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About Victoria

Victoria is an award winning actor, writer and director who has worked across Australian Film and Television for over a decade. Her directorial debut The Kingdom of Doug won Best Director at the St Kilda Short Film Festival 2014, Best Australian Short at the 2014 Flickerfest competition, and was purchased by SBS for broadcast in 2014. Her experience an actor spans close to 30 productions. Feature film credits include The Loved Ones, 48 Shades, Caterpillar Wish, Mask II, and The Night We Called It A Day. Television credits include Nowhere Boys, ABC miniseries Rain Shadow , Rake, Mr & Mrs Murder, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Rush Season 4, and Wilfred, among others. She was nominated for a Silver Logie for her work in Rainshadow and a Film Critics Circle Award for her starring role in Caterpillar Wish.



  • Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows

    Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows (2016)
    Film by David Caesar (Sci-Fi) Actress Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows picks up a year after the boys crossed dimensions, discovered magic and battled the restoring demon. Having grown apart, they are drawn together again when Felix discovers a magically sealed Book of Shadows, which unwittingly releases a powerful force of chaos. The boys are reluctantly drawn into a showdown that threatens their world and loved ones. Written by Brian Georgis

  • Bruce

    Bruce (2016)
    TV Series Actress

  • Nowhere Boys

    Nowhere Boys (2013 - 2015)
    Television by Tony Ayres (Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actress This fantasy action-adventure series follows four teenage boys who get lost in the forest and discover, when they return home, that they are in an alternate world identical to theirs except for one startling difference - they were never born. Written by Anonymous

  • Horse Feathers

    Horse Feathers (2014)
    Film (short) by Tim Russell (Drama and Sport) Actress In the alluring world of horse racing, a struggling female jockey will risk everything to prove herself.

  • Mr & Mrs Murder

    Mr & Mrs Murder (2013)
    Television by Jason Stephens (Comedy and Mystery) Actress Charlie and Nicola Buchanan (Shaun Micallef and Kat Stewart) are crime scene cleaners. As they go about their work, they collect evidence and clues the police may have missed. Every now and then, they get carried away with helping solve the mysteries the police have trouble closing. Written by HokeyPokey27

  • Nowhere Boys: The 5th Boy

    Nowhere Boys: The 5th Boy (2013)
    Video Game Actress

  • The Kingdom of Doug

    The Kingdom of Doug (2013)
    Film (short) by Victoria Thaine (Drama and Thriller) Director, Writer A devoted cult gathers in an ice-skating rink to mass suicide. All are complicit but one. At the eleventh hour a young woman called Josie begins to doubt her faith in Doug, her charismatic cult leader.

  • The Doctor Blake Mysteries

    The Doctor Blake Mysteries (2013)
    Television (Mystery) Actress A doctor is a war veteran who was at the fall of Singapore, suffering trauma from war memories. He begins solving crimes. Written by CK

  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

    Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (2012)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Our female sleuth sashays through the back lanes and jazz clubs of late 1920s Melbourne, fighting injustice with her pearl-handled pistol and her dagger-sharp wit.

  • The Republic of Simon

    The Republic of Simon (2011)
    Film (short) by Eddy Bell (Comedy, Romance and Sci-Fi) Actress Despite being a lowly human in a world now run by machines, Simon is at the top of his game. It's the day of the World Cup grand final and his team 'The Republic of Simon' are just one win away from all the glory of being the best on the world stage. That's not to mention a crack at first prize, a 2024 model Delilah Unit, '...she cooks, she cleans, you'd swear she feels...' It's man versus machine, traditional rivals clash. Can one man change his destiny? Written by Anonymous

  • Rush

    Rush (2011)
    Television by John Edwards (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress Rush follows the lives of members of the prestigious Tactical Response team (TR), which is based on the real life Victoria Police Critical Incident Response Team, a highly mobile unit that fills the operational gap between general duties police and the SWAT-like Special Operations Group. The team is seen responding to violent incidents such as carjackings, suicides and armed offences. Rush focuses on the TR officers, their intelligence officer, Leon Broznic and Superindendent Kerry Vincent, head of the TR administration. It explores both the working and personal lives of the team. Written by Chazzy B

