George R. Powell

George R. Powell

Music Composer, Writer, Graphic Designer, Creator at Wingspread Creations (self-owned)
Music Composer, Screenwriter and Voice Artist

Tampa, Florida

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About George

George Robert Powell entered the world in the summer of 1982, born in the Florida's Tampa Bay area. Taking an early interest in music, George began piano lessons with his teacher Annette Meyer in 1986 at the age of 4. In 1995, Powell realized that he much more enjoyed creating his own music rather than playing the classical music he'd been trained in. He began by playing his own renditions to popular video game music, and from there evolved into composing his own original work.

In 2000, George had been composing MIDI music long enough to start having a grasp on how to create music for specific productions. This is when he began to score independently-created computer role-playing-games for private online communities, where he went by the alias "Setu Firestorm" which stuck with him over the years that he spent sharing his musical works on . Over the years, as supported by his family and Jill Buyea and family, youth and drama pastor at Calvary Chapel Worship Center of New Port Richey, FL, Powell began to use his composing talents for various skits which later led to his composing for two major stage drama productions: "The Final Invitation" by Jill Buyea and "The Man from Galilee", an easter production directed by Tracy Metzger.

His ability was soon discovered in 2004 by Robert Schaefer of Embassy Multimedia, a local recording studio, and George was trained in studio composing using Steinberg's Nuendo and a host of VST instruments. Since then, George has used his skills in digital composition to score multiple projects for clients all around the world.

In 2007, Powell scored his first feature-length independent fan film "The Hero of Time", produced by BMB Finishes of Atlanta, GA. His music for the film was "hailed as 'beautiful' and 'epic' by many, often cited as the film's best attribute" (Zeldapedia).

Unique traits: Specializes in Fantasy and Action/Adventure genres. Avid fan of animation. Believes in a writing style that focuses more on the characters' journey experience than the plot destination.



  • The Heroes of Gheldrynn

    The Heroes of Gheldrynn Comedy Fantasy After four dysfunctional heroes prevent a necromancer's uprising and save the land of Gheldrynn, they are called upon once more to investigate an epidemic of children being possessed by demons and attacking their own villages. They set forth on what they believe will be a simple quest to find and put a stop to the power of Darkness; little did they know that, to do so, they would have to face the Darkness within themselves...


  • Ray Glider and the Shadow Wolf

    Ray Glider and the Shadow Wolf (2019)
    Film by Wingspread Creations Screenwriter, Creator Set in an alternate 1940s, "Ray Glider and the Shadow Wolf" is the first story in the exploits of Ray Glider, a sugar-glider master thief. When he is betrayed and left for dead by his girlfriend/employer, Veronica Gooselheim, he is conscripted by eccentric engineer and government spymaster, Dr. Finnaren Noctum, to put his thieving skills to better use in tracking down international criminal mastermind, Matteo Vincento, to learn what scheme is up the wolf's sleeves - when the plans for a prototype device are stolen from a military facility. (Screenplay still in progress)

  • L'Antre des Tenebres

    L'Antre des Tenebres (2015)
    Film (short) by Bobby Ringuet (Horror and Short) Music Composer/Sound Mixer

  • Bully Gator Gruff

    Bully Gator Gruff (2015)
    Theater by Rosewood Puppets (Family) Sound Mixing/Music/Voice Actor ("Jasper Rabbit") "Bully Gator Gruff" is a live puppeteer show written and produced by Jason Rosewood of Rosewood Puppets.

  • Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey

    Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey (2014)
    Film Composer

  • Eve of October: Sol Trinity

    Eve of October: Sol Trinity (2014)
    Video by Studio Mars (Action, Sci-Fi and Animation) Music Composer

  • True Tail (pilot episode animatic only)

    True Tail (pilot episode animatic only) (2014)
    Television by Skynamic Studios Music Composer Character themes were created by David Gruwier Larsen and myself. While David remained on the project, my contribution was the scoring of some segments of the pilot-episode animatic.

  • The Heroes of Gheldrynn

    The Heroes of Gheldrynn (2014)
    Film by Wingspread Creations (Adventure, Comedy and Fantasy) Creator, Screenwriter, Director Logline posted here:

  • Rise of the Fellowship

    Rise of the Fellowship (2013)
    Film by Opening Act Productions / Ron Newcomb (Adventure, Comedy and Family) Co-Composer Was secondary Composer beside the film's main composer, Dale Clay. I was credit in the film's closing credits, though not on IMDB.

  • Guardians

    Guardians (2012)
    Film (short) by Justin Moe Productions / Justin Moe (Short) Music Department: trailer score

  • Dotted Radio Drama

    Dotted Radio Drama (2012)
    Film by Ciara O'Connell Voice Actor: "Trevor Geer"

  • A Grave Misunderstanding

    A Grave Misunderstanding (2012)
    Film (short) by Wicked Window Productions / Monique Guggino Music Composer

  • The Visit

    The Visit (2012)
    Film (short) by Wingspread Films Writer, Director, Editor, Composer

  • Skynetessa - Steampunk Audio Adventure

    Skynetessa - Steampunk Audio Adventure (2012)
    Internet by Wingspread Multimedia / George R. Powell Writer, Producer, Director, Composer, Voice Actor: "Wren"

  • Eve of October OVA1

    Eve of October OVA1 (2011)
    Video Composer

  • A Duel to the Death

    A Duel to the Death (2010)
    Film Composer

  • Diamond Drift

    Diamond Drift (2010)
    Theater by Element / Jhonen Gleewell & Thomas Govyaerts Music Department

  • The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time

    The Legend of Zelda: The Hero of Time (2009)
    Film Composer

  • Brotherhood

    Brotherhood (2006)
    Film (short) by Liaw Wee Liang Music Composer


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