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About Michael

Retired language lecturer Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Now writing screenplays--features and shorts.


  • Screech Owls (short)

    Screech Owls (short) Drama An eighteen year-old girl with dreams of a better life stands up to her abusive, ignorant father.

  • A Red Glow of Neon (short)

    A Red Glow of Neon (short) Historical Gladys Baker, who has taken her baby Norma Jean (the future Marilyn Monroe) from her foster family for a visit, makes dinner for the baby's father in her Hollywood apartment.

  • The River (short)

    The River (short) Drama Three working-class girls and a ten-year old boy hike down to a river where they discover the bodies of a drowned mother and child.

  • Cupid's Bow (feature)

    Cupid's Bow (feature) Horror After a mentally ill archer kills three persons spending the weekend in a mountain cabin, the four survivors realize they must go into the forest and kill the archer or be picked off one by one.

  • Ida's Beans (short)

    Ida's Beans (short) Other In the 1930s, a young white girl from a northern city struggles to befriend an old black woman folk healer and stoner who owns a café in the rural south.

  • Meteorite (short)

    Meteorite (short) Sci-fi A physicist and his son meet a woman at the Meteor Crater in Arizona who claims she found the extraordinary meteorite that is in the trunk of her car.

  • Moonstones (short)

    Moonstones (short) Sci-fi A doctor and his wife, looking for moonstones on an isolated beach, come upon a strange woman who is badly injured.

  • Shorty Morty (short)

    Shorty Morty (short) Comedy In 1945 Hollywood, an obnoxious talent agent loves an actress client who loathes him.

  • SODA FOUNTAIN: December 7, 1942 (short)

    SODA FOUNTAIN: December 7, 1942 (short) Other Eight high school students confabulate about their life and times.

  • Souls (short)

    Souls (short) Mystery In a small cemetery on Halloween, four actors portray prominent citizens from the Civil War era, while a fifth person claims she's not an actor, but the real thing.

  • The Ford Paralysis (short)

    The Ford Paralysis (short) Horror A brother and a sister suffer from a mysterious affliction passed down on their mother's side that can mimic and even cause death.

  • The Pinocchio Aspiration (short)

    The Pinocchio Aspiration (short) Sci-fi After their owner is killed, four avatars, now secretly transformed into androids, move into his condo as they begin to discover the joy of human life.

  • The Trail (short)

    The Trail (short) Sci-fi A couple hiking in the High Sierras come upon a terrified hiker who claims the trail they are on leads to the End of the Earth.

  • The Woman from Estero Bay (pilot for a four-episode series)

    The Woman from Estero Bay (pilot for a four-episode series) Sci-fi When a woman doctor examines the bizarre body of a woman pulled from the sea by fishermen, she becomes a greater curiosity than the dead woman herself.

  • Where's Blackie? (short)

    Where's Blackie? (short) Film-noir A private eye questions a brassy chorine about her husband who's on the lam.

  • Zev (short)

    Zev (short) Comedy Four old, crotchety Jewish comedians confabulate about their life and times while commenting on the rising star of a young Jewish comic from Brooklyn.

  • The Brell Equation (feature)

    The Brell Equation (feature) Sci-fi A paleontologist and his colleagues must protect a woman scientist who has knowledge of the future from federal agents seeking her capture.

  • Time Capsule (feature)

    Time Capsule (feature) Sci-fi After a family finds a strange object in a time capsule, they discover what it is only to be targeted for death by the object’s creators.

  • FOOD TRUCKS (feature)

    FOOD TRUCKS (feature) Comedy Three food trucks vying for the attention of a celebrity foodie–who may set one of them up in a restaurant—suspect a Russian food truck of sabotage.

  • Skin (feature)

    Skin (feature) Comedy Two dermatologists steal the formula for a youth-restoring skin lotion from the owner of a spa to avenge his murder of its creator and to make the lotion available to the public.

  • The House (feature)

    The House (feature) Comedy A hack screenwriter endeavors to distribute the tangible property of his parents’ estate among three spoiled nieces and a nephew even as two escaped psychotic killers hide in the family mansion.

  • Two Old-Timers (short) An adaptation of the short story "Two Old-Timers" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    Two Old-Timers (short) An adaptation of the short story "Two Old-Timers" by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Comedy When a fading screen star fails to recognize a hack screenwriter who once wrote for him, the screenwriter exacts a clever revenge.

  • Three (feature)

    Three (feature) Other A man who isn’t sure he loves his adoring, perfect girlfriend decides to find an “ideal” mate through a premier matchmaking service.


  • Lone Pine

    Lone Pine (2018)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Writer Add a Plot »

  • The Disappearance of Willie Bingham

    The Disappearance of Willie Bingham (2015)
    Film (Short, Comedy, Crime, Drama and 1 More) Writer Willie Bingham is the first man to undergo a radical new justice program under the State's revised stance on capital crime.

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