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Film, television, and theatre actress Vitta Quinn is a New Haven, Connecticut native who, throughout her precocious grammar school days, was enrolled in one of the state's talented and gifted children's arts programs. Post-high school graduation with honors, the ambitious thespian and academic studied at Boston College, Southern Connecticut State University, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and the Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles.Ms. Quinn's education and training (as well as her strong New Englander/New Yorker/Los Angelean roots) provide the foundation for her uniquely-fashioned performances; film, TV, and stage credits include Passenger Side, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and HEAD, respectively.Vitta Quinn is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Actors' Equity Association.

Name: Vitta Quinn

Lives in: Hollywood, California

Occupation: Actor


  • Whitney

    Whitney (2015)
    TV Movie by Angela Bassett (Biography and Drama) Actress Chronicles Whitney Houston's rise to fame and turbulent relationship with husband Bobby Brown.

  • Faking It

    Faking It (2014 - 2015)
    Television by Julia Lea Wolov (Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew After numerous attempts of trying to be popular two best friends decide to come out as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy decide to keep up their romantic ruse.

  • Kroll Show

    Kroll Show (2015)
    Television by Jonathan Krisel (Comedy) Actress Show highlights Nick Kroll's incredible ability to transform himself into hilarious characters that pop off the screen while bringing many of his popular short-form favorites along for the ride.

  • Electric Slide

    Electric Slide (2014)
    Film by Tristan Patterson (Action, Biography, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Actress It's 1983 Los Angeles - beautiful girls, luxurious mansions, glamorous parties and Eddie Dodson, a very hip, very charismatic dealer of high-end antique furniture for the rich and famous. When Eddie meets the cool and aloof Pauline, the attraction is instant and the two live out each other's fast-paced fantasies. That is until Eddie's high-rolling life catches up with him and loan sharks start knocking on his door. To pay off his debts, Eddie and Pauline begin a spree of bank robberies across LA, charming tellers at over 60 banks to hand over the cash. Now the lovers are not only on the run from loan sharks but also have the police hot on their trail. Written by Anonymous

  • Muppets Most Wanted

    Muppets Most Wanted (2014)
    Film by James Bobin (Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family and 1 More) Miscellaneous Crew Flush with their revival's success, Kermit the Frog and his friends are approached by Dominic Badguy to go on a world tour. Unknown to them, this is all part of the sinister plan of Constantine, the world's most evil frog, to become the greatest thief of all time. After making sure that Kermit is jailed as himself, Constantine impersonates him to use the Muppets' tour as cover for his scheme. While Sam the Eagle and Inspector Jean Pierre Napoleon investigate, the Muppets find their boss seems strangely changed even as Kermit desperately attempts to escape to stop the impostor. Only when Walter, Fozzie and Animal realize the truth is there a chance to prevent Constantine from pulling off the crime of the century. Written by Kenneth Chisholm (

  • K-11

    K-11 (2012)
    Film by Jules Stewart (Drama) Actress K-11 follows Raymond Saxx Jr. (Goran Visnjic), a powerful record producer who wakes from a drug-induced blackout to find himself locked up and classified "K-11." Plunged into a nightmarish world ruled by a transsexual diva named Mousey (Kate del Castillo), Raymond is truly a fish out of water. Complicating matters are a troubled young transgender named Butterfly (Portia Doubleday), a predatory child molester (Tommy 'Tiny' Lister) and the ruthless Sheriff's Deputy, Lt. Johnson (D.B. Sweeney). Ray's struggle to contact the outside world and regain his freedom seems impossible, but he must learn to navigate this new power structure if he is ever going survive and be in control of his life again. Written by Libertine Films

  • Whatever, the Series

    Whatever, the Series (2011)
    Television (Drama) Actress WHATEVER is about the real lives of teens - the challenges, the joys, the conflict, the heartbreak. For so long, teen life has been portrayed as petty and unimportant, or the world paints a smiley face on teen issues, when we all know that there's so much more going on under the surface. There is incredible fun and fear, happiness and sadness, feeling like you belong and feeling like you are all alone. Add in drugs, alcohol, relationships, parents, teachers, friends, enemies and everything else we deal with EACH day - and you have WHATEVER. Written by Matt McLaren

  • Eagleheart

    Eagleheart (2011)
    Television by Andrew Weinberg (Action and Comedy) Actress In this parody on cop shows, a mad-dog US Marshal bent on justice battles crime his way and has only two less than perfect partners and a stodgy boss to rely on.

  • Pretend Time

    Pretend Time (2010)
    Television by Nick Swardson (Comedy) Actress Sketch comedy show starring Nick Swardson.

  • Lady Gaga: Telephone

    Lady Gaga: Telephone (2010)
    Film (short) by Jonas Åkerlund (Music) Miscellaneous Crew Music video for Lady Gaga & Beyonce's single "Telephone".

