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Dennis Lundin

Manager, Producer and Stunt Coordinator

Helensburgh, Australia

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About Dennis

Dennis Lundin is co-owner and Operations Manager at LundinStudio and a member of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts. He is a passionate stunt coordinator with an advanced rigging licence for working at heights. Dennis has worked on over 100 movies/TV episodes in Canada, Scandinavia and Australia. See his IMDb filmography for a complete listing.

LundinStudio is a warehouse style production studio with extraordinary LED lighting, equipment, green screens and in-house skills. Our Creamsource lights and ARRI SkyPanel are second to none for creating mood, atmosphere or a cinematic look.




  • Girls on the Avenue

    Girls on the Avenue (2018)
    Film (Short) Stunts

  • The Women Who Were Never There

    The Women Who Were Never There (2016)
    Film (Short) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • How to Sell Your Soul for Fifteen Minutes of Fame

    How to Sell Your Soul for Fifteen Minutes of Fame (2010)
    Video (Short, Biography, Drama and Mystery) Actor Liam Leonard wants to be famous. But with no discernible talents or vast quantities of cash to throw around, he must find some other way to make his dream come true. After way too many drinks and a sleep on the couch, he concocts a plan. One that involves selling his soul for fifteen minutes of fame. Getting the soul out of his body is easy, all you need is a pot, a garden seed, and a quick montage in front of a camera to show off the process. The tough part is selling the soul to a buyer with a sound mind and a happy home. After taking out advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet, Liam soon learns what sort of people look to buy a soul. He is soon accosted by all manners of temperamental teenagers, overseas buyers, ever-cautious consumers and many others looking to renovate and revamp his eternal life. Written by Anonymous

  • Kommissarie Winter

    Kommissarie Winter (2001)
    Television (Crime and Thriller) Stunts This is a series which contains six different stories. Each story is based upon a book written by Åke Edwardsson. The first story "Dance with an angel" begins when a man is found dead, murdered in a hotel room in London. Shortly after a similar murder is committed in Gothenburg where Erik Winter is working. It seems like a macabre dance has been performed in the room where the killings have been committed. Written by Anonymous

  • Invincible

    Invincible (2001)
    TV Movie (Action, Fantasy and Thriller) Stunts The Shadow Men are immortal beings of darkness and destruction. One such Shadow Man, Os (Zane), is confronted by the White Warrior, a being of light, and given the chance to change his ways or die. After the White Warrior bests Os in combat, she opens his heart to the power of love, and charges him to find the warriors who are the representation of the five elements and will save the world from the threat of the Shadow Men and their leader, Slate.

  • Villospår

    Villospår (2001)
    Television (Thriller) Stunts A Kurt Wallander mystery told from the perspectives of police and criminal. A foreign teenage girl burns herself to death under inspector Wallander's eyes. Several homicides take place where the victim is not only killed but scalped. The victims don't seem to have any connection. The viewer will know quite early that the serial killer is a deranged adolescent boy, but what exactly is his motive? Written by Markku Kuoppamäki

  • Heartland

    Heartland (2001)
    Television (Family) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Juliane

    Juliane (2000)
    Film (Drama) Stunts The strong willed independent Juliane Jensen has been married to her husband Otto for five years after her previous husband Simon took his own life due to a severe depression. The Blacksmith Otto fights in the new union for better conditions for the common worker. There are forbidden erotic thoughts in almost every small ally and Juliane has to give her best to keep her two oldest children's sexual curiosity under control. While Juliane has two sisters who sternly rejects every romantic approach by men, Juliane herself often announces a new pregnancy. But the fight for true love in the conflict ridden par of Copenhagen called Christianshavn is soon put to the test by dramatic events.... Written by Anders Christensen

  • Klinkevals

    Klinkevals (1999)
    Film (Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • The Day of the Roses

    The Day of the Roses (1998)
    Television (Drama) Stunts On January 18th, 1977, a crowded commuter train heading for Sydney, derailed hitting a stanchion of the Granville bridge. The bridge collapsed and killed 83 passengers and injuring more than 232. This dramatised-true-story follows the horrendous survival and rescue and recovery of victims and the political and difficult investigation by the Coroner and his team of investigators Written by

  • Skärgårdsdoktorn

    Skärgårdsdoktorn (1997)
    Television (Drama) Stunts TV series about the doctor Johan Steen who returns to Sweden after working in Somalia. He takes over his father in law's practice in the archipelago and together with his daughter Wilma, they try to make a new life for themselves.

