Slim Khezri

Slim Khezri

Doubajen Records

Singer, songwriter and actor in Los Angeles, California

About Slim

Slim Khezri (best known by his stage name SLIM K, also Slim Kezree, or simply 'Kazree'), is a German Multi-talented artist; singer-songwriter, actor, stage performer, writer, producer and a former professional Michael Jackson Impersonator, based in Los Angeles, California.

Born July 18, 1972, as the oldest of three children, to a family of Mediterranean descent, in Lübeck Hansestadt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Bon vivant, Artistic Polymath, Free Thinker, Political Junkie, Bibliophile, Humanist and Philanthropist. Artist at Sony Music Entertainment, Double Power (Sony Music Entertainment GmbH) and Founder/CEO at Doubajen Group Ltd. (incl. Douabjen Records) independent music, and film company.

Self-proclaimed Foodie, Wine Connoisseur and passionate World Traveler. Educationalist, loves Anthropology and History.

In nearly 30 years in show-business, Slim has reigned as the #1 MJ-Impersonator for nearly 10 years, and collaborated with countless producers, DJ's, popular recording artists and many independent talents from around the world. He also worked successfully on many musical and arts related projects, including fashion shows and charity events, and teamed up with some of the biggest names in the industry: Justin Timberlake (☆NSYNC), Fall Out Boy, AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys), Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, KRS-One, Sarah Connor, Mark Owen (Take That), Sean Kingston, KSHMR, Lifehouse, Haddaway, Army of Lovers, Worlds Apart, No Angels, Lutricia McNeal, Leee John (Imagination), Panic! At The Disco, Monica Patton, Captain Hollywood, Cover Your Tracks, Lil Dicky, Chris Brown, Akon, Dr. Alban, Michael Jackson and many more.

As an Actor, Slim has worked on films starring Tom Hanks, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Ewan McGregor, Julia Roberts, Ben Affleck, John Turturro, Bencio Del Toro, Bradley Cooper, Jim Carey, Nicole Kidman, Tommy Lee Jones, Johnny Depp, John Lithgow, Mickey Rourke, Josh Brolin, Terrence Stamp, Harvey Keitel, James Franco, Channing Tatum, Bruce Willis, Scarlett Johansson, J.K. Simmons and directed by Ron Howard, Clint Eastwood, Ridley Scott, Danny Boyle, Roland Emmerich, Colin Trevorrow, Ben Stiller, Gore Verbinski, Jerry Zucker, Seth MacFarlane, Ethan Coen & Joel Coen, Angela Basset, F. Gary Gray and many more.

In Theater, and performing arts, Slim worked in minor roles, e.g. with the legendary tenor Plácido Domingo, who is also the acting general director at the Los Angeles Opera, on Ludwig Van Beethoven 's only opera "Fidelio" in 2007, playing a prisoner, produced by Alejandro Stadler, directed by Pier' Alli, conducted by James Conlon and also on Giuseppe Verdi 's "Otello" in 2008, playing a Sailor, and Venetian Senator, directed by John Cox, and also conducted by James Conlon.

"Who's Bad"; in the beginning of his career, Slim Khezri once hailed as one of the best and most successful Michael Jackson imitators in the business, not only does he dance like Jackson, but he sings like him too, the closest to the real thing than most of his rivals around the world. Having performed Michael's songs in over 500 concerts in 70 countries. Slim performed nonstop from 1989 to 2000, on numerous shows in television and radio throughout the world, touring excessively in Europe, Asia and Africa, appearing on various events and open-air concerts on all 5 continents, including the United States, debuting in Las Vegas, and later in Los Angeles. Slim's huge success got also Michael Jackson's attention, Slim gave a tribute performance to the 'King of Pop' in Cologne, Germany in 1992, it lead to finally meet his idol for the first time face-to-face during the Dangerous World tour, and dreams came true when Slim briefly worked with Michael himself 5 years later, during the German leg of the History World tour in Summer 1997, as an assistant to Creative Consultant Bruno "Pop N Taco" Falcon. What made Slim stood out above the rest, was his voice, the mimics, the facial expression and the electrifying precise dance moves. Slim always thought of himself in those days more of an actor rather than a 'singer', a true stage performer.

