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Hank Grover

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Hank was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. His father was a newspaper editor (last position Night City Editor on the Philadelphia Bulletin) and his mother, a former newspaper reporter and housewife. Hank earned his first B.A. in General Literature from the University of Pennsylvania.
After U.S. Navy service in Europe and South America, Hank received his honorable discharge as a Lieutenant (junior grade) and went to film school at Columbia College in Chicago, IL. After earning his B.A. with honors, his first job after graduation was producing and directing a national (300 release prints) public service announcement about rabies prevention for the American Veterinary Medical Association.
Next was a stint of writing and producing health education television and radio programming as a staff member at the University of Illinois Medical Center. The weekly TV series “Consultation” featured physicians and other health care professionals and was broadcast and cablecast to over 80 stations in 38 states. Hank wrote the scripts, shot and edited location film footage, sometimes hosted, and was associate director for the studio shoot. Hank also wrote and produced “Your Doctor Speaks,” which aired on over 40 radio stations.
Hank next produced and A. D. ’d local TV commercials and corporate presentations until he moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to work in entertainment. He came through the Hollywood ranks as an assistant director, production coordinator / manager and line producer, working on 36 feature films, over seven seasons of episodic television, music videos and commercials. Projects included “Black Scorpion” for Showtime, “High Voltage” for HBO, and three seasons as Key 2nd Assistant Director on the Emmy-nominated # 1-rated children’s television series, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” on the Fox network. Hank also A. D.’d Jamie Kennedy’s first feature, “The Road to Flin Flon” and “Dragon Gate” with Oscar-winning actor Dr. Haing S. Ngor.
Hank’s worked on distant locations such as India, the Philippines, Ohio, Mexico and San Francisco. He’s traveled to over twenty countries, and he speaks French.
Hank currently works as production manager and line producer. Projects in those categories have included “Forbidden Secrets,” a series for the Ion Television network with Lee Majors, and features “Boltneck” with Ryan Reynolds, “I’ll Remember April” with Haley Joel Osment, “Dinocroc” for the Sci-Fi Channel, and “Day of Miracles” for the Armed Forces Network and TBN. Other talent Hank’s worked with include producer Robert Evans, Darryl Hannah, magicians Penn and Teller, Judge Reinhold, Oscar-winning actress Faye Dunaway, LeAnn Rimes, Merle Haggard and Shannon Elizabeth. Hank’s work has also aired on the CW network (Daytime Emmy Award-winning series), Discovery Channel, the National Geographic Channel and Cinemax. New media work includes projects for Machinima.com and SPINMedia.com.
Hank’s a member of the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. He has performed volunteer work for a number of years for organizations including Recording for the Blind, Reading to Kids and the Coastal Cleanup.

Unique traits: International experience, have worked on TV series and specials, features, commercials and music videos


  • Celluloid Soul

    Celluloid Soul (2017)
    Film (Fantasy) Actor Monty meets an actress from a 1939 movie who looks exactly like she did then, complete with a black and white hue, specks of dust and vertical scratches throughout her face and body.

  • Bonds

    Bonds (2016)
    Film (Action and Drama) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Jim Shoe

    Jim Shoe (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Producer After one of the founding partners at a prestigious Chicago law firm suddenly dies, his co-founding partner, the rather eccentric Richard Hedd is charged with deciding who will become the next partner. Planning to take six months off sailing around the world with his wife, four associates are randomly chosen to compete for the open partnership position in a most unusual manner-They must each donate their time for the next six months to charitable work picked randomly out of a hat by Richard. The four driven lawyers are literally forced into becoming kind and compassionate individuals. At the end of six months, founding partner Hedd will presumably choose the new partner based upon the sacrifices, ingenuity and character decisions made by the associates. Written by Anonymous

  • The Gunman

    The Gunman (2016)
    Film (Western) Actor Add a Plot »

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)
    Film (Drama, Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Art department After getting in a car accident, a woman is held in a shelter with two men, who claim the outside world is affected by a widespread chemical attack.

  • Stalked by My Doctor

    Stalked by My Doctor (2015)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew A teenage girl named Sophie is rushed to the hospital after a terrible car accident. Lucky for Sophie, heart surgeon Dr. Albert Beck is at the hospital to save her life. While Sophie recovers nicely in the hospital, Dr. Beck tends to her, more than Sophie's mother would like. A mother's instinct is never wrong.

