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About Tomas

Multi-media Artist/Actor/Producer/Writer

Tomas was born and raised in the "City of Brotherly Love," Philadelphia, PA. He was born to a musician father and a stay at home mom. Growing up he enjoyed playing a musical instrument, painting, drawing, singing and dancing. He once stated, "We danced in our house. There were no wall flowers." He was encouraged to act as early as the 3rd grade. By the time he left college he had experienced "A Chorus Line," "Pippin," "Finian's Rainbow" and "Little Foxes" and many other musical productions. Tomas trained and performed professionally in both Philadelphia and New York. He became serious about performing when he moved to New York.

Known for playing a wide range of non-race specific, dark/tragic, hero/anti-hero cusp characters who are often eccentric, intelligent outcasts and/or emotionally crippled. (Valid Passport)

As an artist, I'm a businessman.


  • UNIT L/M  (TV Episodic)

    UNIT L/M (TV Episodic) Drama Log Line: A probation officer battles organized crime in a juvenile detention facility incarcerating  kids for profit.  Unit L/M is the industrial complex of corruption in the juvenile justice system Tag Line: Locking up kids is big business Written by: Richard Mueller, Tymon Shipp & Tomas Boykin  Story by: Tymon Shipp Oz meets The Wire in juvenile probation Target audience: 18-49 male/female, Black/White/Latino/Asian Intended broadcast network: cable, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Viceland, etc... Suggested time slot: primetime Episode length: 60 mins Number of episodes: 10-13


  • For the Birds

    For the Birds (2017)
    Film (Short, Drama and Thriller) Actor There are no words for his rage. A silent film scored by the Dead Anglers tells the story of an everyman's unspoken regrets, his unfinished birdhouse, and an unwanted eight legged guest.

  • Immersion

    Immersion (2017)
    Film (Short, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor A thief wakes up in a room with a couple dead guys, a gun, a briefcase full of money, and a dubious gentleman watching from the shadows. What happens next is 'virtually' criminal.

  • The Glass Circle

    The Glass Circle (2016)
    Film by Rob Marchitti (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Tells the story of a Las Vegas drug dealer who lives a crazed drugged out lifestyle alongside many gonzo cronies, but eventually opts out of the business before it destroys him.

  • Desiree

    Desiree (2016)
    Film by Laura Brunkala (Drama) Actor When a young woman's life becomes filled with turmoil, she turns to the only friends she has left to help her survive and realize her passions.

  • The Chair

    The Chair (2016)
    Film by Chad Ferrin (Crime, Horror and Thriller) Actor Based on the Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name, THE CHAIR follows the story of Richard Sullivan, an innocent man struggling to escape execution on death row. Witnessing the savage killings of his fellow inmates at the hand of the prison's sadistic and psychotic Warden, Sullivan decides that the only way to survive is to fight back. But as he matches the brutality occurring in the prison, Sullivan is forced to come face to face with his sanity and his own horrifying past. Written by anonymous

  • How to Get Away with Murder

    How to Get Away with Murder (2016)
    Television (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor A sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller about a group of ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. They become entangled in a murder plot that will shake the entire university and change the course of their lives. Written by Anonymous

  • The Weed Detective

    The Weed Detective (2016)
    Television (Comedy) Actor See what happens to a misplaced genius when he stumbles into a career as a very special, very discreet detective to a vulnerable minority(aka, The Stoner Nation). Whom, after all, is a pothead to turn to when he has lost his stash or misplaced his purse? The police? A crime lab? CSI? No - not any of them. They turn to Aaron Krumm, a former MIT genius in String Theory, now blackballed with a felony drug conviction. Without a science lab in sight, and using only his wits, humor and intuition, Aaron solves the mysteries before him. That is, if his own Mother or his Probation Officer don't get to him first. Written by Jonathan Tomhave

  • Lazarus Rising

    Lazarus Rising (2015)
    Film by John Depew (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor A hit man on the run and a woman with a secret try to evade teams of assassins headed by the lethal and relentless Mr. Gray.

  • Alibi Boys

    Alibi Boys (2015)
    Television (Comedy) Actor Odd couple college students decide to use their alibi creating skills to pay the rent. Soon they must chose between Truth and Consequences - with hilarious results.