Slim made his stage debut on October 14, 1989 as a Michael Jackson impersonator at a Turkish Event, performing a 30 minute set, in front of 580 people, in Lübeck Hansestadt, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Slim's first notable appearance in Television, was on Saturday, December 7, 1991, on the popular hit TV show "Die Rudi Carrell Show", where he appeared and competed as one of five guests, impersonating famous singers, and hosted by Dutch entertainer, and TV icon Rudi Carrell. Out of approximately 700 applicants per episode, Slim was invited back to audition at WDR Studios (West German Broadcasting Cologne). After 3 attempts, Slim secured his casting among the last 30 candidates, and 2 Michael Jackson contenders. Rudi Carrell, which thought by many to have discovered Slim Khezri, was very convinced, and firmly believed in Slims hidden talents, and made personally the phone call to confirm him for the show. Pre-taped on Saint Nicholas Day, Friday, December 6, 1991, Slim gave a stunning performance as Michael Jackson, singing the classic hit song "Billie Jean" LIVE, captivating the audience with his dance moves and the iconic Moonwalk. The show was a huge hit, it drew the largest audience to date, at nearly 20 million viewers throughout Europe and beyond, which brought him instant fame, Slim shot into fame, overnight. The show included a similar concept to "Star Search" or "Pop Idol" in America and brought many well-known German pop stars and actors to prominence, such as Alexis (as Whitney Houston) or Mark Keller (as Dean Martin). It also featured comedy sketches, and a 'Make-a-Wish' segment.

On the film screen; Slim made his debut, in a minor role as an extra, on November 10, 2000, playing a Demon in the Warner Bros. Pictures comedy "Little Nicky", starring Adam Sandler, Patricia Arquette and Harvey Keitel. Directed by Steven Brill.

In October 15, 2007, Slim launched the independent music, film and publishing company Doubajen Group Ltd. (including Doubajen Records).

In October 2009, Slim Khezri played a Zombie in the Web-series concept - "Code Z: The Series". Directed by 3T member Taj Jackson (son of Tito Jackson, nephew of Michael Jackson). Los Angeles, CA. USA.

In March 10, 2010, Slim signed a License Agreement with Sony Music Entertainment./ Double Power (Sony Music Entertainment GmbH) in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In March 26, 2014, Slim signed a License Agreement with Viacom Media Networks, New York, a distribution deal for his music and music videos to air worldwide on MTV, VH-1, and also to be featured on MTV artists Website & App.

In August 8, 2014, Slim and his family were invited to visit the White House, during the Obama administration in Washington DC.

In June 22, 2015, American DJ, and EDM record producer KSHMR released his new single "Jammu", Slim co-stars in the music video, playing a Radical Militant Leader, directed by Tyler Yee. The song reached the number #1 spot within hours after it's release on the Progressive House Top 100 Charts, on Beatport.

In December 2016, Slim Khezri was named "Tunisian of the Month", by The Tunisian American Center, based in New York, NY

In January 2017, Slim Khezri joined the "THIS IS HUNGER Exhibition" on wheels by MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger, raising awareness of hunger in America, and around the world. A promotional ad, and an incredibly powerful project - a first-of-its-kind exhibition. THIS IS HUNGER - is a multi-media installation integrated into in an expanding 53' trailer to raise awareness about the pervasiveness of hunger and food insecurity across America.

In April 2017, Slim Khezri worked with 'Top 360' (a video and Virtual Reality production company based in Seattle), filming a beach cleanup video as part of Dell's 2017 social responsibility initiatives: "Dell's Ocean Plastic recycling program". Produced by James Andrews Directed by Erik Scheel. Filmed in Malibu, California.

In July 2017, Slim Khezri recorded some vocals (spoken words) for various apps and programs for company, owned by of Black Eyed Peas. is a Hollywood-based company founded by innovator and musician in 2013 with the mission of creating wearable products that combine fashion and technology. In 2016, acquired Israeli machine learning company Sensiya.

