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Eric Hinwood

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Actor, Director, Producer and Editor

Los Angeles, California

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About Eric

I've been making films since I was a little kid, I have a BA in Film Production and Business, and I speak English, Spanish, and French. I've directed three feature films, about a dozen shorts, and have acted in over 40 projects. I'm always looking to expand and meet new people, so I'd love to connect and collaborate!


  • Espionage

    Espionage (2018)
    Film (Short) Actor

  • The Wait

    The Wait (2018)
    Film (Short and Romance) Actor

  • Invitation Dinner

    Invitation Dinner (2018)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Actor

  • PTSB: Post Traumatic Stress Breakup

    PTSB: Post Traumatic Stress Breakup (2018)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor

  • Anniversary Dinner

    Anniversary Dinner (2018)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Actor

  • Boyne Falls

    Boyne Falls (2018)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Two contentious buddies head into the forest for a work retreat, stumble upon an isolated meth lab, and find themselves fighting for their lives.

  • Runnin' Away

    Runnin' Away (2018)
    Film (Short and Thriller) Director

  • Reckonin'

    Reckonin' (2018)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor

  • In the Mind's Eye

    In the Mind's Eye (2018)
    Film (Short and Mystery) Camera and Electrical Department

  • When You Know You Know

    When You Know You Know (2018)
    Film (Short and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Bucket List

    Bucket List (2018)
    Film (Short) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Nurses Do It Better

    Nurses Do It Better (2017)
    Film (Drama) Actor Based on a True Story in the United States Health Care System: Suddenly in the grip of a physical attack, John doubles over in pain and forcefully vomits in a hospital Emergency Room. Not his first trip to the ER, John's treated like the junky he might be as he seeks specific narcotics that have helped him in his past. A nurse accuses him of having Ebola and quarantines him. John passes out and wakes up; he's had surgery, and now there's crippling complications that will follow him to hundreds of Emergency Rooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Reno, and across the United States. John's heart rate skyrockets, he can't sleep for 3 days straight; which leaves him with a high anxiety disorder and a heart condition that has him sweating uncontrollably, living dehydrated, and often unable to eat. It's sexy and compassionate nurses that get John through the years of medical torture that malicious surgeons and ignorant ER doctors stab at this patient as routinely as a sharp pendulum ...

  • Rough Night

    Rough Night (2017)
    Film (Comedy) Actor Five best friends from college reunite 10 years later for a wild bachelorette weekend in Miami. Their hard partying takes a hilariously dark turn when they accidentally kill a male stripper. Amidst the craziness of trying to cover it up, they're ultimately brought closer together when it matters most.

  • Mysteries of the Unexplained

    Mysteries of the Unexplained (2017)
    Television (Sci-Fi) Actor The world is full of mysterious events that defy explanation. Each episode tells the story of one incredible phenomenon and investigates every possible explanation - from the anchor of logic to the far end of the supernatural.

  • Nia

    Nia (2017)
    TV Movie (Horror) Actor Nia is out for revenge on those who did her wrong. She will find them and make them suffer.

  • Quand Elle Parte

    Quand Elle Parte (2017)
    Film (Short and Romance) Director Add a Plot »

  • When It Rains

    When It Rains (2017)
    Film (Short) Camera and Electrical Department A young girl is burdened with the news that her cancer has returned for the second time. Does she succumb to her fathers rules once more or does she stand up to her father and create her own identity and take her fate into her own hands with her decision on treatment.

  • Find Another Door

    Find Another Door (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Torn Hearts

    Torn Hearts (2017)
    Film (Short and Drama) Editor Add a Plot »

  • Wonder Buffalo

    Wonder Buffalo (2017)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Comedy, Drama and 2 More) Miscellaneous Crew A coming of age story of a Thai American teen finding acceptance and empowerment cosplaying as her favorite superhero.

  • Peer Goggles

    Peer Goggles (2017)
    Film (Short and Sci-Fi) Actor

  • Suburbicon

    Suburbicon (2017)
    Film (Crime, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actor

  • Love Connection

    Love Connection (2017)
    Television (Game-Show, Reality-TV and Romance) Actor

  • Supreme Justice with Judge Karen

    Supreme Justice with Judge Karen (2017)
    Television (Crime) Actor

  • After the Fall

    After the Fall (2017)
    Film (Action, Adventure and Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Bruce

    Bruce (2017)
    Film (Short and Horror) Editor

  • The Sex Trip

    The Sex Trip (2016)
    Film (Comedy and Fantasy) Actor After a shallow womanizer refuses a mysterious homeless woman's request for a kiss, he wakes up the next morning to discover he's been changed into a woman.

  • Silent Goodbye

    Silent Goodbye (2016)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Thriller) Actor A young widow attempts to contact her late fiancé, but ends up making a horrifying mistake.

  • War of the Limelight

    War of the Limelight (2016)
    Film (Drama, Romance and Thriller) Director Two rival high schools are competing to win the grand prize in a local film festival. Their "war" escalates to racial bullying that has devastating effects on an innocent new student. Immature characters have their perspective broadened when they become aware of a community leader's humanitarian mission to assist a Syrian refugee amidst the crisis. Written by Brittney Buffo

  • Danny Boy

    Danny Boy (2016)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Drama, Family and 1 More) Miscellaneous Crew On the morning of September 11, 2001 in Brooklyn, New York, a young man's court sentencing is unexpectedly postponed and he's given one last chance for redemption.

