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About Sonya

I am a Boston performer of stage, television & film. I embarked on an acting career in 2003 and I’m still growing strong! You can usually find me on stage in Massachusetts and/or Rhode Island performing in straight plays as well as musical theatre. I have worked in many corporate videos, and television commercials in Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, as well as appearing in several television and major feature film productions. Most recently, I have become a member of Red Sage Stories/Playback Theatre for Art & Social Change. I also made my Directorial Debut at the end of 2018, directing scenes in an episode of the Award Winning web series Unconditional Love, Season 3. When not acting, I enjoy R & B Line Dancing. I am a founding member and instructor of Purplicious Divas! I love rollercoasters, tandem skydiving and finding new adventures!!

Unique traits: Cry, giggle and coo like an infant.


  • Randy's Canvas

    Randy's Canvas (2018)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress A coming-of-age love story about an aspiring artist with autism.

  • Unconditional Love

    Unconditional Love (2016 - 2017)
    Television (Drama) Actress "Unconditional Love explores the ups and downs modern day romance between a gay, black couple. As they each face their own challenges, their love and faith is tested against all odds."

  • The Humbled Hobo

    The Humbled Hobo (2017)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • On the Tab

    On the Tab (2017)
    Television (Comedy) Actress For the workers at The Tab, life is never normal.

  • Untitled Identity Crisis Film

    Untitled Identity Crisis Film (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actress Jamal Jenkins is just your average inner city kid growing up in an all black neighborhood, except for one thing - he's white.

  • A Daisy for Rose

    A Daisy for Rose (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Tribulation

    Tribulation (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Witch Hunt

    Witch Hunt (2016)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actress A Catholic priest questions his faith after a botched exorcism. Strange occurrences deriving from a satanic cult have lead Father James Costello back to his old nemesis, Sheriff Tormada. Tormada, a self-loathing homosexual, sociopath and murderer, uses the law to his advantage to make Costello's life a living hell. Tormada is at war with the idea that Costello made peace with being gay. An unknown association hires a brother/sister team of Bosnian witch hunters/inquisitors to exterminate the 'problems' the town has been experiencing. Written by Richard Chandler

  • Thinking with Richard

    Thinking with Richard (2015)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • School Reunion

    School Reunion (2015)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress Two female foes meet up in the Ladies Restroom at a school reunion. After a few false pleasantries, the catty lines and claws are out in no time. No amount of Botox can hide true feelings. What IS the history between these two anyway?

  • Permanent

    Permanent (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actress Six unrelated people must push through their past and the mob underworld to discover what has controlled each of them all these years. Sex, Drugs, Guns and God have created a series of events which will leave each of them changed forever.

  • Alone

    Alone (2014)
    Film (Drama and Short) Actress A middle aged woman struggles to reclaim her life after becoming homeless.

  • Family Dinner

    Family Dinner (2014)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Standing Up

    Standing Up (2013)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Actress Paul Miller has been running away his entire life. He is an amateur scholar of stand-up comedians, and desperately wants to join the ranks. But his fear of standing up in front of a crowd is insurmountable. His biggest fear stifles his greatest dream. Finally, on his 28th birthday, he gets tired of running. He discovers that it's time to find out if he has what it takes to conquer self-doubt ... and realize his life-long dream. Written by Anonymous

  • Fostering

    Fostering (2013)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Unmotivated

    Unmotivated (2013)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • 10

    10 (2012)
    Film (Thriller) Actress 10 friends set together a 10-day vacation plan at an isolated location. But, the location, an old burned down asylum now being reconstructed, lures the friends back into the hospital as they try to find their way back to reality or - die trying. Written by William Ayers

  • Cost of the Living: A Zom Rom Com

    Cost of the Living: A Zom Rom Com (2011)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress It is a live action feature film that is set in a world where the undead have risen and can be tamed to live peacefully with humans. People have been split between those who support undead rights and those who do not. Andrew and Emily, from either camp, meet and start to fall in love, while Brian just struggles to fit in. It is a social/political satire, story of struggle and a romantic love story all wrapped into one. Written by Daniel Lee White

  • Frankenstein in a Women's Prison

    Frankenstein in a Women's Prison (2011)
    Video (Short and Horror) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Clowns with Spatulas

    Clowns with Spatulas (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Music) Actress A nonsensical comedy that chronicles a rock band of five friends in their mid-twenties, hours away from their final performance. Once, they seemed destined for greatness, but due to their pompous guitarist and songwriter, have gone back to scoring gigs as a high school graduation band in their small town. Written by Anonymous

  • Mission Park

    Mission Park (2010)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actress Boston is the city where the superhero team Mission Park comes to life in a vivid comic book world. Despite the team's strained relations, a threat is festering in their home town, and with stakes at an all-time high, team Mission Park will unite for a single night to crush an evil plot initiated by the villainous Executive (Michael Tarara). Tessa Faux (Sam Pannier) leads the team as the seductive socialite vigilante. Apple Orchard (Lauren Guglielmello) is the prim and proper sidekick who doesn't swear, doesn't lie but does lug around an assault rifle to blow away criminals. Chris Ember (Chip Perro) is the fiery anarchist with a vast array of powers that are actually symptoms of a virus that's killing him. Timothy Note (Casey Preston) is only in the game for the glory, and Victor Strength (Christopher G. Pike) is the world's strongest man. The saga opens up as Chris Ember is recruited by the Boston Police Department to diffuse a time bomb situation, that if not controlled, will alter ... Written by Deborah Perro

