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  • Ugly Shoes

    Ugly Shoes (2016)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Romance) Actress Lucky loses everything except for his friends until he finds his fortune in a discarded ugly pair of shoes and enters the first ever "Ugly Shoe Contest" where Karma begins to unfold.

  • Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope

    Caravaggio and My Mother the Pope (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Caravaggio's tortured life, his murder and the journey of his soul.

  • Deer Season

    Deer Season (2015)
    Film (Thriller) Actress Seven friends pack up for one last backpacking trip before the final end of summer. When they strike out into the wilderness and stumble on two ex-cons hell-bent on staying free, their peaceful retreat explodes into terrorized flight. A film that explores the dark depths of familial loyalty and pits friendship against survival, Deer Season will put a death grip on your pulse Written by Raymond Dussault

  • Spanish Fly

    Spanish Fly (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Full Cosby Exchange With AP on Allegations. The face behind the face.

  • George Anton's Romeo and Juliet

    George Anton's Romeo and Juliet (2014)
    Film (Adventure, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The Crankster

    The Crankster (2014)
    Television (Comedy) Actress Showcasing one of the Internet's most innovative inventions, The Crankster - a portable, emergency USB Charger on NewGadget TV.

  • Predatory Lender

    Predatory Lender (2014)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Horror) Actress Predatory Lender is a dark thriller that follows the exploits of a psychopathic real estate agent who is as cold and deceptive in business as he is in the pursuit of his beautiful young prey.

  • The Extendables

    The Extendables (2014)
    Film (Comedy) Actress What if Inspector Clouseau bulked up on steroids, then was given the job to direct a movie? The Extendables chronicles Hollywood myth and rumor, bending together an escalating series of mishaps that lead us and The Great Vardell Duselldorfer, in the strictest dramatic terms, to climax. Written by A Bavarian Wood Whittler

  • Quarantine L.A.

    Quarantine L.A. (2013)
    Film (Horror and Sci-Fi) Actress A group of seven strangers try to survive and escape from isolated Los Angeles that has been infected by a strange, human changing virus.

  • Dead on Arrival

    Dead on Arrival (2013)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Add a Plot »

  • The American Dream

    The American Dream (2013)
    Film (Drama) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Hollywood Boulevard on AIR

    Hollywood Boulevard on AIR (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Posey

    Posey (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Musical) Actress POSEY is the story of Linda Flemming, who must make the heartbreaking decision to take her grandmother, Posey (Oscar nominee and Golden Globe Winner Sally Kirkland), to an assisted care facility. Posey suffers from the beginning stages of Alzheimer's Disease, and in a desperate move to avoid the inevitable, she escapes. While her loved ones desperately search for her, Posey finds herself in the middle of a unique that will change her outlook on life and her future in a profound way. The film seeks to examine the seeming hopelessness of the disease and the fear from both the victim and their families, while at the same time finding hope and humor. Written by Anonymous

  • The Wife Master

    The Wife Master (2012)
    Film (Comedy) Actress Bora S. is a gay, unemployed 40 year old man who still lives at home. When his family kicks him out of the house, he must find a means to support himself. He reluctantly accepts his Uncle's offer of marrying a Cambodian woman so she can come to the United States in exchange for $10,000. When the money runs out, he marries another Cambodian wife, followed by another, and another... until he has more wives than he can handle. Written by Anonymous

  • The Passions of Jesus Christ

    The Passions of Jesus Christ (2012)
    Film (Fantasy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Apocalypse 2012

    Apocalypse 2012 (2012)
    Film (Adventure) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Captive Audience

    Captive Audience (2011)
    Film (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actress A desperate author holds a restaurant and its patrons captive in order to share his latest masterpiece. All of which leads to a series of events that will impact the lives of several individuals.

  • I Am Singh

    I Am Singh (2011)
    Film (Action, Crime and Drama) Actress Chandigarh-born Harjeet Kaur sits on a bench on America's 'Ground Zero' during the year 2011, & narrates the story that has impacted and shattered her life following the terrorist attacks of 9-11. Caucasian males start by attacking Hindus, Sikhs, Islamist near Mandirs, Gurdwaras, and Masjids, racially profiling them as terrorists and not only threatening them but also assaulting and killing them. While her sons, Ajit and Vikram, and husband, Ranjeet, were returning home from their restaurant in Los Angeles, in the company of their friends, Rizwan and Anwar Haider, they are confronted by a group of armed and belligerent Neo-Nazis, told to return back to their respective countries, threatened and humiliated. When the group attempt to defend themselves, they are attacked, Vikram is shot dead, and Ranjeet is badly injured. The Los Angeles Police Department arrive on the scene, the Neo-Nazis flee, and the cops arrest Ajit on weapons-related charges. Harjeet telephones her third son, ... Written by rAjOo (

  • Fitness and Fun

    Fitness and Fun (2011)
    Television (Biography and Reality-TV) Actress The Hollywood Stars are stopping by for an episode of Fitness and Fun at Anton Pictures Studios.

