friend go missing [Pilot Episode 101].

  • Game of Truth

    Game of Truth (2014)
    Film by Steve Helgoth (Drama) Lead Game of Truth questions the mundane and passive by posing the uncomfortable questions, pushing the limits of sexiness and emotion and painting a haunting parallel between the nakedness of raw emotion and the nakedness of bare skin.

  • Deadly Wives

    Deadly Wives (2013)
    Television by John Tindall (Drama) Guest Star This episode feature two stories of wives who weren't who they appeared to be. First, 30-year-old Ann Miller of Raleigh, NC seemed to have it all: a great job, a handsome husband and a beautiful baby.

  • Stepping High

    Stepping High (2013)
    Film by Henri Charr (Drama) Supporting Sima, while stunningly beautiful, has failed to fulfill her dreams as a professional dancer. She is on the wrong side of 30 and being aged out, and she is forced to take a job as a teacher in a conservative local high school. Much to her surprise, it sparks the choreographer in her, a talent she has been nurturing in private not only to battle her self-doubt and depression but to create a new, unique fusion of belly and ballroom styles. As one who throws her heart and soul into everything she does, her life inevitably entwines with those of her students, a diverse group of teens, both in the classroom and outside it. Sima becomes re-energized. She opens the kids' eyes and minds to dance as a powerful tool for social change. Not everyone likes her progressive ideas. When she introduces them to her belly/ballroom style, tensions escalate. Race, class, culture, teen romance, Sima's personal failures in her relationship with her parents and her boyfriend, all of which have been building silently, intersect for an emotional explosion. Yet the only way out is for Sima and her students to perform her controversial dance on the biggest stage to a hostile audience in a volatile, charged climax that is a powder keg on a short fuse.

  • Shameless

    Shameless (2012)
    Television by Mark Mylod (Comedy and Drama) Co-Star A traditional Gallagher family Thanksgiving includes a suicide attempt by Monica, Carl shooting a bald eagle, a case of willing identity theft, a money grab by Frank, and Karen going into labor.

  • Face

    Face (2012)
    Film by Norith Soth (Horror and Thriller) Lead What caused the gruesome aftermath at the Delta Chi Kappa Sorority house on the night of October 31, 2012? This footage is leaked police evidence you are not supposed to watch. It reveals a chain reaction of the most appalling acts ever committed by college kids in American history.

  • Shakespeare Uncensored

    Shakespeare Uncensored (2012)
    Film (short) by Andrey Kochkin (Comedy) Lead With his lead having got drunk on the day of the premier, the director decides to play Romeo himself to save the show.

  • The Zombinator

    The Zombinator (2012)
    Film by Sergio Myers (Horror) Lead A fashion blogger documentary turns into a Zombie horror nightmare when college students come face to face with the undead in Youngstown Ohio. Their only hope of survival is a former soldier turned zombie killer.

  • Boundaries

    Boundaries (2012)
    Film (short) by Nick King (Drama and Thriller) Lead BOUNDARIES is a psychological thriller that follows Jon after a recent brake up with the love of his life, Sirena. He suffers from night terrors that cross over into the real world, leaving him unsure if he is awake, or still dreaming. His self confidence appears to him in the form of dark silhouetted creatures that follow him in his dreams. When Jon is confronted by Sirena he will be faced with the ultimate decision, remain a slave to her manipulations, or allow his self confidence to finally put an end to this nightmare.


  • Official Selection | Best Shorts Competition

  • Official Selection | The Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival

  • Official Selection | Zeitimpuls Short Film Special 2020 Festival

  • Official Selection | International Quarantine Film Festival


  • Master Class Scene Study | Berg Studios | Gregory Berger

  • Master Class Scene Study | Larry Moss Studios | Larry Moss

  • Advanced Class | Pearlman Acting Academy | Joseph Pearlman

  • Master Class | Chris Game Studios | Chris Game

  • Meisner Scene Study | Amy Reece Studios | Amy Reece

  • Motion-Capture Intensive | TVI Actors Studio | M'saada Nia

  • Master Class | Connect Studios | Ani Avetyan

  • Audition Technique & Scene Study | The Actors Company | Vanessa Spencer

  • Voice-Over Technique Intensive | The Actors Company | James Murray

  • Meisner Technique (Graduate) | The Taylor School of Acting | Alex Taylor

  • Professional Scene Study | Aquila Morong Studios | Donna Morong & Deborah Aquila

  • Comedy & Drama Intensive | Lesly Kahn & Company | Lesly Kahn

  • Master Class | Michael Woolson Studios | Michael Woolson

  • Master Class Scene Study | Kate McGregor-Stewart Studios | Kate McGregor-Stewart

  • Improv (Long & Short Form) | iO Chicago | Dina Facklis

  • Monologue Study | The Green Room | Steven Ivcich

  • On-Camera Technique | The Green Room | Shawn Bradley

  • Master's of Science in Journalism & Integrated Marketing Communications | Northwestern University

  • Improv for Actors | ActOne Studios | Kimmie Companik-Warner

  • Bachelor's of Science in Business Management & Entrepreneurship | Arizona State University | Barrett Honors College Graduate

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