Rebecca Ritchie-Smith

Rebecca Ritchie-Smith

Theotokos Theatre

Glasgow, United Kingdom

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August 2013
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About Rebecca

Rebecca Ritchie-Smith.
Address: 10 Gateside Gardens Barrhead G78 1SU
Telephone: 0141 881 8856. Mobile: 07704333103
Playing Age: 42 to 62 Age: 52
Hair: Blonde/brown Natural Hair Brown/Grey
Eyes: Blue. Height: 5'2"
Equity: S00406425.(student) Accents: Scottish/Irish
Skills: Swim, cycle, drive car & scooter, fire machine gun.
Date Role Play Director

2015. Mags. The Things Never Said. Maryanne Melvin
2015. Aunty Mary Lovesworld Fundraiser. Jan Bradshaw
2015. The Irish maid. Hidden Meaning. Maryanne Melvin
2015. Mrs White. The Monkey's Paw. Maryanne Melvin
2015. Ronnie. Potato Artist. Reaghan Reilly
2015 Pimms Agatha Crispie. Maryanne Melvin
2015. Jennie Tennant. Robert Tannahill Sandra Fernie
2014. Aunty Mary. Wicked Christmas. Maryanne Melvin
2014. Wicked Queen. Aff White & Menopausal Dwarves. Rebecca Ritchie-Smith
2014. Cast Performer. Commonwealth Games Ceremonies Steve Boyd
2014 Sue Mason. Affairs at the Hart. Maryanne Melvin
2013 Fairy GM/Director Sindyrella Rebecca Ritchie-Smith
2013 Various/Ass. Director Percy Pockets History Tart Anna Blainey
2013 Magrit McGuire The Steamie (scenes) Lesley Eadie
2013 Detective Fitzharris Dial A(xm) for murder Julie Cumming
2013 Mum/Director Faith, Hope & Clarity Rebecca Ritchie-Smith
2013 Agnes Naismith Renfrewshire Witch Hunt John Adam
2013 Homeless woman Keep your coins we want change Collaborative
2013 Various Love Song for Ulster Jamie Stirling
2013 Juliet Romeo and Juliet Jamie Stirling
2012 Director The Five Wives of Maurice Pinder Rebecca Ritchie-Smith
2012 Minister's wife Improv. in the style of 'People's Show' Collaborative
2012 Margaret Fulton Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 Jim Rutherford
2012 Snout/Wall A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Evelyn Wallace
2011 Sadie (Disciple) Glasgow Passion Play Fraser McLeod
2011 Niece A Conversation with Carmel Natasha Gilmore
2011 Various Fear and Misery of the Third Reich Gavin Sinclair
2011 Maggie May Doorley Portia Coughlan Leeon Graham
2010 Polly Nevergreen The Recyclers Tale Una McDade
2010 Various Two Gavin Sinclair
2009 Axle The Chrysalids Jim McLaughlin


2016 Mourner (SA). River City (BBC1). Stuart Davids
2016. Mum. Chosen Jonathan Cairns
2016 Beverley. Missing. Keir Rhodie
2016. Melanie The Librarian Haley Canter
2016. Margaret Peters. The Old Rebel. Erin Devlin
2015. Shopkeeper. Meet me by the water. Raisah Ahmed
2015. Older women. Road Safety Advert. Kevin Davies
2015. Homeowner. Secret Agent. Eva Murray
2015. Passer by(SA) River City.(BBC1) Stuart Davids
2015. Claire Alone/Together Alex Morgan
2015. Captain (SA). Scot's Sqad (BBC1) Iain Davidson
2015. Ronnie. Potato Artist. Reaghan Reilly
2014 Teacher Freddie Bird's Guide to... the Afterlife Amy Allison
2014 Maggie The Confessions of a lazy 20 Something Hannah Williams
2014 Grandmother Scattered Phil Cardenas
2014 Psychotherapist TallestTowers Kyle D. McInnes
2014 Mum Theatre of Broken Dreams Robert Maitland
2014 Mrs Ferguson Mitchum Jemma Sutherland
2014 Aged Rocker Crime Squad Andrew Murchie
2013 Clairvoyant Snapshot Nathan Sherpa
2013 Mayoress (corpse) Keep it in the family Christina Littleson
2013 Glenda (SA) Nigel Paul Dailly
2013 Golden Shower Rex Raven Sean Young
2013 Victim (SA) Agley Mark Ferguson
2013 Midwife Towards Ethical Healthcare Translation Simon Bishopp
2013 Rebecca Black Situation Vacant Andrew Murchie
2013. Customer(SA) Impractical Jokers(BBC3). Collaborative
2013 Daniel's mum The Students of Springfield Street Steve Johnson
2013 Pub punter (SA) YOLO (Nat. Film & TV School) Ewan Stewart
2013 Mum Fixers Scottish Promo Sarah Hodgetts
2013 Mum (SA) Meg's Mum Michael J. Ferns 2013 Public (SA) Good Intentions Paul Darroch
2013 Mourner (SA) Little Vincent Erica Von Stein
2013 Despondent woman The Rinsing (Channel 4) Simone Smith
2013 Interview The Witch Hunt Steven Rankin
2012 Margaret Fulton Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 Fable Vision
2012 Eve (one scene) All about Eve Jim Murray
2011 Sadie (Interview) Glasgow Passion Play Fraser McLeod

