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Gary Malick

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Lighting Designer, Producer and Cinematographer

New York City, New York

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About Gary

Gary Malick is the CEO of KillerBeam Entertainment. Gary is a highly respected film and TV executive with over 31 years of extensive experience. Gary is a high level movie, TV and video production professional and entrepreneur working with major multi-media companies such as Sony, Universal, MTV and Viacom.
Gary began his career at MTV at the age of 22, working at the iconic firm during its launch and infancy. Gary also comes from a major film family background. His dad, Jack Malick has shot over 10 major films and won an oscar for special effects on Stanley Kubricks film – “2001 A Space Odyssey”. Growing up in the film and TV industry, Gary realized early on, if he wanted to be great in the business he had to learn it all, and that’s what he did. From lighting to sound to camera and editing to how make money. He’s mastered it all. Gary learned from the best in the business and received his most memorable advice from one of the early legends of TV, Milton Berle. He told Gary; “Kid keep your eyes and ears open and don't talk, just listen”. On that day, Gary was 25 years old shooting a TV special and shot some of the most famous people in the film world such as Kirk Douglass, Jerry Lewis, Burt Reynolds and Lee Marvin. It was on that day, Gary realized, it was his calling.
Over the years Gary has worked with many major film producers and directors, most notably, Steven Spielberg on the holocaust museum and has shot all over the world and still does. As time went on, he found his greatest gift was his creativity and has made many exciting new projects come to life. Gary thinks outside the box and goes by the motto; “One is only limited to what he or she can create”. There is absolutely no limit to what Gary can do or create.

We are capable of shooting on many different types of digital formats from 1080p to 4K and post production/editing in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. We can do on location or in studio, as well as live streaming events.




  • Knit

    Knit (2016)
    Film (Horror, Thriller and Short) Cinematographer One day, while using a popular broadcasting video app, a teenage girl named Katie discovers the truth about the urban myth known as The Old Knitty. They say that if you stumble upon Knitty's live stream, and she happens to see you watching, she'll call out your name, and mark you. She will then haunt you via any electronic device you happen to own or be on, sometimes weeks at a time. Through this, she sees into your soul. Your deepest, darkest secrets revealed. Her motives, unknown. Her intent, deadly. And all the while she knits you a beautiful gift. And when she delivers that gift... you die. And she can get anyone, anywhere at anytime. Online or offline, the curse of The Old Knitty can never be stopped. Written by A. Kumpon

  • Legit

    Legit (2016)
    Film (Short, Comedy and Drama) Cinematographer The story of one woman's struggle to be the top executive of the oldest profession in the biggest city. In the city that never sleeps, Kathleen Oakmont is considered the gate-keeper to it's darkest desires. A Madam by trade, she runs the most successful and luxurious brothel in Manhattan. A trusted confidant of her clients, Madam Kat, knows how to run a good business. She's ruthless, loyal, and is the keeper of many secrets for her high ranking clientele. It's not until an upcoming election to make prostitution legal, stirs up Kathleen's structure, that makes her worry for her security. Times are changing and everyone is coming out of the woodwork for this new idea, including Kathleen's rival, Georgie Dean, who threatens to turn her business into a meat factory. Luckily, Madam Kat's top client, Congressman Brian Figarello, is here to provide the inside tips and deep pockets. All the characters come out to play, sides are swapped, and needs are satiated, as the underbelly of New York ... Written by Jordan Elizabeth Gelber

  • Highly Specialized, Highly Committed

    Highly Specialized, Highly Committed (2013)
    Film (Drama) Cinematographer In Highly Specialized, Highly Committed, you have the chance to take a lead role in one of three interactive movies. Each movie is designed to expose you to challenging situations that asses your decision making in the areas of honorable service, esprit de corps, suicide prevention and many others. You will need to make the most appropriate ethical and moral decisions based on real-life situations and you will see the results of those choices played out in a continuous dramatic story line.

  • The Noogies

    The Noogies (2007)
    Video (Documentary, Comedy and Sport) Camera and Electrical Department In East Hanover, NJ there is a men's softball team that has never had a winning season. A spark is needed within this organization to have the courage to defy the odds, to become heroes. Therefore, a female coach agreed to teach the Noogies how to truly play the game. Written by Anonymous

  • The World Was Ours

    The World Was Ours (2007)
    TV Movie (Documentary, History and War) Sound department A documentary chronicling the rich, vibrant history of the Jewish community of Vilna (then Poland, now Lithuania,) known as "The Jerusalem of Lithuania", before its destruction in World War II.

  • I'll Bury You Tomorrow

    I'll Bury You Tomorrow (2002)
    Film (Horror, Thriller and Mystery) Cinematographer Is there love after death? The small rural community of Port Oram can answer that. When deranged young Dolores Finley (Zoë Daelman Chlanda) appears out of nowhere to begin work at the Beech's Funeral Home, the local mortuary soon becomes more than just a quiet place of rest. Dolores' passion for cadavers gives new meaning to the phrase "disturbing the peace". Written by Alan Rowe Kelly <

  • O. Henry's Christmas

    O. Henry's Christmas (1996)
    TV Movie (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • Scrambled Feet

    Scrambled Feet (1983)
    Film (Comedy and Musical) Camera and Electrical Department Add a Plot »

  • The Red Shoes

    The Red Shoes (1983)
    TV Movie (Drama, Family and Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department The story of a little girl name Karen who was very poor and was given a pair of red shoes made of cloth to keep her feet warm in the winter. When her mother dies, she's adopted by a rich older woman who burns the shoes, saying they're ugly. Karen grows up pretty and happy with the old woman, but one day she sees a princess wearing beautiful red shoes and wants a pair just like them. When it comes time for Karen to be confirmed, she's to have a new pair of shoes. The pair she wants are red leather shoes that were maid for a count's daughter, but were too small. Karen buys them without the old woman knowing and wears them to her confirmation and gets in trouble for it. When the old woman falls ill, instead of taking care of her Karen goes to a ball and dances, but finds she can't stop dancing. Written by Danica Ackerman

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland (1982)
    TV Movie (Fantasy) Camera and Electrical Department A young girl named Alice falls down a rabbit-hole and finds herself in Wonderland, a fantasy land of strange characters and ideas.

  • The Marvelous Land of Oz

    The Marvelous Land of Oz (1981)
    TV Movie (Fantasy, Comedy, Musical and Family) Camera and Electrical Department In this extraordinarily faithful stage version of the second Oz book, the only major deletions were things unperformable on stage (The Jackdaw's nest and the Gryphon/Sawhorse chase) and an increase in the role of Jellia Jamb, who remains in the Emerald City in the novel. Tip is forced to live with a horrible witch Mombi, and decides one day to scare her with a Pumpkinhead man. Originally intending to smash it, she decides to test the powder of life she has obtained from Dr. Nikidik, which works. Forbidden to kill the boy, she plans to transform him into a marble statue the following morning. Taking the Pumpkinhead, Tip escapes during the night and meets General Jinjur and her all-woman army intent on conquering the Emerald City. Mombi agrees to help Jinjur, while Tip escapes the Emerald City with the Scarecrow to obtain the help of the Tin Woodman. Tip eventually learns the importance of his Emerald ring, and that he is the key to Restoration Oz. Written by Scott Hutchins <>

  • American Desire

    American Desire (1981)
    Film (Adult) Camera and Electrical Department Story about a couple whose erotic energy is beginning to dim and what they do about it.

  • A Woman in Love

    A Woman in Love (1968)
    Film (Thriller) Actor Add a Plot »

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