Slim speaks 4 Languages: English, German, French, Arabic, and conversational Turkish.

Slim is married to the International Award-winning Pole Artist, and Stage Performer Phoenix Kazree. They have one son together.

Ich Glotz TV (Stage-play, 1989), Germany/
Ludwig Van Beethoven's Fidelio (Opera, 2007), USA/
Giuseppe Verdi's Otello (Opera, 2008), USA/
Horror Made Here (Warner Bros. Studios, 2017), USA

TELEVISION CREDITS: Die Rudi Carrell Show (1991), Germany/ The Gong Show (1992), Germany/ Arabella (1997), Germany/ Klacket (1998), Tunisia/ Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible (2006), USA/ Entourage (2007), USA/ Goro's Bar (2007), Japan/ Gene Simmons: Family Jewels (2008), USA/ Nip/Tuck (2008), USA/ Mystery ER (2008), USA/ Kids Unlimited (2008), USA/ 1000 Ways to Die (2010), USA/ Whitney (2015), USA/ Mystery Diners (2015), USA/ Dangerous Games (2015), Armenia/ My Crazy Ex (2016), USA/ Superhuman (2016), USA/ The 10th Date (2017), USA/ Just Add Magic - Episode #2.21 (2017), USA/ Murder Made Me Famous (2017), USA/ Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017), USA/ Escape at Dannemora (2018), USA/ Navy Seals: America's Secret Warriors (2018)

FILM CREDITS: Save the Last Dance (2001),/ Rat Race (2001),/ When The Nines Roll Over (2005),/ Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007),/ The Sexaholic (2007),/ In God I Trust (2007),/ Article 301 (2008),/ Confused Illusion (2007),/ The Haunted House of Chronic (2009),/ Yes Man (2008),/ Angels & Demons (2009),/ Sin City II: A Dame to Kill For (2014),/ American Sniper (2014),/ Jurassic World (2015),/ The Martian (2015),/ The Secret in Their Eyes (2015),/ Dark Gospels (2015),/ Steve Jobs (2015),/ 4Got10 (2015),/ Money Monster (2016),/ The Moment (2016),/ Hail, Caesar! (2016),/ Jason Bourne (2016),/ The Accountant (2016),/ Inferno (2016),/ Battle of the Sexes (2017),/ Suburbicon (2017),/ American Made (2017),/ Vengeance: A Love Story (2017),/ Angst (2017)/ The Masterpiece (2017)/ LAbyrinth (2017)/ Two Brothers (2017)/ The Circle (2017)/ Rogue Warfare (2017)/ Ocean's Eight (2018)/ Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)/ Bumblebee (2018)

Burn The Disco (EP, and Single), Doubajen Records 2008/
Campari Sunset House Club (Compilation), Sony Music 2010/
Open Up Your Heart (Single), Doubajen Records 2010/
You Love It (Single), Doubajen Records 2012/
Burn The Disco (VIP Underground Mix), Doubajen Records 2014/
October (Single), Doubajen Records 2014

Name: Slim Khezri

Lives in: Los Angeles, California

Company: Doubajen Records

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director, Producer, Voice Artist, Screenwriter, Musician, Dancer and Music Composer

Unique traits: Slim speaks 4 Languages: English, German, French, Arabic, and conversational Turkish.


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  • KSHMR: Jammu

    KSHMR: Jammu (2015)
    Video (Short, Drama and Music) Actor A narrative music video by KSHMR, that tells a story of the border wars in the Kashmir/Jammu/Pakistan region. The little boy Tariq lost his mother Rue (Melody Parra) to an explosion, and nowhere to go, finds refuge at a Jihadi camp, trained by their leader (Slim Khezri), years later Tariq (Rahul Rai) now an adult on a suicide mission, seeking revenge, and offering his loyalty to the Jihadi movement, by blowing up a bus full of Indian civilians. Written by Deltree [us]

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    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor "My Crazy Ex" tells the extraordinary but true stories of past relationships that went awry when one partner's behavior goes from romantic to excessive to extreme.