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy (1997)
    Film (Action, Comedy and Crime) Stunts In Melbourne, the Chinese Chef Jackie has a successful show on television. The drug lord Giancarlo and his gang are dealing cocaine with The Demons gang, but they fight against each other. During the shooting, the snoopy reporter Diana and her partner are accidentally exposed and they flee with a VHS tape with the footage of the negotiation. On the street, she stumbles with Jackie and he helps her fighting against the gangsters. When they are escaping in his car, her tape accidentally mixes with other videotapes that Jackie has in a box on the backseat of his car. Jackie goes to his apartment and meets his girlfriend Miki while his nephews "borrow" the tape to watch. Meanwhile Giancarlo's gangsters are looking for the tape and abduct Miki. Jackie's friend Romeo, who is a police detective, chases the gangsters with other policemen while Jackie teams up with Diana and his friend Lakisha to release Miki from Giancarlo. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • The Place of the Dead

    The Place of the Dead (1997)
    TV Movie (Adventure, Drama and Thriller) Stunts A group of soldiers on a British Army expedition attempt to navigate an unexplored Malaysian gully. So inaccessible is the area, that they must ascend the highest mountain in Southeast Asia just to reach the entrance. The initial climb proves to be difficult for some of the party. Against strong objections, they are allowed to catch up and rest, rather than being turned back. Things don't improve the next day, however. With rations going more quickly than expected and time running out, a decision must be made. Should the lead group wait even longer and risk the entire mission, or save time by scouting the location ahead of them? Descending over "The Point Of No Return" could split the team permanently. Who makes the call? Written by Necturus

  • Heart of Fire

    Heart of Fire (1997)
    TV Movie (Action and Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Acri

    Acri (1996)
    Film (Fantasy) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Skilda världar

    Skilda världar (1996)
    Television (Drama) Stunts Two twins, Daniel and Sandra, are separated when very young as their parents split up without any contact for nearly 20 years. When they meet by chance on their 20th birthday this drama series starts, and the first main storyline is whether or not they will get to know that they are related. Their two families (of different world, hence the title) are upper and middle class. Daniel's brother Mikael elopes with Anna to live as outcasts, as Anna's mother blames Daniel and Mikael for the murder of her husband. Andreas is revealed as the real killer, but doesn't succeed in proving to the court that the death was an accident, so Andreas has to spend time in prison. His girlfriend is Daniel's and Mikael's sister Stina, who is torn between her family and boyfriend. Written by Ragnar Ståhle <>

  • Medivac

    Medivac (1996)
    Television (Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Ocean Girl

    Ocean Girl (1995)
    Television (Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy and 2 More) Stunts Neri - the title character - is a young girl with an affinity for water, super-human strength, the ability to swim long distances, and super-human lung capacity. She lives alone on an otherwise deserted island. Early in the first season, Neri befriends two Australian boys: Jason and Brett Bates. This friendship is at first a highly guarded secret due to Neri's fear of other humans. The Bates brothers live in an elaborate underwater research and environmental protection facility called ORCA (the Oceanic Research Center of Australia), located near Port Douglas, Queensland. At the beginning of the series, their mother, Dr. Dianne Bates, has been assigned to ORCA to study whale song in the hopes of facilitating cross-species communication. A significant portion of the series takes place on ORCA itself, and looks at the activities of its inhabitants, which includes the school-aged children of the resident scientists, such as Jason and Brett. Written by adventure

  • Fire

    Fire (1995)
    Television (Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner

    Frække Frida og de frygtløse spioner (1994)
    Film (Comedy and Family) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Royal Deceit

    Royal Deceit (1994)
    Film (Adventure and Drama) Stunts This re-telling of Hamlet goes back to the original Danish source material. The opening scenario remains the same: Hamlet's father murdered by his brother who then weds the widowed mother. Hamlet must discover his strength and leadership that will allow him to regain his rightful throne. Don't expect an ending which matches the Bard's though, this is more like a true Viking epic. Written by Victor R. Volkman <>