  • Mama V

    Mama V (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Crime and Drama) Actress Meet Mama V: a failed Madam who's dream of opening up a beauty salon is shattered after finding out that the money she saved as a pimp was stolen. With the help of one of her former prostitutes and nephew she gets a hold of the money that can help get her life back on track. Written by Anonymous

  • The Intensive

    The Intensive (2010)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Adrian Pallo is a promising writer whose screenplay was acquired for an Independent film starring his wife, Suzanne Pallo. The film's director and Suzanne's proclaimed emotional visionary, Maxwell Halliday is married to a well-known workshop director/actress, Galena Votros. Suzanne is critical of Adrian's inability to break free of what she calls his "conservative tendencies." Adrian's reluctance to explore and expand his main character's innate demons and conflicts through visual, sexual resolution is stifling his re-write of the big seduction scene; squandering an opportunity to establish himself as a viable contemporary risk-taker; and limiting Suzanne's character arc. Maxwell's insistence that the re-write is the natural and necessary progression for Suzanne's character journey has added to her turbulent relationship with Adrian. She insists Adrian take Galena's radically progressive "Intensive"Acting Workshop. Adrian reluctantly agrees to take the workshop and quickly learns that... Written by Franco Trombino

  • The Sidekick

    The Sidekick (2010)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Crime and Mystery) Actress A down on his luck ex-cop is hired to find a businessman's kidnapped wife. He investigates the disappearance while being shadowed by an envious wanna-be crime solver who who may have more insight into the the disappearance than he knows.

  • Broke

    Broke (2009)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Drama and Family) Actress This is a short 'dry comedy' about young adolescents and adults dealing with the problems of our economy today; the movie is in light of the recession

  • Skin and Bone

    Skin and Bone (2009)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actress The lives of health care workers, patients, and their families intertwine over the course of one critical day in a hospital cardiac care unit.

  • Nun of That

    Nun of That (2008)
    Film (Action and Comedy) Actress Nun of That is an action-comedy that follows Sister Kelly Wrath as she transforms from a nun with a simple temper problem to a vengeful killer. After being gunned down in an alley, she ascends to heaven to receive training from some of the great figures of religious mythology (Moses, Gandhi, and Jesus himself). She is then set back to Earth to join the other members of the Order of the Black Habit, a group of supernatural vigilante nuns as they seek revenge against the mob. Written by Anonymous

  • Machination

    Machination (2008)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actress Two con artists find out they've been set up by their boss while on the job.

  • Talk

    Talk (2007)
    Film (Drama) Actress When a talk radio host incites his listeners to violence, four men that must lay everything on the line for what they believe is right, then live with the consequences of their actions.

  • The Busker

    The Busker (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actress After the tragic death of his father, Seamus, a young busker (street musician), falls for a free-spirited African-American girl. Their developing relationship is threatened by the racial tension that surrounds them and an opportunity presented to Seamus by an unlikely stranger. Written by Anonymous

  • Brotherhood

    Brotherhood (2006)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actress Set in an Irish neighbourhood in Providence, the series reflects around two brothers on opposite sides of the law: one a gangster (Jason Isaacs) and the other a politician (Jason Clarke).

  • American Wake

    American Wake (2004)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Actress A film about finding the path that sets you free, AMERICAN WAKE is a music-infused portrait of a fireman and a musician in search of meaning and connection. Jack Connolly has fulfilled the dream of his late father, a Boston cop, by becoming a distinguished firefighter and hero. But in the aftermath of a blaze in which he lost his oldest friend, he is struggling to make sense of life. As is Niall McKnight, a gifted young fiddle player, whose father harbors the hope that his son will accompany him back to Ireland, a homeland Niall barely remembers. For Jack and Niall to embrace the lives they want to live, and the women they are coming to love, they must choose what to keep and what to leave behind, and learn that with every leap of faith comes both sorrow and joy. Written by Maureen Foley, writer and director of the film

  • Ring of the Bishop

    Ring of the Bishop (2004)
    Film (Drama) Actress In the real world, a man can lose his faith and his charity. Fate is about to bring it back. Monsignor Pace, cold, arrogant, and proud, is unforgiving toward sinners. That is, until one night, when a young prostitute kidnaps him and forces him to confess her. Through her death, he must confront his life and one particular demon. Having grown materialistic over the years, Monsignor Pace, who is about to become a bishop, feels no charity towards his fellow human beings, especially with one alcoholic priest, Fr. Ramsey. Taking place over two days, Pace confronts Ramsey about his drinking, and the fact that he sodomized a 16 year old, female alter-server. Ramsey's delusion that they are to get married changes to a confession that he couldn't stand seeing her beauty anymore without acting. Pace is bored with him and after chastising him, makes him sign a confession and orders him to rehab center all the while taunting him, and bribing him with a bottle of whiskey in sight. Something that ... Written by Kathleen Fitzgerald

  • The Drive

    The Drive
    Film (Short, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Add a Plot »


  • The Community Players Gregson Award

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