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Liverpool, United Kingdom

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About Carl

Over 30 years working in film TV and theatre. A self driven focused actor. Working internationally with film projects lined up for the future.

Unique traits: Horse riding, climbing, skiing, swimming, fitness teacher.


  • Necrosis: Colony 10

    Necrosis: Colony 10 (2017)
    Film by Wendy Crouse (Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actor, Thanks NECROSIS - Colony 10. Is a Colony created on a Earth-like planet to ensure the survival of mankind. A group of Scientists and Space Marines are sent to Colony 10 to investigate after the Colony hasn't been heard from for some time.

  • The Good the Bad and the Beauty

    The Good the Bad and the Beauty (2016)
    Film by Wins Dieus (Western) Actor

  • Bulldoque

    Bulldoque (2016)
    Film by Joseph Lefevre (Crime) Actor In an all night drugstore in a small city, an insignificant theft connects seven different stories, in a seemingly circular structure which moves back and forward in time.

  • Saucy Butty

    Saucy Butty (2015)
    Film by Fuzzy Duck/Dave Hartill Israel

  • Evolution

    Evolution (2015)
    Film by Pixel Revolution Films/Ian & Dominic Higgins Robert Darwin

  • The Medieval Dead

    The Medieval Dead (2015)
    Documentary by Dragonshead Productions/Jeremy Freeston Anthony De Lucy

  • Free to Be

    Free to Be (2015)
    Film by Bev Clark (Drama) Actor As a small child Christopher sat with his siblings upstairs in their Rock ferry home as a family friend was murdered in the hallway below. As the victim breathed his very last breath, little Christopher's life was turned upside down and inside out. The Power family left to start a new life elsewhere in a plight to escape the shackles of trauma but it was exactly that move that launched Christopher into turmoil, torn between his intelligent conscience and the gritty reality of life on a council estate in the 1980's.Caught up in a life of petty crime and gambling, fuelled by relentless drinking and solvent abuse from a painfully young age, this once-pure child suffered harrowing consequences at the hands of corruption. Bound in a straight jacket at six years old with speech problems and extreme hyperactivity was just the start for Christopher. His childhood transpired to revolve around running riot with a local gang, falling foul of the law and eventually serving time at a young ... Written by Anonymous

  • The Haunted

    The Haunted (2015)
    Film by Shawn Anthony (Horror) Actor A woman hanged for Witchcraft in the 1600's is awoken two centuries later by a supernatural force, to hunt down a mysterious creature bent on bringing Hell to Earth. In the Style of Mary Shelley and Lord Byron, The Haunted is a Gothic tale of romance and terror that will leave you spellbound. Written by Edward Wells

  • Jaanisaar

    Jaanisaar (2014)
    Film by Kotwara Studios/Muzaffar Ali Sir Cavendish

  • Richie

    Richie (2014)
    Film (short) by Andrew Salamonczyk (Comedy) Actor Three builders find out something about each other, whilst taking a tea break from their work.

  • The Perfect Husband

    The Perfect Husband (2014)
    Film by Lucas Pavetto (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor Viola and Nicola are going through a rough time. To overcome this crisis, they decide to spend a weekend in a remote cabin belonged to Nicola's parents. Just a couple of days together to heal their wounds, , but everything will take a turn for the worst, when a sneaking suspicion become pure madness. What was supposed to be a quiet trip will suddenly slip into a deadly nightmare. Written by Anonymous

  • 50 Ways to Kill Your Lover

    50 Ways to Kill Your Lover (2014)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor Modern-day Americans who have murdered their spouse.

  • Demons of Domesticity

    Demons of Domesticity (2013)
    Film (short) by Kyle Ogden (Comedy, Drama and Horror) Actor A possessed girlfriend, a clueless boyfriend and an all too eager to Exorcise Priest. Sometimes relationships can be absolute Hell.

  • Wolf: The Betrayal of Judas

    Wolf: The Betrayal of Judas (2013)
    Film (short) by Ranjeet S. Marwa (Fantasy, History and Horror) Actor After betraying God's only son, Judas is given immortality by the Lord. However, with this immortality comes eternal pain and suffering. Written by Jeremy Traffelgi

  • Zombie Massacre

    Zombie Massacre (2013)
    Film by Marco Ristori (Action, Horror and Sci-Fi) Actor A bacteriological weapon developed by the US Government to create a super soldier - spreads an epidemic in a quiet little town in the middle of Eastern Europe. All citizens have been turned into infected zombies. The plan is to bring an atomic bomb into the city's nuclear plant to pretend a terrible accident occurred. No one has to know the truth. A team of mercenaries is hired to complete the mission. The battle is on. Hordes of monsters against the team. WHO WILL SURVIVE? Written by Russell Romick

