Elena Nemykh

Elena Nemykh

Cinematographer, Post-Production Supervisor, Screenwriter, Script Consultant, Talent Scout, Playwright, Filmmaker, Director of Development and Director

Paris, France

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May 2017
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About Elena

Main specialty: producer of development,director of feature and documentary films and TV

Member of WIF(Women in films),
member of Russian filmmakers of Kinosoyuz,
graduated Academy of media communications(TV feature programs)
graduated All-Russian Institute of Cinematography named of Sergei Gerasimov, specialty: filmmaker ( workshop of Evgeny Tashkov) in 1996
NYFA Moscow (producer's workshop:
Lydia Cedrone) 2013
writer of books:
"Dumb bird","Father:my gurdian angel", "Under label OST" and etc.


2020-2021:development of feature TV series "I'm return(sequel)
2019: TV premiere film "Online"
2018: producer,director of docudrama "Slaves of two dictatorships"(premiera during filmfrstival "Documentary Wednesday",June,2018)
2017-2018: development of feature TV series "Jump", "Another Life", "Club" and etc
2016-2017: development of feature film "Waterfront" (in production)
2015-2016:development of documentary films: "Nature in the nude" (in
production), «Churches of the world(in God we trust) (in production), "Breed"(in production)
2014:producer and director of short feature film“ONLINE”
2013 - director of 2 feature TV series «Long way for home» (channel Domashny)
2011/2012:independent producer, producer of German-Russian project “ Connections”
( Sunnysideup Film & Service, Germany)
2011:creative producer of the TV feature series “ Vazhnyak "(NTV)
2009-2010 : chief-director of the TV feature series "The Invisibles"
(DTV, Inter, Teleformat)
2009:director of documentary films "The Soviet underwear", "Stalinka" (TVC studio "Reporter
Film"), author and director of "Photoalbom”: Mikhail Lubimov, Lydmila Alekseeva, Henry Reznik,
Viktor Shenderovich, Mary Slonim (channel: "Who's Who ")
2008-2009:producer and director documentary films: "Leaving the monastery," "Epidemia,"
"Mama, I'm pregnant," "Love is a foreigner," "I love the married man," "Unequal marriage" from
the series “Stories of the big city "(channel TNT studio" Silent Movie "),
"The Burden of Fame, " Man of the crowd "(TVC)," VIA” 1 and 2 series (Grant “TPO Union,"
channel "Russian World", "Nostalgia")
2007-2008: the author and director ,co-producer:
12 serial feature film "I shall return" (1 channel, nominee "Golden Eagle", 2010, Profit studio,
Studio Slon)
2007: author,director,producer of documentary films: "Slaves of the two dictatorships" and
"Sunshine" from series "History of a Song" (1 channel)
2005: the author, director, project manager for "The Birth of victory" for the 60th anniversary of
victory (NTV) (Tefy-2005 nominee for Best Director, Prize of the Union of Journalists)
1996-2005: director of TV programmes (Tefy Award-2000 , "Golden Ostap" -2001)
2001- documentary “Heavy burden of freedom”(author:Mary Slonim),INTERNEWS
1996:30minutny feature film «Amata nobis» based on the story of Ivan Bunin, "Rusya" The film was
a member of several Russian and international festivals in the framework of Institute of
Cinematography (Short Film Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil, 1997, and the festival Wursburge, Germany, 1998) The prize for literary festival screenings in Gatchina, 1997, and prize student festival VGIK in 1998
From 1991 to 2006:director of TV programs

Unique traits: I'm playing on piano,skying,like bicycle and travell. I'm also like to organize the photoexhibitions(it's my hobby)


  • I'm return(sequel)

    I'm return(sequel) Budget: $5M - $10M | Historical Drama The family of the Rastopchins before the Second World War is on the vergedecay. Father, Vasily Andreyevich, professor of history, arrested and sent for the Soviet camp, mother Vera Ivanovna with three daughters(Musya,Zoya and Gulia) are evicted from the dacha(house of Vasily Andreevich) and were depriving them of all the privileges of a professorial family. And then there’s a new misfortune: Zoya’s older sister is seriously ill, which forces mom go to the nearest village near Moscow for groceries. Musya, the middle sister, decides to go with her for fat and sugar. Gulya, the youngest daughter, remains for the eldest with her grandmother. However, girls are not only find themselves drawn into a maelstrom of military events, they take part in the life of a country, whose history were changing before their eyes, fundamentally changing their lives and destinies. After war group of French journalists from "Paris Match" during their trip with debutant trainee Jean Michaud,who was arrived in USSR to do a report about prisoners of Soviet Camp.Jean was the son of the same frenchman Francois Michaud, who once worked as a prisoner of the Third Reich under Madame Jacobs, along with Musya. Francois, returning to his wife and son in 1945 were returning to his wife and son in the village in 1945 near Paris,but was continued to love the former russian servant Musya and dreamed to meet her. Unexpected trip to Moscow and to the camp zone of his only son on the instructions of the “Paris match” helped find traces of her love.