  • Reckless Kelly

    Reckless Kelly (1993)
    Film (Comedy) Stunts "Reckless Kelly is the Australian Robin Hood". Kelly is a bank robber, a pop-culture hero and video shop owner. This modern story tells how he is furious when a Japanese company wants to buy his band's farm. Written by Kornel Osvart <>

  • Tre ludere og en lommetyv

    Tre ludere og en lommetyv (1993)
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  • De skrigende halse

    De skrigende halse (1993)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Stunts Copenhagen 1984. Ronni is a young, mediocre punk-guitarist, eager to make it big in the death obsessed late-punk milieu. But his girlfriend has left him, the other members of his band are fed up with his incompetence and insecure attitude, he has a problem with his stomach, his doctor wants to abuse him sexually and the former manager of the band thinks Ronni owes him some money. It seems to reach an ultimate low, when Ronni collapses onstage during an all-important concert, but it turns out to be his ticket to glory as he claims to be mortally ill. Written by Jesper Lauridsen <>

  • Frankie's House

    Frankie's House (1992)
    TV Movie (Biography, Drama and War) Stunts In 1964 in Laos, young Tim Page discovers his vocation as a photojournalist and is given a job, a camera, and a trip to Vietnam. There, he learns the ropes, learns about the war first in Saigon, and then "in country" on patrol with troops. He and his colleagues, including the sons of Errol Flynn and John Steinbeck, capture the war in pictures, recover from their wounds, swap stories, battle censorship, and support each other between the explosions at the brothel run by Tranh Ki: "Frankie's House". Written by Kathy Li

  • Over the Hill

    Over the Hill (1992)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Stunts Alma can't stand to have one more birthday without seeing her estranged daughter, Elizabeth, who lives in Sydney, Australia. But Alma doesn't fit into her daughter's political-hostess life even for a visit, and she finds more sympathy in her granddaughter. Alma, in a burst of rebellion, buys a supercharged hotrod and sets out on a voyage of self-discovery to Melbourne--if she can remember to stay on the left side of the road. Along the way, she meets con artists, gangsters, and a ponytailed white-knight in a camper and she finds not only adventure and romance, but also the courage to go back and face her relationship with her daughter and set it right. Written by Kathy Li

  • Final Judgment

    Final Judgment (1991)
    TV Movie Stunts Add a Plot »

  • White Light

    White Light (1991)
    Film (Action, Drama, Fantasy and Thriller) Stunts An undercover cop gets killed, goes to heaven, meets a beautiful woman there, then inexplicably returns to life. There he is haunted by visions of this woman and her death, and tries to track her down -- an undertaking somehow connected to his original assignment. Written by Eddi Sommer <>

  • If Looks Could Kill

    If Looks Could Kill (1991)
    Film (Action and Comedy) Stunts When Michael Corben, along with the rest of his high-school French class, set out for a trip to France, he runs headlong into international intrigue: Agent Michael Corbin has just been disposed of by the evil forces of Augustus Steranko. When it's learned that Michael Corbin is alive and well, and still on his way to France, he's beseiged by both the good guys and the bad guys. British Intelligence outfits him with a series of James-Bond-like gizmos, and Steranko sends more would-be assassins after him. Can Michael stop the evil Steranko's plans for European domination? Written by Rick Munoz <>

  • Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter

    Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter (1990)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Stunts A young newspaper reporter becomes a horrible crusty-faced zombie following a radioactive contamination.

  • Red Blooded American Girl

    Red Blooded American Girl (1990)
    Film (Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi) Stunts A young woman is transformed into a vampire by a virus.

  • Avonlea

    Avonlea (1990)
    Television (Drama, Adventure, Family, Mystery and 1 More) Stunts The King family have lived in a small farming community called Avonlea on Prince Edward Island for generations. In the early 1900's, the eldest of the five King siblings, Hetty, oversees the goings-on in the family and ensures everything runs to her high and rigid standards. Eldest brother, Alec, and his family run the King farm. Youngest sister Olivia, who still is treated as the baby by the others despite being a grown woman, is the third of the siblings still living in Avonlea. Two additions from the King family arrive somewhat unexpectedly to stay on the King property, one being Andrew King, the son of third eldest Roger, who is off traveling the world as a renowned geologist. The other arrival is Sara Stanley, the only daughter of fourth eldest but deceased Ruth, who was the rebellious one in the family. Before Sara's arrival in Avonlea, the Stanleys were estranged from their Avonlea King relations. Sara is sent to stay with her relatives because her father, Blair Stanley, wants ... Written by Huggo