  • Adam's House

    Adam's House (2013)
    Film (short) by Joe Berry (Drama) Actor Peter is at an age where everything his Father says is wrong. Long hair, leather jackets, motorcycles, music - Peter is growing up, in his eyes at least. His Mother long gone, Father Adam rules with a heavy hand - insistent that Peter needs to be taught to be a man in the Army, as happened with him in his youth. All is not well in Adam's House. In the Spring of 1982, to the backdrop of the escalating troubles of the Falklands War, Peter has a motorcycle accident and breaks his legs. Whilst he is incapacitated in bed under his Father's rule, under his Father's room, Adam cuts Peter's long, rebellious locks from his head. Time passes, injuries heal, hair begins to grow back. Peter begins to realize that his Father only has his best interests in mind, and what he says with his physicality he means with his heart. "Perhaps it is time to grow up, and perhaps joining the army is the way to do it" he wonders, "perhaps.." Written by Joseph Berry

  • Wrath of the Crows

    Wrath of the Crows (2013)
    Film by Ivan Zuccon (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Wrath of the crows is very gory and brutal, but tied by a strong concept and the whole story is focused on the characters' development. So there's not only splatter sequences, but also atmospheric moments, a few dream-like sequences and a final twist that will shock you all. Written by Anonymous

  • Mayhem Behind Movies

    Mayhem Behind Movies (2012)
    Film by Nigel Moran (Comedy and Drama) Actor Mayhem Behind Movies is a fly on the wall mockumentary following Kevin Knight, a struggling low-budget filmmaker, on his mission to complete his first big-break movie Valentine before the opening premiere. Kevin soon finds himself in turmoil as he races against the clock in a make or break scenario packed with side-splitting and nail-biting moments. Will Kevin finish in enough time with all the odds stacked up against him? Written by Anonymous

  • Self Same Sky

    Self Same Sky (2012)
    Film by Michael Mannion (Drama) Actor The moving story of a young Scouse lad who, in a world of hilarious losers and broken promises, befriends a life of petty crime, jeopardises his family's future and is forced to become a man. Hal is a true depiction of the area in which he lives, repeatedly breaking the law with his fat, charismatic and often drunk friend, John Falstaff. Hal's dad, Henry, has tried again and again to lend Hal a helping hand - it is a constant battle that dominates the fragile family. Whilst Henry is tirelessly fighting to adopt his young and vulnerable nephew, he receives some devastating news which threatens to rip the family apart. Self Same Sky tells the powerful story of how a cruel world makes its mark, resulting in uncompromising consequences within an ever-compromised world. Written by Hannah North

  • Saint Dracula 3D

    Saint Dracula 3D (2012)
    Film by Rupesh Paul (Horror, Romance and Thriller) Actor Longing for vengeance, he waited in hunger and thirst for his long lost admirer. The night hid him in the dark, the earth and the woods were his haven. He is a fallen angel, a catastrophic lover, the trodden Prince of Wallachia, but a vampire in revenge. His partisans await his reprise with celebration. He turns lucky in love, if not for ever. Beautiful nights of love and lust entangle him with his lost love - Clara, a passionate young nun but still a mortal. The peaches and perfection takes a turn the day Clara gets spellbound by the Catholic Church. The Vatican plots the trap but will the plan thrive? Or will it be love? Written by Mesh Ramson

  • The Turing Enigma

    The Turing Enigma (2011)
    Film by Pete Wild (Thriller) Actor A missing message from rogue mathematician Alan Turing surfaces as part of the celebrations for his 100th birthday... in code it provides the key to a century old puzzle that if solved will bestow academic immortality - and crash the world into chaos. Written by Anonymous

  • Alco-Hold-Up

    Alco-Hold-Up (2010)
    Film (short) by Danny Gonzalez (Comedy, Crime and Thriller) Actor

  • Crimes That Shook Britain

    Crimes That Shook Britain (2008)
    Television (Documentary and Crime) Actor

  • New Street Law

    New Street Law (2006)
    Television by G.F. Newman (Crime and Drama) Actor New Street Law, set in Manchester's legal community, follows the exploits, competitiveness and legal cases of two rival law firms of barristers that both have very different attitudes to justice.

  • Fear

    Fear (2001)
    Video by Douglas Byrne (Thriller) Actor Seven mature students and their teacher go for a Beach party, by morning their teacher is dead, and all seems lost, invaliding the students, can their find their way to safety before the killer strikes again.

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