  • Online

    Online Budget: $0 - $100K | Romance Comedy Story about people, who are found each other or not found in the modern world with the help of the new social network Online. Eventually all of us want to meet their real love in life. Who knows, when there will be date for the crossing of destiny. The film is expected to be positive, and tell about those, who are so good in modern world of high speeds and rapid progress. 

  • My President

    My President Budget: $1M - $5M | Animation Fantasy Tagline: Sometimes simple little white cat can save your life.Main idea: President's loneliness looks like loneliness of ordinary persons. With only one difference, it is the loneliness of man, who has taken the mission make millions of people to be happy. Millions, who hate, millions, who love, millions, who pray daily and hourly for special person, who took the responsibility for the fates of a lot of people. But president must know, that there is always one of them, hate him and could shoot him in the heart by the gun. And only the best friend is able to protect him from this shot, but sometimes it may be simple little white cat.


    DUMB BIRD Budget: $1M - $5M | Musical Drama Italian actress Laura Cherreto is coming for sea beach to restarting shooting film about "Seagull" by play Russian writer Anton Chehov. Laura is also dumb from the birth, but became famous, because an other actresses give their voices for her lips. But strange death of actress on the beach is also stop shooting. Starting of police researching  explains the reasons of death of big actress. Laura is also Nika in past and live on this beach, when was little girl

  • JUMP(12 TV movies)

    JUMP(12 TV movies) Budget: $1M - $5M | Mystery Adventure Andrey, bjumper and sportsman also is trying to restart the life of his bjclub, which has problems in finance. But the strange death of several his friends was destructed his plans. BJ Club was closed, Andrey lost his love and the fatal excident were broken his life and forced himto run outside the country.

  • Father: my qurdian angel

    Father: my qurdian angel Budget: $100K - $1M | Mystery Drama TV star Elina during the TV programme recorgnise about death of his father:Ilya Konstantinovich from Irina,singer and actress, during translation on TV channel

  • CLUB (24 TV movies)

    CLUB (24 TV movies) Budget: $0 - $100K | Romance Adventure Three sportsmen are once lost their jobs and connected with fitness club for working, where they find some rich women,who are giving them money for refreshing their images and their fates. They put them in stress situations and help to become an other life.


  • Crossing in space

    Crossing in space (2013 - 2017)
    Film by Cinemamuet/Nemykh Producer&director The film consists of five stories, linked together by social networks and each of which is devoted to the role of social network ( such as new one "No random connections")in the world of youth

  • Long way

    Long way (2013)
    TV Movie by Kinobasa/Director Director This story is about young woman, who was lost her husband , and then find him suddenly

  • Vazhnyak

    Vazhnyak (2011 - 2012)
    TV Movie by PRIME CINEMA Creative producer Detective serials

  • Invisibles

    Invisibles (2010)
    TV Movi by Telecity (Action and Crime) Chief director Detective serial

  • I'm return

    I'm return (2006 - 2009)
    Film by Profit Author of idea/scriptwriter/director Feature film about 2'nd World War(1939-1941) http://smotri-filmu.ru/2985-ya-vernus-2009-serial-12-seriy-rossiya-satrip.html

  • Birth of victory

    Birth of victory (2005)
    Documentary by NTV doc Producer&director Docurama about 2nd Great War in USSR(from 1941-1945)

  • War in the glass

    War in the glass (2004)
    Documentary by NTV doc (Documentary and Drama) Scriptwriter/Director Docudrama about history of alcohol(from 1917 to 2000)

  • Amata nobis

    Amata nobis (1995 - 1996)
    Film (short) by VGIK STUDIO Producer&director Film by "Rusia"(Ivan Bunin)


  • TEFI(Birth of victory)(feature/documentary)

  • Gold gong(Birth of victory)(feature/documentary)

  • Prize from Union of Russian journalism(Birth of victory)(feature/documentary)

  • Lavr-2003(Once in Russia,doc serial)

  • TEFI(Dreams of the overseer,doc)

  • TEFI(humor feature episods of TV program, ITOGO with Victor Shenderovich)

  • Stalker(Heavy burden of freedom)(doc)

  • Baykal ecology film festival(Trees and people,doc)

  • The best literary adaptation(Gatchina)(Amata nobis,feature,short))

  • VGIK festival producer's (Amata nobis,feature,short)

  • VGIK festival best film of producer's(Amata nobis,feature,short)

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