  • Country: Portraits of an American Sound

    Country: Portraits of an American Sound (2015)
    Film (Documentary and Music) Line Producer 'Country: Portraits of an American Sound' is a documentary film that explores the history and culture of country music through the lens of photography, which has portrayed the ideals, lifestyle and personalities of country music artists for over 80 years. The film features imagery and commentary from Grand Ole Opry photographer Les Leverett, the late celebrity photographer Leigh Wiener, documentary photographer Henry Horenstein, iconic music photographers Henry Diltz and Raeanne Rubenstein, and contemporary photographers David McClister and Michael Wilson. Over a dozen country music artists also appear, including Rosanne Cash, Roy Clark, Merle Haggard, Lyle Lovett, Charley Pride, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Rogers, Tanya Tucker, The Band Perry and Keith Urban. The film weaves iconic images, historical footage and over 25 country music hits into a dynamic look at this uniquely American sound.

  • Torment a love story

    Torment a love story (2015)
    Film (Drama) Actor As an introverted, autistic young man torments over a vain, autistic, seventeen-year-old girl, supernatural events wreak havoc upon the men in lustful pursuit of her budding sexuality. Written by Mark Wales

  • 2Survive

    2Survive (2015)
    Film (Adventure, Drama and Thriller) Production manager A desert survival reality show goes horribly wrong.

  • Rage of Innocence

    Rage of Innocence (2014)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Some teens will go to great lengths to avoid being disturbed. For Raven, being disturbed comes naturally.

  • Baila!

    Baila! (2014)
    TV Movie (Music) Actor A music video based on the film "Casablanca." Hank Grover plays the Louis Renault character.

  • Provocateur

    Provocateur (2013)
    Film (Documentary and Short) Line Producer A documentary film about the late great photographer Helmut Newton

  • Stalked at 17

    Stalked at 17 (2012)
    TV Movie (Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew When 17 year old Angela fell for Chad, he promised to love her forever. When she got pregnant with his child, he promised to take care of them both. When she realized he was deceptive and abusive, he promised to change. When she wanted to leave, he made one final promise: to hunt her down and kill her if she ever took his child away. Written by Anonymous

  • Final Offer

    Final Offer (2012)
    Television (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • RCVR

    RCVR (2011)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight

    Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight (2009 - 2010)
    Television (Action) Miscellaneous Crew On the other side of every mirror on Earth lies the parallel dimension of Ventara - a world destroyed by the evil alien, General Xaviax. The Kamen Riders were warriors from Ventara who fought Xaviax with armor and abilities powered by their Advent Decks. Unfortunately, Xaviax stole the Advent Decks and defeated all the Riders but one. Kamen Rider Wing Knight is the sole surviving Kamen Rider - the only man who can stop Xaviax from destroying Earth the same way he destroyed Ventara. To defeat Wing Knight, Xaviax brought the Advent Decks to Earth and tricked ordinary citizens into becoming new Kamen Riders - super-powered soldiers who will carry out his evil plans. After his father's mysterious disappearance, Kit Taylor finds an Advent Deck and becomes Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. He joins forces with Kamen Rider Wing Knight to defeat the ten corrupt Kamen Riders that Xaviax sends against them. By fighting, the two hope not only to save the Earth from Xaviax's domination, but to find ... Written by KrimzonKaiser

  • The Brazen Bull

    The Brazen Bull (2010)
    Film (Thriller) Actor An ice cold tale of misguided ambition and savage revenge. Set in the bowels of an iconic derelict Los Angeles high-rise, we follow Lauren and her real-estate investing fiancé as they discover first hand what happens when a madman leads not with emotion, but rather chilling rationality. The Man in question brings a heaping helping of sanity and jet-black humor to the crazy table. The result is a wonderfully off-kilter horror/thriller that never goes where we expect, but rather draws the audience deeper into a surprising world that has dark corners even in the brightest rooms. Written by Hollywood Reporter

  • Monsters Resurrected

    Monsters Resurrected (2009 - 2010)
    Television (Documentary) Production manager Add a Plot »

  • Mega Beasts

    Mega Beasts (2009)
    Television Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • The Butcher

    The Butcher (2009)
    Film (Action and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew For nearly twenty years after his boxing career ended Merle Hench works for Murdoch, the capo of a San Fernando mob outfit. Merle spends his days cracking heads and collecting debts, it is not a job he enjoys. Cool, calm and collected, soft spoken even, Merle's an anachronism, a man out of place and out of time. His Boss thinks Merle has outlived his usefulness and is expendable. So they set him up to take the fall for a multi-million $ heist of a rival mob boss. A habitual gambler on a 20 year losing streak, Merle's luck turns as he survives the trap and winds up with a piece of the take and the girl. Merle might have been content to just disappear and spend his windfall with Jacqueline. But the betrayal of his loyalty for 20 years snapped something inside. Merle Hench, otherwise known as the Butcher is slow to anger yet quick to act, he's learned to live and let live to keep on going, but not this time. Everyone thought his nickname was a joke, what they didn't know was that Merle ... Written by The Film Catalogue