  • Somewhere

    Somewhere (2010)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Actress Hollywood actor Johnny Marco, nested in his luxury hotel of choice, is a stimulated man. Drinking, parties and women keep a creeping boredom under wraps in between jobs. He is the occasional father of a bright girl, Cleo, who may be spoiled but doesn't act it. When Cleo's mother drops her off and leaves town, Johnny brings her along for the ride, but can he fit an 11-year-old girl into his privileged lifestyle? Written by Peter Brandt Nielsen

  • World's End

    World's End (2010)
    Film (Action and Sci-Fi) Actress Wes Keller is a young man living in a world where oil has collapsed, the food supply has been wiped out, and cancer rates for women have skyrocketed, depleting the female population. In a barbaric environment where bio fuel, batteries, bullets and people are currency and marauders roam free, Wes tries to escape to a mythical world run on cold fusion "Plutopia", a place that may only exist in the mind. THE BILL IS DUE. 'Downstream' is a view of the not so distant future. We follow a young man (everyone's son) as he pays the price for society's decadence. Written by Phil Y Kim

  • Table for Six

    Table for Six (2010)
    Film (Drama, Mystery and Romance) Actress Five years after the apparent suicide of vibrant ingenue Emily Cole, her brother hosts a private dinner party for those who knew her best. Intimate details about Emily's life are unveiled, culminating in a shocking revelation and unforgettable encounter. Written by Anonymous

  • Cold Case

    Cold Case (2010)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Lilly Rush is a Philadelphia police detective working for the department's homicide squad and being assigned 'cold cases': crimes that were committed many years before and have not been solved. Lilly must try to re-think the crime scenes and interview other people involved with the victims to find a link to solving the cases. Written by Anonymous

  • Trauma

    Trauma (2009 - 2010)
    Television (Drama) Actress Follows a small group of flight paramedics on the job and in their lives outside of work.

  • Parenthood

    Parenthood (2010)
    Television (Comedy and Drama) Actress A family tree with Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) serving as the patriarch and matriarch. After forty-six years of marriage, they've managed to keep their foundation intact by burying their problems underneath the surface for the sake of their now-adult children. Adam (Peter Krause) is the first-born and the ripest apple the tree has to offer. He runs a shoe company, has a supportive wife, two children (boy and girl) and a beautiful home to share with them. He's a dog short of "The American Dream". Sarah (Lauren Graham), is the unstable daughter returning home at thirty-eight years of age with her rebellious daughter and sensitive son to live with Zeek and Camille. Crosby (Dax Shepard), is a happy-go-lucky bachelor living in the now, on a docked boat. He has no idea that his frivolous life is about to change tremendously. Then there is Julia (Erika Christensen). She is the bread-winning shot-calling lawyer, whose husband mans the stay-at-home-dad duties.... Written by Jordan Ray Allen

  • Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy (2010)
    Television (Drama and Romance) Actress A Medical-Based drama centered around Meredith Grey, an aspiring surgeon and daughter of one of the best surgeons, Dr. Ellis Grey. Throughout the series, Meredith goes through professional and personal challenges along with fellow surgeons at Seattle Grace Hospital.

  • The Four Twenty-One

    The Four Twenty-One (2009)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Actress As a child, Buddy Cortez was recruited by a covert branch of the government and trained to hunt and destroy aliens that are living among us. Now, as the danger increases and a lifetime of killing takes its toll on Buddy, each desperate decision may prove to be his last. Written by Anonymous

  • Gunn

    Gunn (2009)
    Television (Crime) Actress Gunn, a series launched worldwide in 2008, revolves around the beautiful city of San Jose, California. Cocky and arrogant Detective Michael Gunn thought he was investigating just another case when it suddenly becomes personal. Gunn must now face the challenges ahead of him and accept the consequences of his actions. Written by La Productions

  • I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant

    I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (2009)
    Television (Drama and Reality-TV) Actress Women, who never knew they were pregnant, give birth.

