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Linda Summer

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Sydney, Australia

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About Linda


Linda is a freelance writer and editor for various online publications incIuding The Otherside Press and is also involved in the development of an innovative, new publishing app primarily designed to support and promote authors.

Currently working on a non-fiction manuscript written by a first-time author who courageously shares her experiences of chiId sex abuse instigated by a satanic CathoIic cuIt in ItaIy and the Iong road to recovery. The book aIso expIores the fascinating concepts of heaIing ancestraI trauma and the underestimated power of Iove.

On the verge of Iaunching an eBook entitled 'Book of Comfort: From Grief & Loss to Solace & Hope' which contains a coIIection of comforting, thought-provoking, personaI stories about grief, death and healing. No belief system required.

Working on a short documentary about the Hopi Iands and their prophecies, past and present.


Linda wrote her first words at the age of three and has been playing with words ever since. She scrap-booked her first tabloid letter to the editor at nine, penned prolific plays, short stories and poetry throughout her teens and became the first published Poet in Adelaide University magazine On Dit.

A journalism diploma in her early 20’s led to a television career with Nine Network Australia as Publicist, then Promotions Producer. During that time she also gained a Diploma in Book Editing and Publishing which sadly left her feeling disillusioned instead of excited about the publishing industry.

Learning that publishers and distributors were akin to pimps that snatched the lion's share of book profits, she shelved her writing dreams for a while. Creative prostitution wasn't her style.

Linda unceremoniously parted ways with the television industry in the mid 90's, played with script writing and film making, won first prize in Sydney's 15/15 Film Festival, and worked in various jobs while salvaging a vague dream of writing screenplays one day.

That day has possibly come. After seven years of various managerial, supervisory and project roles, and mastering the art of writing sanitised 'corporate speak,' Strangled Spirit Syndrome forced to her to leave her job in 2014. Needless to say, she revelled in her newfound creative freedom from the shackles of corporazzi culture.

In between healing some old and painful wounds while studying shamanic healing and energy medicine, Linda published a children's eBook Zazoo Zazoo, wrote, produced and directed several experimental short films including Good Medicine & A Fairy’s Life (designed to inspire kids to reconnect with nature.)

She also immersed herself in informal screenwriting studies, drawing upon the experience and knowledge of several teachers who articulately walk their talk, and drafted a feature-length comedic screenplay 'Rise of the Wakadoos' under the occasional guidance of a mentor. She recently returned to the rewrite process and intends to engage the services of a new mentor in the near future.

Script ideas flow as easily as runny honey these days and she may have to invest in a second lifetime to finish writing them all.

Unique traits: Pet Hate: Spiritual exploitation.


  • I Don't Think So

    I Don't Think So Budget: $1M - $5M | Comedy Hitler returns from the dead to scold his bickering No World Order Deludites who are plotting to take over Australia and the world. With more money, arrogance and booze than decency and intelligence, they become too power drunk to see what destiny has in store. 

  • Here Come The Fun-Raisers

    Here Come The Fun-Raisers Budget: $1M - $5M | Music Comedy An over-governed country ruled by a harsh regime loaded with straight-jacket lawyers who excel at manipulating laws and strangling press freedoms, are given a serious run for their money by a band of fun-raising musicians and artists who dare to bring joy back into the world. Kinda based on a true story.

  • Secret Secrets

    Secret Secrets Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy A kooky Fairy Godmother and her Unicorn embark on a wild quest to free vast supplies of medical cannabis from a remote Australian isolation chamber. Raising sparkly hell along the way, they accidentally trigger the collapse of the most secretive democracy in the world and generously offer thousands of displaced politicians and public servants the chance to apply for their jobs again.

  • The Godmother

    The Godmother Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy An oblivious fairy godmother is mistaken for a hardcore, mafia matriarch and has no choice but to let them all have it with her turbo wand.

  • Mrs Bean Goes To Hollywood

    Mrs Bean Goes To Hollywood Budget: $5M - $10M | Comedy Mrs Bean and her wildly funny, savvy besties infiltrate Hollywood and unwittingly spark a men's #MeToo movement. And it's not what you think.

  • Holy Woman!

    Holy Woman! Budget: $1M - $5M | Musical Comedy A sultry singer is plagued by nightmares about being tortured and burned at the stake. A gifted past-life regression psychiatrist successfully resolves the nightmares, only to face a new dilemma when the singer confesses that her true calling is to become the world's first female singing Pope.

  • But That's Not Samurai

    But That's Not Samurai Budget: $0 - $100K | Comedy A billionaire's bored, 60-something gorgeous wife runs out of things to spend his money on and experiences a spiritual glitch which inspires her to rediscover her long lost adventurous love life. She attempts to lure her workaholic husband to a private nudist paradise and unexpectedly reaps riotous rewards.

  • Blue

    Blue Mystery A woman immerses herself in a shamanic vision quest and bumps into a dead buddy who doesn't realise he is dead.

  • Rise of the Wakadoos (formerly Woo Woo World)

    Rise of the Wakadoos (formerly Woo Woo World) Drama The fairytale life of an oblivious young woman comes crashing down with the sudden death of her father. To the horror of her atheist family and friends, her impossible grief catapults her into a spiritual odyssey in search of her father that leads her through a quagmire of mediums, mystics, psychics and healers, traversing Peru, Arizona and South Africa.

  • Zazoo Zazoo

    Zazoo Zazoo Adventure Fantasy Jaspa the galactic superstar accidentally falls out of the universe and is rescued by friendly Zazoovians. So begins a whimsical adventure to find a way home from an extraordinary world that may inspire you to apply for a visa. Wizard of Oz meets Fantastic Beasts.

  • Good Medicine

    Good Medicine Drama A troubled man finds solace in the most unlikely place.

  • Unforseen circumstances

    Unforseen circumstances Comedy When a group of psychics and mediums than get together for a glittering awards night, their abilities are unexpectedly tested by guests from the other side who proceed to weed out the wannabe's and restore respect to the spiritual world.


  • Chasing Wave Fairies

    Chasing Wave Fairies
    Film (short) by Linda Summer 'Chasing Wave Fairies' was shot on my smartphone in the gorgeous surrounds of Putty Beach, Bouddi National Park, NSW Australia. It is the first of a series of uplifting, nature-inspired short films with a touch of fairyish magic.

  • Jack Rides Again

    Jack Rides Again
    Film (short) by Linda Summer (Comedy) Director/Editor An impromptu silly film about a weekend getaway.

  • Good Medicine

    Good Medicine
    Film (Drama) Writer/Producer/Director A troubled man searches for solace and finds it in the most unlikely place.

  • Retrospect

    Film (short) Writer/Director


  • 15/15 Film Festival Best Short Film - 'Retrospect'

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