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About Shane

I am a director working in London shooting music videos and other commercial work. I made a micro-budget horror film for 'The 28 Day Feature Film Challenge' and won the competition with it. I have since been developing various projects looking for that magic moment when I get to make another feature film...

Unique traits: Drama, action, photography.


  • The Albion Falls

    The Albion Falls (2014)
    Film (Short, Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Director The prison ship Albion has crash landed on an uncharted planet hidden in deep space. Now the survivors must fight for their freedom, their humanity and their lives.

  • Telescope

    Telescope (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Mystery) Producer With its claustrophobically voyeuristic cinematography and unsettling premise, Peter Frank Dewulf's debut short film tells the disconcerting story of psychologically and physically fragile amputee Roger's search for understanding through the lens of a metropolitan telescope. Numb with self pity until he forms an unlikely alliance with conflicted pensioner, the odd couples mute but magnified exchange acts as a prism for their insecurities, ultimately shedding new light on their mutually troubled psyches. Written by Anonymous

  • Clench

    Clench (2011)
    Film (Short, Drama and Sport) Producer Clench - What are you fighting for? This short film tels the story of Ash, a mixed-race (Pakistani and White) girl from Old Trafford, Manchester, UK. On a youth referral scheme, we see Ash travel to the iconic Salford Lads Club where she takes up boxing as a way of dealing with her troubled past. By portrayig Ash's experience of the sport, the film highlights how the boxing ring can be a neutral space where race and neighborhood politics are left outside. The film looks at not only Ash's own experience of racism, but also the preconceptions she holds of others. Clench shows that something as confrontational as boxing can actually be the most disciplined tool in challenging the steps our minds take in making judgements about people. Written by Anonymous

  • Living with Harry

    Living with Harry (2011)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer The usually virile panama hat-wearing Bob finds himself too tongue-tied to ask out Lucy, the gorgeous girl he fancies at work. His friend and flat-mate Harry has the idea to organize a seventies themed party at their house that they can invite her to. But Harry is adamant that his ex-girlfriend Sarah doesn't find out about it. So when Bob makes the mistake of inviting her; the night doesn't quite turn out as either Harry or Bob had planned. Written by James Keaton

  • 14th Floor

    14th Floor (2010)
    Film (Documentary) Director Add a Plot »

  • The Horror of the Dolls

    The Horror of the Dolls (2010)
    Film (Horror) Director A corporation plans to develop a residential tower block into luxury city apartments. As the residents galvanise, the corporation sends in someone to 'shake them up'. The Horror of The Dolls features a strong ensemble cast, inter-twined narratives and an iconic piece of London architecture. The Horror of The Dolls is a blood-soaked and stylised horror thriller set against the breath-taking cityscapes of contemporary London. Written by Doll Face

  • Lonely Hearts

    Lonely Hearts (2007)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Romance) Producer A year after his wife leaves him; Jeff seeks solace in meeting women through lonely hearts dating. His attempts are emotionally unsuccessful and Jeff can't seem to move on. His denial manifests itself as a talking soft-toy pig that gives Jeff advice on his dating technique. But when Jeff meets a pretty girl in a sandwich shop; he realizes that he has promised to take the pig along on his next date. Written by James Keaton

  • '67 Borders

    '67 Borders (2006)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Director Add a Plot »

  • The Tower

    The Tower (2006)
    Film (Short and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Waterbaby

    Waterbaby (2005)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director Add a Plot »

  • Mouth to Mouth

    Mouth to Mouth (2005)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew An adventurous coming-of-age story that follows young rebellious Sherry through Europe as she loses her illusions, virginity and lip ring.

  • Straight 8

    Straight 8 (2004)
    TV Movie (Comedy and Drama) Director Ed Sayers and Ben Gregor came up with a novel idea for making films and engaging the film community. They bought a load of old super 8 film cartridges and sent them up to various filmmakers. The challenge to each was to make a 3-minute film without any edits or post-production and not to see that film until it is shown in front of a live audience and on television. Attracting well-known directors and students alike, the project spawned quite a following as well as this short television series, showcasing about 10 of the shorts over two episodes. Written by bob the moo

  • One Week's Work

    One Week's Work (2004)
    Film (Short and Crime) Director Add a Plot »

  • From the Bottom Up

    From the Bottom Up (2004)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Director Add a Plot »

  • I've Been Single Too Long

    I've Been Single Too Long (2004)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Director Made for straight 8's 2003 competition on one cartridge of super 8 film with only in-camera edits and no post-production. Premiered at straight 8's Cannes film festival screening.

  • Spivs

    Spivs (2004)
    Film (Drama and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Jack, Steve and Goat are East-End Spivs. They spend their time wheeling and dealing wherever and whenever they can. It's not until Jack and the others get involved with a guy called Villa, and they are landed with a big payday they have been waiting for, when they realise what a mess they are into. At the back of the lorry they have smuggled goods in, they find illigal immegrants. Most of them escape but they are left with 2 kids; a boy and a girl, and have to decide what to do with them...Are they going to look after them and feed them, clothe them, love them, etc. or are they going to leave them on the streets of East-End London. Written by CarnabyFilms

  • A Different Loyalty

    A Different Loyalty (2004)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew Leo Cauffield, chief of British counterespionage, fails by a whisker to arrest two fellow Cambridge-graduated spies who just manage to defect to Moscow, resigns and becomes a journalist. In Beirut, home of his Islam-converted father, Leo seduces Sally Tyler to divorce her husband for him. Their happiness with children from both marriages is cut short a few years later, when Leo suddenly disappears; Sally learns soon he's suspected of having defected to Moscow too, which she refuses to believe, but will be forced to while Western secret services want Leo back or dead. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Bright Young Things

    Bright Young Things (2003)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and War) Miscellaneous Crew A fool and his money. In the 1930s, Adam Fenwick-Symes is part of the English idle class, wanting to marry the flighty Nina Blount. He's a novelist with a hundred-pound advance for a manuscript confiscated by English customs. He spends the next several years trying to get money and to set a wedding date: he trades in gossip, wins money on wagers then gives it to a drunken major who's suggested he bet on a horse in an upcoming race. Adam tries to get the money back, but can't find the major. Meanwhile, Nina needs security, friends drink too much, and general unhappiness spoils the party. Then war breaks out. Is Adam's bright youth dimming with the fall of an empire? Written by <>

  • The Hitchhiking Game

    The Hitchhiking Game (2002)
    Film (Short and Drama) Director Add a Plot »

  • Dog Eat Dog

    Dog Eat Dog (2001)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A group of twenty-somethings, one of whom is a single father with a precious daughter, have been unsuccessfully in getting into a certain club so they can have a chance to DJ in their and start a career out of it. A series of events has lumbered them with a dog napping scheme gone badly wrong, ending up with them currently owning a particular pooch belonging to a dog-loving local drug dealer. Written by ????

  • Quadrature 300

    Quadrature 300 (2000)
    Film (Short and Romance) Director Synopsis n. 1 Math the process of constructing a square with an area equal to that of a figure bounded by a curve. 2. Astron. the position of a heavenly body in relation to another.

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