  • Slim K: October

    Slim K: October (2014)
    Video (Short, Music and Romance) Actor Slim K' official music video for 'October'. A Story of Lovers; If two people are meant to be together, they will eventually find their way back into each others arms - No matter what.

  • American Sniper

    American Sniper (2014)
    Film (Action, Biography, Drama, History and 2 More) Actor Chris Kyle was nothing more than a Texan man who dreamed of becoming a cowboy, but in his thirties he found out that maybe his life needed something different, something where he could express his real talent, something that could help America in its fight against terrorism. So he joined the SEALs in order to become a sniper. After marrying, Kyle and the other members of the team are called for their first tour of Iraq. Kyle's struggle isn't with his missions, but about his relationship with the reality of the war and, once returned at home, how he manages to handle it with his urban life, his wife and kids. Written by Evandro Martirano

  • The Gambler

    The Gambler (2014)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Jim Bennett is a risk taker. Both an English professor and a high-stakes gambler, Bennett bets it all when he borrows from a gangster and offers his own life as collateral. Always one step ahead, Bennett pits his creditor against the operator of a gambling ring and leaves his dysfunctional relationship with his wealthy mother in his wake. He plays both sides, immersing himself in an illicit, underground world while garnering the attention of Frank, a loan shark with a paternal interest in Bennett's future. As his relationship with a student deepens, Bennett must take the ultimate risk for a second chance... Written by Paramount Pictures

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Actor Marv is unconscious on a highway surrounded by corpses. When he awakes, he has amnesia and tries to recall his last steps from the Kadie's saloon on the Saturday night. He recalls that he found four playboys burning a homeless man alive and defended the poor man. Marv hunts them down and kills the group. The cocky gambler Johnny hits jackpot in slot machines in the Kadie's saloon and invites the waitress Marcie to go with him to play poker game against the powerful Senator Roark. He wins the game and suffers the consequence of his arrogance. The private detective Dwight McCarthy is contacted by his former lover Ava Lord that asks to meet him at the Kadie's saloon. Ava asks him for forgiveness for leaving him to marry the wealthy Damian Lord. However her strong chauffeur Manute takes her home. Dwight snoops around Ava's house but is found and beaten by Manute and the bodyguards. When he returns home, Ava is waiting for him naked in the bed and seduces him again. Then she tells that ... Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage

    Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage (2014)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Actor When the Sultan's first born is taken by an evil sorcerer, Sinbad is tasked with traveling to a desert of magic and creatures to save her.

  • Dolls of Voodoo

    Dolls of Voodoo (2013)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Two worlds collide when a successful Haitian American Attorney marries the love of his life only to have his past haunt him when the father of his former fling, a powerful Vodoo Priest, exacts revenge for his scorned daughter. Written by km

  • Slim K: The Speed of Love

    Slim K: The Speed of Love (2013)
    Video (Short and Music) Actor Slim K' official music video for 'The Speed of Love'.

  • Article 301

    Article 301 (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A Turkish nationalist Zeki Abaz targets a Turkish-Armenian Journalist Kegham Hakobian, after giving a speech at UCLA on Armenian Genocide of 1915. Zeki confronts Kegham for Violating the Notorious Turkish law "Article 301".

  • Slim K: You Love It

    Slim K: You Love It (2012)
    Video (Short and Music) Actor Slim K' official music video for 'You Love It'.

  • Fred & Vinnie

    Fred & Vinnie (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Lonely guy Fred Stoller is thrilled when his good buddy, Vinnie D'Angelo, the world's happiest agoraphobic and fattest vegetarian, comes to live with him, until Vinnie also proves to be the world's most maddening roommate.

  • Stan

    Stan (2011)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Stan likes Mary. Ann likes Stan. Mary likes Nick and Nick likes Nick too. Mr Frankle likes Ann, but not in a good way. Stan still likes Mary, and Ann still likes Stan, but now Stan thinks he has Herpes.

