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Manny M. Hernandez

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Upland, California

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About Manny

Manny M Hernandez is an actor writer, director and producer. Born in Tijuana Mexico and moved to Ontario California when he was three. “Most of my life I was unsure of what I wanted to pursue in life, that is, until I went to an acting class with a friend. It took only minutes to spark a journey that I hope will last a lifetime”.

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  • Philophobia: or the Fear of Falling in Love

    Philophobia: or the Fear of Falling in Love (2019)
    Film Actor

  • El Perfumista

    El Perfumista (2019)
    Film Actor

  • Chalino

    Chalino (2019)
    Film Actor

  • For The People

    For The People (2019)
    TV Series Actor

  • Porch Pirates

    Porch Pirates (2018)
    Film Actor

  • The Family Business

    The Family Business (2018)
    TV Series Actor

  • Killing Edward

    Killing Edward (2018)
    Film Actor

  • Headgame

    Headgame (2018)
    Film Actor

  • Misconception Hotline

    Misconception Hotline (2018)
    Film Cinematographer

  • Tucker's War

    Tucker's War (2017)
    Television (Western) Actor 1920.The Great World War is over. Prohibition is now the law of the land. And the Wild West has long ago vanished. But someone forgot to tell Tucker Hicks.

  • Snowfall

    Snowfall (2017)
    TV Series Actor

  • DirtBag Week in Review

    DirtBag Week in Review (2017)
    TV Series Actor

  • Veep

    Veep (2017)
    TV Series Actor

  • Fear the Night

    Fear the Night (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Lou's Place

    Lou's Place (2016)
    Film (Horror and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • The Summoning

    The Summoning (2016)
    Film (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A law student, working on a century's old murder case, discovers more than what she expected when spirits from the past begin to visit her, leading her towards an insidious truth that will place her own life in danger.

  • The Vanished

    The Vanished (2016)
    Film (Drama, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor The great American Heartland, The endless countryside paints a picture perfect portrait. Underneath the beauty however, an evil presence is festering, and top Newspaper man, Will Alvarez is determined to figure out just what that is. He is given permission to investigate the crime scene in order to retrace his steps, and gather new information and clues, trying to figure out what happened to the missing Clara Parker, and the three ranch hands, Ray, John and Tomas, in hopes of clearing Sam Parker; the one and only suspect. As the day unravels, hour, by hour, Alvarez begins to piece together a clearer picture of the horror that took place here. But Sheriff Miller never buys it, always suspecting foul play, and treating this as a homicide and missing persons' case. Alvarez however, is unwavering, firm on painting a different picture. As his investigation unwinds, he begins to experience supernatural, otherworldly activity, constantly being stalked by something malevolent and insidious in... Written by Anonymous

  • The Holy Man

    The Holy Man (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Callejero

    Callejero (2015)
    Film (Action, Drama and Sport) Actor For Javier, running away from the tiny border town of San Luis Rio Colorado and his professional fighter father when he was just a teenager meant growing up on the streets of Tijuana and being bred in the world of cartel-run underground fighting. Years later, the grizzled veteran fighter known as Callejero, and his quick-talking ever-scheming manager Jose, are faced with a dilemma: Throw the next fight or face the consequences of a gambling debt owed to the cartel. When things go awry, only a longstanding relationship with the man in charge keeps Jose and Javier alive, but they're forced out of the fight game and Tijuana for good. Irreparably damaged by all his years in the ring, Javier returns home alone, lost and broken. With nowhere else to turn, he tries to build a new life forging a relationship with his father, his own wayward teenage son and his son's mother, who he all but abandoned a decade earlier. And while nothing comes easy, the family bond begins to strengthen when ... Written by Martin Derbyshire

  • 4am Gas Station Muzak

    4am Gas Station Muzak (2015)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor Mark's car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The nearest gas station can be seen in the distance, and he knows he must get his car to it. Inside the gas station, a fallen Angel, played by Jose Yenque (Academy Award winning film Traffic) and The Devil played by Amin Jospeh (The Expendables) are playing a game of chess, where the fallen Angel works as a clerk. However, this chess game is no friendly chess game, they're waging on people's souls. When Mark, pushes his car up to a gas pump (played by up and coming Los Angeles actor Philip Adkins,) they realize they have their first soul to bet on. Once Mark enters the gas station, he is greeted by The Angel. The Devil, who has morphed into a more pleasant individual, offers Mark a job. Mark gladly accepts the job from The Devil, and this leads us into a dark fantasy that Mark has to escape from. While he is alone in the vast desert, he is approached by several different people at different times. Mark can no longer determine who is "... Written by Leila Almas

  • Pure Love

    Pure Love (2015)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Actor Pure Love is a story about love, revenge and moving on. A few days before the wedding Eve and Abel hatch out a plan to do just that, by literally killing off four ex lovers who's past actions still impact their present lives. Each will kill one for themselves, the ex who's a constant threat to the relationship and one for the other, the ex that caused the most pain, physically, mentally or emotionally. Theirs is a Pure Love, the kind you'd kill for. Written by Anonymous

  • The Chaldean

    The Chaldean (2014)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Perception of Reality

    Perception of Reality (2014)
    Film (Short and Family) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Autumn Wanderer

    Autumn Wanderer (2013)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Actor While experiencing signs of schizophrenia, Charlie meets the woman of his dreams.

  • Vertical

    Vertical (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actor Winner of the Best International Feature Film Award at the London Independent Film Festival in 2015... See full synopsis »

  • Dark Power

    Dark Power (2013)
    Film (Thriller) Production manager When the mayor of a crime-ridden city and his opponent are assassinated, two FBI agents join forces to investigate the murder and become the targets of a powerful criminal conspiracy.