  • Angel Haze Feat. Sia: Battle Cry

    Angel Haze Feat. Sia: Battle Cry (2014)
    Video (Short and Music) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Voodoo Possession

    Voodoo Possession (2014)
    Film by Walter Boholst (Drama, Horror and Mystery) Actor Imagine an insatiable demon that feeds on blood, thrives on pain, and reaches from beyond the grave to torment the living...and the dead. For believers and skeptics alike, there is nothing in this world or the next to rival the relentless evil of a Voodoo Possession. Burdened since childhood with a gnawing sense of guilt, cynical Aiden Chase journeys to a Haitian insane asylum in search of his missing brother. Upon arriving, he discovers all the inmates and the hospital administrator (Danny Trejo, Machete) are seemingly possessed by a bloodthirsty voodoo spirit. Now, Aiden must abandon reality and descend into a terrifying spirit world to try to rescue his brother - or they will both be damned for eternity. Written by Image Entertainment

  • Ice Cream for Breakfast

    Ice Cream for Breakfast (2013)
    Film by Jabril Ty Murphy Actor, Producer

  • Elegy for a Revolutionary

    Elegy for a Revolutionary (2013)
    Film (short) by Paul Van Zyl (Drama and History) Actor The African Resistance Movement (ARM) in which a group of young white South Africans, despairing of peaceful opposition to a government prepared to use all means to retain it's grip on power, embark on a program of sabotage that would not entail the loss of human life. Amateurish in their organization they are soon tracked down by the police and put on trial for acts of terrorism. The story uses the underground political action in South Africa during the '60's - '80's. During Apartheid in South Africa, DONALD and JEREMY are best friends. Donald is a journalist, but struggles with his identity because the media is controlled by the government and Donald must write what he is told. However, he is quickly tiring of this and feels he must be true to himself. Unfortunately, he's not quite sure what that means yet. His friend and roommate, Jeremy, is a member of a revolutionary group of white South African students at the University of Cape Town. Together they decide to join the African ... Written by Paul van Zyl

  • Grabbing the Sun

    Grabbing the Sun (2013)
    Television (Drama) Actor A group of young international dancers try to find their way through self discovery and life in Los Angeles, California's intense dance community.

  • Junkie

    Junkie (2012)
    Film by Adam Mason (Comedy) Actor Junkie is a pitch black comedy about two heavily addicted, drug addled brothers, Danny (Daniel Louis Rivas) and Nicky (Robert LaSardo). When Danny decides he's going clean, Nicky reacts aggressively, driving Danny from one insane experience to another as a whole host of bizarre, surreal characters descend on their house, all with grievances to bear, debts to reclaim or trouble to cause. As Danny's life spirals out of control he must fight tooth and nail to kick the habit and rescue himself from the personal hell Nicky has consigned him to, whilst simultaneously attempting to repair the deeply damaged relationships with his increasingly bizarre friends and family. Written by Anonymous

  • The Gauntlet

    The Gauntlet (2011)
    Film (short) by Delano David Massey (Action, Fantasy and Romance) Actor A man who lives by his wit and intellect, is swindled into a match to the death in order to protect the woman he loves.

  • Parenthood

    Parenthood (2011)
    Television by Jason Katims (Comedy and Drama) Actor A family tree with Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) and Camille Braverman (Bonnie Bedelia) serving as the patriarch and matriarch. After forty-six years of marriage, they've managed to keep their foundation intact by burying their problems underneath the surface for the sake of their now-adult children. Adam (Peter Krause) is the first-born and the ripest apple the tree has to offer. He runs a shoe company, has a supportive wife, two children (boy and girl) and a beautiful home to share with them. He's a dog short of "The American Dream". Sarah (Lauren Graham), is the unstable daughter returning home at thirty-eight years of age with her rebellious daughter and sensitive son to live with Zeek and Camille. Crosby (Dax Shepard), is a happy-go-lucky bachelor living in the now, on a docked boat. He has no idea that his frivolous life is about to change tremendously. Then there is Julia (Erika Christensen). She is the bread-winning shot-calling lawyer, whose husband mans the stay-at-home-dad duties.... Written by Jordan Ray Allen

  • Malice N Wonderland

    Malice N Wonderland (2010)
    Video (Short, Drama and Music) Actor The story of superhero Malice in his hometown of crime plagued Wonderland. The safety of the city is up to Malice who fights crime and strives to bring peace back to his neighborhood.