  • The Butcher

    The Butcher (2009)
    Film by Jesse V. Johnson (Action and Thriller) Actress For nearly twenty years after his boxing career ended Merle Hench works for Murdoch, the capo of a San Fernando mob outfit. Merle spends his days cracking heads and collecting debts, it is not a job he enjoys. Cool, calm and collected, soft spoken even, Merle's an anachronism, a man out of place and out of time. His Boss thinks Merle has outlived his usefulness and is expendable. So they set him up to take the fall for a multi-million $ heist of a rival mob boss. A habitual gambler on a 20 year losing streak, Merle's luck turns as he survives the trap and winds up with a piece of the take and the girl. Merle might have been content to just disappear and spend his windfall with Jacqueline. But the betrayal of his loyalty for 20 years snapped something inside. Merle Hench, otherwise known as the Butcher is slow to anger yet quick to act, he's learned to live and let live to keep on going, but not this time. Everyone thought his nickname was a joke, what they didn't know was that Merle ... Written by The Film Catalogue

  • Passenger Side

    Passenger Side (2009)
    Film by Matt Bissonnette (Comedy and Drama) Actress Michael Brown's birthday begins with a telephone call from his estranged, drug addicted brother Tobey. Tobey is totally unaware that it is his older brother's birthday, but he is very aware that his car is broken, and he begs Michael to drive him on various apparently legitimate, vital errands. As Bruce Springsteen has astutely noted, "a man who turns his back on his family just ain't no good". So Michael puts off his seemingly romantic birthday plans, and with his brother embarks on a sketchy, meandering day long odyssey though the mysteries of Los Angeles County. As the day wears on, it becomes clear that this drive will lead them to some very unexpected destinations. Written by Passenger Side

  • Insanitarium

    Insanitarium (2008)
    Video by Jeff Buhler (Horror and Thriller) Actress Metcalfe will play a man who pretends to be crazy in order to save his sister (Sanchez) from being involuntarily hospitalized. Once inside the institute, the siblings discover that a doctor (Stormare) is using his patients like lab rats, forcing them to take a drug that turns them into flesh-eating psychopaths. Written by Anonymous

  • Finding Amanda

    Finding Amanda (2008)
    Film by Peter Tolan (Comedy and Drama) Actress Taylor Mendon is a Hollywood scriptwriter on a minor rebound from drugs and booze. He's writing for a mirthless sit-com and betting on the horses behind his wife's back when her sister calls needing help: Taylor's 20-year-old niece Amanda has become a hooker in Las Vegas. He promises to find her, bring her back, and pay for her stay at an expensive rehab center. Once in Nevada, Taylor starts gambling in earnest using money loaned him by the casino. He also finds Amanda, a cheerful prostitute, uninterested in reform. Can Taylor win back his borrowings, keep his wife from discovering his habit, and help Amanda find redemption? Or is life different from a sit-com? Written by <>

  • True Blood

    True Blood (2008)
    Television by Alan Ball (Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance and 1 More) Actress The series follows Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in Louisiana who can read people's minds, and how her life is turned upside down when the Vampire Bill, walks into her place of employment two years after vampires 'came out of the coffin' on national television. Written by Tommy Stewart

  • Across the Universe

    Across the Universe (2007)
    Film by Julie Taymor (Drama, Fantasy, Musical and Romance) Actress Across The Universe is a fictional love story set in the 1960s amid the turbulent years of anti-war protest, the struggle for free speech and civil rights, mind exploration and rock and roll. At once gritty, whimsical and highly theatrical, the story moves from high schools and universities in Massachusetts, Princeton and Ohio to the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the Detroit riots, Vietnam and the dockyards of Liverpool. A combination of live action and animation, the film is paired with many songs by The Beatles that defined the time. Written by Anonymous

  • Cory in the House

    Cory in the House (2007)
    Television by Dennis Rinsler (Comedy, Drama and Family) Actress Cory In The House is about Cory and Victor Baxter, the son and father of Raven Baxter from "That's So Raven". The president of USA decides he needs a good chef, and hires Victor to be his personal chef. So the two pack their bags and head straight to Washington to live in the White House. There, Cory meets some interesting people, like the president's annoying 8 year-old daughter, and Meena Paoom, the daughter of the ambassador of the Middle East (or something like that, who becomes Cory's love interest. He also meets his new best friend, Newt Livingston who is a son of the United States Chief Justice (his mother) and a senator (his father). What will happen to Cory? You'll just have to see. Written by Anonymous

  • Wish Gone Amiss

    Wish Gone Amiss (2007)
    Video (Comedy and Family) Archive footage Imagine the same shooting star soaring over Miley, Cory, Zack and Cody. What do you think they would wish for? Wishes can be powerful, wishes can be useful, but even the best wish can go amiss.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm

    Curb Your Enthusiasm (2007)
    Television by Larry David (Comedy) Actress He's got it all: a loving wife, good friends, a successful career, a great home...what could possibly go wrong for Larry David? Seinfeld co-creator Larry David stars as himself in this hilarious, off-kilter comedy series that presents an unflinching, self-deprecating depiction of his life. Written by Penske

  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2006 - 2007)
    Television by Jimmy Kimmel (Comedy, Music and Talk-Show) Actress Jimmy Kimmel interviews celebrities.

  • Big Love

    Big Love (2007)
    Television by Will Scheffer (Drama) Actress A polygamist and his relationship with his three wives.

  • Medium

    Medium (2005)
    Television by Glenn Gordon Caron (Crime, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Actress Allison Dubois works in the Phoenix District Attorney's office. She uses her psychic abilities to help crack criminal cases. Her dreams often give her clues to the whereabouts of missing people, and by touching someone she often gets to see beneath the facade into the person's soul. Allison juggles this stressful job with her role as wife and mother of three children, including a daughter who seems to be developing similar powers. Written by Ron Kerrigan <>

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