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About Gina

Dear Stage 32,

I'm a screenwriter, and would love to see my projects come to life. My screenplays are cultural comedies and dramas. I'm happy to speak about them with anyone who might be interested. I have completed three screenplays, and am currently working on four others.

Unique traits: I am fluent in English, French, Italian and Spanish, and have a respectable level of Greek. My projects have a multicultural perspective and a uniquely subtle sense of humor.


  • Comedies and Tragedies©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    Comedies and Tragedies©, A Script by Gina Dellios Comedy A dramatic comedy within a large Greek family. Georgios just wants his family to be the best it can be, by traditional Greek standards: you marry, you have beautiful well-behaved children, you eat gorgeous food, dance sirtaki, celebrate holidays in style and make your elders proud. Since his family moved to Sweden for economic reasons, he feels his traditions and way of life are slipping away. He can't wait for a big gathering in Greece to reunite him with his extended family, and use this as an opportunity to have his children embrace Greek customs. But the more he pushes, the more they resist. Even Georgios himself has changed and doesn't see things as he once did.

  • Suitcase©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    Suitcase©, A Script by Gina Dellios Drama Emma is the most predictable woman in the world. She always does the same things at the same times, and leads her life like a clock, and she likes it that way, for now. She comes from an obscenely wealthy family, but she has no relationship with them. Her mother dies when she is very young, and her father and she meet every so often for an elaborate lunch, where she is summoned to his castle-like villa in Westminster, along with fancy friends and relatives. One day out of the blue, Emma receives a call telling her that her father has passed. When her father's advisors tell Emma what her father left her, she feels bewildered, yet hugely intrigued with a child-like curiosity. She is given several keys to his life, and through them she learns more about herself and her father's life then she ever thought possible. It is then that she really begins to live a full life, more beautiful than she could have ever imagined.

  • The Strangers in The Paradise©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    The Strangers in The Paradise©, A Script by Gina Dellios Comedy A dramatic comedy about a down-to-earth, 30-something couple from California named Celeste and Franck, who along with their daughter get the opportunity to move to what many people call the ideal place, a kind of Utopia, known as 'The Paradise.' Celeste, the main character, is a very bright and curious person. She has a full life, but ironically she doesn't feel that she is the main character in her own life. She is always searching for something, which inspires her to move to The Paradise with her family. Will she find there what she's been looking for? When they arrive, they meet expatriates from all different corners of the world, people they would never get the opportunity to hang out with back home as they were living in their social bubble. These eclectic people also have their own dreams and ideas of how their perfect lives should play out. As the story goes on, you see how some people will go quite far to reinvent themselves, how others just give up because it's too difficult to be away from what's familiar, and how some actually need to be someone else because it's too painful to be who they were before. You wonder how far will some people go to reach what they deem to be perfection, and at what cost?

  • The Maître d'©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    The Maître d'©, A Script by Gina Dellios Drama A drama set in the 1970s, in a California city, from the point of view of a young girl. This girl is born into the restaurant of the decade. It is the place to be -- to see and to be seen. The haute gamme menu, elegant staff and who's who of patrons set the scene for magic. Her father is a dynamic and charming Italian restaurateur, who is also quite the lady-killer. Her mother takes the back seat in the family, and supports the operation as a cocktail waitress in the large and beautiful bar. The main dining room, outlined with a curving red brick wall, black leather booths with brass buttons, and tables dressed with freshly ironed white linen and fresh flowers, is only serviced by men in crisp, black tuxedos. Giuliana, the young girl, has the best seat in the house. She often discretely does her homework at a small table in the waiting area near the large leather-bound reservation book, which is closely monitored by her father. It is from there that she often gets to experience the magic, when glamorous guests enter mecca, and are made to feel like they are the most important people in the world. It would be shocking for them to see what really happens behind the scenes.

  • Cookie©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    Cookie©, A Script by Gina Dellios Comedy Everyone named Soledad in the family is seen as 'special,' but not in a good way, and ends up with a disastrous fate. Coming from a small town in Argentina, the third Soledad in her family chooses to ignore her legacy and sets out to make her own successful path. As life gets in the way, she is forced to take a job as a maid with a wealthy family in Beverly Hills. She has an unprecedented will to succeed, but faces many challenges along the way that create comedic and also disheartening situations. Her light at the end of the tunnel is her own family, her children, for whom she does everything.

  • Adventures of a Modern-Day Business Girl©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    Adventures of a Modern-Day Business Girl©, A Script by Gina Dellios Comedy A comedy about a young adult woman trying to make her way in the world, while desperately hanging on to her morals and sense of self. Arianna doesn't really know how she became a traveling salesperson, and she doesn't even like it. Unfortunately she also doesn't know how to get off this crazy merry-go-round, which at times can be entertaining, especially as she gets to travel the world and see beautiful places. She didn't know what she wanted to do in university, but sales seemed like the catch-all profession she thought she could master. Little does she know that she has thrown herself to the lions. Her strict Catholic upbringing is constantly put to the test during business trips filled with debauchery, cheating and scheming. How does she succeed and eventually get herself out of this crazy circus, upon which she's grown financially dependent?

  • Hollywood©, A Script by Gina Dellios

    Hollywood©, A Script by Gina Dellios Independent Two European actresses go to Hollywood to realize their dreams. There they meet an up-and-coming young producer. Their lives intertwine in coincidental ways until they together uncover the biggest secret in the business, which ironically helps them reach their goals.


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