  • La mission

    La mission (2009)
    Film (Drama) Actress Growing up in the Mission district of San Francisco, Che Rivera (Benjamin Bratt) has always had to be tough to survive. He's a powerful man respected throughout the Mission barrio for his masculinity and his strength, as well as for his hobby building beautiful lowrider cars. A reformed inmate and recovering alcoholic, Che has worked hard to redeem his life and do right by his pride and joy: his only son, Jes, whom he has raised on his own after the death of his wife. Che's path to redemption is tested, however, when he discovers Jes is gay. To survive his neighborhood, Che has always lived with his fists. To survive as a complete man, he'll have to embrace a side of himself he's never shown. Written by Global Cinema

  • Results May Vary

    Results May Vary (2008)
    Film (Short) Actress There is no guarantee that this film or its message will change your view towards racial, gender, religious, or social inequalities. It is possible that you may experience uncomfortable or confusing moments of disorientation in which you may find yourself confronted by an idea or belief that you do not agree with. Side effects from watching this film may include anger, lasting frustration, unexpected bouts of laughter, empowerment, a heightened sensitivity to those around you, spontaneous moments of deep thought, relapses into an ignorant state of mind, sudden shifts in ideology, and brief moments of awkward silence. If any of these symptoms should occur, please engage in a civilized and respectful conversation about it with your closest neighbor. Again, we make no guarantee that this film will change your life. Results may vary. Written by Anonymous

  • American Style

    American Style (2008)
    Film (Comedy and Crime) Actress A twin, stolen from the arms of his mother. Brothers separated. Will they ever meet again?

  • Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2

    Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore 2 (2008)
    Video Game (Game-Show) Actress This sequel to Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol Encore (2008) now features some new additions to the character customization, 40 new songs made popular by various artists and a feature where you have a choice to sing an "Encore" after you become the winner of American Idol. Written by Anonymous

  • Milk

    Milk (2008)
    Film (Biography, Drama and History) Actress Using flashbacks from a statement recorded late in life and archival footage for atmosphere, this film traces Harvey Milk's career from his 40th birthday to his death. He leaves the closet and New York, opens a camera shop that becomes the salon for San Francisco's growing gay community, and organizes gays' purchasing power to build political alliances. He runs for office with lover Scott Smith as his campaign manager. Victory finally comes on the same day Dan White wins in the city's conservative district. The rest of the film sketches Milk's relationship with White and the 1978 fight against a statewide initiative to bar gays and their supporters from public school jobs. Written by <>

  • Solved

    Solved (2008)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Presque Isle

    Presque Isle (2008)
    Film (Drama) Actress Rob Nilsson's powerful and complex tale dives into the heart of a man driven to confront his past in order to heal the pain of the present... See full synopsis »

  • Torn Together

    Torn Together (2007)
    Film (Short) Actress Add a Plot »

  • Women's Murder Club

    Women's Murder Club (2007)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress A homicide detective, a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and a young assistant district attorney work together to solve homicide investigations.

  • The World's Astonishing News!

    The World's Astonishing News! (2005 - 2007)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actress Popular Japanese Television series, chronicling unusual or outrageous stories from around the world, most notably the United States. Many episodes deal with infamous crimes, but there are also stories about interesting individuals, notorious moments in history, tales of heroism during disasters and notable unsolved mysteries. The episodes are filmed in Japan and the United States. Written by H_Nakamura

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

    The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
    Film (Biography and Drama) Actress Based on a true story about a man named Christopher Gardner. Gardner has invested heavily in a device known as a "Bone Density scanner". He feels like he has made these devices. However, they do not sell as they are marginally better than the current technology at a much higher price. As Gardner tries to figure out how to sell them, his wife leaves him, he loses his house, his bank account, and credit cards. Forced to live out in the streets with his son, Gardner is now desperate to find a steady job; he takes on a job as a stockbroker, but before he can receive pay, he needs to go through 6 months of training, and to sell his devices. Written by John Wiggins

  • Dress for Wedding

    Dress for Wedding (2006)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Actress When you find easy money do you control your greed or be safe? It gets difficult to take right decision sometimes.

  • The Gold Bracelet

    The Gold Bracelet (2006)
    Film (Drama) Actress "The Gold Bracelet" set against the backdrop of the September 11th tragedy is a tragic but tender story of courage and compassion; as the events that unfold thereafter effect the lives of one family.

  • Rent

    Rent (2005)
    Film (Drama, Musical and Romance) Actress This rock opera tells the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. The story centers around Mark and Roger, two roommates. While a former tragedy has made Roger numb to life, Mark tries to capture it through his attempts to make a film. In the year that follows, the group deals with love, loss, AIDS, and modern day life in one truly powerful story. Written by Alex W

  • Just Like Heaven

    Just Like Heaven (2005)
    Film (Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Actress Elizabeth Masterson, a dedicated doctor in San Francisco, had almost no time for anything. When her sister with two kids set her up on a date, she gets into a tragic car crash and gets in a coma. Meanwhile, a landscape architect named David Abbott moves into San Francisco and coincidentally, into Elizabeth's apartment for rent. While at the apartment, Elizabeth's spirit haunts him. She doesn't remember who she is, who her family is, and what she did - All that she remembered was her apartment and where everything was. To settle the arguments, David agrees to figure out who Elizabeth really is. When they get close to figuring out who she is, they eventually find love with one another and as they finally know who she really is, they learn that fate really has put them both together. Written by kayleigh

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