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Pepper Jay
“The Power of Performance”

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Thank you to Producers Choice Honors for "Outstanding Music Producer of the Year 2021". award.

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An am the lead publisher, producer, and director for the Actors Podcast Network, consisting of cable and interview shows on Actors Radio, Actors Reporter, and Actors Entertainment. I am co-owner of Pepper Jay Productions LLC, I continue to coach performance skills for actors, speakers, and singers.

Previously, my performance career began at age 5. When I wasn't appearing in television sitcoms, such as "The Real McCoys," I was performing on stage in school, at local parks, and community theater. From ages of 5 to 15, I also tap danced and performed skits for charity events and fund-raisers.

After graduating from San Diego State University, I obtained a life time teaching credential from the State of California. I taught several subjects for the Los Angeles Unified School District including drama, dance, health education, and physical education. During the 1970's, I taught at Hollywood High School, John Muir Junior High School, and at Crenshaw High School, where I was also taught tap and production and was in charge of coordinating and producing shows by the 100+ member "drill team."

Although I completed my pubic teaching career in 1983, I continue to this day my private teaching and coaching, specializing in acting, singing, and public speaking skills. For example, My most recent singing performance students include Golda Berkman, John Michael Ferrari, Montana Tucker, Nikki Nova, Erin Gavin, and Allison Iraheta. I also continue my public speaking engagements; sharing topics such as "Dynamic Performance Skills for Everyday Living" and "Peace Begins with Me!."

In 1990, I formalized my entertainment company, Pepper Jay Productions. And, in 1993, I created the Working Actors Group, which still, from time to time, offers free on camera and cold reading workshops to selected union actors.

I began producing shows for the Actors Podcast Network in 2008.

I am the author of "The Singer's Bible, Dynamic Song Performance," in which I basically organized my notes from 40 years of teaching performance skills into a how-to perform text that focuses on audience psychology. I believe this text to be helpful to anyone in front of an audience: actor, lawyer, public speaker, teacher, comic, singer, etc.
Dynamic Song Performance is available through :

Thank you for visiting me on Stage 32.

Pepper Jay

Unique traits: Appreciative, Respectful, Professional, Caring, Productive, Solution Creator



  • Ride Hard: Live Free

    Ride Hard: Live Free (2018)
    Film Producer

  • Dankest Hour

    Dankest Hour (2018)
    Film Actress

  • The Dankest Hour

    The Dankest Hour (2018)
    Film (short) by Craig Robert Young Clemmie Churchill Clemmie tries to encourage and combort her husband, Winnie Churchill,

  • Complete or Repeat

    Complete or Repeat (2017)
    Film Producer

  • Meratus Rain Forest Should Not Die

    Meratus Rain Forest Should Not Die (2017)
    Film Editor

  • Ride Hard Live Free

    Ride Hard Live Free (2017)
    Film by The Next Shot LLC / Tony Mendoza Old Zyra "Ride Hard - Live Free," a post-apocalyptic biker film. Synopsis: Savagery reigns. The world has been thrown into an unrelenting dystopia of unchecked violence. Governments have dissolved. Survival has been reduced to a more primitive nature. Out in the far reaches of an isolated desert, in what remains of the western United States, warring motorcycle clans compete for territory and resources. But the old ways of warfare have gone. Guns are the stuff of stories now. Legends of great blasts and speeding bullets are recounted to new generations. They are but one of the few luxuries of the old world.

  • Human Entities

    Human Entities (2016)
    TV Series Producer

  • The Tribe

    The Tribe (2016)
    Film Producer

  • The Call

    The Call (2016)
    TV Movie by Expression Films / Rafael Killyan (Drama) Sandy As the director of Phoenix Crisis Call deftly manages the pressures of her struggling non-profit, she finds the real crisis is under her own roof.

  • Angels on Tap

    Angels on Tap (2016)
    Film by Howie O. Productions & Entertainment / Trudy Sargent (Comedy) Minerva It’s only at Gabriel’s where angels get to let down their hair and engage in that time-honored tradition of griping about the job.

  • Topless Angels Ph. D

    Topless Angels Ph. D (2015)
    Film Producer

  • The Flag

    The Flag (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer THE FLAG' film is two short films joined together by the same theme. The first is an Educational / Doc Film- Approximately 10 minutes. It covers the meaning of the 13 folds of the American Flag and has celebrities and military veterans share what the Flag means to them The second is a Short Narrative Film 10 minutes It tells the story from a Veterans point of view. When a veteran witnesses a University protest and his flag, The American Flag, about to be burned he takes the only action he knows. One short is one more entertaining and one more educational. Written by JD

  • Midlife

    Midlife (2015)
    Film by Greg Travis (Drama and Romance) Emily Green The story takes place in Los Angeles and New York City. It explores the life of David Stanton as he hits the backside of middle age and is unsure of what he wants to do and how he wants to spend the rest of his life. David works as a business consultant but has lost his enthusiasm for the job. On a business trip to New York City he runs into his ex-wife Vicki and rekindles his attraction to her. Things become complicated when David visits Vicki's loft only to find that she is still living with her ex-husband. After a long night of knockdown, drag-out, drunken drama David and Vicki leave the loft and find a hotel room where they eventually are able to reconnect. David returns to Los Angeles and has trouble dealing with his new friend, his boss, and his daughter who lives with his sister Elaine. He also has another ex-wife, Melody, living in a rehabilitation house who he visits with his daughter. David is trying to keep his life in balance while doing a high-wire act trying to please ... Written by Greg Travis

  • Selma Av

    Selma Av (2015)
    Film by Nadia Wit (Comedy and Short) Skinny Lee Harpo can't vote because he is a silent clown, hence the MLK actor who loves giving speeches, is not nominated. President BJ played by none other than Ron Jeremy, changes the law so all artists can vote for the Whacademy award nominees.