  • Green Street Hooligans 2

    Green Street Hooligans 2 (2009)
    Video (Crime, Drama and Sport) Miscellaneous Crew Following the deadly climax of "Green Street Hooligans," several members of the West Ham firm and numerous members of Millwall end up in jail. The GSE quickly discover the brutality of life on the inside, as they are constant targets of the superior numbers and better-financed Millwall crew. Written by Anonymous

  • The Man from Berlin

    The Man from Berlin (2009)
    Film (Short) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Ninja Cheerleaders

    Ninja Cheerleaders (2008)
    Film (Action and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew April, Courtney and Monica are three beautiful, intelligent and tough college freshmen. They are finishing their first semester at Los Lomas Malas community college, the armpit of community college's. They must do well on finals to gain entrance to an Ivy League University, cheer at the big game and rescue their Sensei, who has been kidnapped by the mob, all by midnight so they can compete in the all-city strip off with the hopes of winning college money. All the while, dodging nosy cops, keeping their parents at bay, dealing with a perverted coach and smiling, talking or fighting their way through a slew of odd characters. Written by David Presley

  • Alien Agent

    Alien Agent (2007)
    Video (Action, Crime, Drama and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew When a group of alien agents from a dying planet come to Earth under the leadership of Isis to build a portal to connect both worlds, the warrior Rykker opposes the invaders and defends the earthlings. He rescues the teenager Julie, whose family was murdered by the invaders, and together they try to destroy the portal and avoid the invasion commanded by the cruel Saylon. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Dead Doornails

    Dead Doornails (2007)
    Film (Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Actor An abused young woman kills her gangster boyfriend and flees to live with her cantankerous cousin, a sixty-year-old working girl, until a large sum of missing money in connection with the killing makes her the target of a tenacious hit man. Written by Madigan Films

  • The Minis

    The Minis (2007)
    Film (Comedy and Sport) Production manager Dwarfs playing basketball... with Dennis Rodman.

  • Nostalgia

    Nostalgia (2007)
    Film (Drama) Production manager Succumbing to the pressures of constant humiliation from his boss, nightly arguments with his wife over mounting debts, and the strain of supervising a small mob of young writers, Peter agrees to a secret meeting with Kelly, the carefree and beautiful kid sister of his first love. Suddenly, life seems simple again; with meaningful conversations, long walks on the beach, and a first kiss. But life is never simple, and Peter is about to lose everything as he learns the stark difference between destiny and accident. Written by Ephraim Schwartz

  • Day of Miracles

    Day of Miracles (2005)
    TV Movie (Documentary, Action and Drama) Producer During the disaster of 9/11 there were many miraculous survivors whose stories are great. Sujo John was in Tower One and led many down the staircase while the building was peeling like a banana. He got out only to realize that his pregnant wife was in Tower Two. Janelle Guzman prayed for God to help her while the building was crumbling over her. She was the last person found alive the next day. When they found her, she was standing up asleep. She asked for Paul, the policeman who was holding her hand all night and they told her that there was no one named Paul on the team that day. Written by Leslie Mc Ray

  • Dinocroc

    Dinocroc (2004)
    Film (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Producer After an African dinosaur ancestor of the crocodile is found, Dr. Campbell uses its DNA to create prototypes at Paula Kennedy's Genetic Research Co. (Gereco) lab. However one must be put down after killing someone, another escapes and the information is kept from sheriff Harper. His daughter, county dog catcher Diane Harper, helps her ex (welding artist Tom Banning) with his kid brother Michael's beloved dog. They bump into Campbell and discover the dinocroc is growing, having escaped down a tunnel. Although Gereco hires Australian crocodile specialist and intrepid hunter, Richard 'Dick' Sydney, the beast proves impervious to bullets, so the body count rises alarming. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Willowbee

    Willowbee (2004)
    Film (Drama and Short) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Rectuma

    Rectuma (2003)
    Film (Comedy and Horror) Actor Waldo Williams is infected by a Mexican butt humping bull frog and soon his butt grows a mind of it's own as well as twenty feet in size and terrorizes Los Angeles. Now Waldo must prove his innocence by proving that his rectum is responsible for the murders and not him Written by Artemis Crane