  • Top Cops

    Top Cops (1990)
    Television (Action and Crime) Stunts This series has police officers from all over North America tell their stories of dramatic happenings while on the job. While the cops narrate their stories, we see film dramatizations of the events that happened to them. Written by Kenneth Chisholm <>

  • Gate 2: The Trespassers

    Gate 2: The Trespassers (1990)
    Film (Fantasy, Horror and Comedy) Stunts It's been five years since Terry's friend Glen discovered The Gate to hell in his backyard. Glen has now moved away and Terry begins practicing rituals in Glen's old house and eventually bringing back demons through The Gate and leading to demoniac possession and near world domination. Written by

  • T and T

    T and T (1990)
    Television (Drama and Crime) Stunts T.S. Turner is a former boxer who is accussed of a murder he didn't commit. All was lost but, thanks to public defender Amanda Taler, he was proven innocent. Now he works as private eye and, along side Taler, sets out to help those who can't defend themselves in and out of the justice system. Written by kinnikuman12195

  • Where the Heart Is

    Where the Heart Is (1990)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Stunts Stewart McBain (Coleman) is a real-estate mogul who spends his living blowing up old buildings to make room to erect new buildings. All goes as planned for a new subdivision, until a group of protesters object to the destruction of one lonely, ugly building, called the Dutch House. Typically, the media is sent to the scene of the protest, and McBain appears on TV in a bad way. His children - Daphne (Thurman), Chloe (Amis), and Jimmy (Hewlett) - ridicule him for appearing on TV, and as a reward for their remarks, he drops them off at the Dutch House with $750 apiece, and tells them they're on their own. They must find jobs if they expect to make money to stay warm. McBain and his wife, Jean watch from afar as their children adapt to their new lifestyle, meeting new friends, and inviting others into their new home, including a decrepit bum. Written by Ari Herzog <>

  • Divided Loyalties

    Divided Loyalties (1990)
    Film (Biography) Stunts Story of Joseph Brant, chief of the Mohawks, and the events that led to the birth of Canada as a nation. During the time of the American Revolution, while Britain faces full scale insurrection in its American colonies, the great Indian empire of the Six Nations must choose between longtime British allies and the American Patriots, whose democratic ideals they share. Written by Anonymous

  • War of the Worlds

    War of the Worlds (1988 - 1990)
    Television (Action, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Stunts At the end of the 1953 film "War of the World", earth is saved from alien invaders when they are apparently killed by common bacteria. However, what if the aliens weren't really dead? In "War of the Worlds" the aliens from the 1953 invasion are brought out of suspended animation when radiation kills the infecting bacteria. Now the aliens launch a genocidal war against an unsuspecting Earth, using their ability to take over human bodies to allow them to move freely. Dr. Harrison Blackwood teams up with microbiologist Suzanne McCullough, computer programmer Norton Drake, and army Lt. Colonel Paul Ironhorse to save the world from this alien menace. In the second season, Harrison and Suzanne are joined by mercenary John Kincaid, who help them fight in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland against a second wave of invaders dedicated to the death of all life on earth. Written by L. Ross Raszewski <>

  • Fak2eren

    Fak2eren (1989)
    Television (Documentary) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Friday the 13th: The Series

    Friday the 13th: The Series (1987 - 1989)
    Television (Horror) Stunts

  • Welcome Home

    Welcome Home (1989)
    Film (Drama) Stunts Jake died in Vietnam; his family mourned him, then moved on. When he reappears, quite alive, the question is, what must he do and how will his family respond to him? Written by Cleo <>

  • Millennium

    Millennium (1989)
    Film (Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Stunts Bill Smith, chief investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), has been assigned to determine whether human error is the cause of an airline crash. He and his team of investigators are very confused by the words on the cockpit voice recorder by the crew relating to the crash. But at the same time, a theoretical physicist named Dr. Arnold Mayer has a real professional curiosity about the crash, which borders on science fiction. While giving a university lecture, he talks about time travel and the possibility of visitors from the future. Smith discovers the involvement of an organization of time travellers from a future Earth irreparably polluted who seek to rejuvenate mankind from those about to perish in the past. Written by Anthony Pereyra <>