  • Knobraska

    Knobraska (2014)
    Film by Chris Devlin (Comedy and Short) Momma Kate Old man not happy with life or Momma Kate, his wife.

  • Sound Recording Engineer Marc Graue and Host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat

    Sound Recording Engineer Marc Graue and Host Kurt Kelly on ActorsE Chat (2014)
    TV Series Director

  • Lovesick Fool - Love in the Age of Like

    Lovesick Fool - Love in the Age of Like (2014)
    Film (Animation, Short and Comedy) Actress The adventures of a single guy in L.A. in search of true love.

  • Madame Oola Mystery Series

    Madame Oola Mystery Series (2013)
    TV Movie by Pepper Jay Productions / Pepper Jay & John Michael Ferrari (Family) Madame Oola Our mystery series follows Evie, a teen struggling to solve her great aunt's murder as she becomes the unwitting heir to an enchanted diamond that brings her great powers and great danger from those who've already killed for it. It begins when Sasha's psychic great aunt Oola dies from a fall in their kitchen, the coroner rules it accidental, but Sasha knows it's murder. She's been hearing Aunt Oola's voice. Sasha and her friends follow the clues to a Chinatown shop where they learn Oola'd been selling precious jewels -- part of a legendary cache stolen from the Empress of Mexico and hidden in the Cahuenga Pass.. We learn that the voice Sasha hears comes from La Sirena, the Empress' enchanted diamond. Whenever the gem passes to its next rightful owner, it calls her in the voice of the owner before. The diamond has brought Sasha extraordinary powers, but also great danger. With the help of her friends, Sasha struggles to stay strong, master her powers, unravel the mystery and find ... Written by Pepper Jay

  • The Siren

    The Siren (2013)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Romance) Producer The Siren, queen of the sea, uses a young man's love to gain power over land. However, mother nature has plans for punishing those who go where they do not belong...

  • Sparky's

    Sparky's (2012)
    TV Movie (Comedy) Producer Sparky's is a cutting-edge variety show. Features monologues, music, sketches, and socially-conscious guest performers.

  • Sidebeat Music

    Sidebeat Music (2009)
    Video (Music and Talk-Show) Producer Sidebeat Music takes a peek into off the mainstream music and musical talent.

  • The Last Appeal, St.Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy

    The Last Appeal, St.Faustina: The Apostle of Divine Mercy (2008)
    Video (Short and Drama) Actress "The Last Appeal portrays the story of a peasant girl chosen to bring the message of Mercy to mankind in preparation for The Last Day - The day of Judgement. The drama unfolds through the revelations and visions of God to Helen Kowalska. The story Of Helen vividly brings to light the struggles she went through in the process of delivering the message through the humble life of a nun in a convent in Poland at the beginning of the 20th Century. Andrea Syglowski, a young artist of Polish origin has brought Sr.Faustina Kowalska to life again on screen with her astounding performance. Catilin Moreland plays the role of Sr. Mary to everyone's delight with her honest, down to earth and impeccable character. Written by Bala Udumala

  • Marked

    Marked (2007)
    Film by Night Light Films / Dustin Voigt (Thriller) Amelia Gershom A group of Ghost Hunters discover a powerful force that puts one of their members in great danger. Written by Anonymous

  • Finding Nate

    Finding Nate (2006)
    Film (Short and Comedy) Producer Add a Plot »

  • Midday Room

    Midday Room (2006)
    Film by Giuseppe De Angelis (Fantasy and Short) Old Woman Bride The groom is at the North Door. He has to cross the desert called Midday Room to reach his bride at the South Door. During his journey he will realize how this place will change him.

  • Hercules in Hollywood

    Hercules in Hollywood (2005)
    Film (Comedy) Producer A spoof on the campy debut film of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hercules in New York.

  • Fantasy Girl

    Fantasy Girl (2003)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Family) Producer A father out with his two daughters has multiple fantasies about a gorgeous woman running in the park. What will his kids think?

  • Actors Entertainment

    Actors Entertainment
    TV Series Producer

  • Bill Plympton Presents: Magnum Farce

    Bill Plympton Presents: Magnum Farce

  • The Stevie D. Show

    The Stevie D. Show
    TV Series Producer

  • The EZ Show

    The EZ Show
    TV Series Producer

  • Actors Reporter Interviews

    Actors Reporter Interviews
    TV Series Producer

  • G-d in Hollywood

    G-d in Hollywood
    TV Series Producer

  • Actor's Day in LA

    Actor's Day in LA
    TV Series Producer


  • Outstanding Music Producer of the Year by Producers Choice Honors

  • Paris Appreciation Award

  • Diamond Rose for Entertainment 2016 awarded by the Multicultural Motion Picture Association

  • Certificate of Recognition City of Beverly Hills

  • Commendation from the County of Los Angeles


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