  • Iron Palm

    Iron Palm (2002)
    Film (Drama and Comedy) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • The Calling

    The Calling (2002)
    Film (Drama) Producer From an early age, Leroy Jenkins is called by a mysterious force he knows only as 'The Spirit'. Abandoned by his Cherokee mother and scorned as 'half-injun', Leroy is raised poor by a rural South Carolina family. Strange voices and supernatural occurrences haunt his early life and he runs from them until the age of 22 when a freak accident - or something more brings him close to death and finally to an Atlanta tent revival where he is miraculously healed. Transformed through faith and endowed with the power to heal others through The Spirit, Leroy begins his career as an evangelist and quickly builds one of the largest ministries in America, befriending the likes of Mae West and soon becoming a celebrity himself. He rocks the establishment as he sings the gospel like Elvis, takes wardrobe tips from Liberace and violently lashes out at anyone who doubts or opposes him, including the government. As he gets wealthier and more flamboyant, Leroy makes many enemies and many mistakes and he ... Written by Anonymous

  • Shakedown

    Shakedown (2002)
    Video (Action and Drama) Producer In Los Angeles a deadly plague called the 'Pandora' virus is stolen from a high-security installation, and the F.B.I. calls in Agent Alec 'Mac' Mckay to follow up the leads. A trained virologist, he discovers the culprit is one of the world's top researchers. He discovers the man has a safety box in a bank vault and a trap is laid to capture both the doctor and reclaim the virus. Meanwhile, Julie Hayes discovers her do-well brother Scotty has become involved in the plan to rob a bank... The very bank that the F.B.I. is now watching in their bid to reclaim the Pandora virus. An unwilling accomplice, Julie tries to alert the bank staff, unaware that the man she thinks is a bank teller is in fact Mac working undercover. Things go from bad to worse when the errant doctor, looking tense and terrified, arrives with a tall, blond-haired, leather-clad man whom the watching agents identify as St. Joy, the leader of the L.R.A., a well-known doomsday cult. St. Joy wants Pandora. He wants Pandora... Written by Helen Chavez

  • A Hard Day's Day

    A Hard Day's Day (2002)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer A day in the life of a Beatles Tribute Band

  • Hollywood Next 8 Exits

    Hollywood Next 8 Exits (2002)
    Video (Short and Comedy) Production manager Add a Plot »

  • Hard As Nails

    Hard As Nails (2001)
    Video (Action, Comedy and Crime) Miscellaneous Crew After being punished for disobedience and arranging an arms deal with Russian mobsters, young member Takura violently takes over control of his Japanese mafia family. Takura takes advantage of his new position and is proceeding his deal with the Russians, his recklessness attracts the attention of an undercover cop. Written by Lance_Burton

  • Forbidden Secrets

    Forbidden Secrets (2001)
    Television (Documentary) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Flamingo Dreams

    Flamingo Dreams (2000)
    Film (Drama) Producer The underbelly of a dark Los Angeles becomes the hunting ground for Terry Kiser's character in search of his soul and his meaning. He finds both as he walks in on an AM/PM heist and chooses to take a .38 slug for a four-year-old child. Written by Lamar Card

  • Road to Flin Flon

    Road to Flin Flon (2000)
    Film (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Joe Kasko, a dejected L.A. musician, is just about to make a life change and move to Flin Flon, Canada to do social work with the Eskimos; however, a strange adventure on his last day leads him to reevaluate his life and his goals.

  • Big Monster on Campus

    Big Monster on Campus (2000)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Producer At a party, one student gets picked on and ends up getting thrown into a pool that has no water in it. Frank, a geek, retrieves a brain from his father's lab and agrees to let the boy have it in exchange for a chance to hang with the popular crowd. The brain, it turns out, originally belonged to a serial killer. As the teen monster goes haywire, popular Macy becomes romantically involved with former geek Frank. Written by Anonymous

  • I'll Remember April

    I'll Remember April (2000)
    Film (Drama, Family and War) Production manager Four young boys find a shipwrecked Japanese sailor during World War II and struggle with the decision to save him.

  • Error in Judgment

    Error in Judgment (1999)
    Film (Thriller) Producer A shrink makes an error in judgment when she introduces her unstable female patient, an artist, to her lusty husband, an art dealer.