  • Looking for Miracles

    Looking for Miracles (1989)
    TV Movie (Drama and Family) Stunts Sixteen-year-old Ryan Delaney has won a scholarship, but it's not a full one, so he needs a summer job to pay for his university expenses. And although he's not eighteen, he can't swim, and has never been to camp, he manages to get a job as a camp couselor. But his mother makes him take his younger brother, Sullivan, with him to camp, since she can't look after him while she's working. But camp turns out to be harder than both Ryan and Sullivan thought it would be; and as they fight their battles, they learn about each other, themselves, and what they can do together. Written by Kathy Li

  • Renegades

    Renegades (1989)
    Film (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Stunts Buster McHenry works as an undercover agent for the local police. Currently he investigates on police corruption and is in big trouble. His task makes him break the law, he participates in a robbery. Things really screw up as not only two men are shot, but also an ancient indian spear is stolen and Buster is wounded. Hank Storm, a young indian, is now after the spear and Buster is after his criminal 'comrades'. Both of them are outsiders in their way, but now they have the same target. Written by Oliver Heidelbach

  • Food of the Gods II

    Food of the Gods II (1989)
    Film (Sci-Fi and Horror) Stunts A growth hormone experiment gets out of hand, when the the resulting giant man-eating rats escape, reaking havoc on the unsuspecting campus. Much blood-letting follows. Written by <>

  • Buying Time

    Buying Time (1989)
    Film (Action) Stunts Two city kids specializing in small-time scams are blackmailed by the police to help nail a mobster. Going undercover at a correctional resort, they meet a hit man who runs an illegal horse race.

  • Police Rescue

    Police Rescue (1989)
    Television (Action, Crime and Drama) Stunts The lives and cases of the members the Australian, Sydney based, New South Wales Police Rescue Squad.

  • G.P.

    G.P. (1989)
    Television (Drama) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • E Street

    E Street (1989)
    Television (Drama) Stunts An Australian soap opera, set in a tough fictional inner-city district called Westside. The stories revolve around the local community there.

  • Jensen Tonajt

    Jensen Tonajt (1988)
    Television (Family and Music) Stunts Add a Plot »

  • Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs

    Spies, Lies & Naked Thighs (1988)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Stunts In this spoof of spy films, Alan, a U.N. translator, and his kindergarten teacher wife, Beverly, get roped into helping foil a presidential assassination plot by an unlikely G-man-who just so happens to look like Alan's old college buddy, Freddie. But before "Freddie" can finger the real hired-gun-a cold-hearted killer with a penchant for using kitchen tools to do the deed-he, Alan, and Beverly must first rule out some strange and unusual suspects! Written by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment

  • Knightwatch

    Knightwatch (1988)
    Television (Drama and Crime) Stunts A show about a group of vigilantes known as the Knights. Maldonado was the head of the group. Every week the Knights would go out and fight crime in their Varsity jackets with two basic rules: 1)No excessive violence and 2)No killing. In the first episode, one of the members broke those rules and was sent to prison. Written by Pat McCurry <>

  • The Good Mother

    The Good Mother (1988)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Stunts A divorced mother may lose custody of her young daughter to her ex-husband after he learns that the little girl crawled into bed with the mother and her boyfriend.

  • The Legend of Wolf Lodge

    The Legend of Wolf Lodge (1988)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Stunts Out of work and driving aimlessly, a man pulls into the "Wolf Lodge" and ends up with a job. When he wakes nightly to the sounds of icy voices and screams he decides he can no longer be an innocent bystander. Written by Anonymous

  • My Secret Identity

    My Secret Identity (1988)
    Television (Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family and 2 More) Stunts Teenager Andrew Clements gains superpowers after accidentally getting in the way of Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate's scientific experiment. Andrew uses his superpowers to help people, but must hide them from his family and friends. Written by Dorothy Nelder <>

