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Ewen Munro was born in Sydney, Australia in February of 1992. After attending primary and secondary schools in Sydney, Ewen travelled to Kansas City, Missouri, USA to complete a college degree, double majoring in English and Philosophy and minoring in Theatre Arts. The college Ewen attended didn’t provide a course in filmmaking, so Ewen spent his free time developing his craft as a filmmaker by writing numerous screenplays and creating short films with his friends. After college, Ewen moved back home and completed a 1-year diploma course in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy, Sydney. As well as travelling to Kansas City, Ewen has travelled widely in Asia, Europe and other parts of North America, throughout different stages of his life. Ewen’s travels have helped him immensely in understanding the world, connecting him with different cultures and shaping the person that he is. Now, Ewen resides back home in Sydney, currently working as a filmmaker, author, philosopher, life coach and content creator, with his first book, Nothing & Everything, available now on Amazon, a book that helps people to grow their understanding of life and to grow their understanding of themselves and, in turn, grow their fulfillment in their lives. Ewen continues to study philosophy, phenomenology, ontology, epistemology, art, literature, psychology, sociology, politics, political theory, theology and many other areas of life, to constantly find inspiration for his projects and to give his projects their own shape, by creating his own aesthetic for his projects.


  • I Killed The Devil

    I Killed The Devil (2016)
    Film (short) by Ewen Munro (Drama) Screenwriter | Director | Producer | Editor BONUS IN THE END CREDITS!!! Film Synopsis: After a man barricades himself in his bedroom, a figure appears, attempting to convince the man to end it all. Film Statement: It seems, to me, that we often hold our beliefs, our paranoias, our anxieties, our fears over ourselves, leading us to believe that we are these convictions and causing us to worry more, be more anxious, more paranoid, more fearful, sometimes to the point where we become overwhelmed by ourselves. With 'I Killed The Devil', I wanted to highlight this issue of believing our convictions, our own beliefs, anxieties, paranoias, worries, fears and how we might be able to learn to deal with ourselves.

  • Through Hands

    Through Hands (2015)
    Film (Short and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department THROUGH HANDS shows the journey of an antique heirloom, as it travels from each of it's owners to the next, passing through their lives. During its path through the different generations, from the 70's to present day, this seemingly inconsequential piece of everyday furniture exposes the deeper going-ons of relationships behind closed doors: their happier times along with their losses, their values and their dreams.

  • A Tide In The Affairs

    A Tide In The Affairs (2015)
    Film (short) by New York Film Academy, Sydney/Ewen Munro (Drama) Screenwriter | Director | Producer | Editor BONUS IN THE END CREDITS!!! Film Synopsis: Rick and Em are happily together, married and in love. But when they attempt to have a family together, Rick learns that he is infertile and cannot be cured. Both knowing this, they start to slip away from each other, as Rick becomes more and more closed off from everyone and Em finding herself more distant from Rick, looking hungry for an escape from her drudgery lifestyle. This is a marriage that can't solve itself, as these two have now fallen into a lifestyle that they feel stuck in, lacking any courage to fix their problems. Film Statement: It seems to me, nowadays, that everyone wants everything to be perfect or needs everything to be fixed. But what I don't think people understand is that being imperfect isn't necessarily a negative thing. Being imperfect is actually the best and most enlightening thing for us as being imperfect means being more honest, more truthful and more natural. What 'A Tide In The Affairs' is is it's an attempt to make an imperfect film in the most perfect of senses -- making a more honest, more truthful and more natural film. Deciding to shoot the film as if the fictional narrative were a documentary, we've obtained a loose, ill-designed, uneasy feeling that I believe really captures this philosophy and the true nature of life. And it is my belief that by creating a more honest film we've made a film that'll really reach the hearts of the audience and get it's strong and important message across.


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