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Brighton, United Kingdom

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Actor by day, independent filmmaker by night.



    INTRUDER Drama An old man wakes up in the dead of night and hears an intruder walking in his house. P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }


  • Homeland

    Homeland (2015)
    Television (Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer, is on probation after carrying out an unauthorized operation in Iraq. As a result, she has been reassigned to the Counter terrorism center. Whilst in Iraq, she was warned that an American prisoner had been turned by Al-Qaeda. When Nicholas Brody, a U.S. Marine Sergeant, is rescued after being held hostage since 2003, she suspects that he is the turned American prisoner. Brody is received home as a war hero, so Carrie goes to any lengths possible, ignoring protocol, to catch him out. Written by Kad

  • Critical

    Critical (2015)
    Television by Jed Mercurio (Drama) Actor Follow the drama at a state-of-the-art Major Trauma Centre, a unit which treats only the most gravely ill or seriously injured.

  • The Eichmann Show

    The Eichmann Show (2015)
    Film by Paul Andrew Williams (Drama) Actor In 1961 former Nazi Adolf Eichmann is captured by Jewish agents and put on trial. American television producer Milton Fruchtman fervently believes that the trial with its witness accounts of Nazi atrocities should be televised to show the world the evils of the Holocaust and to combat any resurgence of Nazism and joins forces with black-listed director Leo Hurwitz. Despite death threats, reluctance to cooperate from several networks and even resistance from the Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion, who fears a 'show trial', the pair persist and move their cameras into the court-room. Edited daily and shown in some three dozen countries the 'Eichmann Show' becomes the first ever global television documentary. Written by don @ minifie-1

  • The Great Fire

    The Great Fire (2015)
    Television by ITV actor - Signor Romero

  • Monsters: Dark Continent

    Monsters: Dark Continent (2014)
    Film by Tom Green (Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller and War) Actor Ten years on from the events of Monsters, and the 'Infected Zones' have now spread worldwide. In the Middle East a new insurgency has begun. At the same time there has also been a proliferation of Monsters in that region. The Army decide to draft in more numbers to help deal with this insurgency.

  • Jonathan Creek

    Jonathan Creek (2014)
    Television by BBC actor - Ethan

  • Monsters: The Dark Continent

    Monsters: The Dark Continent (2014)
    Film militant Leader

  • The Honourable Woman

    The Honourable Woman (2014)
    Television by BBC actor - Shimon Ben Reuven

  • Total War: Rome II

    Total War: Rome II (2013)
    Video Game (Action, History and War) Actor Second installment of the Rome total war series. This game spans the rise of the Roman empire. Has many different historical faction you can play.

  • Jo

    Jo (2013)
    Television by Franck Ollivier (Crime) Actor A police commander in Paris is as brilliant as the psychopathic killers he tracks down. Crimes occur in the city's most iconic locations, such as Notre Dame or the Eiffel Tower. He gets assistance from an unorthodox nun who works in the city's most troubled areas. While attempting to solve the most mysterious crimes playing his famous city, he also struggles with personal issues, such as reconnecting with his estranged daughter.

  • Rome: Total War II

    Rome: Total War II (2013)
    Voice-over by Creative Assembly vo - General

  • Ambassadors

    Ambassadors (2013)
    Television by BBC actor - Captain

  • Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story

    Best Possible Taste: The Kenny Everett Story (2012)
    TV Movie by James Strong (Drama) Actor Schoolboy Maurice Cole,growing up in 1960s Liverpool,is picked on for being effeminate but is already making his own comedy tapes,one of which impresses agent Wilfred De'ath through whom he gets a job on a pirate radio station,changing his name to Kenny Everett.Though sacked for annoying the sponsor his popularity sees him working on the BBC's newly-formed Radio One. Around this time he meets and marries Lee Middleton,who not only sticks by him through his career lows but is sympathetic when,following a drugs over-dose,he admits to being gay. She even helps him find a boyfriend though,unlike his friend Freddie Mercury,he is reluctant to come out. Following their divorce Kenny is best man when Lee marries actor John Alkin and,in 1985,in typically flamboyant style comes out,owning to having not one but two 'husbands'. However,in 1989 he is diagnosed as HIV + and,in 1995,a year after winning the prestigious Sony award,dies of AIDS aged fifty. Throughout the film commentary on events is ... Written by don @ minifie-1