  • Criminal Law

    Criminal Law (1988)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Stunts A rising young attorney successfully defends a man accused of murder, only to have the same type of murder then happen again. Right away the previously defended man hires the attorney again, and although the attorney is quite certain that he is the killer, he agrees to again defend him... much to the consternation of his friends. However, he explains that by being his attorney he will be better able to catch the man in a mistake... and on this the rest of the film develops, with the killer playing a cat and mouse game with the attorney until, at last, they both must recognize that they are not all that different. Written by BOB STEBBINS <>

  • Short Circuit 2

    Short Circuit 2 (1988)
    Film (Comedy, Drama, Family and Sci-Fi) Stunts When Number Five is sent from Newton and Stephanie's ranch to the big city to help Ben with his electronics business, he finds that his robotic talents are wanted by city low-life who want to turn Number Five into profits. Written by Michael Silva <>

  • April Morning

    April Morning (1988)
    TV Movie (Drama, History and War) Stunts The "April Morning" here is the famous April 19, 1775 upon which the "Shot heard 'round the world" was fired, signaling the start of the American Revolution. Faithful to author Howard Fast's somewhat revisionist view that the skirmishes between the Colonial militia and the British troops in Lexington and Concord (Massachusetts) were precipitated as much by fervent American patriots led by Solomon Chandler as by any "Redcoat" belligerence. Written by Robert James O'Brien <Robert.O'>

  • Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

    Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (1987 - 1988)
    Television (Action and Sci-Fi) Stunts Earth, the 22nd century. The aftermath of the Metal Wars, which led to the subjugation of humanity by intelligent machines. A small unit of human soldiers, survivors of the Metal Wars, lead an underground resistance against the activities of the evil Lord Dread and his monstrous creations, Bio-Dreads, designed to hunt down human survivors and digitise them. Written by Tim Walker <>

  • America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back

    America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (1988)
    Television (Documentary, Crime and Drama) Stunts In this series, John Walsh, the father of a murdered child hosts this show that illustrates crime stories which have lead to the capture of hundreds of fugitives from the law. With as much luridness and accuracy as possible, various crimes are dramatically recreated with an appeal for any viewer with information as to the crime and the perpetrators to call the show and the authorities and help the cause of justice. Written by Kenneth Chisholm <>

  • Nightstick

    Nightstick (1987)
    TV Movie (Action, Drama and Thriller) Stunts A cop tries to prevent a gang of extortionists from blowing up New York City with nitroglycerin.

  • Adderly

    Adderly (1986 - 1987)
    Television (Adventure and Comedy) Stunts V.H. Adderly, a former James Bond style operative for I.S.I., is given a desk job in the Department of Miscellaneous Affairs after losing function in his left hand- the result of torture by enemy agents. He hates the mundane assignments he is given, thumbs his nose at protocol, and somehow manages to dig up a threat to national security or a spy at every turn. Melville Greenspan, his boss, is an insecure life long pencil pushing bureaucrat, who seems concerned only with not making waves and making sure that the proper forms are filled out. He is afraid that Adderly's snooping will result in his being fired. Mona is the efficient department clerk/secretary, almost bored with her work and longing for excitement (and a date with V.H.). She often covered for Adderly, and would occasionally help him on assignments, sometimes with Greenspan's permission. Written by Steve Yudewitz <>

  • Love at Stake

    Love at Stake (1987)
    Film (Comedy) Stunts The mayor and judge of Salem trump up the notorious witch trials in support of their land grab scam. The local clergy pursue justice, while the assistant minister also pursues the town baker, Sara Lee. The action is spiced up by pot-smoking Indians, female New England clam chowder wrestling, and the mischief of a real witch. Written by <>

  • Street Legal

    Street Legal (1987)
    Television (Drama) Stunts The professional and private lives of a group of young, aggressive attorneys in partnership together in Toronto.

  • Street Justice

    Street Justice (1987)
    Film (Action and Drama) Stunts A forgotten CIA agent escapes after 12 years and returns to his corrupt New Jersey hometown.

  • Hearts of Fire

    Hearts of Fire (1987)
    Film (Drama, Music, Musical and Romance) Actor A reclusive musician, once a huge rock star, takes a young female protegee. While on a tour she meets a younger, more popular rocker and switches her loyalties.