  • The Moment I Was Alone

    The Moment I Was Alone (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama and Fantasy) Actor When time stops around a young girl, she is forced to grow alone while the world around her stays locked in a moment.

  • Sweat INC.

    Sweat INC. (2015)
    Television (Reality-TV) Actor Jillian Michaels hosts this reality competition searching for the next big thing in fitness.

  • Carpe Diem

    Carpe Diem (2015)
    Film (Adventure, Comedy and Drama) Actor Three high school graduates search for their best friend while backpacking through Europe after he gets lost in a train station bathroom.

  • High-Land

    High-Land (2015)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Editorial department A college student resorts to drastic measures to ensure that he has enough money to graduate.

  • Adé

    Adé (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Miscellaneous Crew Add a Plot »

  • Boys I Used to Babysit

    Boys I Used to Babysit (2015)
    Film (Short, Drama, Horror and Romance) Miscellaneous Crew 'When a group of childhood friends decide to track down their old babysitter, they find their idolized perfect version of her has taken quite the fall from grace.'

  • Maelstrom

    Maelstrom (2014)
    Film (Short and Horror) Actor

  • Damian

    Damian (2014)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Horror) Actor A group of horror-obsessed college kids bring their new friend Brewster to a party, only to find out that his skateboard is possessed by the spirit of a killer.

  • How We Play the Game

    How We Play the Game (2014)
    Film (Short, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Nick, the cousin of a mafia boss, has been lusting after his cousin's wife since high school and his co-worker Jimmy comes up with a devious plan to solve Nick's problems.

  • No Longer There

    No Longer There (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A young man recalls a recent memory of his father through a small token left behind.

  • Strangers

    Strangers (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor A father and son who've never met, meet up for coffee.

  • The Smiling Stone

    The Smiling Stone (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, Fantasy and Thriller) Actor Two college friends find a set of magical stones that enhance their senses and muscles, but with serious side effects.

  • To Be or Not to Be

    To Be or Not to Be (2014)
    Film (Short, Drama, History and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Set in the American desert at the turn of the century, Hamlet wanders into the wilderness with the intention of killing himself.

  • Let Love Last

    Let Love Last (2014)
    Film (Short and Drama) Producer A man tries to reconnect with his ex girlfriend after years of being apart, but she isn't as interested as he is.

  • Soft

    Soft (2013)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor

  • Where the Sky Is Born

    Where the Sky Is Born (2013)
    Film (Short, Adventure, Family and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department On the eve of his space launch the first Mayan astronaut remembers the childhood incident that ignited his passion to reach the stars.

  • Camp Hero-Time

    Camp Hero-Time (2013)
    Television (Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Add a Plot »

  • Global Heart Ignition

    Global Heart Ignition (2012)
    Film (Short and Fantasy) Actor

  • Sonnets to Orpheus: 13

    Sonnets to Orpheus: 13 (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor

  • Broken Vow

    Broken Vow (2012)
    Video (Short, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor A murder is committed, and the body is missing. A young detective is on the case, but the murderer has a story of his own.

  • Ulysses

    Ulysses (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor This short film is a story based on Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, Ulysses. It follows the tale of a man who decides to leave his previous life behind and go explore the world.

  • One Last Dance

    One Last Dance (2012)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Crisis

    Crisis (2012)
    Television (Action) Actor As the last strands of humanity whittle under the faucet flesh-eating zombies, it slowly becomes evident that... See full synopsis »

  • Operation: Forced Entry

    Operation: Forced Entry (2012)
    Film (Short, Action, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Two friends are sent on their third mission with an intelligence agency they've just joined, but something is amiss from the very beginning and the aspiring spies are forced to fight for their lives.

  • Daisy: Destined to Be a Search Dog

    Daisy: Destined to Be a Search Dog (2012)
    Film (Short, Drama and Family) Editorial department After an earthquake hits, a concerned mother waits to hear from a search team about whether or not her daughter has been found.

  • Beyond Sketch

    Beyond Sketch (2011)
    Television (Comedy) Actor

  • Carnation

    Carnation (2011)
    Film (Short and Drama) Actor

  • A Long Shot

    A Long Shot (2011)
    Film (Drama and Mystery) Actor A LONG SHOT is an original ensemble mind-bending mystery/drama about high school students on a college tour in search of a bright future when they unexpectedly get trapped in a classroom and are forced to question the truth of their identity and values. Written by Anonymous

  • Two Graves

    Two Graves (2011)
    Film (Short, Action and Drama) Actor Add a Plot »

  • Plan of Action

    Plan of Action (2011)
    Film (Short, Adventure and Comedy) Actor Adam (Ammon Hardy) is having trouble getting together with Stacey (Selena Welling), the girl of his dreams, so his best friend Stein (Harrisson von Saltza) comes up with a set of crazy plans to help Adam finally win over Stacey. These plans go horribly wrong, and when Adam finally tells Stacey the truth, he finds out something that will completely change everything. Written by Anonymous

  • Instructions Not Included

    Instructions Not Included (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Romance) Actor When a young couple from Los Angeles decide to move back home to Monterey to start a private acting/film making conservatory, the ambitious inaugural season of producing a film written, produced, crewed, and starring the local teens bring the whole community of Monterey County together to make a film that launched a whole generation of new California filmmakers. Written by Anonymous


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