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Michael Dean

Actor, Dancer, Director, Producer and Singer

Newport Beach, California

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Actor Michael Dean's film and television career began on stage. It was during a run as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera that he was approached for a TV series, The Heartbreak Cafe. Since making the transition, this award-winning actor has never yet looked back.

Raised in Florida, he was a voice scholar in college and very active in student productions and participated in performances all over the South. His involvement in song and dance groups eventually led to opportunities to perform in the Caribbean, Europe and the UK.

After moving to the Los Angeles area, he became active in local civic theater and in commercials. This led to opportunities as a singer and dancer in music videos and films. He had a string of roles in big productions including the TV series Las Vegas, the TV movie See Arnold Run and the feature film First Daughter directed by Forest Whitaker. One of his most enjoyable opportunities was as a dancer for Cheryl Burke in season 14 of Dancing With the Stars. His work in television led to opportunities in short films, including a Vanguard Film Festival Best Actor Award for his role as the heavy in Third Thursday.

Ever the student, he has studied under Ivana Chubbuck, Mark Atteberry, Dale White, Dan Speaker and Tim Ross among others. He believes that understanding a variety of different elements in the film process makes him an extraordinary actor. His first attempt at producing, led to eight award nominations in the 168 Film Festival 2012 and a showing in the Cannes Short Film Festival for his film, There.

He loves stories of redemption and characters that inspire and has used his experiences in film and television to work with children, both locally and internationally, while promoting the arts.

Unique traits: Ever the adventurer, Michael has skydived, bungee jumped, ridden horses, camels and elephants. Also a world-traveler, he has dabbled in various languages and enjoys mimicking accents from around the globe. Finally a competitive athlete (swimmer), he has played many sports is at home in and on the water.


  • Botched

    Botched (2015)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor Horrible plastic surgeries gone wrong are looked at by two of California's best plastic surgeons.

  • The Nose Job

    The Nose Job (2014)
    Film (short) by Christopher Shawn Shaw (Comedy) Actor, Producer

  • Always Faithful

    Always Faithful (2012)
    Film (short) by Peter J. Eaton (Drama, Family and War) Actor A US Marine and war hero is broken by the war and is losing everything. However, he seeks God. Based on the Award winning music short 'Guide Me Home'.

  • Trium Angelorum

    Trium Angelorum (2012)
    Film (short) by Brian Bishop (Drama) Actor After witnessing a televangelist, girl questions her faith only to have it restore by witnessing the acts of three angles.

  • There

    There (2012)
    Film (short) by Benoît Lelièvre (Drama) Producer After leaving the US to live in France with her French husband, a young wife finds herself becoming homesick. After an argument with her husband, Lucy wanders the streets of Paris and runs into an old flame.

  • Inspector Sanchez

    Inspector Sanchez (2011)
    Film (short) by Sergio Marcos (Comedy) Actor After receiving death threats from a mobster turned chef, the planet's greatest health inspector decides to audition for a Telenovela. Can the restaurant world survive without its leading man?

  • The Age of Alexandra

    The Age of Alexandra (2010)
    Video by Tim Russ (Drama) Actor Alexandra is going through a mid-life crisis.

  • Holyman Undercover

    Holyman Undercover (2010)
    Film by David A.R. White (Comedy) Actor An Amish man comes to Hollywood to be a missionary, and gets cast as Satan on a nighttime soap opera.

  • War of Heaven

    War of Heaven (2010)
    Film (short) by Tim Russ (Action, Drama, Sci-Fi and War) Actor Conflict! The clash between right and wrong. Or, at least that's the way we see it. Especially, as we perceive ourselves to be always in the right. Will it ever end? Will we ever learn?

  • Smoked! The Chaotic Reality

    Smoked! The Chaotic Reality (2009)
    Film by Mario R. Coello (Comedy) Actor What happens when 9 long-time smokers with wildly different personalities have to quit for 6 weeks, all the while being monitored in a Laguna Beach mansion?

  • Plugged

    Plugged (2007)
    Film (short) by Tim Russ (Drama) Actor Detectives Picthman and Slogan have their hands full fighting product placement to solve a strange smelling murder mystery.

  • The Heartbreak Cafe

    The Heartbreak Cafe (2004 - 2006)
    Television (Drama) Actor The series, "The Heartbreak Cafe", revolves around a small coffeehouse on Melrose Boulevard owned by Hanna Peach not far from Hollywood. The people that frequent the café are hoping to get a break in show business as actors. People come and go through the café, hoping for that big break. These are their stories. Written by Freda Nelson Evans

  • See Arnold Run

    See Arnold Run (2005)
    TV Movie by J.B. Rogers (Biography, Comedy and Drama) Actor This biographical docu-drama alternates between two parallel threads in the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger: his formative early years as the repeat winner of the Mr. Olympia body-building championship; and his modern foray into the world of politics, hitting the campaign trail and competing in the frenzied atmosphere that accompanied California's chaotic recall election. Written by Hug

  • First Daughter

    First Daughter (2004)
    Film by Forest Whitaker (Comedy, Drama and Romance) Actor The daughter of the President of the United States goes off to college after insisting that she be able to enjoy her school years without the omnipresence of the Secret Service. The government agrees to her demands but assigns a young agent to go undercover as a student in order to keep an eye on her. The first daughter and the agent fall in love, until she learns his true identity. Written by Sujit R. Varma

  • Funky Monkey

    Funky Monkey (2004)
    Film by Harry Basil (Comedy and Family) Actor This amusing, darkly comic tale follows CIA agent Jack McCall and a chimpanzee that he attempts to liberate from a testing lab. Named Clemens, the chimp has been trained in martial arts combat, as part of a program designed to turn the creatures into fearsome fighting machines. Naturally this leads to plenty of slapstick moments between Modine and the chimp, especially when they seek refuge in the home of a boy and his mother as the owners of the lab hotfoot it after the escaped primate. Written by Anthony Pereyra {hypersonic91@yahoo.com}

  • A Day Without a Mexican

    A Day Without a Mexican (2004)
    Film by Sergio Arau (Comedy, Drama, Fantasy and Mystery) Actor A thick fog surrounds California's borders, communication beyond state lines is cut off, and the Mexicans disappear: workers, spouses, and business owners are missing. Cars are abandoned in the street, food is left cooking on the stove. We meet the wife of a musician who's gone, a state Senator whose maid doesn't show up for work, and a farm owner whose produce is ripe and unpicked. A scientist asks any Mexicans who haven't disappeared to volunteer for genetic experiments: a female newscaster and the daughter of the musician may be the only missing links around. Why them? And where have all the Mexicans gone? Even the border guards grieve. The state and its economy grind to a halt. Written by <jhailey@hotmail.com>

  • Las Vegas

    Las Vegas (2003)
    Television by Gary Scott Thompson (Crime and Drama) Actor Montecito Casino & Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada. Ed Deline (Cann) and Danny McCoy (Duhamel) work on the surveillance team of the casino. Since we are talking about Las Vegas, there is a lot of work to be done: looking for cheaters, hosting and protecting the famous and the "whales", and taking personal care of those who win too much. Written by rsilberman2 (aka rsilberman)

  • Hunter

    Hunter (2003)
    Television by Frank Lupo (Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama and 2 More) Actor After moving from Los Angeles to San Diego following his partner's on-the-job murder, hardnosed police detective Rick Hunter teams up with his old partner, Dee Dee McCall (nicknamed "The Brass Cupcake"), to battle bad guys, screech tires, shoot guns and fight crime on the streets of San Diego. Written by Marty McKee <mmckee@soltec.net>


  • Best Actor Vanguard Film Fest (Nominated)


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