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Michael Angelo

Raging Dogs Productions, LLC
Cinematographer, Director, Editor, Producer and Screenwriter

Houston, Texas

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About Michael

Independent filmmaker since 1995.

I'm absolutely in love with every phase of the production process, from breaking the original story and developing the script, to seeing it come to life on set, to being able to sit in the editing bay and see all of the pieces start coming together for the first time..

There's no place I'd rather be than on set, collaborating with other talented professionals. Rolling up my sleeves side-by-side so many other creative, passionate people, pouring our hearts into a common goal--to tell a good story well--is just about the greatest feeling there is.

As a cinematographer, the biggest influences on my lighting and shooting style are Michael Slovis (Breaking Bad), Roger Deakins (No Country for Old Men, Fargo), and Phil Parmet (The Devil's Rejects, Halloween); having said that, I believe a cinematographer's style should bend to the needs of the project, and not the other way around.

Although I've mostly gravitated towards horror and tales of the macabre in my own writing and directing, a good story is a good story; I love to put the work in regardless of genre.


  • The American Dream

    The American Dream (2019)
    Television by L7 Pictures / Michael McWhorter Production Assistant

  • RUN

    RUN (2017)
    Film (short) by Paradigm Productions / Tommy Bo (Action) cinematographer

  • Why Thomas Came Back

    Why Thomas Came Back (2013)
    Film (short) by Raging Dogs Productions, LLC / Michael Angelo (Horror) writer, director, cinematographer, editor "Now it's your turn to come find me, piss-pants." Those were the last words Thomas heard his little sister speak to him 20 years ago. Every waking moment in the years since has been spent searching for the killer that slaughtered their parents while he helplessly looked on. After decades of grief and obsession, he's certain he has finally found him, but setting things right won't be as easy as pulling a trigger: he believes this 'person' has the ability to jump in and out of bodies the way most people change their clothes, and the last body that he saw it wearing--the one that it used to kill his mother--made sure that Thomas would never stop looking until he found it. With law enforcement closing in around him, Thomas knows his time is about to run out. He has already had one opportunity to finish things but, face to face, he finds that even after all he has been through and done to get there, this is one final line he is not ready to cross. Devastated by his inability to follow through, Thomas returns to his abandoned childhood home--ground zero for his waking nightmare--to turn his shotgun on himself while the house burns down around him. What happens when he gets there will set events in motion that will take things to their ultimate conclusion--destroying the inhuman beast in the perfect hiding spot that it found two decades earlier: his little sister's body. Starring Donnie Black, Bri Stein, and introducing Kentrell Wright as "Derelict." Written, directed, shot, and edited by Michael Angelo. A Raging Dogs Production.

  • Jim & Agnes

    Jim & Agnes (2010)
    Film (short) by DBW Entertainment / Leo D. Wheeler (Drama) cinematographer

  • Love Lost in a Boat

    Love Lost in a Boat (2009)
    Film (short) by Raging Dogs Productions, LLC / Michael Angelo (Thriller) writer, director, cinematographer, editor A chance encounter with an old flame starts off seeming like the beginning of a really good night for Davin (Tommy Bo), but when he wakes up naked the next day--not lying in bed next to Ellie, but miles away from anyone else--he quickly learns that their encounter was no accident and she's not nearly as happy to see him as she seemed. Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Cask of Amontillado.'

  • PLAY ME!

    PLAY ME! (2007)
    Film (short) by Raging Dogs Productions, LLC / Michael Angelo (Horror) writer, director, cinematographer, editor With its stylistic roots in such genre favorites as The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, PLAY ME! tells the story of a regular guy on a regular day gone bad. When Eddie (David Gabriel) rolls out of bed, he sets about his usual wake up routine (coffee, morning cigarette, feed the animals), but when he takes out the trash, he discovers that someone has left him a 'present' on his front doorstep- a DVD with a handwritten note taped to its case bearing only two words, 'PLAY ME!' Heeding the call of curiosity, he follows its instructions only to meet with nightmarish results in this short film from writer/director Michael Angelo. Also starring Paul H. Fielder.

  • Domain of the Damned

    Domain of the Damned (2007)
    Film by DBW Entertainment/Odyssee Pictures / Stacy Davidson (Horror) Production Assistant When a mysterious drifter reluctantly takes a job with a roadside haunted house, he quickly discovers that the attractions locked up in the basement are far more dangerous than plastic skeletons in rubber chains. Together with a mixed-up young woman in search for her lost nephew, and a host of liquored-up, live-remote radio deejays, Jerrod will have to solve the mystery of an ancient Egyptian amulet and face the wrath of the Angel of Death before he can be free of his curse: Necrophobia.

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