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Berlin, Germany

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About Juliane

My filmmaking career started in Germany as special fx make-up artist on an underground Zombie flick (“Mutation“, released on DVD in 1999) followed by producer & screenwriter credits on several other shorts (e.g. “Killerbus“, released on DVD in 2004). I got hooked. Even though I have a design masters from the university of art in Braunschweig, I continued with film making.

In 2005 I migrated to Asia to pursue Asian cinema. I directed and produced a no budget feature in 2008 (“Emperor”) which screened at the Asia Pacific festival of 1st Films in Singapore and won the feature category at the Portable Film Festival. Since 2007 I directed, wrote and produced more than 10 shorts which have been screened in film festivals around the world, and my 2nd feature (“Kinks”) just completed post. I participated in the Berlinale Talent Campus in 2008 and my short film “It could happen to you” was chosen for production in the BTC Hands on Training “Garage studio”. I’ve held lectures about low budget film making in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Int. Film Academy) and Singapore (SAE Institute).

After living the last 6 years in Asia (Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand & Indonesia) I returned to Germany in 2011 to pursue my next feature film projects.

I love my life!


  • Starling

    Starling (2018)
    Film (Sci-Fi) Director Leo is fascinated with outer space. It's the same fascination that her grandfather, a famous scientist, had. After his death, Leo and her Parents travel to a small town in Ireland to sell his house. But once they arrive mysterious things start to happen. Then, as an anomaly in space begins to threaten Earth, Leo is the only human being who understands Written by Maja-Celiné Probst / Marian Woller

  • 3 Lives

    3 Lives (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Director A woman on the run from ruthless kidnappers discovers her rescuer is the man jailed for attacking her 15 years earlier.

  • 8 Doors

    8 Doors (2017)
    Film (Thriller) Director Preceding her death a young woman relives her life in a mirror world, giving her the chance to fight her killer.

  • A Billion to One

    A Billion to One (2016)
    Television (Drama) Director A global search to find the one good soul.

  • Train Station

    Train Station (2015)
    Film (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Director "Train Station" follows a character known only as "Person in Brown" after he/she misses a train. From there, the directors take Brown on a fantastical journey and throughout it illustrate the infinite possibilities that exist when a single event interrupts a person's timeline. Each decision Brown makes leads to a different scenario, each one told by a different director. A record number of directors from every part of the world worked together over the internet to outline, write and create the film. Over 40 actors and actress, of various ages, races and backgrounds play the single character. Every time "Person in Brown" makes a new choice, we cut to a new city and follow a new actor, but the story continues on.

  • Berlin Junction

    Berlin Junction (2013)
    Film (Drama) Camera and Electrical Department Jos Bakker, a Dutch painter living in Berlin, is on a crossroad in his life. He needs to make a decision, either hold on to his freedom and his unattached way of life, or settle down and create a family with the woman he loves.

  • Last Statement

    Last Statement (2013)
    Film (Short, Biography, Crime and Drama) Director A sentence on 'Death Row' can last anywhere from one year to over twenty as the convicted offender awaits their execution. LAST STATEMENT portrays a series of offenders awaiting execution with actual convicted felons' last statements while asking the question, how far can seemingly average, everyday people bend before they break? Written by Anonymous

  • The Owner

    The Owner (2012)
    Film (Drama) Producer The film follows a backpack on a journey around the world, intersecting the lives of dozens of fascinating characters along the way. Written and directed by 25 different directors on 5 continents in an unprecedented online collaboration, the film brings together a variety of cultures, languages and film styles into a singular narrative plot. As the story progresses, we learn details about the mysterious man to whom the bag belongs. Written by Marty Shea

  • Damaged Kung Fu

    Damaged Kung Fu (2011)
    Video (Short, Action and Comedy) Director Eric 'Iron Fan' Kao and Bronson 'Dragon' Lai are in the midst of shooting a Kung Fu film when Bronson spots Eric with Vivienne, his girlfriend. Thinking Vivienne is cheating on him with his best friend, he quits in the middle of the shoot. Crew and cast left behind try to save the day, but nobody can replace Bronson. Written by Anonymous

  • Kinks

    Kinks (2011)
    Film (Comedy and Drama) Director Two sisters meet while shooting a kinky American reality show in Malaysia and fight because one is the Host and the other, the Censor.

  • Drowning

    Drowning (2010)
    Video (Short, Drama, Horror and Musical) Director Add a Plot »

  • Lutz Heckelmann und sein Bier

    Lutz Heckelmann und sein Bier (2010)
    Video (Short and Comedy) Director Lutz stores his beer in the forest to save money.

  • Unsecured Loan II

    Unsecured Loan II (2010)
    Video (Short, Action, Drama and Thriller) Director The use of violence by loan sharks has escalated in recent years in Malaysia. William finds himself in a brutal dilemma when he fails to pay back.

  • Ramly at War Begins

    Ramly at War Begins (2009)
    Video (Short and Action) Director Two brothers, Quan and Ming belong to the Waja Warriors, one of the oldest and most feared biker gangs dealing in DVD piracy. Quan is a loyal and traditional soldier who will die by the rules. When Ming is in trouble with the rival gang, CoD (Children of DamnedNation or Cash on Delivery), Quan has to make a decision - completing his mission for the Waja Warriors, or breaking the gang laws to save his brother. Written by Danny Chua & Juliane Block

  • Emperor

    Emperor (2008)
    Film (Crime and Thriller) Director The Malaysian underworld is at war with the Hong Kong Triads, an invisible feud kept from public eyes. But when a young girl gets murdered, the case blows up in the headlines. Everyone is a suspect. The Malaysian Police, and their long-time understanding with the underworld, gets dragged into public scrutiny. What follows is a trail drenched in blood, suspense and betrayal. Written by A

  • It Could Happen to You

    It Could Happen to You (2008)
    Film (Short) Director Urban Myth: Vanessa bumps into a little girl who claims she's lost. Having the words of her good friend in mind about a new rape tactic - little girl as bait to bring young women to a certain house with wired bell. Young woman gets electrocuted, faints and wakes up the next morning with 20 used condoms around her - she cautiously watches every of her steps while giving the girl a lift home. Written by Berlinale Talentcampus

  • Unsecured Loan

    Unsecured Loan (2007)
    Film (Short and Action) Director Brian borrows money from the Triads thinking he'll be treated differently because the Dai Goh is a personal friend. He finds out how differently when he fails to pay on time.

  • Killerbus

    Killerbus (2004)
    Video (Short) Writer Somewhere, in the midst of snowy peaks and monumental rocks three gangsters are cruising in one of the coolest vehicles the world has ever seen: the Killerbus! Twoface, Christoph and Chap, who's called Smutje by his two companions, carry out orders which are slightly outside the law. Chap is the new one of the team. Christoph and Twoface are telling him of his predecessor, the old Smutje. The target of the last order was Sergio Profit. Location: an old storehouse used by Profit for an illegal auction of fighting dogs. The signed up whore Chantal is seducing Karl, Profits bodyguard. Meanwhile the killers are breaking armed through the roof of the storehouse. The audience of the auction with Sergio Profit is trapped. Killerbus is one of the most innovative short films in 2004. Besides it's cool design and the fabulous vehicle of the gangsters, the movie is convincing with a high number of small details. There is the Trip in the brothel Balandros with it's fantastic animations or the ... Written by Juliane Block

  • Mutation

    Mutation (1999)
    Video (Horror, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress A chemical created by Nazi experimentation is discovered in modern-day Germany. Once released, it causes all sorts of horrific bloodshed, mutation, and madness.


  • University of arts, Braunschweig, Germany

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