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About Sue

I've been screenwriting since 1998. I write mostly horror, science fiction and fantasy, both shorts and features. Somehow I've also got a comedy (the whole story came to me in a dream); a spy thriller that started out as a family comedy and one road trip drama. I also have two TV series on my to-do list.

After a few breaks from writing, I'm back into serious writing mode. I plan to do rewrites on several scripts and submit them to contests. Maybe I'll make it to the Austin Film Fest next year. I'm also embarking on the script novelization project, starting with my short scripts, both as a marketing tool and a writing exercise.

I'm being super indulgent with myself with many writing conferences and seminars this year. But what a difference it's made in waking up my writer-brain and getting those little a-ha ideas for my ongoing projects. I had an idea for a 3-minute ghost story, and it morphed into a feature script (crap, I hate that :p ).

In 2005 I took 75 hrs. of Script supervisor training and worked on shorts, student films, contest films and one feature (What's the Vig?) in 2006/2007. Working on the practical end of filmmaking made me a better screenwriter - how a scene is REALLY shot, watching the editing process, reformatting director's scripts from stream-of-consciousness format to script format, how directors and DPs work together, etc.

I'm relaunching a screenwriting blog soon, where I get to use my smart ass voice in expounding upon loglines, script format, character development, etc.

Looking forward to meeting all of you here at Stage 32.

Unique traits: Script supervisor training and experience



  • The Beginning of the End

    The Beginning of the End (2007)
    Film (short) by Christian Ford, Director; Jenn Page, Producer Writer (from an original story) At the end of her rope, a young woman is out alone drinking herself to death. She finds one last moment of peace through the music of a local musician, only to be interrupted by rowdy bar patrons; they beat her and leave her for dead. As she lay in an alley, all hope abandoned, she discovers an unlikely companion waiting to be saved...and to save her in return. - Written by Jenn Page

  • Better cooking through chemistry

    Better cooking through chemistry (2007)
    Film (short) by David Dawson, Al Stoffel, Directors Writer Ted Wilson is struggling to get through his first date with his attractive yoga instructor, but the ghosts of girlfriends past might get in his way.

  • Lucky numbers: a musical

    Lucky numbers: a musical (2007)
    Film (short) by David Dawson, Al Stoffel, Directors Writer A group of print shop workers think they've won the lottery on their office pool ticket. Only problem is they can't find Dan, the guy who bought the ticket.


  • Page Awards Quarterfinalist for feature script CLOWN ACT

  • Page Awards Quarterfinalist for short script FLYPAPER


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