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Ben Trebilcook

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About Ben

Ben Trebilcook is a Screenwriter / Producer and Author, repped by WME | IMG CHINA. As well as writing promotional corporate films for pharmaceutical companies in Australia and Europe, Trebilcook has worked on low to no budget features to high-concept Hollywood 'blockbusters', including an earlier draft of Mission Impossible 3 for Cruise/Wagner Productions. He produced the SciFi movie Doomsday, directed by Neil Johnson and has been writing and pitching a number of TV projects, geared for Chinese streaming services. Most recently, German translation rights were sold for his novel, Old Habits, the basis of his Die Hard six script (Old Habits Die Hard), which should be released in the Autumn of 2019. He has a number of screenplays available, from Westerns to female-centric fight movies, as well as being available to hire for rewrites.

Ben has acted from a young age and appeared in several productions, though it is by no means his profession or craft.

A single-dad, who resides in the UK, in Southend-On-Sea, just outside of London who just released his fourth novel, 'craft beer infused crime fiction', set in Australia and described by one reviewer as a detective thriller that should be called 'Eat Pray Love and Kill'.

He is currently producing a female driven action spy feature with his old friend, producing legend Mario Kassar. He also has a project with actin director Daniel Zirilli in Thailand. Many other screenplays and TV proposals are available.

Despite being repped in the Far East, Ben Trebilcook is currently seeking NEW MANAGEMENT. You can follow him on Twitter via BenTrebilcook.

Unique traits: Spy (espionage, secret intelligence), action, detective (police)



    CIGARETTES & HORSES Western Genre: WESTERN: An English writer and an ex-Yankee soldier team up to retain some stolen artifacts, discovering the thief to be a Confederate from the Yankee's violent past. *Originally penned for actor producer Robert De Niro at Tribeca & UK acting talent Hugh Grant - 'Lethal Weapon meets Unforgiven'.


    ONSLAUGHT Genre: ACTION: A French spy investigates a Mexican drug lord, discovering his dealings are tied to a corrupt CIA Agent dealing illegal high-powered weaponry. *Originally intended as a potential project for Jean-Claude Van Damme.


    URBAN Genre: ACTION. A disgraced US Navy SEAL is now a wash-up security guard in Europe's largest shopping mall, which the wife of the President of Europe is about to officially open. When mercenaries from the man's past besiege the mall, it's time to put his old skills back into action.


    LIFE COACH Genre: COMEDY: A young, rich guy lacking something in his life seeks a Life Coach, who reveals he is in fact missing 'the 1980's'. With this new surge of energy, he sets about to do what he did 'back in the day', discovering his long lost love from when he worked at a supermarket.

  • 221bCAUSE

    221bCAUSE Crime Other Genre: DETECTIVE THRILLER A female travel agent working at 221b Baker Street, the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes, writes and receives letters addressed to the famous sleuth, discovering one letter to be from the President of the USA's son, who has recently been kidnapped.


    BLOOD SALAD DAYS Western Genre: WESTERN: The lives of a group of disaffected children interweave with historical events of the American West, spanning from 1877 to 1925, giving strength to why the time was known as The Wild West.

  • Telejack

    Telejack Action Crime A charismatic TV-obsessed New Yorker leads a group of men to seize control of a UK TV station, whilst airing their charity telethon live on Christmas Eve, intending to transfer donated charity funds into off-shore accounts.

  • Found Footage

    Found Footage Action Adventure Experimental Other War Filming his hijacking of a cargo vessel, a Somali pirate discovers 2 cine reels and a VHS tape revealing sensitive World War 2 and 1980s film footage, which is requiring to be kept secret by Special Forces. Told via an HD waterproof camcorder Sanyo Dual Camera Xacti WH1, then 16mm / 8mm, 80s VHS video camera and finally a Special Forces helmet-cam, this is a bizarre, different, somewhat controversial spin on the 'found footage genre'.


    COP DOWN Action Adventure LOGLINE: Genre: ACTION A New York Detective meets his estranged daughter whilst on an official police exchange to the Caribbean. When they're ship-wrecked on an island, they discover violent wreck looters on the hunt for Nazi gold. *Originally a previous contender for the fourth installment of the Die Hard franchise as a spec entitled 'Die Hardest'.


  • Bollywood Dragon

    Bollywood Dragon (2016)
    Film by Wonder Pug Films / Mumbai International (Action) Writer Producer

  • Daisy Scarlett

    Daisy Scarlett (2016)
    Film (Action) Writer Producer

  • My Name Is Not Jacob Ramsay

    My Name Is Not Jacob Ramsay (2016)
    (Crime) author Thriller Novel.

  • Doomsday

    Doomsday (2015)
    Film by Neil Johnson (Action and Sci-Fi) Producer, Actor Achilles, a normal man infected with a disease that will bring down the Erebus rulers (human/machine hybrids) escapes back in time from 2410 to the present day where he has a chance to stop the Erebus from ever rising to power. However he is followed by the Erebus-7 who will stop at nothing to hunt him down.

  • Resurface

    Resurface (2015)
    Film by JNC Productions (Vietnam) Writer

  • Knock / Out

    Knock / Out (2015)
    Film by Wonder Pug Films (Action) Writer / Producer

  • Death Machine aka Doomsday

    Death Machine aka Doomsday (2013)
    Film by Morphius Films / Ben Trebilcook Producer / Actor / Additional Written Material

  • Vauxhall Crossed

    Vauxhall Crossed (2013)
    Film Screenwriter / Producer

  • The Boxer

    The Boxer (2012)
    Film (short) by Scruffbag Productions (uncredited writer) / Script Supervisor

  • Cleanskin

    Cleanskin (2011)
    Film by UK Film Studio Stunt Performer

  • Deader Country

    Deader Country (2009)
    Film by Merkelbach Films Writer / Producer / Actor

  • My Yacht

    My Yacht (2006)
    Film (short) by Huck Melnick (Romance) Actor Ben, a wannabe filmmaker marooned outside the Cannes Film Festival's charmed circle of power and influence, pretends to be a yacht-owning big producer to impress hopeful actress Laura, the woman of his dreams. She responds to the idealistic romantic she sees in him, but is less enamoured of his attempts to play the big shot. By the time he finally gets her on "his" yacht he might just be winning her round, but then he's exposed as a fake, and she disappears. But, having taken the scam so far, he discovers that there's no difference between faking it and being it, and he duly becomes the toast of the town. Now he tries to get her back, but then finds she has her secret too. The story is narrated by Ben's incorrigible sidekick Jason, who, with unintentional hilarity, is blind to the magic of romance that Ben's deception has unwittingly conjured up. Written by Jeremy Herman

  • 3 Steps to Heaven

    3 Steps to Heaven (1995)
    TV Movie by Constantine Giannaris (Drama) Special effects One morning, three Londoners leave Sean after having painted the town red. When his body is found floating on the Thames, his girlfriend Juliette blows smoke. Determined to avenge Sean, the young woman decides to pay a visit to her lover's three friends before deciding what to do. What she discovers actually is not what she expected but very upsetting details about Sean in particular and more generally speaking, about the underworld of London. Written by Guy Bellinger

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