  • 6 Bullets

    6 Bullets (2012)
    Film by Ernie Barbarash (Action, Crime and Thriller) Actor Veteran mercenary Samson Gaul (Jean-Claude Van Damme) knows that in the heat of battle, every bullet counts. He retired from combat when his actions resulted in the deaths of helpless victims, but now he's the last hope for a desperate father. Mixed Martial Artist, Andrew Fayden (Joe Flanigan, Stargate: Atlantis) knows how to fight, but alone he's unprepared to navigate the corrupt streets of a foreign city to find his kidnapped daughter. Together, these warriors will stop at nothing to tear apart a vile network of criminals that prey upon the innocent. Written by marumuga

  • Interview with a Hitman

    Interview with a Hitman (2012)
    Film by Perry Bhandal (Action and Thriller) Actor Trust No one. Feel nothing. Never lose: this is the mantra that has helped a ruthless Eastern European assassin rise to the pinnacle of his profession. Raised in the harsh slums of Romania, Victor knows the value of life more than most, which makes him the perfect killer. But after being betrayed by the very men who made him, he must fake his own death and escape to London. Here he joins a new gangster family and finds his rules are again put to the test in the midst of a vicious underworld power struggle. Viktor is now better, faster and more ruthless than ever before. With the secrets of his past refusing to fade away, an encounter with a dark beauty turns his world on its head and offers him the chance for a new life. But can he ever escape the existence he was born into? It is not long before a deadly threat from a past he thought long buried surfaces and he is forced to change his path. It is time to face that which cannot be forgotten. Written by KFD

  • Hunted

    Hunted (2012)
    Television by BBC / HBO actor - Hasan Moussa

  • Six Bullets

    Six Bullets (2012)
    Film by MPCA actor - Vlad

  • Marina On Top

    Marina On Top (2011)
    Film (short) writer/director

  • MI-5

    MI-5 (2010)
    Television by David Wolstencroft (Drama and Thriller) Actor The missions of MI-5, the UK's domestic intelligence organization.

  • Criminal Justice

    Criminal Justice (2009)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actor Series 1 follows Ben Coulter who is accused of committing a crime that he has no recollection of after a drunken and drug-filled night out. Series 2 follows Juliet through the criminal justice system after she stabs her abusive husband.

  • Cockroach

    Cockroach (2009)
    Film (short) writer/director

  • Jack Malchance

    Jack Malchance (2009)
    Internet script doctor / co-writer

  • Bus Stop

    Bus Stop (2008)
    Film (short) script doctor

  • The Bourne Ultimatum

    The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
    Film by Paul Greengrass (Action and Thriller) Actor Bourne is once again brought out of hiding, this time inadvertently by London-based reporter Simon Ross who is trying to unveil Operation Blackbriar--an upgrade to Project Treadstone--in a series of newspaper columns. Bourne sets up a meeting with Ross and realizes instantly they're being scanned. Information from the reporter stirs a new set of memories, and Bourne must finally, ultimately, uncover his dark past whilst dodging The Company's best efforts in trying to eradicate him. Written by Corey Hatch

  • Spies, Lies and the Superbomb

    Spies, Lies and the Superbomb (2007)
    Television (Drama) Actor A series of five spy thrillers, looking at the race for nuclear supremacy. Starting with the making of the first Atomic bomb in episodes 1 and 2, onto the Cuban missile crisis in episode 3, episode 4 about nuclear weapons in the Middle East. A series of five, one hour documentaries. Written by mildred-2

  • Sunstroke

    Sunstroke (2007)
    Film by Lesley Coburn (Thriller) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Slap

    Slap (2007)
    Film (short) writer/director

  • Match Report

    Match Report (2006)
    Film (short) by Jerry Self (Drama) Actor MATCH REPORT is a provocative, 'tongue-in-cheek' drama about a big-match referee who gets punched in the eye by a star player. He's put under intense pressure to compromise his report. He emerges from a mood of bewildered despair with pride and confidence renewed. Written by Jerry Self

  • Get the Picture

    Get the Picture (2004)
    Film (short) by Rupert Wyatt (War) Actor Two war correspondents are escorted to a recently bombed town. The apparent perpetrators are about to be executed in front of a baying mob of survivors. One journalist doubts the guilt of the adolescent prisoners; the other believes they are not there to take sides but to take pictures... Written by Rupert Wyatt

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