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Alex Alessi loved to play dress up as a child. He was born on September 10th in Edison, New Jersey and his mother would take him shopping every year on his birthday for a Halloween costume. Alex couldn’t wait to pick out his costume for the holiday and would often wear his choice several times before October 31st rolled around. He relished the chance to become a new character every year. One year he decided to wear multiple costumes, including some that he had made himself. He ventured out into the night to trick or treat and after visiting all of his neighbors’ houses he would return home to change into a new costume. Although it would appear he did this to trick his neighbors into giving him more candy (that was a perk), Alex actually just wanted to play another new character for his audience. Unfortunately the night ended with him running into a tree, but that was only a small obstacle in his path to becoming an actor.

By the age of 10 Alex had started to perform, landing the lead role in the school play and attending drama camp in the summer. Although he had a passion for the stage and acting, he also had a love for music. He started to play drums and began to distance himself from the theater a few years later.

In high school Alex hadn’t been involved with acting and had mostly focused on playing in a number of bands with his friends. By his senior year he had spent most of his time pursuing music, but he still always had the desire to act inside of him. Finally, when the opportunity was presented to create a movie for a senior project he couldn’t help but be involved. Alex wrote a script, gathered a group of his friends, and set out to make a film. Without the slightest idea about how to shoot a film he and his friends made their movie. Although it was not technically sound, Alex was encouraged by his teacher to consider a career in acting after she had seen his part in the film.

In college Alex decided to take his teachers advice and he tried an acting class. After the first day he was hooked and he quickly decided that he was going to learn the craft and work his way into the acting industry. He performed a number of one acts and was featured in several student films and after he graduated in 2008 he set out to become an actor in New York City.

Often seen as the witty yet troubled every-man with piercing blue-eyes, Alex hopes to play diverse characters and to continue to grow as an actor and person with each role. He likes to stay active by playing sports with his friends, learning how to box, and by taking the time to work out and eat healthy. In his spare time he still plays drums and writes music. He also writes screenplays, he has worked behind the scenes to produce some short films and he helped to create a pitch for an animated series and a television pilot. Although he has grown over the years, Alex is still the same kid looking forward to finding his next costume to wear and a new part to play.


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