  • The Last Tupper

    The Last Tupper (2010)
    Film (short) by Craig Jackson (Comedy) Actress, Director, Writer, Producer What's the best kind of Tupperware? Free Tupperware! But the free Tupperware has stopped flowing. Her tenure in Tupperware hangs by a thread. Stacey must take action to climb back up the plastic ladder. Will she succeed? Or will the new season Tupperware slip out of her desperate clutch? Written by Anonymous

  • Call Centre

    Call Centre (2010)
    Film (short) by Timothy Lee (Comedy) Actress Hugo works in a call centre and hates two things: callers and his boss. He likes his co-worker Grace but her shift is over and Hugo never has the balls to go after her, until an amazing caller spurs him into action.

  • Wilfred

    Wilfred (2010)
    Television by Adam Zwar (Comedy and Drama) Actress A depressed man is the only one who can see his neighbor's dog as a full grown man in a dog suit.

  • Rake

    Rake (2010)
    Television by Charles Waterstreet (Comedy and Drama) Actress Criminal lawyer Cleaver Greene defends the indefensible - from bigamists to cannibals and everything in between. He is champion of the lost cause, both in the court room and in the bedroom.

  • Special Korean Sauce

    Special Korean Sauce (2009)
    Film (short) by Charles Davis (Comedy) Actress 'Special Korean Sauce' follows a day in the life of Lilly, the actress best known for her recurring roles in well known television insurance advertisements. No matter how hard Lilly tries to act her way out of admitting to who she really is, things don't always go her way. Written by Anonymous

  • The Loved Ones

    The Loved Ones (2009)
    Film by Sean Byrne (Horror and Thriller) Actress In order to avoid a ghostly figure in the road, high school senior Brent Mitchell wraps his car around a tree, killing his father. Constantly confronted by his mother's emotional collapse after the accident, Brent escapes into a marijuana fueled world of loud metal music to block the pain and guilt. Dejected and out of sorts, he has a shot at happiness with his girlfriend Holly, a grounded, caring girl with drop dead good looks, a dream date for the high school prom. But his plans are thwarted by a disturbing series of events that take place under a mirrored disco ball, involving pink satin, glitter, syringes, nails, power drills and a secret admirer. Brent has become the prom king at a macabre, sadistic event where he is the entertainment. Written by Anonymous

  • BlackJack: Ghosts

    BlackJack: Ghosts (2007)
    TV Movie by Kate Woods (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress

  • Rain Shadow

    Rain Shadow (2007)
    Television by Tony Morphett (Drama) Actress

  • Gone

    Gone (2006)
    Film by Ringan Ledwidge (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actress A contemporary psychological thriller in which a young British couple travelling through the Australian outback becomes involved with a mysterious and charismatic American whose motive for imposing his friendship upon them becomes increasingly suspect and sinister. Written by Anonymous

  • Two Twisted

    Two Twisted (2006)
    Television (Mystery) Actress 'Two Twisted' follows on from the 'Twisted Tales'(1996) series produced by Australian actor/producer Bryan Brown. These Australian series' follow the tradition of 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents' and 'The Twighlight Zone', of short dark thrillers which develop with a surprising twist. 'Two Twisted' consists of 14 episodes of 30 minutes each, screened in pairs, with a link connecting each of the two episodes. Can you spot the link? Written by M Rodowicz

  • 48 Shades

    48 Shades (2006)
    Film by Daniel Lapaine (Comedy and Drama) Actress Based on the award winning novel by Nick Earls, 48 Shades of Brown, this coming of age comedy is about a 16 year old, Dan, who must choose between going to Geneva with his parents for a year or move into a house with his young Aunt, Jacq, and her roommate, Naomi. He chooses the latter and now, in his final year of school has to come to terms with survival in an adult world and falling in love for the first time. Written by steven