  • Psycho Kitties

    Psycho Kitties (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Short) UN Peace-keeper Psycho Kitties is a parody of Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho: a bad kitty attacks a good kitty in the shower.

  • Escape

    Escape (2010)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Peter, a schizophrenia patient, just found out that another episode of his sickness, is starting and to be free of his sickness he decides to kill himself.

  • Slim K: Open Up Your Heart

    Slim K: Open Up Your Heart (2010)
    Video (Short and Music) Actor The best way to make the world a better place is to show how it's done. Lead by example, whatever you want to do, do it. There are only so many tomorrows, open up your heart, and let there be love. "Open Up Your Heart" music video, is a short film montage of footage from various major news and history events. A song written by Slim Khezri, about injustice, inequality, love and hate. A song inspired by the tragic events of 9/11. Written by Doubajen Records [us] (Slim Khezri)

  • Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire

    Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire (2010)
    Film (Action and Adventure) Actor A princess is on a quest to unite the five greatest warriors to save her kingdom from a demon sorceress.

  • 1000 Ways to Die

    1000 Ways to Die (2009)
    Television (Documentary, Comedy, Drama and Horror) Actor 1,000 Ways to Die, an anthology television series, which aired on Spike/Spike TV from May 14, 2008 to July 15, 2012 showcased shocking reenactments of deaths of individuals who often met the grim reaper in very unorthodox or outlandish ways. Often recreated in a fast-paced, very tongue-in-cheek manner, the stories were based on actual events, but dramatic license was liberally used. Voice-over-narration provided background information on each death. The deaths were recreated in a variety of ways including witness testimonials, historical tidbits, scientific expert analysis, graphic computer-generated imagery animation, interviews, live-action recreation, and even actual footage, when available. Each death ended with a title which was a pun, often based on some popular word or phrase. Written by rleegray

  • 2012

    2012 (2009)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor Dr. Adrian Helmsley, part of a worldwide geophysical team investigating the effect on the earth of radiation from unprecedented solar storms, learns that the earth's core is heating up. He warns U.S. President Thomas Wilson that the crust of the earth is becoming unstable and that without proper preparations for saving a fraction of the world's population, the entire race is doomed. Meanwhile, writer Jackson Curtis stumbles on the same information. While the world's leaders race to build "arks" to escape the impending cataclysm, Curtis struggles to find a way to save his family. Meanwhile, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes of unprecedented strength wreak havoc around the world. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • Angels & Demons

    Angels & Demons (2009)
    Film (Mystery and Thriller) Actor Following the murder of a physicist, Father Silvano Bentivoglio, a symbolist, Robert Langdon, and a scientist, Vittoria Vetra, are on an adventure involving a secret brotherhood, the Illuminati. Clues lead them all around the Vatican, including the four altars of science, Earth, Air, Fire and Water. An assassin, working for the Illuminati, has captured four cardinals, and murders each, painfully. Robert and Vittoria also are searching for a new very destructive weapon that could kill millions. Written by XXDustfingerXX

  • Tribal Negotiations

    Tribal Negotiations (2009)
    Film (War) Actor Continuing the Interactive Movie Series. village war between Sunni's and Shia's have Sgt. Tony Ortega grasping at straws to get both Sheiks to meet on common ground. Series order: Episode 1 - Hearts and Minds Episode 2 - Crossroads Episode 3 - Civil Strife Episode 4 - Tribal Negotiations Episode 5 - Welcome to A'Stan Episode 6 - Anti- Narcotics Episode 7 - Words and Deeds Episode 8 - Countering Extremism Episode 9 - Back to the Horn Episode 10 - Let's Make a Deal Episode 11 - After Action Review. Written by Jody Hart

  • Hannah Montana: The Movie

    Hannah Montana: The Movie (2009)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Family, Music and 1 More) Actor As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over her life, Miley Stewart, on the urging from her father takes a trip to her hometown of Crowley Corners, Tennessee to get some perspective on what matters in life the most.