  • Shattered Illusions

    Shattered Illusions (1998)
    Film (Drama and Thriller) Producer A Psycho stalks a talk radio personality and her mentally challenged sister.

  • The Embrace

    The Embrace (1997)
    Film Producer Add a Plot »

  • Motorcycle Cheerleading Mommas

    Motorcycle Cheerleading Mommas (1997)
    Film (Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Stand-ins

    Stand-ins (1997)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Hollywood. 1937. The Golden Age of Cinema. Six women, who come to Hollywood with the dream of becoming famous, find themselves working as stand-ins to the glamorous stars of the era. They gather at their local watering hole for a birthday celebration where they share their hopes and dreams with the bartender Jack, the ringmaster of the "stand-in" circus. During the course of one evening, a new stand-in is introduced to the group, instigating a turn of events which will change their lives forever. Written by Anonymous

  • High Voltage

    High Voltage (1997)
    Film (Action, Crime and Thriller) Production manager When a group of young adults decide to rob a bank, they discover that they have accidentally discovered a front for money laundering for the Korean drug market which prompts the mobsters to come after the group. Written by John Sacksteder <jsackste@bellsouth.net>

  • Power Rangers Zeo

    Power Rangers Zeo (1996)
    Television (Action, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi and 1 More) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Tommy, Billy, Adam, Rocky, Kat and Tanya are turned back to their teenage forms thanks to the Zeo Crystal. The Command Center is gone but the crystal leads them to the new Power Chamber and all but Billy take on new Zeo powers.

  • Black Scorpion

    Black Scorpion (1995)
    TV Movie (Action, Crime and Sci-Fi) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Darcy is a cop who is also a supehero named Black Scorpion at night who kicks and beats evildoers to a pulp. She soon catches wind of an asthmatic mad scientist who plans on tainting the city's air supply with a toxin. Only Darcy in her superhero garb can stop him with the assistance of a petty thief named Argyle and a really cool car. Written by Josh Pasnak <chainsaw@intouch.bc.ca>

  • Perfect Gift

    Perfect Gift (1994)
    Film (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • The Dragon Gate

    The Dragon Gate (1994)
    Film (Fantasy and Adventure) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Enter The Dragon Gate and prepare for a pulse pounding journey into the nether regions of the mind and soul. When his girlfriend is kidnapped, a sword wielding warrior, Ken, willingly thrusts himself into an alternate dimension to rescue her. The action is fast and furious as our hero battles legions of blood-thirsty assassins. Seduced by an evil temptress, redeemed by the Sword Goddess of the lake. Ken can escape only if he can answer the riddle of 23 questions! Written by Anonymous

  • La quebradita

    La quebradita (1994)
    Film (Action, Crime and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Arcade

    Arcade (1993)
    Video (Horror and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew Alex Manning is a troubled suburban teenager. Her mother committed suicide and the school counselor feels that she has not dealt with her feelings properly. Manning and her friends decide to visit the local video arcade known as "Dante's Inferno" where a new virtual reality arcade game called "Arcade" is being test marketed by a computer company CEO who is more than willing to hand out free samples of the home console version and hype up the game as if his job is depending on it, and it is. However, it soon becomes clear that the teenagers who play the game and lose are being imprisoned inside the virtual reality world by the central villain "Arcade". And it gets worse when a virtual reality game begins to take over the minds of teenagers. The computer company felt it would be a good idea to use a boy's brain cells in order to make the game's villain more realistic. Instead, it made the game deadly. And so now Nick and Alex must enlist the help of the game's programmer and head to the... Written by Anthony Pereyra {hypersonic91@yahoo.com}

  • Mi vida loca

    Mi vida loca (1993)
    Film (Crime and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Mousie and Sad Girl are childhood best friends in a contemporary Los Angeles poor Hispanic neighborhood. But when Sad Girl becomes pregnant by Mousie's boyfriend, a drug dealer named Ernesto, the two become bitter enemies. While their dispute escalates towards violence, the violence of the world around them soon also impacts their lives. Written by Reid Gagle

  • Divorce Law

    Divorce Law (1993)
    Film (Comedy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director How can anyone expect a fair divorce case when all the lawyers are out to do a little hanky-panky on their own?

  • Dead Center

    Dead Center (1993)
    Film (Action) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Street killer is retrained by a black-belt fighter who works for the government.

  • Don't Call Me Frankie

    Don't Call Me Frankie (1993)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil

    Witchcraft V: Dance with the Devil (1993)
    Video (Horror) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director An evil warlock takes over a rock club. He uses beautiful, large-breasted and frequently nude women to try to collect enough souls so that he may be able to bring Satan to Earth.