  • Portion

    Portion (2012)
    Film (Drama) Actor Portion is a drama-love story set around two border towns between United States and Mexico, where Luis and Sarah share love and tragedy in both sides of the border.

  • Front Seat Chronicles

    Front Seat Chronicles (2012)
    Television (Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Grillen

    Grillen (2012)
    Television (Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Students Like Us

    Students Like Us (2012)
    Film Actor

  • The Brown Bookstore

    The Brown Bookstore (2011)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Actor In the heart of an Ivy League institution, three naive transplants from rural Kansas find themselves working at the prestigious Brown University Bookstore. In the pilot, they attempt to hire a new cash register operator.

  • Phantom Blvd.

    Phantom Blvd. (2010)
    Film (Short, Action, Crime and Drama) Actor 1950s gang The Screaming Skulls come face to face with rival gang The South-Side Scorpions in this tale of greasy pompadour hair, drive-in flicks, drag races and knife fights. Midnight at Phantom Blvd. will change these boys forever.

  • The Good, the Bad, & the Dead

    The Good, the Bad, & the Dead (2010)
    Video (Animation, Short, Action, Horror and 1 More) Actor Set in a graphic novel world of the old west, a gunslinger comes to town and must fight off the dead who have been brought back by angry spirits.

  • Miss Republic of Sports

    Miss Republic of Sports (2009)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actor Instead of entering his nerdy girlfriend (Jessica) in a bikini contest, Alan hires a swimsuit model to improve his chances of winning a free trip to a sports event in Europe. When Jessica finds out, her friend help her transform from an ugly duckling into a swan and then she enters the contest, wins, and goes on the trip with Alan's best friend, Paul. Written by Anonymous

  • Vigilante

    Vigilante (2009)
    Film (Short, Crime and Horror) Actor Jack Ambrose and his wheel chair bound brother kill demons on Earth as they track down the man responsible for bringing evil to Earth.

  • Emily

    Emily (2009)
    Film (Short) Actor Detective Jones has dragged a known criminal out to the desert in hopes of gathering information on the murder of Emily Hughes.

  • Chuck

    Chuck (2008)
    Television (Action, Comedy and Drama) Actor Since geeky Chuck accidentally became the mental host of the Intersect, an unprecedentedly powerful computer mind containing all information available to the US government, he's a primordial national security asset and risk. So CIA and NSA each appoint a top agent to guard Chuck, and often get involved with him in spy adventures. Meanwhile his identity must be kept secret from Chuck's sister, her perfect partner Devon, both surgeons, and Chuck's goofy colleagues in Buy More, the Burbank electronics store where he works as a cover. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Criminal Xing

    Criminal Xing (2007)
    Film (Action, Adventure, Crime and Drama) Actor Johnny is a poker-faced, old world outlaw whose only driving force is money. A professional killer and master of escape, Johnny is soon offered the big cash score that has constantly eluded him. The Catch? He and five other criminals must complete various jobs from an anonymous employer before they get the chance at some serious money. Johnny, who is a gun for hire, soon teams up with the five criminals on different jobs knowing in advance that they are all enemies. Johnny's life is quickly put in danger when two of the criminals find out that he is working for their rival. The result of this leads to numerous set-ups, double crosses and deadly confrontations, where only one fortunate soul will be left standing. Greatness, wealth and power beyond their wildest dreams await these undesirables. The only thing they have to do now... is stay alive long enough to claim it. Written by Super Movie Buff 1

  • Last Call

    Last Call (2007)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Tells the story of a New York City bartender stuck working the Christmas shift who must try and stop a desperate man from taking his own life.

  • Bottoms Up

    Bottoms Up (2006)
    Video (Comedy and Romance) Actor Owen Peadman is a Minnesota bartender who arrives in Los Angeles to try to help his father raise money to save his small restaurant. Owen shacks up with his very gay uncle Earl and tries to integrate himself into the high society of Hollywood where a chance run-in with a wealth socialite named Lisa Mancini and her uptight actor boyfriend Hayden Field where Owen, using a little influence and blackmail, gets a taste of the fast and sordid and scandalous lifestyles of the Hollywood upper crust while dealing with his growing romantic feelings he has for Lisa. Written by Matt Patay

  • Shutter

    Shutter (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actor An urban love story that follows two people on an internal journey. As they struggle to try to escape the reality of their emotions. Which tear at their souls, but they soon realize that what they seek to escape is what they really want the most. And it's that one thing that will make them whole. Written by Michael Clark

  • Americanese

    Americanese (2006)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor Long after their breakup, Chinese American Raymond Ding and Amerasian Aurora Crane struggle to let go. Torn apart by mismatched ideals, meddling friends, and the complexities of racial identities, they find other suitable mates but cannot stay away from each other. Written by

  • Joey

    Joey (2005)
    Television (Comedy and Romance) Actor After his friends all go their separate ways, Joey Tribianni leaves New York for Hollywood to pursue his acting career full time. His sister Gina buys him a nice apartment, and he finds a new roommate in his 20-year old nephew Michael (Gina had him when she was 16), who is literally a rocket scientist. Michael's book smarts and Joey's people smarts allow them to help each other out whenever they can, and make them nice companions. Written by lusy4eva-1

  • Interpreters: a C & Earth Chronicle - quantum 1

    Interpreters: a C & Earth Chronicle - quantum 1
    Film by Michael Ryan (Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor

  • Ulysses Coyote

    Ulysses Coyote

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