  • Afro Ninja

    Afro Ninja (2009)
    Video (Action, Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Actor This homage to martial arts legend Jim Kelly is based on a hugely successful Youtube video. Reggie's got a dead end job, a cruel boss, and no real propsects. Until, that is, he uncovers a pair of magic nunchuks that give him karate superpowers and set Reggie up for a battle with the evil Kung Fu Master.

  • Nip/Tuck

    Nip/Tuck (2009)
    Television (Drama) Actor Two plastic surgeons - one a dedicated family man and one an unscrupulous playboy - strive to maintain their business whilst having to work their way through numerous hardships ranging from personal relationships to clients with criminal connections. Written by Paleman

  • Yes Man

    Yes Man (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Carl Allen is at a standstill. No future... Until the day he enrolls into a personal development program based on a very simple idea: say yes to everything! Carl discovers with amazement the magical power of "Yes", and sees his professional and romantic life turned upside down overnight: an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend. But he'll soon discover that better can be good's enemy, and that all opportunities shouldn't be taken. Written by Happy_Evil_Dude

  • AmericanEast

    AmericanEast (2008)
    Film (Drama) Actor Summer in L.A., it's hot. Homeland Security has set the threat level at red; they're searching for several Arabs alleged to be terrorists. Mustafa, an Egyptian immigrant who runs a falafel shop, comes to the FBI's attention; they investigate him. He has other problems: his young teen son no longer wants to be a Muslim; his sister, a nurse, objects to Mustafa arranging her marriage to a cousin from Egypt. She has a non-Arab suitor of her own. Omar, an employee of Mustafa, is a struggling actor who doesn't want to play only terrorists. Mustafa hopes to open a real restaurant and has a potential partner in Sam, a Jew, whose family objects. What price the American dream? Written by <>

  • The Haunted House of Chronic

    The Haunted House of Chronic (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor Buddy Hempfield (Wil Haynes) and his best friend Spider Gomez (Jacon Kern-Mireles) are two stoners enjoy the simple life living in Aunt Pam's (Kitten) garage, until the rub their local dealer (Craig X) the wrong way and now they can't buy any weed, anywhere. A 'Highlarious' Urban Comedy in the tradition of "Cheech and Chong", about two slackers (Buddy Hempfield and Spider Gomez), aliens, beer, ghosts, weed, sex and more. Written by High & Mighty Films [us]

  • Mystery ER

    Mystery ER (2008)
    Television (Drama) Actor Re-enactments and interviews with doctors and investigators combine to present stories of unusual and baffling medical cases.

  • Dracula: Origin

    Dracula: Origin (2008)
    Video Game (Adventure) Actor Dracula: Origin is a point-and-click adventure game for the PC based on the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Released by Frogwares in 2008, it follows the company's catalog of adventure games such as the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series.

  • Slim K: Burn the Disco

    Slim K: Burn the Disco (2008)
    Video (Short and Music) Actor Slim K' official music video for 'Burn the Disco'.

  • The Sexaholic

    The Sexaholic (2008)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor With an insurmountable urge for sex and after numerous bad experiences and tragedies, Shawn (played by Slim Khezri), a sex addict, faces his demons, and seeks sexual sobriety through Sexaholics Anonymous.

  • What Just Happened

    What Just Happened (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actor A week in the life of Ben, a powerful Hollywood producer, as he juggles negotiations with a studio head so that his newest picture can open at Cannes in two weeks, with a high-strung director who must make edits to the film, with an actor and his agent because the star has arrived on the set of a new picture with a full beard, and with his most recent ex-wife, Kelly, whom he discovers may have a lover. He also notices that his 17-year old daughter, from another marriage, has probably been crying. What's up? Can Ben keep it all together, get the green light from the studio to go to Cannes, move his new picture past the beard crisis, and maybe return to Kelly's good graces? Written by <>