  • Last Man Standing

    Last Man Standing (1987)
    Film (Action, Drama and Sport) Stunts Roo Marcus (Vernon Wells) is a down-and-out guy with a troubled past who was recently released from a mental institution, where he suffered through inhumane conditions and shock therapy. Going back to the only thing he really knows, he begins Punchfighting in brutal, bare-knuckle "circle fights" run by Napoleon. He tries once again to leave the Punchfighting life behind, working at a gym run by his buddy Casper. He even develops a relationship with local tomboy Charlie. But due to circumstances beyond his control, he gets sucked back into Punchfighting, having to contend with musclebound maniac Cannon, and quick, charismatic, Muhammad Ali-like Razor. Will Roo ever find the peace in life he seeks? Written by IvanWong

  • Bay Coven

    Bay Coven (1987)
    TV Movie (Horror and Thriller) Stunts A young newlywed couple move into a remote village in middle America only to find a secret coven of witches who want them to join all the fun; or face the consequences. Written by Matt Voysey <>

  • Sadie and Son

    Sadie and Son (1987)
    TV Movie (Drama) Stunts It's a family affair when a feisty 50-ish police officer is joined by her son on the force.

  • Rolling Vengeance

    Rolling Vengeance (1987)
    Film (Action and Drama) Stunts A man is out to kill a bunch of rivalries who killed his innocent mother and the mother of their kids in a car that was destroyed and got pushed down to the bushes, now he wants revenge building up a massive monster truck also known as the "ROLLING VENGEANCE"

  • Blue Monkey

    Blue Monkey (1987)
    Film (Horror) Stunts While working in a greenhouse, a man receives an insect bite after touching an exotic plant. Immediately, he falls ill and is taken to an emergency room where the doctors diagnose him as suffering from an unknown bacteria, and a strange parasite which emerges from his mouth as a large slimy wormlike creature. Soon, there are more cases of bacterial infection, but the more immediate problem for the hospital is the wormlike creature which after accidental exposure to a genetic growth stimulant grows to monstrous proportions and starts a reign of terror and bloodshed in the hospitals abandoned wing. Written by Patrick D. Rockwell <>

  • The High Price of Passion

    The High Price of Passion (1986)
    TV Movie (Crime and Drama) Stunts The true story of a Tufts University professor who became obsessed with a prostitute named Robin. He goes to great lengths to keep her in his life; getting her a job at the university that she isn't qualified for; and embezzling funds. Eventually Robin decides to give up prostitution and she wants the professor to leave her alone. His obsession then leads to murder. Written by Anonymous

  • Police Academy 3: Back in Training

    Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986)
    Film (Comedy) Stunts When police funding is cut, the Governor announces he must close one of the academies. To make it fair, the two police academies must compete against each other to stay in operation. Mauser persuades two officers in Lassard's academy to better his odds, but things don't quite turn out as expected... Written by Mark J. Popp <>

  • Murder Sees the Light

    Murder Sees the Light (1986)
    TV Movie (Adventure, Mystery and Thriller) Actor The awkward urban private eye, Benny Cooperman, confronts a murder mystery in the wilds of Algonquin Park. He stumbles into some interesting characters, including a famous evangelist on the lam, his put-upon mistress, a weird sexy woman, and a complex charming old lady. Naturally, Benny suffers some misadventures trying to navigate the bush country, much less solve the case. Written by johnbernardbooks <>

  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1985)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Stunts An anthology series modeled after and frequently based upon the original series of the 1950s-1960s. This version featured remakes of episodes from the original series as well as original stories. Written by Jim Beaver <>

  • The Edison Twins

    The Edison Twins (1984)
    Television (Family and Comedy) Stunts The Edison kids are a pair of sibling prodigies who have many adventures where their vast knowledge of science comes in very handy.

  • One Life to Live

    One Life to Live (1968)
    Television (Drama) Stunts One Life to Live premiered in 1968, centering on the lives of the citizens of the fictional town of Llanview, PA. Concentrating on the wealthy Lord family, and the middle-class Woleks and Rileys, the show was one of the first daytime dramas to depict people from all sorts of backgrounds. The show was the first to depict an interracial relationship, and among the first to explore drug addiction. It has also depicted dissociative identity disorder, cultism, out-of-body experiences, international espionage, time travel, and even underground cities! Written by Anonymous

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