  • Freaky Saturday Night Fever

    Freaky Saturday Night Fever (2010)
    Film (short) by Etienne Goldet (Comedy, Drama and Sci-Fi) Actor An arrogant French yuppie from Paris is punished by fate for his reckless behavior. Rushing to the hippest party in Paris, Gregoire gets teleported through time and space into the year 1977 to a place in the middle of nowhere in the Texas desert. Can he find his way out of this hell? We watch Gregoire struggle with life's lessons trying to find his way back to Paris. Written by Anonymous

  • I Am

    I Am (2010)
    Film by John Ward (Drama) Actor I AM offers an insight into the true nature of our God, and fights the damaging stereotypes of His character through a gritty, non-linear drama with a plot weaving around average people violating the Ten Commandments - one by one.

  • Nude Nuns with Big Guns

    Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)
    Film by Joseph Guzman (Action, Comedy and Thriller) Actor Upon taking her vows to become a nun, Sister Sarah is abused, brainwashed and drugged into submission by the corrupt clergy. On the verge of death from a lethal dose of drugs, Sister Sarah receives a message from GOD telling her to take vengeance on all those who did her wrong. Armed with God's will and an arsenal of big guns, she dispenses Judgment Day on her former tormentors. When the church hires the merciless motorcycle gang the "Los Muertos" to track down and kill her they soon realize that this SISTER IS ONE BAD MOTHER. Written by Robert James Hayes II

  • Princess of Mars

    Princess of Mars (2009)
    Video by Mark Atkins (Sci-Fi, Thriller and War) Actor John Carter (Antonio Sabato Jr.) is some kind of lone soldier in the middle east who looks at everyone through the scope on his rifle, until one day he gets shot a bunch of times and the government decides to reconstruct him on another planet for some reason. Naked and surrounded by hostile aliens, John Carter must fight for survival as aliens try to kill him and/or make him eat bugs. John Carter does NOT WANT TO EAT BUGS. Written by Matt Pierce

  • Haunting of Winchester House

    Haunting of Winchester House (2009)
    Video by Mark Atkins (Horror) Actor A family moves in to look after the Winchester mansion for a few months, and soon find themselves terrorized by vengeful spirits. With the help of a paranormal investigator they'll unravel the mystery of the house.

  • Shorty's Demise

    Shorty's Demise (2008)
    Film (short) by Michael Simpson Jr. (Drama) Actor The wars of our past are considered over. But for Shorty, and those like him, coming home was just the beginning.

  • Lucky Chance

    Lucky Chance (2008)
    Television (Action) Actor

  • Among Thieves

    Among Thieves (2001)
    Film by John Bergstresser (Thriller) Actor In this chilling thriller, a group of art thieves conspire to retrieve a stolen 19th Century painting that has been missing for decades. But when love and murder enter in the "picture," the thieves lose the one thing that originally held them Two art thieves, Chloe Tuschel (KAREN SILLAS "Risk," "What Happened Was...," "Sour Grapes," TV's "Under Suspicion") and Daren Iginla (JOHN BATTLE "Blind Luck," "True Colors," TV's "Law and Order," "Beverly Hills 90210," "L.A. Heat"), and a mysterious man named Billups meet in the South of France, where they believe they will find the missing painting. The only problem is that Chloe and Darren are lovers, and Chloe wants Billups out of the question. When Darren finds Billups murdered, he realizes that Chloe is a force to be reckoned with and immediately leaves her. Stunned that Darren would have the resolve to betray her, Chloe sets out on her own to find the missing masterpiece. She traces the painting to a warehouse in Los ... Written by John Battle

  • Lineage

    Film (Drama) Actor A young man's struggle to define himself is interrupted when the father who raised him in a life of crime re-emerges, threatening to destroy the world he's built.

  • Preacher Six

    Preacher Six
    Film (Action) Actor Preacher Six comes from a small town and is summoned to the big city where he fights evil in a literal sense.

  • The Cloud

    The Cloud
    Film (Thriller) Actor The Cloud is a unique conspiracy thriller centered around one of the great untold mysteries of the 20th century.


  • WINNER: California Film Awards/Best Supporting Actor "Elegy for a Revolutionary"

  • WINNER: Maddy Awards/Best Actor "Of Mice and Men"

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