  • Charlie Wilson's War

    Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
    Film (Biography, Comedy, Drama and History) Actor In the early 1980s, Charlie Wilson is a womanizing US congressional representative from Texas who seemed to be in the minor leagues, except for the fact that he is a member of two major foreign policy and covert-ops committees. However, prodded by his major conservative supporter, Houston Socialite Joanne Herring, Wilson learns about the plight the people are suffering in the brutal Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. With the help of the maverick CIA agent, Gustav "Gust" Avrakotos, Wilson dedicates his canny political efforts to supply the Afghan mujahideen with the weapons and support to defeat the Soviet Union. However, Charlie Wilson eventually learns that while military victory can be had, there are other consequences and prices to that fight that are ignored to everyone's sorrow. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • Kids Unlimited

    Kids Unlimited (2007)
    Television (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actor Children's talent agent Max Mostel runs one of the oldest agencies in California; unfortunately, Max is retired. But his clients aren't quite ready to retire! What happens when 7 talented - and equally unmanageable - kids have to manage themselves? Find out every week on Kids Unlimited. Written by Anonymous

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Actor After Elizabeth, Will, and Captain Barbossa rescue Captain Jack Sparrow from the the land of the dead, they must face their foes, Davy Jones and Lord Cutler Beckett. Beckett, now with control of Jones' heart, forms a dark alliance with him in order to rule the seas and wipe out the last of the Pirates. Now, Jack, Barbossa, Will, Elizabeth, Tia Dalma, and crew must call the Pirate Lords from the four corners of the globe, including the infamous Sao Feng, to gathering. The Pirate Lords want to release the goddess Calypso, Davy Jones's damned lover, from the trap they sent her to out of fear, in which the Pirate Lords must combine the 9 pieces that bound her by ritual to undo it and release her in hopes that she will help them fight. With this, all pirates will stand together and will make their final stand for freedom against Beckett, Jones, Norrington, the Flying Dutchman, and the entire East India Trading Company. Written by J. Curcio

  • Entourage

    Entourage (2007)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actor In this sitcom, the suddenly risen film star Vince Chase, a 'jeune premier' of humble origins, learns the ropes of the business and the high-profile world of the wealthy happy few in and around Hollywood, but not alone: he brings from his native New York his atypical 'entourage (hence the title), not glitterati or professionals but a close circle of friends since childhood, and his professional agent finds they often make his job harder as the Queens boys not only sponge on the star but also have his ear, so Vince is much harder to counsel. Vince chooses his friend from home Eric as his manager, and LA professional Ari Gold as his agent. Over the course of the Series, they progress from kids from Queens, to actors, to producers and chase the funding and support to try to make the perfect movie for Vincent. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Succubus: Hell-Bent

    Succubus: Hell-Bent (2007)
    Video (Horror and Thriller) Actor Sometimes what happens at Spring Break doesn't stay at Spring Break... it follows you home.

  • Santa Croce

    Santa Croce (2007)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Moved by public reaction to a bleeding Virgin Mary statue, the eldest daughter of a despondent local family descends into a state of spiritual reflection, examining fact, fantasy and the undeniable feeling that all is not what it seems. Written by Penelope Shaw

  • Gameface

    Gameface (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Jack, a 30 something musician finds himself single again after a long marriage. Though he does his best to change his surroundings and bring back his glory days, he can never truly move on until he does one thing. Take off his Gameface. Written by J. Rhodimer

  • Because I Said So

    Because I Said So (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew Daphne Wilder is a mother whose love knows no bounds or boundaries. She is the proud mom of three daughters: stable psychologist Maggie, sexy and irreverent Mae and insecure, adorable Milly - who, when it comes to men, is like psychotic flypaper. In order to prevent her youngest from making the same mistakes she did, Daphne decides to set Milly up with the perfect man. Little does Milly know, however, that her mom placed an ad in the on-line personals to find him. Comic mayhem unfolds as Daphne continues to do the wrong thing for the right reasons...all in the name of love. In a battle of strong wills, the mother-daughter dynamic is tested in all its fierce, wacky complexity. The girls help Daphne finally discover the truths and impossibilities of motherly love, all while trying to answer the questions: where does it begin and where should it end? Written by anonymous

  • Patriots: A Nation Under Fire

    Patriots: A Nation Under Fire (2006)
    Video Game (Action) Actor Several terrorist sleeper cells across the United States suddenly go live and detonate nuclear weapons in several large cities across the country, using the confusion and loss of life to make up for their small numbers.