  • Blue Heelers

    Blue Heelers (2006)
    Television by Tony Morphett (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 2 More) Actress The most popular local production on Australian television, Blue Heelers is a weekly police drama based on a fictional bush town called Mount Thomas. Every week there is a different case for Sergeant Tom Croydon, Senior Constable Nick Schultz, Senior Detective PJ Hasham, and Constables Maggie Doyle, Dash McKinley and Adam Cooper to solve. Continuing storylines about the personal lives and relationships of these characters filter into each episode. Written by Enoch Law <>

  • Caterpillar Wish

    Caterpillar Wish (2006)
    Film by Sandra Sciberras (Drama) Actress A young girl's view on belonging and loss.

  • Debut

    Debut (2005)
    Film (short) by Ben West (Drama) Actress Jerry is contemplating the impending high school formal, when he hears the sounds of Ruby & Dave, his mother and her new boyfriend, having sex. At the formal, he sees Jade, a sixteen year old girl, leave a cubicle after having sex, and takes her home. Jade puts on one of Ruby's dresses, and Jade and Jerry get together. The following morning, Ruby comes home to find Jerry and Jade in her bed ... Written by someone

  • The Assistant

    The Assistant (2005)
    Film (short) by David Jagoda (Comedy) Actress Eunice is struggling to realize her dream of becoming an actress. Unfortunately, the harsh economic realities of day-to-day life, like paying the rent, are getting in the way. In an act of sheer desperation, Eunice answers a classified ad in the newspaper to assist Enzo the Amazing, in his magic act. Eunice soon realizes there's more to assisting a magician than merely smiling and waving at the audience. Especially when you're working with an old hack like Enzo. During the interview Eunice receives an important phone call that will change everything. The big question is can Eunice finally pull herself together? Written by David Jagoda

  • Still Life

    Still Life (2005)
    Film (short) by Tahnee McGuire (Drama) Actress Ron has his world turned upside down, when Mandy, a young, chaotic woman turns her attention to him. The relationship is not what Marcus, his well-intentioned son, expected when he suggested his father take part in drawing classes. A man of Ron's age should think twice before getting involved with a woman like that, but what has Ron to lose? Only his life... What life? Written by Anonymous

  • Small Claims: White Wedding

    Small Claims: White Wedding (2005)
    TV Movie by Cherie Nowlan (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress

  • Son of the Mask

    Son of the Mask (2005)
    Film by Lawrence Guterman (Adventure, Comedy, Family and Fantasy) Actress Ten years after the adventures of Stanley Ipkiss in Edge City, the legendary Mask of Loki finds its way into the hands of an aspiring cartoonist, Tim Avery whose new baby son named Alvery is born with the Mask's spectacular powers. But the really big trouble begins when Loki himself the god of mischief, comes looking for his mask, under command by his father Odin. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to get it back. Written by Anthony Pereyra <>

  • Floodhouse

    Floodhouse (2004)
    Film by Miro Bilbrough (Drama) Actress

  • The Night We Called It a Day

    The Night We Called It a Day (2003)
    Film by Paul Goldman (Biography, Comedy, Drama and Music) Actress Based on the true events surrounding Frank Sinatra's tour of Australia. When Sinatra calls a local reporter a "two-bit hooker", every union in the country black-bans the star until he issues an apology.

  • All Saints

    All Saints (2003)
    Television (Drama) Actress This is an Australian medical drama set in the fantasy All Saints Western General Hospital. It focuses on what happens in ward 17 (affectionately known as the garbage ward) and the lives of the nurses on the ward and two doctors that spend a lot of time there. In also has the paramedic team of Bron and Ben. Written by Nai


  • Best Australian Short Film, Flickerfest Film Festival

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