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Kally Khourshid

Actor, Stunt Performer, Singer and Dancer

Los Angeles, California

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About Kally

Kally was born in Chicago, Illinois and spent most of her childhood in Florida when her family moved to Boca Raton in 1998. Her passion for the performing arts was sparked by a school field trip to a TYA performance of a retelling of “Rapunzel,” where she made two very important discoveries. One, girls can in fact grow up to be princesses. Two, there exists a real-life job where people act stories out for a living.

At age 10 she landed the role of Dorothy in her first play, “The Wizard of Oz,” which marked the beginning of her theatrical adventures. Throughout middle and high school she took part in several in-school and extracurricular opportunities to study acting, singing, dance, and martial arts. In 9th grade she was one of 52 nationwide winners of the Bravo On With The Show essay-writing contest and won a trip to New York for three days of workshops, rehearsals, and a musical revue performance at the Imperial Theatre on Broadway.

In 2007 Kally earned two talent scholarships to attend Indian River State College, where she earned her A.A. Theatre Performance degree before pursuing additional studies at Florida Atlantic University and the University of Central Florida. During her collegiate years she was cast in a number of student and independent film projects, and she has thoroughly enjoyed working both onstage and onscreen ever since. Her additional training includes film acting, voice acting, combat for stage and screen, and several movement forms (various dance styles, martial arts, physical theatre).

Kally is based in Los Angeles and enjoys hiking, writing haikus, playing Magic the Gathering, skipping steps, and blowing bubbles through the straw when no one is looking.



  • Martyr

    Martyr (2016)
    Film by Michael Hernandez (Short and Thriller) Actress

  • The 2nd Law

    The 2nd Law (2016)
    Film by David Robert Deranian (Sci-Fi and Thriller) Actress Danielle, a brilliant but eccentric young physicist is obsessed with the question of life after death. Her obsession stems from her mother and father dying when she was a child. Now a young woman in her late 20s and armed with scientific expertise, Danielle is determined to find the answer to the question that haunts her, what happened to her mother and father? To do this she experiments with Near Death Experiences, and with the mentorship of her former graduate advisor sets out to find answers not only of her parents, but also to the existence of consciousness beyond physical death. Written by David Robert Deranian

  • U.Z.L.A.

    U.Z.L.A. (2016)
    Film by Dallas King (Horror and Thriller) Actress When five random co-eds at LA's biggest college are the lone survivors of a virus outbreak, they must depend on each other and their differences to run from the infected that hunt them.

  • The Iron Gauntlet

    The Iron Gauntlet (2015)
    Film by William Hawks (Short, Action, Adventure and Fantasy) Actress Wulfric, a disgraced knight, is forced into a deadly challenge where there can only be one victor. He must overcome the prejudices of the past and regain his family honor by discovering the real evil behind the attacks in the Forest of Thalm.

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect (2014)
    Film by Claire Miller (Short and Drama) Actress In the wake of their father's death three sisters must overcome each others differences and learn what it means to be a family.

  • No Hope Left

    No Hope Left (2014)
    Television (Horror) Actress A brother and sister must work together to survive the living dead.

  • The Tale of a Monster: Lilith

    The Tale of a Monster: Lilith (2014)
    Film by EJ Moreno (Short and Horror) Actress In a film inspired by cult classics like Frankenhooker and Plan 9 From Outer Space, 'The Tale of a Monster: Lilith' is a callback to low budget horror film making and a real spooky treat. The story follows Lilith, a creation waking up in a laboratory with no idea where she is and what is her point. The story takes a run when this creation becomes the creator. The following results are a bloody good time for everyone involved. Written by Anonymous

  • The Limit

    The Limit (2014)
    Film by Michael Hernandez (Short and Drama) Actress

  • Lola Rabbit

    Lola Rabbit (2014)
    Film by Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz (Short, Drama and Family) Actress A struggling father, Colin, clings onto the last precious moments with his daughter, Lola, before he must hand her over to her mother.

  • An Epic Journey to Coming to America

    An Epic Journey to Coming to America (2014)
    Film by Michael Hernandez (Short, Comedy and Music) Art director

  • Tastings

    Tastings (2014)
    Film by Neil Watson (Short, Drama and Romance) Actress This film is a sampling of poignant moments in a relationship between two rising stars in the wine industry. Their careers drove them apart, but the sweat and tears that go into crafting a truly great wine send a crystal clear message: becoming the best version of yourself is the greatest expression of love for someone else. Every wine has a story to tell, and perhaps the message in the bottle is more powerful than the one on it. Written by Anonymous

  • Love Undead

    Love Undead (2014)
    Film by Samantha Murphy (Short, Action, Drama and Romance) Actress In a world consumed with the undead, a small group of survivors discover the dead are not the only creatures that have their touch with humanity. Lost in a world of tragedy and despair they are forced to overcome the odds and survive while rediscovering a part of themselves they thought was lost to the outbreak as they grow closer to rediscover what truly makes them human... Love. Written by Anonymous

  • Case 0912

    Case 0912 (2013)
    Film by Neil Watson (Short, Drama, Mystery and Thriller) Actress Jacquelyn Parks is surrounded by a series of murders, people she has been in contact with. Ms. Parks enlists the help of Detective Watson to figure out what drives this Killer before they become his next victims. But not all is what it seems. Written by Anonymous

  • The Yellow Diet

    The Yellow Diet (2013)
    Film by Ashley C. Harris (Short, Comedy, Drama and Family) Actress Written and directed by Ashley C.Harris. 'The Yellow Diet' is a comedy that will make everyone laugh the moment the film begins. Based on women and their obsession with the latest diets, and the people that are making millions behind the scenes. Written by Anonymous

  • Conquer Series

    Conquer Series (2013)
    Video by Jeremy Wiles (Adventure) Actress

  • Sketches

    Sketches (2013)
    Film by Joshua T Wagner (Short) Actress

  • I Was Here

    I Was Here (2013)
    Film by Michael Hernandez (Action) Actress After 18 months in exile, Kaia Oliveira comes back to her hometown. Trapped in both a mental and regional war, Kaia will have to make the ultimate choice that leads to destruction or freedom for all.

  • The Show Must Go On

    The Show Must Go On (2013)
    Film by Jason Heinrich (Short and Drama) Actress After being called a freak by town locals, the teenage daughter of a traveling circus ringmaster decides to leave the show. But when their train derails sending the entire circus to the hospital, she must learn the true meaning of family before her father closes the circus for good. Written by Jason Heinrich

  • The Glades

    The Glades (2013)
    Television by Clifton Campbell (Action, Crime, Drama and Mystery) Actress A former Chicago cop moves to a small Florida town and joins the state police.

  • Virtual Temptation

    Virtual Temptation (2012)
    Film by Matt de Rojas (Short and Drama) Actress Josh is a man struggling with pornography. Every time he enters this virtual world, he comes across a woman named Tonia, who is only a figment of his imagination-but who is all real to him. Before he knows it, his fantasies will affect his job, his relationship with his girlfriend, and his whole life-and he's about to reach his breaking point. Written by Matt de Rojas

  • .COMmunication

    .COMmunication (2011)
    Video by David Vendrell (Short, Comedy and Romance) Actress A newly hired computer programmer, who cannot speak English, falls in love with the girl he shares a cubicle with. But, he is unsure how to communicate with her.

  • First Hand

    First Hand (2011)
    Film by Naqi Khawer (Short) Actress

  • Cowboys and Indians

    Cowboys and Indians (2011)
    Film by Shuja Paul (Short and Drama) Actress

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