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Acting : Actors by Thomas Simanek

Thomas Simanek


Looking for actors and actresses for a web series. We will be shooting in July for the pilot. Please let me know if interested. By the way it's a comedy!

Vasty Pearson

hello Thomas, I hope you can consider me if any work opportunities come up where you can use me as an actress. please email me with any questions vastpearson@gmail.com

Thomas Simanek

Send me head shots if you can at tsimanek@hmail.com

Thomas Simanek

Send me your head shots if you can at tsimanek@gmail.com

Kimbria Louis

Hi I'm interested I sent you a link to my personal acting page. Thanks Kimbria

Jessica Rose

What state will you be filming? CA?

Elli Fordyce

I assume you'll shoot in CA. If in NY, can we see a breakdown?

Vasty Pearson

July is my birth-month, I have a feeling this is a sign that its meant to be :)

Taneshia Brickhousebody

Where will the shooting take place?

Thomas Simanek

We will be shooting in San Bernardino, California. Close to Los Angeles, Hollywood area. Yes accepting all head shots and resumes.

Torri Walters

I'm interested! (location: washington, dc)

Thomas Simanek

Vasty I received your two shots and would like you to read for the pilot.

Patricia Urbonas Clark

I am interested--work in the Chicago/St. Louis area

Vasty Pearson

sounds great! here's my email vastpearson@gmail.com thank you! :)

Michael Cooper

Count me in! echomedic14@yahoo.com

Tiona Addison
Amaia Liza

Hi, I am interested in, but in July it is impossible for me. Let me know if you continue shooting in the future. Thanks and good luck, amaia

Thomas Simanek

Amaia for sure I will but we have some roles in later episodes that might be a possibility!

Mateo Moreno

donde se rodaria?

Cindy Lee Davis

I am interested, tell me more about the Pilot

Michael Christoforo

Hi Thomas. I'm definitely interested. Please keep me updated.

Courtney S. Bunbury

Email me at csbunbury@gmail.com

Rollin Blanton

Always looking for an opportunity

Candice O'Hart

May I ask where the shooting will be held? Bahaha...the just sounds wrong...

Mark Mccormick

would love to be involved:)

Hillary Van Ness

I would also love to be involved. Let me know what I need to do.

Thomas Simanek

Thank you all for your interest in the show. We would like all head shots, reels or anything you have to be sent to tsimanek@gmail.com. We have about 7-10 main characters. Two reoccurring roles here and there. We will be having auditions soon and straight to table reads. We want to shoot the script them improv it in between!

Stephen Nagy

Thomas, do you plan on filming anything in the future in NY/NJ/PA? Here is the latest interview that I gave: http://authorteasereadings.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/todays-tease-the-hun...

Mark Mccormick

thanks Thomas will email you with my details:) Mark

Seregon O'Dassey

Is it union?

Robert Adler

Thanks for this opportunity. I have sent you my headshots and resume.

Sonja Jones

Thanks for the opportunity. You can find out more about me at www.sonjafisher.com

David M Emeson

Hi Thomas, please sir I'll like to be involved in this project. I have comedic abilities and talents. I'll like to have more information. I'm David Emeson, my email is david.emeson@yahoo.com

Kari Wishingrad

I love comedy! www.kariwishingrad.net Many thanks for checking me out Thomas!

Nicole Bloomsmith


Neville Morris

Very interested

Vincent Ticali

Looking forward to hearing more about it!

Samantha Rivers Cole

Hi! I'm interested in your film. I'm a comedic actress. Please see my reel on my website www.SamanthaRiversCole.com and check out my imdb page: www.imdb.com/name/nm3741239/ I am co-founder and performer of the all female sketch comedy troupe: Pirate Sugar, we have a show tonight at the PIT 123 E. 24th Street, NYC @9:30 if you'd like to see some of my comedy work. I am highly trained with an MFA in acting from UW and have also studied at Harvard, UC Berkeley and the American Conservatory Theater. Thanks for your time and considerATION. I'd love to audition for you.

Stephen Nagy

Here is some comedy for you!!!!!!! Hungarian Style!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q13ugy0Y9Xw

Deanna Rashell

Where are you filming?

Greg Crowe

I am definitely interested. Where will it be shot?

Kate Nichols

Yes I am interested....Would love to know more! Thanks x

Autumn Weisz

Ooh, pick me! Pick me! (Yeah, she's interested...)

Elena Weintraub

Interested... Need more details!

Taylor Hay

I'd be interested!

Suzanne Barker

I am very interested.

Ally Perkins

Is there a breakdown? http://allyperkins.com

Daphne Leonardi

need an italian one?

Audrey Labarthe

I recently shot a tv pilot in NYC available on my Imdb page. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4532978/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1 I'm French Italian and I can play with different accents, american included. I'd love to audition

Inga Draper

http://www.lacasting.com/ingadraper. I would love the opportunity to audition

Rene Fornari

Thomas, I would love to audition for this pilot. Would like a little more info. Here is my IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3301241/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Monica Adams

I can do comedy! - please keep me in the loop - if I fit X

Tucker Allen

Hi Thomas, I am interested in hearing more about the pilot you're shooting. If I fit the profile for one of the characters, I would like to audition.

Audrey Genevieve Holland

Hi Thomas! I'd love to be a part of your comedy pilot! Thank you for your consideration!

Amaia Liza
Ceza Ouzounian

Hi Thomas, I'm really interested to be part of your web series. Please see my profile for my showreel. Thanks for considering me.

Davoud Rastgou

Hello, My reel & resumé: Showreel: http://bit.ly/11k7JIq IMDB: http://imdb.to/ZtyICt Spotlight: http://bit.ly/104abFg Tel: UK: +442032398466, US: +13106518232, Skype: rastgou1

Thomas Simanek

Thank you all for the interest! We will definitely consider all for the web series. It's a big range of age for these parts. If you are interested in the logline please email me and I will send it to you. If still interested after, great! Thank you.

Tucker Allen

Please email the logline to me at tvallen206@aol.com. Thanks.

Victoria Blackburn

Hi! I am a comedian and I live in LA. I will email you my materials now. Hope to work with you.

Tyler Below

Hey Thomas, I am very interested in your project. My resume and headshot are attached to my Stage 32 profile. Please let me know if you are interested, thanks

Kristina Hughes

Hello Thomas, Strong 90sec. Comedy Demo Reel here: http://twitpic.com/ckbeai I also come with a fan base of over 20,000 online fans and "Hughes Happenings' newsletter subscribers Be BOLD, ~Kristina http://www.imdb.me/kristinahughes

Brett Berg

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NbkMlb93fA check out my short - I have excellent natural comic ability

Elena Weintraub

Interested. No demo reel.

Vincent Ticali

Hey Thomas. Please keep me in the loop. Very interested to hear more about it and maybe see some character breakdowns! Best of luck.

Bill Frost

I would like more info as well.

Patricia Urbonas Clark

Sorry...guessed I missed this op. Remember me in the future!

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