  • Buford's Beach Bunnies

    Buford's Beach Bunnies (1993)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Fast-food mogul Harry Buford serves up the best barbecued bunny sandwiches, and the hottest waitresses, in town. His only son, Jeeter, will inherit the empire only if he can overcome his life-long fear of women. When Buford offers $100,000 to the first of his sexy employees who can turn shy-guy Jeeter into a red-blooded he-man, the summer heat sizzles as Amber, Boopsie and Lauren pour on the charm in their efforts to win Jeeter's heart. Written by Anonymous

  • Midnight Witness

    Midnight Witness (1993)
    Film (Action and Thriller) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Renegade cops are videotaped murdering a motorist and the witnesses are in danger of being their next victims.

  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

    Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993)
    Television (Action, Adventure, Family, Fantasy and 1 More) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Four athletically able teenagers along with their brainy friend Billy are selected by Zordon to fight the evil of Rita Repulsa, her monsters and her minions after the witch is accidentally released from imprisonment in an intergalactic dumpster on the moon. Later in the series, the rangers are joined by Tommy, the once evil Green Ranger designed for Rita's evil, but later was deprogrammed and spent two portions of the series briefly as the Green Ranger. Over time, some rangers had to pass their powers to others as well. Action scenes and scenes with Rita were edited from footage based on Japanese action sagas. Replacement villain Lord Zedd was designed in the U.S. Written by Ondre Lombard <piero@cyberverse.com>

  • Pushed to the Limit

    Pushed to the Limit (1992)
    Film (Action and Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Magnificent Mimi is a woman with a destiny and a bright future ahead of her. She is the world's greatest female wrestling champion, she has a loving boyfriend and loyal family members who care and love her. But things take a turn for the worst when Mimi's boyfriend Nick is wounded and her younger brother is shot to death for trying to stiff local druglord Harry Lee. Lee is the toughest and meanest criminal figure in all of Southern California and if you double-cross him, you won't live to see the sun set. Not only does Lee rule his own empire, he also runs the Kumite, a gladitorial fight ring where warriors battle to the death. Mimi knows the police can't touch Lee with a ten foot pole and so she enlists the aid of her martial arts friend Master Vern to teach her kickboxing and tai chi so she can prepare for combat. Vern doesn't think Mimi is ready for Kumite, as it is a place where only one warrior can be left standing and breathing and the one who loses dies. Against his own ... Written by Keno Reeves (spywatcher459)

  • Inside Edge

    Inside Edge (1992)
    Film (Action and Crime) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Loose cannon Sgt. Richard Montana screws up a major drug bust and is passed over for promotion for Henderson, a cop he holds responsible for the death of his first partner. Disgusted, Montana throws in his lot with drug kingpin Gio. While he eliminates Gio's competitors and gets his promotion, Gio's lady tempts him into a scam that will see them both either rich or dead. Written by sistergrimm

  • Desert Kickboxer

    Desert Kickboxer (1992)
    Film (Action, Drama and Western) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director A native American hero helps a couple fighting a group of crooks who plan to steal their money.

  • Dollman

    Dollman (1991)
    Video (Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Miscellaneous Crew Brick Bardo (Tim Thomerson) is a traveller from outer space who is forced to land on Earth. Though regular sized on his home planet, he is doll-sized here on Earth, as are the enemy forces who have landed as well. While Brick enlists the help of an impoverished girl and her son, the bad guys enlist the help of a local gang. When word leaks out as to his location, and all hell breaks loose. Brick is besieged by an onslaught of curious kids, angry gang members, and his own doll-sized enemies, and he must protect the family who has helped him and get off the planet alive. Written by Michael Silva <silvamd@cleo.bc.edu>

  • Diplomatic Immunity

    Diplomatic Immunity (1991)
    Film (Action and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew A military career man, distraught over the murder of his daughter and the subsequent release of her killer who is protected by 'diplomatic immunity,' resigns from the service to pursue the psychopath. No one will help him - and no one can stop him. Written by Anonymous

  • Nudist Colony of the Dead

    Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991)
    Film (Comedy, Horror and Musical) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Judge Rhinehole orders the Sunny Buttocks Nudist Camp closed down as an affront to the community. The members of the camp enter into a suicide pact, but vow to return for vengeance. Five years later, a group of campers on a retreat argue with each other about religion and sing big production numbers as the group begins experiencing an attrition problem. Written by Ed Sutton <esutton@mindspring.com>

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