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Ahmed 'Magnum Med' Lindsay

Director at Magnum Lifestyle Media LLC.
Director, Producer, Content Creator, Editor, Filmmaker and Assistant Director

Atlanta, Georgia

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About Ahmed

Ahmed ‘Magnum Med’ Lindsay is a Filmmaker and Entrepreneur from Philadelphia, Pa. At the age of 29, he discovered his passion for filmmaking and creating content. Ahmed graduated from Widener University in 2006 with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. While in college Ahmed begin to host parties and became a local club promoter in Philadelphia. After college, Ahmed worked a few odd jobs while promoting parties, freelance graphic designing and finally landed a full-time job working in non-profit finance. But Ahmed was not happy and never found peace within any of his endeavors. It wasn’t until he was at his lowest point mentally and financially when he decided to embark on a business idea that wasn’t his, to begin with. While looking for ways to make money to pay bills, Ahmed started a production company with no knowledge of any type of production and knowing almost nothing about cameras. Only having a partner who owned a camera, Ahmed began to teach himself how to use a camera and the art of filmmaking. And just like that everything for Ahmed clicked, the graphic designing, the finance career, the promoting of parties, it all gave him a foundation to be creative and make a business out of it.
Though Magnum Lifestyle Media was created long before Ahmed knew what to do with it, he quit his full-time job after 8 years to embark on building his company and developing his craft. And the work has been non-stop, he has found a home with local production company MyNEWPhilly where is now a Senior Director and Lead Producer, he freelances on projects regularly, and he has worked with all the known local DPs and production companies in Philly. And over a short span of time, Ahmed has built Magnum Lifestyle Media to be one of the leading production companies in Philadelphia. Ahmed has developed his own creative process and ways of directing, he excels at being creative and making decisions behind the camera. He has worked almost every role of production, with the camera department being his favorite but still learning all departments and crew duties purposely to understand how different productions run and what makes them successful or not. From million-dollar projects to a million viewed projects Ahmed takes the time to research, he has a great deal of respect for the art and traditions of making films. But he has a bigger goal to use film and his success from making films and creating content to help the world be a better place for the future and his children. Ahmed now holds multiple titles for various companies and is currently working on Magnum Lifestyle Media’s first feature film.

Unique traits: Thinking Bigger! Follow me on IG @magnum.med



  • VIRAL The Short Film

    VIRAL The Short Film Independent Drama In a gripping tale inspired by real events, two ambitious young men embark on a journey to social media stardom, only to discover the dark underbelly of their quest for popularity. They learn a hard-hitting life lesson, as the truth is unveiled behind the allure of virtual fame and the pursuit of their desires exacts a hefty toll. Brace yourself for a cautionary tale exposing the perils of social media and the intoxicating addiction to attention.


  • Sno Babies

    Sno Babies (2020)
    Film Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Flawes: Ghost Town

    Flawes: Ghost Town (2019)
    Video Additional Crew

  • Esports Athletes Rising

    Esports Athletes Rising (2018)
    TV Series Additional Crew

  • Sno' Babies

    Sno' Babies (2018)
    Film by Philly Born Productions/K Phat Assistant Director DIRECTOR Bridget Smith “SNO BABIES” AMERICAN NIGHTMARE Sno Babies is a gritty independent feature film about Kristen, a 16 year old heroin addicted honor student from a “good” Catholic family, who gets pregnant. Hiding the pregnancy and her addiction, she battles the underbelly of suburban teen life while she explores her flawed and limited options. Unlike most films about heroin addiction, Sno Babies explores this horrible epidemic in America’s suburbs, where teens have access to money and parents are often too busy pursuing the American Dream to see what is happening right in their own homes. We follow Kristen and her 17 year old best friend Hannah as they navigate typical suburban teen life, all the while shooting heroin into their systems in the most innovative ways to hide needle marks from their family, friends and authority figures. And also unlike most films about heroin addiction, Kristen and Hannah cannot be easily written off as “different” or obviously damaged individuals from some obscure subset of our culture. It’s too easy for most “normal” non addicted people to write off over the top drug addicted characters in films as “them.” The other people. Most non addicted people can’t relate to these characters. When they see what they perceive as a repulsive drug addicted character in a film, as upsetting as it is to watch, they easily brush it off and say “that can never happen to me or anyone in my family.” Sno Babies is different. Kristen and Hannah are America’s daughters. One comes from an intact family with siblings and the other, an only child from a family of divorce with a new step parent. In other words, a snapshot of current American families. We watch a nightmare unfold in front of our eyes as these two beautiful girls with seemingly bright futures, shoot poison in their bodies just to cope with the pressures of typical teen life. And no one in their world notices. Kristen’s pregnancy raises the stakes even higher and provides a ticking clock to the story. Will Kristen win the battle of her addiction in time to save herself and the innocent baby growing inside her? What is it about our society – parenting styles, friends, teachers, societal pressures, social programs, the Catholic Church (or any church for that matter) that prevents Kristen from dealing with the pregnancy and her addiction openly? Why can’t she take advantage of the help that is supposedly readily available? Kristen fails herself and ultimately can’t overcome her own fatal flaw but all of the above fail her as well. Sno Babies is an indictment of several layers of American society as we know it. It’s hard hitting and extremely disturbing. Watching Kristen and Hannah descend into the black hole of addiction is every parent’s worst nightmare. I believe that exposing this unvarnished real horror will open people’s eyes and encourage them to look at themselves and their own families. Hopefully, Sno Babies can make a difference and save future Kristens and Hannahs from this living hell.

  • The Dream Chaser

    The Dream Chaser (2018)
    Film (Documentary) Camera and Electrical Department Addarren Ross was on his way to stardom before having his life taken away from him 7 days after his 18th birthday. Lil Snupe was killed 2 months into his record deal with Meek Mills' record label Dream Chasers. That's 8 months after first meeting Meek Mill. He was a rising star who came from a small town where the chances of being a rap star were next to none. He aspired to become a rapper and would not quit until he made his mark on the industry. His story of becoming signed was one full of dedication on a path that few would have taken. After reaching major heights into the music industry and being killed, he still inspires the entire community as well as the world. His friends and family share their thoughts on the slain child who was taken away abruptly from such a bright future. This is the story of The Dream Chaser.

  • On Tour with Meek Mill

    On Tour with Meek Mill (2017)
    Film (Documentary) Production manager Add a Plot »

  • Jason's Letter

    Jason's Letter (2017)
    Film (Drama) Miscellaneous Crew The film takes place in a small town where 72 % of the people who live there are Black, 10 % are Hispanic, 4 % are Asian and the remaining residents are primarily White. While this is the make up of those who live there, with the exception of a few black officers the local police force is predominately white. But sadly, and as is the case in many communities of color, nearly all of those who have been shot and killed by the police are unarmed minority men, women and now more than ever young children, most of whom posed little or no real threat to the officers. While simultaneously dealing with the fact that his grandmother is suffering from dementia and more and more of these cop shootings, 12 year old Jason Mckey whose character is played by new comer Jamol Manigault, looks to his uncle for help, his uncle then seeks to acquire the services of Always Best to assist with the in home Care and comforting of the woman Jason affectionately calls Mom Mom. After a young boy with whom he ... Written by Terrance Tykeem

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