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About Vincenzo

2009 London Film School graduate (MA in Filmmaking) currently Board member of AIC, the Italian Society of Cinematographers, based in Rome, available worldwide.




  • Romeo and Juliet Are Dead

    Romeo and Juliet Are Dead (2016)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer The story follows the last few days of three young people as they live an exuberant fantasy of love, lust and death.

  • Fear

    Fear (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror, Mystery and 1 More) Cinematographer A grieving young widow struggles with night jitters as she battles her fear that someone or something may be hiding in the dark apartment with her.

  • Khauff

    Khauff (2015)
    Film (Short and Horror) Cinematographer A grieving young widow battles her fear that someone or something is hiding in the dark apartment with her.

  • After the World Ended

    After the World Ended (2015)
    Film (Drama and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer A multi-faceted story that takes place on an alternate future time line of Earth. A mysterious astronaut crash lands in the middle of an empty field. Elsewhere a young girl stows away on a touring vessel bound for the restored natural borders of the abandoned surface cities of a once thriving metropolis to search for her family. Further still, a prisoner and supposed terrorist, awaits training for a mission to mars that is causing political and social uproar. Fate causes all their paths to cross, but to what end? An exploration of life in a world struggling to re-imagine itself, and the people who inhabit it. Written by vh

  • Hard Time Bus

    Hard Time Bus (2015)
    Film (Drama and Romance) Cinematographer After a rude awakening, Mark Bishop's carefree and complacent lifestyle comes crashing back to reality, forcing him to make hasty plans to marry devoted girlfriend, Denise. His decision opens his eyes to the life he led and the friends he thought he knew, but will the years of complacency finally catch up with him before he makes it to the alter. Written by 2hotfilms

  • 1893: L'Inchiesta

    1893: L'Inchiesta (2014)
    Film (Documentary, Animation and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Giuseppina

    Giuseppina (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Giuseppina lives on an island in a dilapidated house. She's a prostitute. Several customers take advantage of her body and possibly of her soul, she is unruffled and at the same time inscrutable. She's collecting money to realize her dream. Written by Anonymous

  • Triangle

    Triangle (2014)
    Film (Documentary) Cinematographer Barletta, Italy, 2011: one hundred years after the 1911 Fire at the Triangle factory in New York, several textile workers die because of the collapse of the building in which they used to work as employees of an unauthorized knitwear factory. Mariella Fasanella is the only survivor among the women who worked there. Through her words we experience a century-long journey through the rise and fall of manual labour and industrialism in the Western world.

  • Morte dell'Inquisitore

    Morte dell'Inquisitore (2013)
    Film (Short, Biography and History) Cinematographer Last days of detention of Diego La Matina, the friar who went down in history for being the only convict to have killed his inquisitor.

  • The Profane Exhibit

    The Profane Exhibit (2013)
    Film (Horror) Cinematographer Deep within the underbelly of Paris, there is a club which is the home of a secret, wicked society. At first it resembles an ordinary fetish or Goth nightclub, but within the cavernous building are many hidden rooms, one of which is known as "The Room of Souls," a private gathering place of the world's richest and most evil people. Their host is the elegant yet frightening Madame Sabatier. For their amusement each member takes a turn and spins a true tale of depravity: A good wife learns that her husband goes out at night to abduct and murder young women; a botched suicide attempt leads to a drug-induced dream; a girl is believed to be possessed by a demon, and her overly religious parents enlist the help of a corrupt reverend who has his own sinister plans. We are invited inside the deranged mind of a respected surgeon as he takes us on a guided tour of life, death, and everything in between; a young street prostitute crosses paths with a charismatic flesh trader and is forced to ... Written by Anonymous

  • Nessuno vuole più morire

    Nessuno vuole più morire (2013)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Venice 70: Future Reloaded

    Venice 70: Future Reloaded (2013)
    Film (Documentary) Cinematographer Seventy short films about cinema and its future.

  • Il palloncino

    Il palloncino (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Eyes

    Eyes (2010)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Cinematographer 11 year-old Amit lives with her grandparents ever since her mother died. On the day her father is finally released from jail she packs her things into a pink luggage and sets out to meet him in a seedy nightclub. In the next 24 hours she will reach the lowest place in Tel-Aviv. Written by Anonymous

  • Zefat: San Nicandro, Il Viaggio di Eti

    Zefat: San Nicandro, Il Viaggio di Eti (2010)
    Film (Documentary and History) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Slaughterhouse

    Slaughterhouse (2008)
    Film (Short and Horror) Cinematographer Grant returns home from the military to the decaying farmhouse where he was brought up. He has come looking for answers into the death of his estranged father. Once there he finds the familiar countryside different - sinister. A strange woman is hiding, terrified, in his deserted, isolated home. As the sun goes down it becomes clear they are not alone: a siege by a horde of brainwashed Christian cultists ensues and the besieged are forced to unite against the common enemy. Will they survive the night? Written by Patrick Graham

  • What's He Building in There?

    What's He Building in There? (2006)
    Film (Short and Horror) Cinematographer Add a Plot »

  • Eternal Love

    Eternal Love (2006)
    Film (Short, Drama, Mystery and Romance) Cinematographer A drama about a love story between two Vampires in a modern times.


  • Italian National Film Award - Best Feature Documentary

  • UK Kodak Student Commercials Award (Best in Brief)


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