  • Sideliners

    Sideliners (2006)
    TV Movie (Drama) Actor A behind the scenes look at the lives of a squad of professional cheerleaders, all from diverse backgrounds with the same dream: to escape their mundane existences in exchange for the spotlight... So Here comes a whole new season of drama... Written by Elana Sahagun

  • Coffee Date

    Coffee Date (2006)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor Todd's life spins out of control when an unexpected friendship with a gay man causes everyone in his life to start believing he's gay. Do they know something he doesn't?

  • You Did What?

    You Did What? (2006)
    Film (Comedy) Actor When his brother proposes to a girl after knowing her less than 24 hours, marriage phobic Charlie Porter finds himself stuck between a two-carat rock and a hard place with his long-term girlfriend.

  • Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible

    Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible (2006)
    Television (Documentary) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Reality Show

    The Reality Show (2005)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Goro's Bar

    Goro's Bar (2004)
    Television (Talk-Show) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Rat Race

    Rat Race (2001)
    Film (Adventure and Comedy) Actor Donald P. Sinclair has placed six separate gold coins in different slot machines in his casino. The lucky six who find these coins discover an opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to own $2 million. Locked up in a locker in New Mexico, these six contestants must now race each other, to be the first to the cash. There are no rules in place and everything that could possibly happen, does. Whilst, behind the scenes, Sinclair's associates are placing their bets. Written by Film_Fan

  • Save the Last Dance

    Save the Last Dance (2001)
    Film (Drama, Music and Romance) Actor Sara wants to be a ballerina, but her dreams are cut short by the sudden death of her mother. She moves in with her father, who she has not seen for a long time. He lives on the other side of town, in a predominantly Black neighborhood. She gets transferred to a new school where she is one of the few White students there. She becomes friends with Chenille, and later, falls in love with Chenille's brother, Derek. Written by Kara

  • Little Nicky

    Little Nicky (2000)
    Film (Comedy and Fantasy) Actor When somebody's mother is an angel and his father is the devil, life can be really confusing. For a sweet boy like Little Nicky, it just got a whole lot worse. His two evil brothers Adrian and Cassius have just escaped from Hell and are wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting earth. His dad is disintegrating and it's up to Nicky to save him and all of a humanity by midnight before one of his brothers becomes the new Satan. Written by Anthony Pereyra {}

  • Die Gong-Show

    Die Gong-Show (1992)
    Television (Game-Show) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Die Rudi Carrell Show

    Die Rudi Carrell Show (1991)
    Television (Family) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Moment

    The Moment
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor The Moment tells the story of a young woman, trapped in the world of sex trafficking, with no hopes and no one to turn to, and her choice to escape it.

  • Code Z

    Code Z
    Film (Thriller) Actor The Zombie apocalypse has begun and spreading quick through the country. The only chance of survival now lies in the hands of Brazilian triplets: Katelyn, Hayley, and Lena. The fiercest, sultriest, fearless trio who fights evil with a strong left hook. Three sisters destined for a powerful journey. Lena, Hayley and Katelyn are not only triplet sisters, they are also human/zombie hybrids. At first, their partial immunity to the Zombie Virus is a huge mystery to everyone including them. However, they later discover that their biological mother had a very rare blood disease and during the triplets birth, she died, and the three of them inherited their third of her disease. What seemed like a family curse growing up was actually a blessing. When the zombie outbreak hit, this rare disease made each of their bloods able to peacefully coexist with the Zombie Virus. That immunity successfully kept their human half safe even though they are technically still infected. They must now learn how ...

  • Dark Gospels

    Dark Gospels
    Film (Horror) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Rich for a Day

    Rich for a Day
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Charlie Chaplin style comedy short about a homeless guy who ends up helping a lady who's had her purse stolen.

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