2016: Mama Come and get me. Jack Brockman

2016. Face model Period make-up (Creative Media) Michael Boyle

2016. Interview.(Comedy) BBC Radio Scotland Drive Time. Ena Miller
2016. Interview.(Actress) BBC Radio 3. Sean
2015. Interview (Marshall) BBC Radio 4 Women's Hour. Leeanne Coyle
2013. Interview.(Witch Hunt) City of Glasgow College. Steven G G Rankin
2010. Interview.(M. Meals) Pulse Radio. Dave Dee

Technical Theatre

2014. Stage Manager. Last Stop. Charlie Marx
2014. Stage Manager. Noughts & Crosses. Evelyn Wallace
2014. Lighting Technician. Metamorphosis. Anna Riach
2015. Sound Technician. Matchmaker. Leeon Hey

2016. Improvisation. Glasgow Acting Academy. Lenny Mullan
2014 Business/Acting Vivaci Theatre School Laura Donnelly
2013 Casting Vivaci Theatre School Danny Jackson
2013 Casting/Acting ELS House Edinburgh Laura Donnelly
2013 Casting/Acting Vivaci Theatre School Caroline Stewart
2013 Casting/Acting Vivaci Theatre School Joyce McLarren
2013 Casting/Acting Vivaci Theatre School Claire Catterson
2013 Zombie Make-up King's Theatre, Glasgow Morna McLeod
2013 Acting Vivaci Theatre School David Goodall
2013 Writing The Old Hairdressers John Hamilton May
2013 Vox Motus Reid Kerr College Candice Edmunds 2013 Tadashi Suzuki Reid Kerr College Nicholas Bone
2012 Acting (Hedda Gabler) Ugly Pup Theatre Co Marc Silberschwatz
2011 Acting Masterclass Eastwood Park Theatre
2011 Indian Dance Paisley Town Hall 2011
2011 Shakespeare M/class Eastwood Park Theatre
2011 Movement/Drama Barrowlands Ballet Natasha Gilmore
2011 Burlesque & Showgirl Academy of Burlesque and Cabaret Gypsy Charms


2016. Fibre Ropes for Theatre Use. ABTT Julian Anderson
2016. An insight into Heath & Safety In Theatre. ABTT Geoffrey Joyce
2016. Manual Handling ABTT Geoffrey Joyce
2016. Temporary Access Equipment. ABTT Paul Edwards
2016. An Introduction to Electrical Installations. ABTT Adrian Hickenbottom
2015. HNC Technical Theatre. West College Scotland
2013 BA Drama (Hons) Sunderland University
2012 HND in Acting & Performance Reid Kerr College


Morven Pringle. Rev Stephen Baillie
Head of Centre for Performance. St. Charles' Church
Academy of Creative Arts. 5 Union Street
West College Scotland Paisley
New Street Campus. PA2 6DU
Paisley PA1 1XU. 0141 889 2614
0141 560 1043
07854 975 962

Thank you for taking the time to read my curriculum vitae.


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