Acting : Any notes :0? by Victor Fuch Madsen

Any notes :0?

Hi Guys, i made this little shortfilm and i wanted to share it with you in hopes to maybe get some feedback. If you are a working actor i would love to hear your thiughts on how i can improve :D i just want to learn and any help is greatley appriciated. Thanks :D Best regards

Mozhgan Taraneh

M actress and filmmakr.

Sam Sokolow

Hi Victor - this is a fun concept and cool how you held the audience throughout. Stage 32 has a great class coming up taught by an award winning short filmmaker who will teach all she knows on the process of making short films. Sharing the link if you’d like to keep building those creative muscles:

Amanda Toney

You have such a natural way about yourself on this film. You are mesmerizing on screen. If you are looking for some constructive feedback, you have such a way with words and delivery that I would allow for longer pauses so we could take in and absorb what you are saying because your pacing and delivery is spot-on. The end is hilarious "see you on Monday!"

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